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April .24, 1962
Filed July 29, 1959
United States Patent
Patented Apr. 24, 1962
ing of any paper of a sheaf 7 clipped to the board by one
Sidney N. Rosenthal, Belle Harbor, N.Y., assignor to
Speedry Chemical Products, Inc, Richmond Hill, NY.
Filed July 29, 1959, Ser. No. 830,358
2 Claims. (Cl. 120-1)
of the marking containers held in the other hand.
As shown in ‘FIGURES l and 2, the rack 8 is in the
form of a strip of suitable material, such as wood, having
a portion 15 overlying a portion of the board 16 adjacent
its edge with the overlapping portions attached to each
This construction provides a shoulder 17 at one
side of the clipboard 5 which facilitates aligning a sheaf
The present invention relates to a device which facili
of papers on the board. In the illustrated embodiment
tates marking different papers of a sheaf and packages for 10 the rack 8 has a longitudinally extending slot 18 in one
sorting with identifying colors and indicia.
side and the edge portion 16 of the clipboard 5 projects
There are many instances when it is desirable for a
person to be able to mark different papers of a sheaf and
into the slot with a friction ?t to adapt a rack to be de
packages with different colored marks. For example, a
tachably connected to different clip-boards or the parts
may be permanently attached by a suitable adhesive 19.
truck dispatcher may have a number of orders to deliver 15
The holders 9 for the containers 10 may be of any suit
merchandise on different routes which may be indicated
able forrn providing wells in the rack to receive the ends
by marking the orders and packages with a particular
color code. vFurthermore, it is desirable that the dis
of the containers.
In the illustrated embodiment, the
holders 9 are in the form of inverted closure caps po
patcher be able to Write information on the order with the
sitioned in holes 20 in the rack and having cylindrical
same marking instruments that he uses for marking a color 20 sleeves 21 at the peripheries of the holes. The cylindrical
thereon or on the package. However, it is practically
sleeves 21 of the holders 9 extend upwardly beyond the
impossible for a dispatcher to keep track of crayons or
top of the rack ‘8 to provide a ?nger grip between the rack
ink dispensers for the plurality of colors required.
and containers 1% and each sleeve is of a color correspond
One of the objects of the present invention is to provide
ing to the color of the marking ?uid in its particular con
a combined clip-board and marking apparatus which fa 25 tainer. The closure cap holders 9 are of one-piece con
cilitates marking any of the papers of a sheaf or packages
struction having a transverse wall 22 at the bottom which
with any desired color.
is ?ush with the bottom of the rack.
Another object is to provide a combined clip-board and
Each container 10 supported in one of the holders 9 is
marking apparatus of the type indicated in which separate
in the form of a bottle having a hollow reduced neck por
containers for marking ?uid of diiferent colors are mount 30 tion 25 projecting from one end. A nib of porous ab
ed on and are quickly available for use with the clip-board.
sorbent material extends from the interior of the con
Another object is to provide a combined clip-board
tainer through the hollow reduced neck 25 and the out
and marking apparatus of the type indicated in which each
wardly projecting end is formed to provide a writing nib
of the plurality of containers for marking ?uids of differ
26. The nib in the container it}, from which the nib 26
ent colors is so constructed as to adapt it to be used as a 35 projects from the neck 25, is saturated with the marking
writing instrument and is provided with an index of its
Still another object is to provide a combined clip
?uid comprising a coloring medium in a quick drying sol
vent which wets the nib to render it constantly available
and is not a de?nition of the limits of the invention, refer
ence being had for this purpose to the appended claims.
boss 27 of the reduced neck 25 to form a closure for the
for marking. This type of marking instrument is avail
board and marking device of the type indicated which is
able on the open market and extensively used and is de
of simple and compact construction to adapt it to be held 40 scribed and claimed in my US. Letters Patent No. 2,713,
in one hand and one which may be economically manu
176, issued July 19, 1955. The reduced neck portion 25
has an offset boss 27 adjacent the container which closely
These and other objects will become more apparent
?ts and frictionally engages the upper open end of the
from the following description and drawing in which like
holder 9 in which it is mounted. Thus, each holder 9
reference characters denote like parts throughout the 45 supports a container 10 for a marking ?uid in an upright
several views. It is to be expressly understood, however,
position at the edge of the clip-board 5. In addition, the
that the drawing is for the purpose of illustration only
cap like structure of the holder 9 cooperates with the olfset
open end of the container.
Each of the containers 10, constituting a marking in
‘FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a combined clip
strument, contains a marking ?uid of a particular color
board and marking apparatus incorporating the novel fea
which is different from the color of the marking ?uid in
tures of the present invention and showing a rack at one
the other containers. Thus, a marking instrument for
edge of the clip-board for mounting marking instruments '
marking packages or papers of a sheaf 7 with a particular
in the form of containers for marking fluid of different 55 color is readily available on the clip-board 5 which may be
quickly removed from the holder 9 with one hand to mark
FIGURE 2 is a sectional view taken on line 2-—2 of
a paper clipped to the board and quickly returned to its
In the drawing:
FIGURE 1 to show one of the holders on the rack for
holder. The projecting portion 26 of the nib also permits
mounting a container and forming a closure for the open
the marking instrument to be used for writing indicia on
end thereof; and
60 any paper of the sheaf '7 in the color desired. The holder
FIGURE 3 is a perspective view of one edge of the rack
9 for each container 10 has a color corresponding to the
for mounting a plurality of the containers and showing
particular color the marking ?uid has in its container so
the elastic loop for supporting a pencil.
