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April 24, 1962
Filed May 27. 1960
2 Shee’cs—Sheet 1
:FQ' -1.
l '
Richard: llH'lr'sch
QEG’IOLL 9L CLJ. Qwmi' '
April 24, 1962
Filed May 27, 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Richard: C_ HiI-SEZI‘L
9” 62-19%”?
ite States
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Patented Apr. 24, 1962
Richard C. Hirsch, 3525 Jackson Ave, Alexandria, Va.
Filed May 27, 1960, Ser. No. 32,498
1 Claim. (Cl. 266-16)
(Granted under Title 35, US. Code (1952), see. 266)
of case 1, along the bottom edge of such member. This
may include reduction in depth or elimination of storage
compartments 11 and 12 in rear of case 1 and/or con
struction of storage shelves in the front section of said
case above the space required for the spotting scope,
when the lid is closed, by reducing the number of weapon
The invention described herein may be manufactured
A bracket retainer foot rail 13 is provided and extends
and used by or for the Government for governmental
along bottom wall 4 between end walls 3, and is spaced
purposes without the payment to me of any royalty 10 forwardly from central wall 2 for a purpose to be later
This invention relates to a vertical mount handgun
The central wall 2 of case 1 is provided with hanger
case and more particularly to a means for storing a plu
hooks 14 for a purpose also to be apparent later.
rality of standard types of revolvers or pistols in a ver
A plurality of gun mount brackets indicated generally
tical position on one wall of a case where they will be 15 by 15 are shown in FIG. 1 and are supported on the
readily accessible and convenient to reach by the user.
central wall 2 by hooks 14 and foot rail 13 (see FIG.
The type of storing in present use is a tray carrying
2), in side by side relation.
all the guns which is pulled out of the case before the
,, While only four brackets are shown in FIG. 1, as
particular gun is to be used. Particularly, when a plu
many brackets, arranged in rows, may be placed in
rality of guns are stored, this is annoying and clumsy 20 case 1, depending upon its size.
at best, and also consumes time especially, in competi
Each bracket consists of a backstrap 16 having a small
tive shooting matches, as the competitors have to re
rectangular slot 1'7 for receiving a hookld and an elon
move their weapon from the tray and hold it until all
gated rectangular slot 18 below slot 17 to permit clear
have completed their turn at shooting.
ance of higher front sights of a weapon 19‘ when in posi
The present invention has for a primary object a case 25 tion in bracket 15 (see FIG. 4). Small slot 17 is olf
in which a plurality of gun mount brackets are hung in
set to clear the barrel of weapon 19 so as not to impede
a vertical position, side by side, on one side of a gun
entry of a hook 14 therein.
A gun template indicated by 19 is ?xed at right angles
Another object is to provide a gun mount bracket that
to the upper end of backstrap 16. Template 19‘ de?nes
will serve as such or as a gun rest.
a portion 20 which has the same width as backstrap 16,
Other objects and advantages of the present invention
and a tapering portion 21. A cut out 22 in portion 2%
will become apparent during the course of the following
is provided for the purpose of inserting weapon W and
is of a contour adapted to receive the particular type of
In the drawing:
weapon to be stored therein.
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the gun case, the lid 35
Backstrap 16 is provided with inwardly curved side
being open and showing a plurality of brackets in stored
edges 23 to reduce the weight of the bracket and to pro
position therein;
vide a gripping portion for handling the bracket.
FIG. 2 is a cross sectional view taken along line 2—2
A pair of corner braces 24 are provided to support
backstrap 16 and template 19.
of FIG. 1, and through the central wall of the gun case
and showing a bracket carrying a pistol and the manner 40
A bracket base 25 is ?xed to the lower end of back
in which the bracket is held in the case;
strap 16 and is provided with a concave groove 25 in its
FIG. 3 is a side View illlustrating a bracket removed
upper end for a purpose to be apparent later. A concave
notch 27 is provided in the forward edge of template 19
from the case and resting on one of its faces, the bracket
being in position to be used as a gun rest;
for a purpose also to be apparent later.
A backstrap yoke 28 having a rounded notch 2d is
FIG. 4 is a perspective view of one of the brackets, 45
illustrating the manner in which it is supported in the
provided to hold the weapon barrel in a position substan
FIG. 5 is a rear view of one of the brackets;
FIG. 6 is a rear view of the gun case;
FIG. 7 is a sectional view taken along lines 7-7 of 50
FIG. 6, the brackets being removed;
FIG. 8 is a perspective view of a modi?ed bracket
tially parallel to the backstrap. The yoke 28 is ?xed
to the backstrap 16 and is disposed between slot 18 and
corner braces 24.
The gun bracket of FIGS. l-5 may be made of ply
wood or like material and is easily cut out to quickly
form the component parts which may be also quickly
fabricated from wire; and,
assembled by screws, glue or other means.
FIG. 9 is a top plan view of the bracket of FIG. 8.
