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April 24, 1962
3,031,071 '
Filed NOV. 2, 1959
FIG. 3
United States Patent O??ce
Jean Aviolat, Essertines, Vaud, Switzerland
base 14 is also provided with a gate in registry with the
opening 11 in the sidewall of the casing. The gate 16 is
Filed Nov. 2, 1959, Ser. No. 850,363
Claims priority, application Switzerland Nov. 24, 1958
2 Claims. (Cl. 206-—47)
Patented Apr. 24, 1962
of a shape similar to opening 11 so as to permit mem-.
ber 12 controlling the music box to pass therethrough.
5 The covering 17 for the bottom of the base 14 is pro‘
vided with an opening 17a in registry with the recess 6
in the bottom of the supporting plate 1.
It will be readily ascertained, upon examination of
FIGS. 4 and 5, that when the perfumery package is
fore it is necessary to reduce as much as possible the 10 closed by its sliding cover 15, as illustrated in FIG. 4, said
cost of such boxes and primarily the cost of the casing
cover 15 will urge inwardly the member 12 which locks
An always increasing distribution of music boxes and
their application in various ?elds is desirable and there
enclosing and protecting them.
the music box 5 against operation. As soon as the cover
My invention has for its object a reduction in the cost
of said casing and its main object consists in the pro
vision of a protective casing for a music box including a
15 is raised for opening of the package (see FIG. 5),
the wire forming the member 12 expands outside the
carrier plate provided with an opening through which
5 starts operating. This requires a previous Winding of
the spring driving the movement, said winding being
provided through the crank 4. Thus, the person who
casing and the base 14 so that the released movement
the movement of the box may be wound, while the top
and the sides of the casing are formed by a suitable cut
sheet of cardboard secured to the edges of the support
ing plate.
I have illustrated by way of example two embodiments
of my improved protective casing for a music box in the
accompanying drawings, wherein:
FIG. 1 is an elevational sectional view of the ?rst em
receives the gift hears a melody, as soon as he or she
opens the package, this forming a pleasant accompani
The second embodiment illustrated in FIG. 6 includes
as in the ?rst case a supporting plate 1 carrying the
music box 5, while the top 7 and the sidewalls 8 of said
' casing are constituted by a suitably cut and folded sheet
FIG. 2 is a bottom‘plan view of the supporting plate.
of cardboard 9. According to said second embodiment,
FIG. 3 is a plan view of the cardboard sheet adapted
the winding crank 4 is replaced 'by a pulley 18 rigid with s
to form the top and the sides of the casing.
the end of the spindle 3 through which the movement is
FIGS. 4 and 5 show the incorporation of the actual
wound. Said pulley 18 is carried inside a recess 19
music box with the improved casing inside a package 30 formed in the upper surface of the plate 1. A wire 20
containing a perfume bottle for instance.
wound over the pulley 18 is provided for driving it into
FIG. 6 is a vertical sectional view of the second em
Said protective casing for a music box includes, as il
lustrated in FIGS. 1 and 4, a supporting plate 1 preferably
of wood. Said supporting plate 1 is provided with an
opening 2 through which the spindle 3 of the winding key
rotation. Said wire 20 passes through a transverse port
or groove 21 formed within the thickness of the plate 1,
so as to allow the passage of said wire 20 out of the re
cess 19 containing said pulley, said Wire extending out
wardly and beyond one of the sidewalls of the casing.
The outer end of said wire 20 is provided preferably with
or crank 4 for the movement 5 is allowed to pass. A
recess 6 of an enlarged diameter is cut round the lower
end of the opening 2, so as to form a housing for the
to winding the movement of the music box. In FIG. 6,
crank 4, which is pivotally mounted on spindle 3 and
the music box is illustrated as ?tted inside a package con
a control knob 22 or the like part so that it is possible
to exert therethrough a pull on the wire 20 with a view
may be folded back into said recess 6.
stituted by a cardboard box 23 adapted to be closed by
The top 7 and the sides 8 of the casing are formed by
an outer cover which is not illustrated and which may
a cardboard sheet 9, which has been cut in accordance
contain an article of perfumery, confectionery or the like.
