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May 1, 1962
Filed Nov. l5, 1958
Unite Stats Patent
Patented May 1, 1962
Each of the respective keyboard guard sections 22 and
24 is of generally channel-shape configuration. Thus,
guard -section 22 includes a longitudinally extending side
wall 26 and a pair of laterally extending top and bottom
Domenick Lofaro, 298 Church St., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Filed Nov. 13,' 1958, Ser. No. 773,620
1 Claim. (Cl. 84-453)
This invention relates to accordions and more particu
larly to a keyboard guard for an accordion.
During the normal usage of accordions there are many
walls 28 and 30. A transverse end wall 32 connects the
corresponding ends of walls 26, 28 and 30 at one end of
keyboard guard section 22. Section 22 is open on its
longitudinal side opposite longitudinal side wall 26 and is
also open on its end opposite end wall 32.
Guard sec
occasions when damage may he done to »the keys of the 10 tion 24 is dimensioned for telescopic sliding movement
accordion, either due to carelessness or inadvertance of
Within the outer guard section 22 and includes a Ilongi
the musician. Fory example, many students and profes
tudinally extending side wall 34, top and bottom walls 36
sionals carelessly put their hands behind the outer edge
and 38, and a transverse end wall 40. Guard section 2X4
of the keyboard enclosure when pulling the accordion
is open on its longitudinal side opposite longitudinal Wall
out of the case. lWhen doing this there is danger that
34 and is also open on its end opposite end wall 40.
their hands will slip and pull up a key in such manner
In an actual embodiment which I have constructed,
as to cause serious damage to the operating mechanism
the two telescopically movable sections 22 «and 24 open
of the accordion. Damage can also be done to the keys
up to approximately 23 inches in overall length and can
by having them touch lthe outer edge of the accordion
be reduced to an overall length of 13 inches. The guard
case, or by having the shoulder straps come in Contact 20 is `approximately 4 inches wide from edge »to edge of top
with the keys. Itis also possible that the keys may be
walls 32 and 36, and the opening or spacing between the
damaged when the accordion is resting on the floor, due
top and bottom Walls is approximately 2 inches.
to the student getting too close to the instrument with his
In order to secure the -two keyboard guard sections `22
and 24 in a telescopically adjusted position corresponding
` Accordingly, itis an object of this invention to provide 25 to the length of the particular accordion keyboard being
a guard for the keyboard of an accordion or other
similar portable musical instrument having a piano-type
protected, a screw 46 is mounted in longitudinal side wall
34 of inner section 24 adjacent the open end of section
24. A longitudinal slot 48 is provided in the correspond
It is another object of this invention to provide =a key
ing side wall 26 of guard section 22 -to receive screw 46
board guard for accordion-s and the like which is adjust 30 to permit telescopic sliding movement of sections 22 and
able to lit all accordions.
24 relative to each other. Nut 42 and washer 44 engage
Still another object of the invention is -to provide a key
screw 46 to frictionally hold sections 22 and 24 ñxed
board guard for accordions and the like which is easily
in a desired adjusted position.
positioned on the instrument and removed therefrom.
In using keyboard guard 20, the two sections 22 and 24
Still other objects of the invention -arc to provide a 35 are te-lescopically engaged with each other as shown in
keyboard guard for accordions which is inexpensive to
FIGS. l and 3, with the two closed end walls 32 and 40
manufacture and sell and which can be applied to any
of the respective sections 22 and 24 being positioned at
existing accordion without modi?cation of the accord-ion.
opposite extremes of the device and with the longitudi
Further advantages of the invention will become ap
nally extending open sides of the respective guard sec
parent from the following description taken in conjunc 40 tions 22 and 24 facing in the same direction. The guard
tion with the accompanying drawing in which:
is positioned over the keyboard end of the accordion by
FIG. 1 is a perspective View of an laccordion having
pushing the longitudinally extending open side of the
mounted thereon the keyboard guard in accordance with
guard over the keyboard until lthe guard is as far over the
the invention;
keyboard as it can be pushed. The two guard sections
F-IG. 2 is a perspective View of the accordion keyboard
22 and 24 .are telescopically adjusted with respect to each
guard with the two telescopically movable sections there
other until the opposite transverse end walls 32 and 49
of detached from each other; while
of the two guard sections engage the opposite end edges
FIG. 3 is a view in transverse cross section of the as
of the keyboard end of the accordion. The two tele
sembled >accordion guard showing the manner of secur
movable sections 22 and 24 are secured in a
ing the telescopically movable sections in a fixed adjust 50 given adjusted position relative to each other correspond
ed position with respect to each other.
