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April 24, 1962
Original Filed March 23, 1959
BYDA nwm 8. W931’
Uited States
Patented Apr. 24, 1962
tions being of greater diameter than the convolutions 8.
‘In practice, the external diameter of the drop pipe 10
is such that it is threaded into the position of FIG. 4
Orlando W. Kromer, % 0. W. Kromer Co., 1120 Emer
son Ave. N., Minneapolis 11, Minn, and Darwin S.
against the yielding bias of the convolutions 8. Hence,
Weist, Minneapolis, Minn; said Weist assignor to said
accidental removal of the inner end portion 9 is materially
discouraged in view of the fact counterclockwise move
ments tend to increase the bite of the convolutions 8
Continuation of application Ser. No. 801,204, Mar. 23,
1959. This application Apr. 27, 1961, Ser. No. 107,002
Coming now to the description of the boom clamping
4 Claims. (Cl. 285-115)
10 portion 5, it will be noted that the convolutions 13 are
of substantially equal pitch, whereas the extreme inner
Our invention relates generally to pipe connectors and
more particularly to ?exible connections between branch
end convolution 13a has a considerably increased or
pipes and primary pipes or conduits; and this application
greater pitch than that of the convolutions 13, whereby
to de?ne therebetween (that is between the extreme in
is in the nature of a continuation of allowed application
15 ner end convolution 13a and the adjacent convolution
S.N. 801,204 filed March 23, 1959, now abandoned.
13b) an opening 13c having an axial dimension at least
Still more speci?cally, our invention relates to and pro
equal to the thickness of the wire from which our novel
vides a novel ?exible connector particularly adaptable for
connector is formed and for a purpose which will herein
use in connecting sprayer nozzle-equipped drop pipes to
after be fully explained. After formation of the convolu
sprayer booms in mobile spraying equipment of the type
20 tion 13a, the wire from which our novel connector 2 is
used in agricultural spraying and the like.
formed, is bent to provide the boom clamping portion 5,
The primary object of our invention is the provision
which is in the nature of a yoke made up of a plurality
of a device of the class immediately above described
of laterally spaced loop-forming legs ‘14 and 15 and an
which incorporates a minimum of working parts and is
arcuate saddle portion 16. As shown, the wire forming
considerably less expensive to produce than ?exible con- 25 the extreme inner convolution 13a forms a portion of
nectors heretofore known.
A further object of our invention is the provision of a
device of the class immediately above described which
the saddle 16 and from thence is bent upwardly to form
the leg portion 1412 after which it is bent to form the
may be installed in a minimum of time and with a mini
mum of effort and which is rugged, durable, and com
looped portion 214a and then the opposite leg portion 14c
of the leg 14. From the leg portion 14c, the wire again
pletely e?icient in its operation thereafter.
30 ‘forms a portion of the saddle 16, and successively the
leg portion 1511, the loop 15a, the leg portion 150, and
?nally the spacer-anchoring hook 17.
The above and still further objects of our invention
will become apparent from the following detailed speci?
cation, appended claims and attached drawings.
Referring to the drawings wherein like characters indi
cate like parts throughout the several views:
As shown in FIG. 4, when the boom 1 is snugly re
ceived between the legs 14 and 1S and seated upon the
35 saddle portion 16, the loops 14a and 15a respectively
formed by their outer ends are aligned for the reception
FIG. 1 is a fragmentary view in perspective of a sprayer
of a nut-equipped clamping bolt 18 extending there
boom incorporating our invention;
through generally tangentially of the boom 1.
FIG. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary View in side eleva
As shown, the closed end portion ‘17a of the hook 17‘
tion as seen from left to right with respect to FIG. 1;
FIG. 3 is a fragmentary view in side elevation of the 40 nestingly receives the convolution 13a, with the extreme
tip 17b received snugly within the opening 13c and pro
structure of FIG. 2 but showing the opposite side there
jecting laterally outwardly therefrom. This arrangement
of; and
assures the convolutions 13a and 13b being maintained
in a spread condition at all times and thus assures a
FIG. 4 is .a view in vertical section as seen substantially
from the line 4—4 of FIG. 2, some parts being broken
45 substantially constant width laterally opening mouth 19
in diametrically opposed relationship to the opening 130
Referring with greater particularity to the drawings, the
and intermediate the convolution 13 and the boom 1 for
numeral 1 indicates a conventional tubular spraying boom
the reception of the intermediate portion of a ?exible
associated with the mobile sprayer of the type used for
conduit 20 having a connector 21 at its outer end for
agricultural spraying and the like, not shown. The nu
50 screw-threaded engagement with the interior of the ex
meral 2 indicates, in its entirety, our novel ?exible con
treme inner end of the drop pipe 10 within the chamber
nector for use with the sprayer boom 1. Preferably, as
12. At its outer end the flexible connector 20' is provided
shown, the connector comprises an outer end portion 3,
and inner end portion 4, and a boom clamping portion
identi?ed in its entirety by the numeral 5, all of said por
tions being formed from a single length of resilient wire,
with a similar connector 22 which has screw-threaded en
gagement with and is conhected to the interior of the
boom 1 in axially or longitudinally spaced relationship
to the yoke type clamping portion 5.
