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April 24, 1962
Filed Sept. 9, 1959
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United States Patent 0 "1C6
Patented Apr. 24, 1962
Peter Canisius Mulder, Rome, Italy, assignor to
Europea, S.p.A., Rome, Italy
Filed Sept. 9, 1959, Ser. No. 838,891
1 Claim. (Cl. 206-42)
solid lines labelled 13-—~13 represent regions of the blank
which are fully severed,
Correspondingly, the blank of FIG. 2, indicated gen
erally by the reference numeral 14, is folded along score
lines represented by dotted lines, such as the lines 16—16,
to form an erected container unit 20 shown in the right
in FIG. 3. Here again the solid lines, such as those
The present invention relates to dispensers and in par
ticular to tablet, pill or confectionary dispensers.
A particular feature of the invention is the provision
labelled i7-a17, represent regions in which the blank 14
is fully severed.
of a novel package structure.
Another feature of the invention is the provision of
a package composed of two telescoping container units
opening 11 in a manner which will become more apparent
Note that the blank 14 is formed with a locking tab
21 operable to be deformed and inserted into the dispenser
where the units are locked together While affording limited
A reference to FIG. 4 reveals that the container unit
15 15 is received in telescoping fashion within the container
relative motion between the units.
Another feature of the invention is the provision of a
unit 29. When the relative position of the units is such
novel scheme for locking the container units together.
that the locking tab 21 is disposed over the dispensing
A further feature of the invention is the provision of
opening 11, slight manual pressure exerted by one’s thumb
a pair of relatively movable telescoping container units
is operable to deform the wings of the tab sufficiently to
de?ning a closed package While in the telescoped condi~ 20 permit the tab to snap inside the dispenser opening to
tion, one unit being movable through a limited stroke
assume a position illustrated in FIG.'7.
relative to the other to uncover a dispensing opening, said
There is su?icient inherent resilience in the tab to cause
package including stop means effective to prevent the units
the tab to return to its original or natural con?guration
from separating from one another completely.
after insertion into the opening 11.
A dispensing package device embracing certain features 25 With the locking tab 21 disposed within the inner con
of the present invention may comprise two individual
tainer ‘15, the ‘container units 15 and 20 are locked to
containers, one container being operable to receive the
gether to form apackage. However, by virtue of the
other in telescoping fashion, said one container being
cooperation between the tab 21 and the dispenser open
formed with a locking tab operable to engage a dispensing
ing 1.1, one can move the container units 15 and 2t} rela
opening formed in the other container, said tab and said 30 tive to one another through a limited stroke from the
opening cooperating further to permit limited relative
position shown in FIG. 5 wherein the opening 11 is fully
motion between the containers While locked together effec
covered to a position represented by the illustration of
tive to expose and to cover the dispensing opening de
FIG. 6 wherein the dispenser opening is uncovered,
pending upon the disposition of the containers with respect
Thus, the present invention provides a scheme for con
35 necting two container units together to form a package
to one another.
A process embracing certain principles of the present
in a way which precludes their inadvertent separation into
the original units. At the same time, the invention pro
invention may comprise the steps of forming an aperture
vides ‘freedom for relative motion between a pair of tele
in a container unit, fabricating a deformable locking tab
in another container unit, deforming the tab e?ective to 40 scoping container units, to a limited degree, where the
limited motion is utilized to cover and uncover a dispens
insert the tab Within the opening, said tab and said open
ing opening.
ing cooperating to permit limited relative motion between
It is anticipated that a wide variety of embodiments of
the two container units.
the dispensing package and of the method of locking the
Other features and advantages of the present invention
package units together may be devised without departing
from the spirit and scope thereof. a
ing speci?cation when read in conjunction with the ap 45 What is claimed is:
pended drawings in which:
A dispensing package fabricated solely from two single
FIG. 1 is a showing of the developed blank from which
blanks comprising two individual container units oper
the inner carton is fabricated.
able upon erection to lock together permanently to de?ne
FIG. 2 is a similar illustration showing the blank of 50 a permanently closed structure, each unit having opposed
will become more apparent from a study of the succeed
the outer container.
side and end walls, a bottom Wall and an open top, one
FIG. 3 shows the erected container units just prior to
unit being operable to receive the other in telescopic
fashion, said one unit being formed with a winged locking
tab integrally connected to an edge of the blank from
FIG. 4 shows the telescoped containers just prior to
the manual action of deforming the locking tab to lock 55 which said one unit is fabricated, the other unit being.
formed with a dispensing opening, said tab being operable
the containers together.
to engage and interlock permanently with said dispensing
FIG. 5 shows the telescoped containers in the fully
opening, said tab and said opening cooperating to permit
closed position with the dispensing unit closed.
limited relative motion between said telescoped units while
FIG. 6 shows the telescoped container units in the eX
locked together effective to expose and to cover the dis
tended condition with the dispensing opening uncovered 60 pensing
opening depending upon the relative position of
said telescoped units.
FIG. 7 is a vertical section of the illustration of FIG.
6 showing the disposition of the locking tab within the
inner container.
Referring now to the drawings, there is shown a blank
indicated by the reference numeral 10 having a dispens
ing opening 11 formed therein.
The blank when folded along the dotted score lines,
such as those referenced 12-12, is readily erected into 70
the structure 15 shown at the left end of FIG. 3. The
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