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May 8, 1962
R. L. MARcALus
Filed Sept. 1, 1960
s Sheets-Sheet 1
P055»? 7- L. MHPCHLUS
May 8, 1962
Filed Sepi. l, 1960
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
United States Patent 0 "
Robert L. Marcalus, 1 Market St., Wyckoif, NJ.
Patented May 8, 1962
posed marginal ?anges 24 and 25, respectively, which
overlie the upper end margins of the pack P. The?anges
24 and 25 coact with the upper end of the front wall 16,
Filed Sept. 1, 1960, Ser. No. 53,514
between the ?anges 24, and the upper end of the rear
1 Claim. (Cl. 206-57)
wall 17 to de?ne an article or handkerchief feeding open,
ing 26 at the top of the receptacle and a lid or cover 27
My invention relates to receptacles and more particu
larly to receptacles for the packaging of such articles as
paper handkerchiefs and the like.
One of the objects of my invention is to provide a re
ceptacle from which paper handkerchiefs and the like
may be dispensed and which receptacle is provided with
‘facilities for the storing of the handkerchiefs after use.
Another object of my invention is to provide a recep
pivoted or hinged, by the score or hinge line 22, to the
upper end of the rear wall 17 for uncovering the open
ing 26. The lid 27, which initially closes the opening '26,
10 is pivoted to an open position upon puncturing of the
zones to permit access to the receptacle through the
opening 26. The lid 27 is fashioned with a circular
knook~out disc 28 by means of perforations 29 to form,
when the disc is removed, an opening 30 for receiving
tacle of the foregoing described character equipped with 15 therethrough a suitable supporting member 31, for in
a pair of compartments for the stocking of handkerchiefs
for dispensing and the storing of used handkerchiefs for
subsequent disposal, respectively, and the latter compart
ment being capable of progressive expansion to accord
with the depletion of the handkerchiefs from the ?rst
mentioned compartment.
An important object of my invention is to provide a
stance, a knob disposed within the passenger compart
ment of a motor vehicle and ‘from which member the re
ceptacle may be suspended ‘for use.
To facilitate forming of the receptacle to accord with
the foregoing described construction, the blank B, from
which the receptacle 15 is formed, is fabricated in a man
ner wherein each of the end walls 18 comprises lower
receptacle 0f the foregoing described character which
and upper wings or ?aps 33 and 34 constituting continua
is simple in construction, durable ‘and ef?cient in use,
tions of the bottom and top walls 19 and 20, respectively,
economical in manufacture, and capable of being em 25 and which wings 33 and 34 are folded on the score or
ployed by the public in general.
hinge lines 35 to dispose the flaps inwardly of and in en
With the above and other objects in view, as will here
gagement with lapped outer and inner flaps or wings 36
inafter appear, the invention consists in the combination
and 37, constituting continuations of the front and rear
and arrangement of parts hereinafter set forth and illus~
Walls 16 and 17, respectively, folded inwardly on the
trated in the accompanying drawings from which the 30 score or fold lines 38 into lapped relation and sealed to
several features of the invention and the advantages at
each other by suitable adhesive.
tained thereby will be readily understood by those skilled
Within the receptacle 15, I provide a partition 40 for
in the art.
de?ning therein an article storage or dispensing compart
Referring to the drawings wherein like reference char
ment A and a waste or litter receiving expandable cham
acters designate like parts throughout the several views:
ber or compartment W. The partition constitutes a con
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of my invention and
tinuation of the bottom wall 19 and has its upper end
previous to the puncturable zones being ruptured;
terminating and disposed in proximity to and beneath the
FIGURE 2 is a perspective view of the receptacle with
?anges 25. The bottom wall 19 is fashioned, by folding
the lid or cover being raised to an open position after
the same between the front wall and the partition on
40 front and rear score or hinge lines 41 and 42, respectively.
rupture of the zones;
FIGURE 3 is a transversovertical sectional view of the
The bottom wall 19 is thus structurally integrally con
receptacle in an initially open position;
nected to the lower ends of the front wall and the parti
FIGURES 4 and 5 are view similar to FIGURE 3 but
tion by front and rear jointures de?ned by the score or
illustrating different shiftable positions of the partition;
hinge lines 41 and 42, respectively. The lower portion
FIGURE 6 is a sectional view taken on the line 6—6 of 45 of the partition 40 is provided with a pair of spaced
FIGURE 4; and
FIGURE 7 is a plan view of the blank from which
the receptacle is formed.
lengthwise disposed upper and lower hinge lines 43 and
44 which coact with the line 42 to de?ne upper, interme
diate, and lower sections 45 and permit relative angular
In practicing my invention as illustrated in the draw
adjustments of the sections for a purpose which will here
ings, I provide a receptacle, carton, or container 15 con 50 inafter be disclosed. The lower end of the rear wall 17
structed of cardboard or other suitable material and in
is formed with a ?ange 0r ?ap 46 folded inwardly, on the
which is encased, for subsequent withdrawal, a pack P
score or hinge line 47, into outwardly overlapped rela—
of articles, for instance, paper handkerchiefs H. The re
tion with and along the bottom wall 19, the ?ap being
ceptacle 15 is fashioned with front, rear, end, bottom,
sealed to the bottom wall by suitable adhesive or the like.