If desired, the entire bracket can be made from heavy
Referring to the drawings, 1 indicates the gun case 55 gauge wire or light weight sheet metal as shown in FIGS.
generally. The case 1 consists of a box having an open
6 and 7. In this form, the wire can be quickly bent and
the components welded together to form the bracket
end and a central wall 2, side walls 3, bottom wall 4
and parts of FIGS. 6 and 7 which are similar to parts
and top wall 5. Reference character 6 indicates a clos
of FIGS. 1-5 and are indicated by like reference char
ure attached to the case 1 by hinges 36 which may be
acters followed by letter “a.”
locked in its closed position by a suitable means such
In the form shown by FIGS. 8 and 9, the gun tem
as lock 7 or swung to the top of the case and secured
plate may be made adjustable to accommodate different
by hook and eye 8 to side walls 3. The inner side of
size weapons. An elongated U-shaped member 30 weld
closure member 6 may be used for supporting a spot
ting scope 9.
ed to the upper portion of the bracket serves as the wider
It will be observed from FIGS. 1 and 7 that central wall 65 portion of the cut out portion 22 of FIGS. 1-5 while
a plate 31 is slidably mounted on member 30 and is
2 is off-set forwardly from the rear of case 1 and a shelf 10
placed, in this oif-set between side walls 3 and abutting
central wall 2 to provide compartments 11 and 12 for
additional accessory storage. Only one shelf is illustrated
tightened thereon by a screw 32.
A notch 33 serves as
the narrower portion of the opening. By moving the
plate back and forth, a snug ?t can be obtained to help
in FIG. 1 but more may be installed, if desired. Com 70 support the weapon W in the bracket.
partments 11 and 12., are enclosed with an appropriate
In use, the brackets 15 are adapted to the particular
closing member 34 attached by hinges 35 to the rear
size weapon with which they are to be used and are
Variations and modi?cations may be effected without
departing from the scope of the novel concept of the
hung on the hooks 14 in case 1 in side by side relation
as shown in FIG. 1. The foot of each bracket is in
serted in the space between central wall 2 and foot rail
13 by a downward and circular movement of the bracket
present invention.
What is claimed is:
against the wall 2, the hooks 14 being intercepted by
In combination, a vertical handgun case including a
top wall, a bottom wall, side Walls, a central vertical wall
supported by said top, bottom and side walls and front
slots 17 after which the brackets will drop about one
fourth of an inch to the floor of the case.
To place a weapon for support in one of the brackets,
and rear covers for closing said case, said front cover
the weapon is merely inserted, barrel downward (see
being hinged to the forward edge of said top wall and
FIG. 2) through out out 22.
said rear cover being hinged -to the rearward edge of
The barrel will then, rest
said bottom wall, a series of transversely extending hooks
against yoke 28 and will assume a substantially parallel
secured to said central wall and a transversely extending
piston with central wall 2 of case 1. The stock of the
foot rail ?xed to the bottom wall and spaced forwardly
weapon will prevent the weapon from falling through
from said central wall and in parallel relation therewith,
the cut out 22. If the weapon is equipped with a tall
fore sight, the sight will be received in slot 18 and no 15 a plurality of gun supporting brackets detachably sus
pended in said case, each said bracket comprising a back
damage will occur thereto.
strap for engagement with one of said hooks on said
To remove a weapon, the weapon is grasped by the
central wall of said case, a gun template ?xed at its rear
stock, the ?ngers of the user’s hand being wrapped around
ward end to the upper end of said backstrap, there being
tapered portion 21 of template 19 and the bracket and
weapon lifted out of the case. The other hand of the 20 a contoured cut out in said template for insertion of a
weapon therethrough, and a concave groove in the for
user then grasps the backstrap by the curved cut out por
tion 23 and the shooting hand releases the tapered por
ward edge of said template for supporting the barrel of
tion 211 but retains the grasp on the weapon and lifts it
out of the bracket through out out 22 by tilting the stock
yoke ?xed to said backstrap for supporting the barrel of
a weapon when said bracket is used as a gun rest, a
slightly forward to prevent the forward sight from en
gaging any part of the bracket.
If the weapon is to be used for awhile, the bracket 15
a weapon when supported in said bracket and a bracket
base ?xed to the bottom of said backstrap having a con
cave groove for receiving the stock of a handgun when
said bracket is in use as a gun rest, said base being re
ceived within the space between said central wall of said
case and said foot rail of said case when a said bracket
is suspended from a said hook in said case.
may be placed on a flat surface, such as a table top, with
the backstrap resting on the surface.
The weapon W
can now be placed in the bracket as shown in FIG. 3
for later use.
The gun case 1 with the gun supporting brackets 15
serve to provide a convenient means for storing pistols
and like weapons for storage or transportation to a tar
get range.
One or more weapons may be taken out of the case
at a time depending upon the number of shooters, and
the brackets serve as rests for each gun not being used
and further protects the gum against scratches, etc. Also
when the weapon is resting on the bracket, there is less
chance of a gun being accidentally discharged through
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