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April 24, 1962
Filed Sept. 2. 1960
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April 24, 1962
Filed Sept. 2. 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
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United States
Campbell K. Dasher, Elherta Drive, P.O. Box 1092, Sta
tion A, Marietta, Ga., assiguor of ?fty percent to Philip
J. Malonson, Marietta, Ga.
Filed Sept. 2, 1960, Ser. No. 53,780
1 Claim. (Cl. 221-90)
Patented Apr. 24, 1962
walls 13, and which have affixed to their undersides shelf
brackets 16 of generally U-shaped con?guration includ
ing apertured legs 17, through the apertures of which
extend hinge pins 18, which also extend through op
positely positioned aligned apertures in the side Walls 13.
Suitable lock nuts 19 serve to hold the pins in related
assembly for the pivotal mounting of the shelves.
Secured to the underside of each shelf bracket 16 is
This invention relates to a dispensing mechanism, and
an actuating lever 20, which is provided with a slot 21
more particularly to a mechanism for dispensing pack 10 through which the pivot rod 18 extends. An elongated
aged commodities or the like by means of a drop shelf
slot 21 extends substantially the vfull length of the plate
12 of channel member 11 in alignment with the actuat
A primary object of this invention is the provision
ing levers 20. As best shown in FIG. 2, the slot 21 ter
of an improved dispensing mechanism having a plurality
minates just below the lowermost of shelves 14. A steel
of shelves upon which a package or other commodity 15 tape housing 25 mounted on the top of plate 12 contains
may be positioned so arranged that the lowermost shelf
a spring steel closure tape 26 which extends in one posi
may be released to fall by gravity to a commodity dis
tion of adjustment substantially the ‘full length of slot
pensing position, and each successively positioned upper
21 and serves as a closure therefor.
shelf similarly released by a single movement of an op
the closed position it is apparent that the actuating levers
20 are held in vertically aligned position, and being per
pendicular to the shelves 14 will thus hold the shelves 14
in horizontal position. Equally obviously, when the tape
erating lever.
An additional object of the invention is the provision
of a device of this character having a pawl and ratchet
mechanism for step-by-step movement by individual ac
tuation of an operating lever successively to release a
With the tape in
26 is removed to expose the slot, in a manner to be more
fully described hereinafter, the shelves will pivot as shown
plurality of superposed shelves to discharge the com 25 in the lower portion of FIGS. 1, 3, and 4 under gravity
modity carried thereby into an operating chute or the
to discharge position.
like for reception by the purchaser.
The lower end of tape 26 is secured to the upright
A still further object of the invention is the provision
leg 30 of an L-shaped ratchet resetting plate 31, the
of such a device which may be reset so that the shelves
horizontal leg 32 of which is providel with a perpen
are in commodity receiving position in a single opera 30 dicular flange 33, the purpose of which will be more
fully described hereinafter. A slot ?ll spacer 34 is po
A very important object of this invention is the pro
sitioned between the plate 31 and the tape 26, and the
vision of a dispensing mechanism characterized by ex
securing means may take the form of screws or rivets 31a
treme simplicity of construction and having a minimum
as desired.
of operating parts, which is sturdy and durable in con 35 A trip pawl generally indicated at 35 is pivotally
struction, reliable and el?cient in operation, and rela
mounted on a pin .36 carried by plate 31, the pin ex
tively simple to manufacture, assemble, and utilize.
tending through an opening 37 in the pawl and being
Still other objects reside in the combinations of ele
secured in position in any desired manner as by a split
ments, arrangements of parts, and features of construc
ring 38. Pawl 35 is provided with a triangular head
tion, all as will be more fully pointed out hereinafter and 40 40, at the apex of which the opening 37 is located, with
disclosed in the accompanying drawing wherein there is
a ratchet point 41 projecting on one side and a stop point
shown an illustrative embodiment of the inventive con
42 extending on the other side. A stem 43 extends
from the base of the triangular head 41 and an offset
In the drawings:
operating handle 44 extends laterally therefrom to a
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the operating 45 point outside of channel-shaped member 11 and adjacent
mechanism of one ‘form of the invention, certain of the
the perpendicular ?ange 33.
shelves being indicated in commodity receiving position,
and certain others in discharge position.
A ratchet bar spacer 150 is ?xedly secured to the rear
side of plate 12 adjacent slot 21 and carries a pair of
FIGURE 2 is a perspective view of one of the shelves
ratchet rack holding lugs 51, adjacent its upper and lower
in operative position as taken from the underside of the 50 extremities. The lugs 51 extend through vertically elon
front of the device.
gated slots 52 in a ratchet rack bar 53, provided with
FIGURE 3 is a rear elevational view of the device of
ratchet notches 54 in spaced apart relation on the side
FIG. 1, certain non-essential parts of the mechanism
thereof adjacent the ratchet pawl point 41. The notches
being schematically indicated in dot-ted lines.
5-4 have inclined upper sides 55 and ?at lower sides 56
FIGURE 4 is a sectional view taken substantially along 55 so that the pawl point 41 will ratchet as the bar is moved
the line 4-4 of FIG. 3 as viewed in the direction indi
downwardly. Suitable split spring rings 57 serve to hold
cated by the arrows.
ratchet bar '53 against displacement.
