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May 1, 1962
Filed June 27, 1961
_ _
¢ ‘""7
United States Patent‘O?ice
Patented May _1, 1962
pendicular to the shelf bottom, form a base for the shelf
so that it may be stood up on a counter or other horizon
David Sheinberg, 1749 45th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Filed June 27, 1961, Ser. No. 119,896
is suspended horizontally, on rivets 14, 14a in perpendicu
4 Claims. (Cl. 211—93)
This invention relates to shelving and more particularly
to foldable utility shelves.
The utility shelf according to the invention ?nds a
ready application in homes, stores and o?ices for many
varied uses.
It may be used, by way of examples, as a
display shelf, a spice shelf, a ?ower pot shelf, a knick~
knack shelf, a bathroom shelf to support an electric razor
and toilette articles, a display shelf for small articles on
a store counter and for numerous other purposes.
In the manufacture and distribution of utility shelves,
tal support. In this open position the upper shelf 16a
lar relationship to the angle supports 6, 6a the backs of
which also serve to limit the pivoting of the shelf 16a
beyond this position. Shelf 16 is maintained in a posi
tion similar to that of shelf 16a in the same manner by
means of detents 36, made by cutting slits in the angle
and bending the metal slightly inwardly.
For storing or packaging the shelf in a minimum of
space, the shelf is folded by swinging shelf 16a about
pivot rivets 14, 14a back of the supports until this shelf
reaches the position shown in dotted lines. The bottom
shelf 16 is likewise swung 90° until it is nested in an
upright position between the angle supports 6, 6a.
It will be apparent that in this folded position the
due to the shelves’ bulk, the space required for storage in
shelf occupies substantially less space than when it is
the manufacturer’s plant or for shipment by carrier has re
in open position FIG. 3 illustrates the saving in space
sulted in disproportionately high costs with relation to
20 effected when packaging the folded shelf into a con
the value of the article itself.
tainer 34 for shipment or storage in the manufacturer’s
It is therefore an object of the invention to substan
plant or warehouse. It will be apparent that with many
tially reduce the cost of storage and shipping space for
utility shelves.
Another object of the invention is to provide a utility
thousands of shelves in production and transportation,
a very substantial saving in packaging, warehousing and
shelf which may be folded to occupy a minimum space. 25 transportation costs is effected, as compared, for ex
A further object of the invention is to provide a fold
ample, with that of a non-folding shelf which requires
ing utility shelf which is light in weight, compact, strong
a shipping container of substantially larger dimensions,
and durable, simple in construction, easy to manufacture
as shown in dotted lines in FIG. 3.
The shelf according to the invention may be further
These and other objects of the invention will become 30 provided with holes 32 for hanging on a wall or other
and which may be sold at a reasonable cost.
apparent ‘from the following speci?cation and the ap
pended drawing showing, by way of example, a preferred
embodiment of the invention.
It should be understood, however, that these are given
suitable support.
Furthermore, although only two tiers of shelves are
shown in the drawing, additional tiers may be employed
if desired.
In such a case the folding shelf and the
container for packaging be made longer, without increas
ing the thickness of the container.
ious changes in the details, form and arrangement of the
Additionally, the detents illustrated in the drawing by
parts may be made without departing from the scope of
reference numeral 36, may vary in construction. For
the invention.
example, they may be of semi-circular shape or any
In the drawing:
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the shelf in open posi 40 other form, as long as they perform the required func
tion, that of maintaining the shelves perpendicular to
the supporting angles.
FIG. 2 is a partial view along line 2-2 of FIG. 1;
Furthermore the ears or extensions 8, 8a and 10, 10b
FIG. 3 shows the article folded for shipment and a
may be dispensed with and the shelves may be pivoted
container therefor and
FIG. 4 is a view on a smaller scale of a shelf having 45 on rivets which could pass through the end portions of
?anges 24, 24a and the like and the supporting angles.
a plurality of tiers.