the extreme outer end of which is identi?ed by the nu
Our invention has been thoroughly tested and found to
meral 6 and the extreme inner end of which is identi?ed
be completely satisfactory for the accomplishment of the
by the numeral '7. The outer portion 3 comprises a
above objects, and while we have shown a preferred em
plurality of helical convolutions 8 in side by side engage
ment which collectively de?ne a coil spring means for 60 bodiment thereof, we wish it to be understood that same
snugly receiving and retaining the inner end portion 9 of
may be capable of modi?cation without departure from
the scope and spirit of the appended claims.
a, branch connector 10 which, as shown, is in the nature
of a drop pipe which is concentric therewith and normal
to the axis of the boom 1.
The sprayer nozzle on the
lower free end of the drop pipe 10 is identi?ed by the
numeral 11.
What we claim is:
1. A sprayer boom and ?exible connection for an an
gular rigid branch pipe associated therewith comprising
a coil spring formed from a single length of wire and hav
ing a reduced outer end in ?rm gripping engagement with
The intermediate and inner portions 4 of our novel
the inner end of said rigid branch pipe, the intermediate
connector 2 de?ne an axially extended generally cylindri
cal chamber 12 which is concentric with the reduced coil 70 and inner end portions of said coil spring de?ning an
axially extended open ended chamber between the inner
spring 3 but, as shown, is formed from a plurality of con
end of said branch pipe and said boom. the wire com
volutions 13 in side by side engagement, said convolu
prising the inner end of said coil spring being formed to
provide a clamping yoke for the snug reception of said
spaced relation to said source pipe to provide a passage
boom, said clamping yoke including spaced legs which
said passage and having one end thereof coupled to said
branch pipe within said coil spring, the other end of said
therebetween, and a ?exible pipe section extending through
de?ne aligned loops at their outer ends for the reception
of a clamping bolt extending generally tangentially of 5 ?exible pipe section communicating with the interior of
said boom, and a ?exible pipe section having coupling
said source pipe exteriorly of said spring and in spaced
elements at its opposite ends, and being of a linear length
relation thereto.
substantially longer than the length of said coil spring in
4. The structure de?ned in claim 3 in which said last
the unextended position thereof, one end of said ?exible
mentioned means permits axial adjustments of said spring
pipe section being connected to said boom and the op 10 with respect to said source pipe, and in which the other
posite end thereof being connected to the inner end of
end of said ?exible pipe section communicates with said
said rigid branch connection within said chamber.
source pipe remote from said spring axially of said source
2. The structure de?ned in claim 1 in which the inner
end of said coil spring is spaced from said boom to de
?ne a laterally opening passage, said flexible pipe section 15
extending through said passage and being connected to
said boom in longitudinally spaced relationship to said
clamping yoke, said ?exible pipe section being of linear
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
Henderson ___________ __ Mar. 21, 1893
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dimensions to permit unrestricted swinging movements
of said coil spring and rigid pipe section carried thereby. 20
3. Means for ?exibly connecting ‘a rigid branch pipe
Barnard _____________ __ Sept. 3, 1935
to a rigid source pipe, said means comprising a coil tension
Risley _______________ __ Mar. 29, 1955
France _______________ __ Oct. 7, 1953
spring having a reduced outer end in ?rm gripping en
gagement with the inner end of said branch pipe, means
adjacent the inner end of said spring ‘for securing same 25
to said source pipe with the axis thereof substantially
normal to the axis of said source pipe, said last-mentioned
means supporting the inner end of said coil spring in
Scienti?c American Publication, Aug. 7, 1909.
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