ing Vto the particular keyboard on which the guard is used
Referring now to the drawings, there is shown in FIG.
by the engagement of the nut and washer 42 and 44 with
1 an accordion generally indicated at 10 including a treble
«a screw member 46. When sections 22 and 24 are in
side 12 having a piano-type keyboard 14 supported by
their proper relative positions, nut 42 is tightened to hold
i the conventional keyboard enclosure. Treble side 12 of
the two sections in their desired adjusted position. Once
the accordion is connected to base side 16 by a bellows
»the guard has been properly »adjusted for the particular
accordion with which it is to be used, no further adjust
ln order to protect keyboard 14, there isr provided in
men-t is needed andthe guard may be easily positioned on
accordance withrthe invention a detachable sleeve-like
or removed from the keyboard as required.
keyboard guard generally indicated at 20 and including 60 It can be seen from the foregoing that there is pro
two telescopically movable guard sections generally in
vided in accordance with this invention a guard Ifor the
dicated vat 22 and 24, with guard section 24 being slidably
keyboards of accordions and the like which protects the
received within guard section 22.
keys of the accordion against damage which may other
Keyboard guard 20 is preferably made of a rigid heavy
wise easily occur when the accordion is being moved from
duty plastic material, preferably of about 1A; inch in
or returned to its case, as well as lagainst damage to the
thickness which is very light and only -adds »a negligible
keys which may arise in other ways.
amount to the weight of the accordion. `In the illustrated
The keyboard guard of the invention is adjustable to
embodiment, the keyboard guard is shown made of a
tit ditïerent sizes of accord-ions and may be easily posi
transparent plastic material, although preferably the plas
tic material is colored »to harmonize with the color of the
instrument on which it is used.
tioned on or removed from any accordion with which it
is used. Furthermore, the keyboard guard is pleasing in
appearance and may be made of dilierent colors to har
in telescopic sliding engagement vwith corresponding Walls
of the other guard section, each guardsection including
monize with the color of any particular accordion with
which it may be used.
While there has been shown and described a particular
a transverse end Wall engageableV with one of the oppo
site end edges or" the keyboard end of the instrument, each
guard section being open at the opposite transverse end
thereof, the respective guardfsections being open on the
face thereof opposite lthe longitudinal connecting Wall
thereof to permit said guard member to be slipped over
the keyboard end of the instrument in overlying relation
10 to the keyboard when said guard sections are telescop
ically engaged with each other, one of said guard sections
embodiment of` the invention, it will be obvious to those ,
skilled in the artthat various changes and modifications
may be made «therein Without departing from the inven
tion and, therefore, it is aimed to cover all such changes
and modifications as fall Within the true spirit and scope
ofthe invention. Y
What I claim a‘s my invention and desire to» protect by
Letters Patent of the United States is:
A keyboard guard member for use with portable musi- _
being provided with a longitudinal slot, the other of said ‘
guard sections being provided with fastening means hav-ing a portion thereof extending through said slot and hav
rigid material and comprising two telescopically-engaged 15 ing frictional engagementwith said one guard section to
hold said guard sections in a given adjusted position.
guard sections adjustable in their combined length to the
length of the keyboard end of the instrument, said guard
References Cited in the tile of this patentY
sectionsV each being of substantially channel shape in
cal instruments of the type having a piano-type keyboard
at an end thereof, said guard ¿member being formed of
transverse cross section and each including a pair of
spaced parallel Wall members respectively adapted to lie 20
above and below the keyboard end of the instrument in
closely contiguous relation thereto and in overlying rela~
tion to the keyboard, each guard section including a
longitudinal connecting Wall extending between and con
necting the spaced parallel Wall members of the respec 25
tive guard sections, the spaced parallel Wall members and
longitudinal connecting Wall of each guard section being
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