What I claim is:
Referring now to the drawing in detail the utility shelf
1. A folding shelf comprising a pair of vertically ex
according to the invention, comprises a pair of spaced
tending spaced parallel supports of L-shaped cross-sec—
parallel vertical thin sheet metal supports of L-section
6, 6a, to the top and bottom portions 8, 8a and 10, 10b 50 tion, an upper shelf pivotally secured between the top
portions of said supports, a lower shelf pivotally secured
of which respectively, are pivotally secured by means of
between the bottom portions of said supports, each of
pivot rivets 12, 12a and 14, 14a, a pair of shelves 16
by way of illustration and not of limitation, and that var
said shelves being provided with upwardly extending ears
and 16a provided for that purpose with ears or extensions
adjacent said supports for staying the shelves in hori
18, 18a and 20, 20a, respectively. These ears or exten
sions which are made of thin sheet metal, as are the 55 zontal position forwardly of said supports, said upper
shelves 16, 16a are spot-welded to the respective shelves
in the manner shown at 22, 22a. It will be noted that the
top portions of the extensions are rounded to permit these
shelf being adapted to be swung about said top portion
rearwardly of said supports into contiguous relationship
therewith, said lower shelf being adapted to be swung
upwardly for nesting between said supports, and means
to clear the angle walls when pivoted on pivots 12, 12a
and 14, 14a. The shelves may be stamped or formed 60 for locking the lower shelf in horizontal position.
2. A folding shelf comprising a pair of spaced verti
up from a single piece of sheet metal. The longitudinal
cally arranged sheet angle irons, pivot means secured to
and transverse portions of a rectangular piece of stamped
the top and bottom portions of said angle irons, said
or formed sheet metal are preferably bent up to form
parallel sti?'ening and article retaining ?anges 24, 24a,
26, 26a and 28, 28a, 30, 30a.
angles having parallel forwardly extending ?anges and
65 rear ?anges disposed in a coextensive plane, an upper
posed inwardly of the angle support 6, 6a. The shelves
shelf provided with ear extensions pivotable on said pivot
means between the top portions of said irons, a lower
serve to maintain the supports 6 and 6a in assembled
shelf provided with car extensions pivotable between
As is apparent from the drawing, both shelves are dis
In normal open position, as shown in solid lines in
the drawing, the bottom of shelf 16, together with the
bottom portions 10, 10a of the supports, which are per
the bottom portions of said irons, said ear extensions be
ing adapted to stay said shelves in horizontal open posi
tion, the upper shelf being pivotable about said top por
' tion rearwardly of said rear ?anges, into parallel rela
tionship therewith the lower shelf being adapted to pivot
upwardly into parallel nested relationship between said
shelves having bent-up sti?ening and article-retaining
?anges, means for pivotally securing said shelves in
parallel spaced relationship to said supports, one of said
shelves being secured to the uppermost portions of said
supports, the other of said shelves being secured to the
lowermost portion of said supports and forming a base
angle irons, and means for locking said bottom shelf
in horizontal position to form a base support.
I 3. A folding shelf comprising a pair of spaced verti
cal supports of L-shaped cross-section formed by par
allel forwardly extending ?anges and by rearward co
therewith, said one shelf being swingable rearwardly of
planar ?anges'extending towards one another, a lower
said rearward coplanar ?anges, the other of said shelves
shelf and an upper shelf, both of said shelves having
being swingable into nested relationship between said
bent up sti?ening and article-retaining ?anges and ear~ 10 supports, said one shelf and said supports being provided
like extensions, pivot means in the upper and lower por
tions of said supports for pivoting said ear-like exten
with apertures for suspending said folding shelf on a
suitable support.
sion, said stiffening and article-retaining ?anges and said
ear-like extensions bracing said shelves in horizontal open
position, the upper shelf being swingable rearwardly of
said rearward coplanar ?anes, the lower shelf being
swingable into nested position between said supports,
both said supports being provided with apertures for
securing the folding shelf to a suitable vertical support.
4. A folding shelf comprising a pair of spaced verti
cal supports of L-shaped cross-section formed by parallel
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
forwardly extending ?anges and by rearward coplanar
?anges extending towards one another, a plurality of
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