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May 1, 1962
Filed July 25, 1958
By W,
United States Patent
Patented May 1, 1962
when the excess pressure is encountered the frangible pin
will break to permit the plow to pass an obstruction, the
other member of the hinge being fastened. to the blade by
William I. Herring and Archie E. Curie, Kinston, N.C.,
couple of pins by the hinge having an arcuate slot to
assignors to Herring-Curie Tractor Company, Kinston, 5
permit horizontal swinging adjustment of the blades.
With continued reference to the drawing the present in
Filed July 25, 1958, Ser. No. 750,954
vention is a billing sweep having a pair of right and left
2 Claims. ((11. 172-642)
hand long narrow blades. The right hand blade 10 has
a tapered short end 11 and a longer end portion 12 taper
the manner of such cultivation and to the equipment em 10 ing to a slightly reduced width at its extreme end, and the
ployed, and more particularly to the equipment employed
blade having a cutting edge 13. The blades of the pair
in the cultivation of row crops such as cotton, corn, to
are right and left hand, the right hand blade being illus
bacco and the like.
trated and described in FIGS. 2 to 6, it being understood
The invention relates speci?cally to cultivators which
that the left hand blade is similar except that it is opposite
This invention relates to the cultivation of the soil, to
may be attached to a tractor either for single or gang oper
ation in the moving of the earth along a row to increase the
mound of earth in the row or to move a portion of the
15 ly formed.
The blade is mounted by means of a pair of screws 14
engaging one side of a hinge 15 with such having a pair
earth with any accompanying grass or other growth.
of openings 16 and 17, the latter being in the form of
Cultivator equipment has been subject to criticism or un
an arcuate slot 17 so that when the screws are loosened,
satisfactory for a number of reasons including its cost, 20 the blade 10 may swing around the opening 16 to vary
complexity and cumbersomeness, and difficulty of use as
the angle of the axis of the blade relative to its support.
well as damage to growing plants.
The hinge member 15 is provided with a Socket or cup
It is an object of the invention to overcome the di?‘i
18 which may be formed separately if desired and secured
culties enumerated and to provide a relatively simple plow
thereto by welding 19, such socket or cup member hav
or cultivator of few and readily available parts, which can 25 ing an opening 20 in its bottom and a frusto-conical socket
be easily attached to or removed from a tractor, which
21 adapted to receive the tapered extremity 22 of a hinge
can be employed to pull dirt under the leaves of grow
sleeve 23. The socket 18 and hinge sleeve 23 are adapted
ing plants without damaging the same, to put such dirt
to be fastened in adjusted ?xed relation by‘ means of a car~
in high beds to protect in both wet and dry weather or to
riage bolt 24, the socket having an opening 20 of a con
change the setting of the cultivator to form a hoeing or
?guration to receive the square shank 25 of the carriage
barring off operation thereby to remove dirt with or with
bolt 24 when the nut 26 is tight. Since the carriage bolt
out grass or other growth as well as a cultivator which can
24 and hinge sleeve 23 are supported in substantially hori
be used with row crops or various kinds and with various
zontal position the blade can swing about such substantial
ly horizontal axis.
One object of the invention is to provide a billing sweep
To the side of the sleeve 23 is attached the end of a
with simple means mounting the blades so that they may
supporting arm 27, such arm being formed separately if
be easily attached to the cultivator bars for vertical move
desired from the sleeve and secured thereto by welds 28
ment therewith so that they can rotate about a vertical
pivot, about a horizontal pivot, and be adjusted about a
further pivot that is substantially perpendicular to the
horizontal pivot to facilitate disposition of the blades in
the desired position.
Another object of the invention is to provide mounting
or it may be attached in any other desired manner.
40 supporting arm 27 is mounted on the sleeve 23 at an angle
to the longitudinal axis of such sleeve so that the support~
ing arm 27 is disposed generally parallel to the direction
of travel of the tractor on which it is supported.
The arm
27 extends upwardly and is received within the bifurca
means for a cultivator blade of simple yet strong construc
tion 29 of a supporting post 30, being connected thereto
tion, including a hinge composed of relatively strong re
by means of a bolt and nut 31, such bolt extending
ceiving and received portions relatively rotatable but ca
through an opening 32 in the arm 27 and through sim
pable of being secured in adjusted ?xed relation, as‘ well
ilar openings 33 in the spaced prongs of the post 36). The
as a frangible element to yield in excessive pressure.
arm 27 is provided with an opening 34 and the spaced
Other objects and advantages of the invention will be
50 sides of the post are provided with openings 35 in which
apparent from the following description taken in conjunc
tion with the accompanying drawing wherein:
FIG. 1 is a perspective illustrating one application of
the invention;
a frangible pin or peg 36 of wood or other material is
adapted to be disposed to maintain the arm 27 and post
39 in ?xed upright relation until an obstruction is en
countered whereupon the pin or peg 36 will be subjected
FIG. 2, an enlarged perspective of one of the cultiva 55 to excess stress and broken and the blade allowed to yield
tor blades in its mounting;
and pass the obstruction.