that the container for a particular color may be easily and
Referring to FIGURE 1 of the drawing, the com
quickly identi?ed. In addition, the rack 8 may be pro
bined clip-board and marking apparatus comprises a clip-v
vided with an elastic loop 32 at one edge for holding a
board 5 and a rack 8 at one edge of the board having a
conventional pencil 33 or crayon.
plurality of holders 9 for mounting separate containers
It) for marking ?uid of di?erent colors. The clip-board
5 is of conventional form having a clip 6 adjacent the top
The combined clip-board and marking apparatus is
adapted to be held in one hand in a conventional manner
with a sheaf of papers 7 held to the board by the clip 6.
70 When it is desired to mark a package or one of the
bined clip-board 5 and rack 8 is adapted to be held in one
papers of the sheaf with a marking ?uid of a particular
hand and the rack is so arranged as to facilitate the mark
color, the container 10 for that particular color is With
for clipping a sheaf of papers 7 on the board. The com
the form of ‘an elongated, ?at, normally horizontally ar
ranged member, having a top ?at face and a bottom face
and of a thickness between the faces which is slightly less
than the length of said caps; a plurality of sockets formed
in the member, each socket comprising a cylindrical hole,
drawn from its holder 9 and the information marked or
written on the package and on the paper on the clip
board after which the container is returned to its holder.
When the container is positioned in the holder 9, the latter
cooperates with the reduced neck portion 25 to form a
closure for the open end of the container and hold the nib
26 spaced from the bottom of the cap. This prevents
the holes being uniformly spaced apart, perpendicular to
the ?at face, extending completely through the member
from the top to the bottom ‘faces thereof and the holes
evaporation of the marking ?uid and drying out of the
being arranged in a single line along the length of the
nib 26 so that each of the containers is at all times in
condition to be used as a marking instrument for writing 10 member and each being of a diameter which is slightly
less than the diameter of said caps, and the cap being
on a paper of the sheaf 7. The clip-board 5' which holds
force ?tted into said hole with its closed end being ex
and provides a backing for the papers and the rack 8
posed at the bottom face of the member and its open
mounted on the board for holding the marking containers
10 cooperate in marking papers with particular colors.
It will now be observed that the present invention pro
end being at said ?at face, the caps each being frictionally
15 held within their respective holes by a frictional force
vides a combined clipboard and marking apparatus which
facilitates marking packages or any of a sheaf of papers in
any desired color. It will further be observed that the
present invention provides a combined clip-board and
marking apparatus in which the marking instruments are
in the form of containers for a ?uid of a particular color.
It will still further be observed that the present invention
provides a combined clip-board and marking apparatus in
which the plurality of containers for marking ?uid of
different colors are mounted in upright position in holders
on the clip-board which renders them readily available
for use with the clip-board to mark papers thereon.
This invention will be useful in routing packages. For
example, a dispatcher may mark all packages in a ware
house that are to be routed to a certain locality with one
color and may mark the bill of lading with the same color.
This will enable the carrier immediately to recognize the
packages and identify them with the appropriate bili of
While a single embodiment of the invention is herein
illustrated and described, it will be understood that
changes may be made in the constmction and arrange
ment of elements without departing from the spirit or
scope of the invention. Therefore, without limitation in
this respect the invention is de?ned by the following
_ 1. A portable, one-hand-held marking set comprising
a plurality of felt nib type marking devices, all identical
in construction, but each containing a different color ink,
each pen comprising a relatively short, cylindrically
shaped ink storing container of a relatively wide diam
eter so as to be short and squat in shape and a cylin
drically shaped, elongated, tubular neck secured to, and
opening into, one end of the container and being co-iaxial
therewith, and through which the nib extends; a cap for 50
the neck in the form of an elongated cylinder, longer in
length than the neck, having one open end for ?tting
which is greater than the frictional force which holds
each cap upon its marked device neck, whereby the
marking devices may each be secured to the member by
being frictionally locked within a socket consisting of its
respective cap which is frictionally locked within a hole,
with the marking devices being substantially vertically
arranged and inverted relative to the flat face, and being
removable, for use, from their respective sockets by a
manually applied force, and the caps being removable
from the member by a manually applied force which is
considerably greater than the ?rst mentioned manually
applied force, for replacing the respective marking device
and its cap; and both forces being considerably greater
than the force of gravity so that the member may be
carried in any plane without the marking devices falling
out of their respective sockets and off the member.
2. A construction according to claim 1 wherein the
member has a longitudinally extending groove centered
along one edge, and including a clip board thinner than
the member and having a clip at one end, with one edge
of the clip board being friction ?tted in the groove of
the member whereby the member forms a one hand
holder for the clip board upon which a user may write
with his other hand with a marking device selected from
the plurality mounted in the member, each of two paral
lel edges of the clip board being dimensioned to ?t fric
tionally in the member groove as desired.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
over the neck and one closed end, and means for friction
ally locking the cap to the neck with the neck completely
contained and sealed within the cap; a support means in
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