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May 1, 1962
' Filed April 24, 1959
United States Patent Oliâce
Patented May l, i962’.
Joseph Epifania, B0. Box 18, Paulsboro, NJ.
Filed Apr. 24, 1959, Ser. No. 808,637
1 Claim. (Cl. Sti-_58)
This invention relates to a safety razor construction.
It is the principal object of the present invention to
provide a safety razor construction in which the cover
plate for a double edge blade is a single one and swung
upon one side of the razor which makes for a single
closing action for a double safety razor.
It is another object of the invention to provide a safety
razor construction comprising a single plate for covering
a double edge blade which is adjustable by the central
longitudinal extending guide bar over which the blade
is placed without interfering with the operation of the
guide bar the cover plate being pivotally connected to
arms extending laterally from the opposite ends of the
guide bar, and means on the pivotal cover plate engage
able with the flxed plate to cam the same to the open
position and to limit the outward pivotal movement of
the cover plate.
Other objects of the invention are to provide a razor
24. The cover plate 22 has inwardly extending and
laterally spaced support elements 25 and 26 by the ends
of which the cover plate is pivotally' connected to the
arms 20 and 21 carried by the adjustable blade guide
portions 15.
The blade supporting body 17 has the usual depending
transversely extending portions 27 and 2S over which
the edges of the cover plate support elements 25 and
26 are extended, fulcrumed and limited in their move
ment to cause the cover plate to be lifted and lowered
with the movement of the laterally extending blade guide
portion. These support elements 25 and 26 have lugs
29 which engage with the underside of depending blade
guide portion as at 27’ to stabilize the inward movement
of the cover plate 22 when it has «become aligned with
the portion 15 and its elongated slot 31 receiving the
portion l5. Depending from the sides of the body 17
at each end thereof are depending lugs 32 and 33 be
tween which the extensions 18 and 19 pass. Each lug
32, 33, is spaced from the respective arm 25, 26 to form
a slot through which the adjacent extension 1S or 19
passes, the slots not being provided with a reference
numeral for the reason that they do not show in any
of the views. The depending lug _33 is longer than the
construction having the above objects in mind, which 25 depending lug 32 and extensions of the arms 2t) and 21
is of simple construction, has a minimum number of parts,
thereover serve to guide the downward movement of the
inexpensive to manufacture, easy to operate, compact,
cover plate and to hold it aligned so that its slot 31 will
sanitary, permits easy cleaning of the razor, easy removal
receive the guide portion 15. As the cover 22 is moved
of the blade, eiîective and eliicient in use.
30 from its closed position overlying the body 17 to its open
For a better understanding of the invention, reference
may be had to the following detailed description taken in
connection with the accompanying drawing in which
FIGURE l is a perspective View of a razor construc
position away `from the body 17, control of the same
is kept by the lug 2g on the cover support elements 25
and 26 engaging with the sides of the guides 32 in the
manner as best shown in FIG. 4.
tion according to one form of the invention with the 35
Accordingly as the knob 11 is turned, the guide por
cover part closed upon the blade supporting fixed part,
tion 15 is held raised or lowered, by the threading of
and the cover being slotted to permi-t the blade guide
the portion 13 of rod 14 in the turn knob 11. Since
member to be extended therethrough,
lthe portion 15 has rigidly connected thereto the trans
FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the razor shown in
versely-extending arms 20 and 21, the cover plate will
FiG. l with the cover plate in its open position and the 40 be pivoted between open and closed positions since it
blade guide extended,
is fulcrurned upon the depending portion 27 of the blade
supporting body 17. The lugs Z9 limit the swinging
FIG. 3 is an enlarged vertical sectional View taken
on line 3-3 of FIG. 2,
' movement of the cover plate since they engage between
FIG. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary vertical elevational ‘i
45 the inner ledge 27’ of the depending portion 27, FIGS.
view of the razor construction with the cover in its open
4 and 5 and the vertical edges of a depending guide
portion 32 on the fixed blade supporting body 17.
FIG. 5 is a similar elevational view with the cover in
While various changes may be made in the detailed
its closed position.
construction, it shall be understood that such changes
Referring now to the figures, 10 represents a hollow 50 shall be within the spirit and scope of the present inven
handle having a turn knob 11 journalled on its outer
tion as defined by the appended claim.
end. This turn knob is internally threaded as indicated
What is claimed is:
at 12 for connection with threaded lower` end 13 of a
In a safety razor construction, including a hollow
rod 14 having a laterally-extending guide portion 15
handle, a turn knob journaled on one end of said handle,
for entering the `slot of the razor blade 16 for the pur 55 a rod extending through said handle, and adjusted by
poses of positioning the blade upon a iìxed blade sup
said turn knob, said rod having a laterally extending
porting body 17 ñxed to the inner end of the handle 10.
blade guide portion on one end, and a blade supporting
The laterally-extending guide portion 15 has end ex
body iixedly secured to the other end of said handle
tensions 18 and 1‘9 from which there extends respec
and said guide portion being adjustable therethrough, a
tively and transversely of the ends of the razor head re
lug projecting perpendicularly from each end of said
spective arms Ztl and 21. Between the outer ends of
body, a transversely extending arm projecting from each
these arms 20 and 21 there is pivotally connected a top
end of said blade guide portion and movable therewith,
cover plate 22 by pivot connections indicated at 23 and
each of said arms being spaced from the adjacent body
lug to form a slot, a one piece cover conformably shaped
to extend over said blade supporting body disposed in
overlying lrelation with respect to said blade supporting
body, said cover having a slot extending `through its mid
portion for substantially the Width of said cover and
slidably receiving said blade guide portion of said rod,
References Cited in the rile of this patent
tion connecting one of the adjacent ends of said support
elements >to the adjacent arm for movement of said cover 10 2,698,995
from `the overlying position to a position away from said
blade supporting body.
a support element projecting from each end of said
cover and on the same side thereof, and a pivot connec
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