FIG. 3, an end elevation of the cultivator blade of FIG.
The post 30 is adapted to be secured by a conventional
U-clamp 37 and bolts 38 to a cultivator bar 39 connected
FIG. 4, an enlarged fragmentary section on the line
to a tractor 4%}, such bar being mounted in a manner to
4——4 of FIG. 2;
60 have its rear end raised and lowered hydraulically or in
FIG. 5, an enlarged fragmentary detailed section on the
any other manner, there being right and left hand culti
line 5-—5 of FIG. 2; and
vator bars on which the right and left hand cooperating
FIG. 6, an enlarged fragmentary detailed section on the
sides of the hilling sweep are mounted.
line 6-6 of FIG. 3.
It will be apparent from the foregoing that the opposed
Brie?y stated the hilling sweep of the present invention 65 blades of the hilling sweep may be raised and lowered
comprises a pair of cultivator blades joined by a hinge
as Well as rotated, and the post 30 can be rotated in its
connection to a supporting post, such hinge connection in
mounting 37. They can be swung about the substantially
cluding adjustable frusto-conical engaging portions
horizontal axis of the sleeve 23 as a pivot and they may be
adjusted edgewise with regard to the hinge plate 15 on
adapted to be secured with an axial bolt to hold them in
?xed adjusted relation and with an upstanding arm at 70 which they are mounted by loosening the screws 14, there
by providing maximum adjustment of the blades of the
tached to one of said hinge members and received between
sleeve and making them particularly useful in the cultiva
the bifurcated end of the supporting post by means of
tion of growing crops of cotton, corn, tobacco and other
a couple of spaced pins, one of which is frangible so that
row crops. Due to its particular construction the sweep
of the present invention can be used to pull dirt beneath
the leaves of plants without damaging the same and put
ting the plants in a high bed to hold moisture during dry
weather and to exclude moisture during wet weather there
by to protect the plants at all times‘. Also, the inter?tting
adjustable locking joint is such that it is strong and pro
bifurcated end of said post and disposed substantially
normal to the direction of travel of said blades, one of
said pins being frangible so that it will break when sub
jected to excessive stress, and means for attaching said
posts to the cultivator bar of a tractor.
2. A billing sweep comprising relatively long narrow
right and left-hand blades, mounting means disposed cen
trally of each blade adjacent to the upper surface thereof,
said mounting means including a hinge plate and inter?t
vides substantial surface contact between the tapered inter
?tting portions of the hinge by which the blades are car
ried although like the remainder of the device of simple 10 ting socket and sleeve members, the exterior of said socket
member being substantially cylindrical along the longitu
construction and positive in action. The support arm 27
dinal axis thereof and the interior providing a frusto-coni
is located generally parallel to the direction of travel of
cal cup, said hinge plate being connected along one side
the tractor so that when an obstruction is encountered the
to the cylindrical exterior of said socket member, said
amount of side friction on the bifurcated supporting post
sleeve member having one end tapered for cooperative en
will be minimized.
gagement with said frusto-conical cup, means for main
‘It will be obvious to those skilled in the art that various
taining said socket and said sleeve in adjusted relation, a
changes may be made in the invention without departing
supporting arm mounted on said sleeve member remote
from the spirit and scope thereof and therefore the inven
from said tapered end and disposed at an angle to the lon
tion is not limited by that which is illustrated in the draw
gitudinal axis thereof, a supporting post for each blade
ing and described in the speci?cation, but only as indicated
having a bifurcated end for the reception of said arm, a
in the accompanying claims.
pair of pins extending through said arm and the bifurcated
What is claimed is:
end of said post and disposed substantially normal to the
l. A hilling sweep comprising relative long, narrow
direction of travel of said blades, one of said pins being
right-hand and left-hand blades, mounting means disposed
centrally of each blade along the upper surface thereof, 25 frangible whereby when said blade is subjected to exces
sive stress, the force will be applied directly to said fran
said mounting means including a hinge plate having a
gible pin without binding and cause the pin to fracture
pivot and a radial slot, fastening means received within
and relieve the stress on the blade, and means for attach
the slot for permitting partial rotation of said blade sub
ing said posts to the cultivator bar of a tractor.
stantially in the plane of said hinge plate, said hinge plate
being connected along one side to a socket hinge member, 30
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
the exterior of said socket being substantially cylindrical
about the longitudinal axis thereof and the interior pro
Ennis ________________ __ June 26, 1883
viding a substantially frusto~conical cup, an inter?tting
Knapp ______________ __ ‘Feb. 12, 1895
tapered sleeve for cooperative engagement with the frusto
conical cup of said socket, means for maintaining said
socket and said sleeve in adjusted relation, a supporting
arm mounted on said sleeve at an angle to the longitudinal
axis thereof and disposed generally parallel to the direc
tion of travel of said blades, a supporting post for each
blade having a bifurcated end in which said arm is dis 40
posed, a pair of pins extending through said arm and the
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