FIGURE 5 is a sectional view taken substantially along
The arrangement is thus such that when the resetting
the line ‘5—5 of FIG. 3 as viewed in the direction indi- \
plate and its associated tape 26 are in the lowermost po
60 sition, the shelves are all held in extended horizontal
cated by the arrows; and
‘FIGURE 6 is an exploded fragmentary perspective
position by means of the actuating levers 20‘. Suitable
view of the ratchet and pawl operating mechanism of the
means, to be more ‘fully described hereinafter, are pro
vided for moving the ratchet bar ‘53 upwardly substantially
Similar reference characters refer to similar parts
the distance of one shelf at a stop. This is e?ected by
throughout the several views of the drawing.
65 the engagement of the point 41 of the trip pawl with the
Having reference now to the drawing in detail, the
flat undersurface 56 of an adjacent notch 54, the pres
dispensing mechanism of the instant invention is generally
sure of the stop point 42 against the perpendicular ?ange
indicated at 10 and comprises a channel-shaped plate 11
33 causing the slide to rise with the ratchet bar, and
including a rear wall 12, and side wall portions 13. A
consequently forcing a portion of the tape 26 back into
plurality of spaced shelves 14 adapted to contain mer 70 the tape housing 25. As this is effected the actuating
chandise to be dispensed include reduced portions 15
lever 20 of the lowermost shelf 14 is ‘free to swing into
the slot 21,- whereupon the associated shelf 14 drops
which are adapted to be positioned between the side
by gravity to drop its merchandise downwardly into a
Suitable chute 59‘ or ‘similar discharge opening (see FIG.
1). The step is sequentially repeated with each shelf,
the ratchet bar 53 being allowed to drop downwardly
after each step while the point 41 of the pawl ratchets
over the inclined surface 45 of the adjacent notch. The
including many advantages of great practical utility and
commercial importance.
tension of the tape 26 serves partially to hold the slide in
merely as illustrative, and not in a limiting sense.
its uppermiost position to which it has been moved, but
As many embodiments may be made of this inventive
concept, and as many modi?cations may be made of the
embodiment hereinbefore shown and described, it is to
be understood that all matter herein is to be interpreted
I claim:
In a dispensing mechanism, in combination, a vertical
in any event the slide can only fall a very limited distance,
at which time it is engaged by the ?at under surface 56 of 10 supporting plate having an elongated vertical slot therein,
a plurality of shelves each pivoted at one edge on said
an adjacent notch.
Obviously, when it is desired to move all of the shelves
back to horizontal position, for reloading or the like, it is
only necessary for an operator who has access to the
mechanism to grasp the operating handle 44 and press it
towards the perpendicular ?ange 33, which action releases
the pawl point 41 from engagement with any adjacent
notch, and moves the same out of the range of the ratchet
bar, whereupon the assembly including the resetting plate
and its associated tape may be moved downwardly to the
bottom of the slot 21. As the tape passes each actuating
lever 20 the associated shelf is obviously forced out
wardly to horizontal position.
Any desired conventional means may be employed for
actuating the ratchet bar 53 and, in the illustrative em
bodiment shown, take the form of a link 60 which is pivot
ally connected as by means of a pivot 61 to the lower
extremity of ratchet bar 53. A second link 64 is pivotally
connected as by means of a pivot 65 to the other end of
link 60, ‘and the other end of link 64 is in turn pivotally
connected as by means of a pivot 66 to a reciprocatory
operating bar 67. A mount of any conventional form
may be provided and is generally indicated as of channel
’form at 68. The lower side walls 13 of channel member
11 are secured to the side walls of member 68 in any
desired manner as by rivets or bolts. An outer housing
plate, an actuating lever on each shelf adjacent said slot,
a coiled ?exible tape mounted at the top of said plate and
extensible to close said slot, a reset plate secured to the
free end of said tape, a pawl pivotally mounted on said
reset plate, a ratchet bar having a plurality of notches
therein vertically mounted adjacent said slot, said notches
being positioned apart a distance equal to the space be
tween adjacent shelves, operating means to lift said ratchet
bar a distance of one shelf space comprising a handle
and angularly disposed links pivotally secured to said
handle, to each other and to said bar, said notches engag
ing said pawl upon upward movement of the said bar
thereby lifting the said reset plate and moving said tape
upwardly into said housing to expose said slot adjacent the
actuating lever of a single adjacent shelf, whereby‘said
actuating lever is permitted to move into said slot and
said shelf falls by gravity to drop its contents, said reset
plate having a perpendicular ?ange thereon engaging with
said pawl to limit pivotal movement thereof when engaged
by said notches, and upon downward movement of the
said bar to bias the said pawl from the path of the said
notches, and an operating lever extending from said pawl
for moving said pawl out of engagement with said notches
for downward movement of said slide block to reset said
shelves, said pawl being triangular in shape and pivoted
at its apex and having an operating point engageable with
69 may be provided, and is preferably enclosed, as is the
said notches and a locking point on the opposite side of
entire assembly which is mounted in a conventional vend
its pivot for engagement with said perpendicular ?ange,
ing casing 70 of any desired form. Suitable coin actuated
mechanism 71 of conventional design may be employed 40 said ratchet bar having elongated vertical slots therein
‘and lugs ?xed to said vertical plate engaging in said slots
to control the operation of the actuating lever 67. The
for limiting the vertical movement of said ratchet bar and
mounting and arrangement of the device comprise no part
to prevent displacement of the said pawl from engagement
of the instant invention, and are shown here schematically
and for illustrative purposes only, the invention residing 45 with said notches.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
in the assemblage of shelves and their actuating mecha
nism as hereinbefore described.
From the foregoing it will now be seen that there is
herein provided an improved vending mechanism which
accomplishes all the objects of this invention, and others,
Richardson ____________ __ July 4, 1930
Gabriclsen et a1. ______ __ Aug. 28, 1951
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