with the shape given to the supporting plate 1. The
Numerous modi?cations may be brought to said pro
sides 8 of said cardboard sheet 9 are adapted to be se
tective casing for a music box. Thus, the supporting
cured to the edges 10' of the plate 1, for instance through
plate 1, instead of being made of wood, may be made
gluing or clamping. One of the sides 8 formed by the
of any other suitable material such as molded plastic
sheet 9 is provided with an opening 11 adapted to allow
material or thick cardboard.
the passage through it of a member 12, which ensures 50
According to the winding means provided for the move
the locking and the release of the movement 5. In the
ment of the music box, the recess 6 may pass throughout
example illustrated, said member 12 is constituted by a
the plate 1, which may be advantageous whenever the
loop of steel wire forming a spring and secured through
movement 5 is to be wound through the agency of a coin
one of its ends to the movement, while its other end is
adapted to be engaged in a slot of the member driving
adapted to lock the said movement whenever the wire 55 the winding means.
loop 12 is urged into engagement with said movement 5.
In certain cases, the recess 6 may be omitted, only the
A music box protected by a casing such as that de
opening 2 being provided through the plate 1. This lat
scribed hereinabove with reference to FIGS. 1 to 3 may
ter embodiment may be of use chie?y in the case where
be readily applied for various commercial purposes. In
the package adapted to receive the music box inside it '
particular, it is possible to incorporate such music boxes 60 is provided with a bottom which is sufficiently thick for
with gift packages to be presented for any holiday or
the formation therein of a housing for the winding mem
birthday, for instance with presents of confectionery,
ber, or else, in the case where the bottom of such a
stationery, perfumery, articles for smokers and the like.
package is shifted inwardly with reference to the outer
FIGS. 4 and 5 show, for instance, how the music box
edges of the package, so as to form a recess for carrying
may be incorporated with its casing inside a package 65 the crank or the like winding member.
containing a perfume bottle 13. As shown in FIGS. 4
As to the location and shape of the opening 11 pro~
and 5, the movement 5, protected by the casing including
vided for the passage of the locking member 12, or other
the supporting plate 1 and the cardboard sheet 9, is
member for releasing the movement 5 when desired, said
?tted inside a box 14 forming a base or bottom for the
opening may vary according to the type of movement and
actual package of the perfume bottle 13. Over said base 70 it may be formed as well in the top 7 of the casing or
14 may be slidingly ?tted a cover 15 enclosing both the
even in the supporting plate 1.
perfume bottle and the music box inside the base. Said
Of course, the shape of the supporting plate 1 may
be selected as desired and it may be, for instance, of a
polygonal, round or any other suitable shape. The upper
cardboard section of the casing will be given a shape cor
responding to that of the supporting plate, say a prismatic,
tubular or the like shape.
I claim:
2. In combination with a music box including a move
ment and winding means therefor, a protective casing
comprising, a supporting plate to which said music box
is secured, said plate provided with an opening and a
recess surrounding said opening, said opening registering
with the winding means, a sheet folded in the shape of a a
1. A compound package, comprising a supporting
cover including a top wall and side walls, the lower edges
plate provided with an opening, a music box carried by
of the side walls secured to the outer periphery of the
the supporting plate and including a movement and wind
supporting plate, a, crank controlling the winding means
ing means for said movement facing the opening in the 10 and adapted to be collapsed within said recess in the sup
plate, a sheet folded in the shape of a cover including a
porting plate, one side wall of the cover provided with
top wall and sidewalls, one of said sidewalls provided‘
an opening, and a spring member projecting through said
with an opening, a member adapted to lock and release
side wall opening and having one end secured to said
the movement of the music box when urged into and
music box and. its other end adapted to lock and re
out of engagement with said movement and extending 15 lease the movement as desired When urged into and out
through said opening in said sidewall, the lower edges of
of engagement with said movement.
the sidewalls of the sheet rigidly secured to the outer
periphery of the supporting plate, and a removable cover
References Cited in the fileof this patent
member ?tted over the supporting plate and the sidewalls
of the sheet and providing a space between said cover 20
and the top wall of said sheet to receive an article to
Solomon ____________ __ Jan. 27, 1948
be packaged, whereby, when said cover member is in po
sition it retains the locking member in its operative en
Scott ______________ __ Aug.
gaged position and upon upward movement of said cover
away from the supporting plate, said locking member is 25
released to permit operation of said music box.
19, 1958 V
Great Britain _________ __ Jan. 7, 1932
Great Britain _________ __ Dec. 12, 1956
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