and top walls 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20, respectively, and 55 In order to load the receptacle thus formed with a pack
which top wall 20‘ is structurally integrally connected to
of handkerchiefs H or the like for dispensing, the flaps
and constitutes an interjacent continuation of the front
33, 34, ‘36, and '37 of one of the end walls 18 are tem
and rear walls 16 and 17 by reason of the front and rear
porarily maintained in open positions and the pack in
jointures therebetween. The front and rear jointures are
serted into the dispensing chamber A between the front
de?ned by score or fold lines 21 and 22, respectively, and 60 wall 16 and the partition 40', whereupon, the last men~
on which ‘the top wall is folded relative to the front and
tioned ?aps are folded inwardly and sealed thus closing
rear walls, the latter walls constituting spaced side walls
the receptacle. The handkerchiefs H thus inserted into
disposed between the end walls.
the chamber A are folded in a manner to provide a rela
The upper portion of the front wall 16 is provided with
tively small and compressible pack with the handker
a substantially U-shaped puncturable zone having its 65 chiefs being capable of withdrawal from the receptacle
upper ends merging with the front ends of spaced punc
individually as needed.
turable transverse zones formed in the top wall 20 in
The receptacle 15 may be opened by puncturing the
spaced relation with the end walls 18, said zones being
heretofore mentioned zones along the line 23 and‘ when
delineated by a perforated line 23. The zones, when
punctured the lid 27 moved to an open position to permit
punctured along the line 23, provide the upper portion of 70 access to the pack. When opened, ?ngers of the user are
the front wall 16 and the top wall 20 with inwardly dis
inserted through the opening 26 and grasp the upper por
tion of the outermost handkerchief and raises it upwardly
and outwardly through the opening 26. Obviously, as
handkerchiefs are thus removed from the pack, the size
of the latter is decreased with the result that a greater
amount of space is available for the expandable chamber
W. Handkerchiefs that have been used may be stored
for future disposal in the expandable chamber W by in—
serting the used handkerchiefs into the receptacle be
It is therefore to be understood that the invention is not
limited to the speci?c construction as illustrated and de
scribed, as the same is only illustrative of the principles
involved which are capabe of extended application in
various forms, and the invention comprehends all con
struction within the scope of the appended claim.
What I claim is:
A one-piece receptacle provided with connected spaced
top, side, end, and bottom walls for encasing a plurality
derstood that the user may by inserting the ?ngers be 10 of paper handkerchiefs and a partition disposed within
the con?nes of said walls, said partition coacting with
tween the partition and rear wall, initially form the
tween the rear wall 17 and the partition 40, it being un
chamber W and expand the size thereof as the handker~
chiefs in the pack are withdrawn for use. In order to
obtain as much space as possible within the chamber W,
said side and end walls to provide stock and waste cham
bers having coincident open ends adjacent said top Wall
able chamber for the storing of not only used handker
and arranged within said receptacle for accommodating
unused and used handkerchiefs, respectively, said top
wall and the upper margin of one of said side Walls hav
ing puncturable zones defining a pair of spaced ?anges
and a lid between said ?anges initially covering said open
ends, said lid being removable from between said ?anges
chiefs but other waste or other litter.
upon rupture of said zones to de?ne a common opening
the sections 45 of the partitions 40 may be progressively
and angularly adjusted relative to each other as the
handkerchiefs are depleted in the chamber A as illus
trated in FIGURES 4 and 5 thus providing an expand
Obviously, my invention provides a simple form of
receptacle that is ideally constructed for the ready dis
pensing of paper handkerchiefs, facial tissues, and the
like and which is equipped with means whereby the
handkerchiefs or tissues may be stored after use for fu—
between said ?anges communicating with said open ends
of said chambers to permit access to the latter for with
drawal of unused handkerchiefs from said stock chamber
and insertion of used handkerchiefs into said waste cham
ber through said common opening, respectively, said par’
tition constituting a continuation of said bottom Wall and
ture disposal. One of the attributes of my invention re—
being hinged to said bottom wall at the jointure of the
sides in the storing of used handkerchiefs and the like in
latter with the other side wall, said partition having rela
the receptacle for future disposal to overcome the custom
tively movable sections shiftable between said side and
of many vehicle drivers in tossing the handkerchiefs onto
the highway and littering the same. Another attribute 30 end walls to vary the size of said chambers in accord
with the number of handkerchiefs withdrawn from said
is that my receptacle permits the use of paper handker~
stock chamber and replaced in said waste chamber.
chiefs without the provision of the usual separate and in
convenient waste basket or litter container for the imme
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
diate reception of used handkerchiefs.
Without further elaboration, the foregoing will so fully 35
explain the invention that others may, by applying cur
Wilkes _______________ __ Dec. 5, 1916
rent knowledge, readily adapt the same for use under
Shapiro _____________ __ June 28, 1938
various conditions of service. Moreover, it is not indis
pensable that all the features of the invention be used
conjointly since they may be employed advantageously in
various combinations and subcombinations.
It is obvious that the invention is not con?ned solely
Wensel _____________ _; Mar. 28, 1944
Locke _______________ __ June 1, 1948
Rosenman et al _______ .d Dec. 25, 1951
Gui _________________ __ Jan. 31, 1956
Great Britain _________ __ Apr. 16, 1937
to the use herein disclosed in connection therewith as it
may be utilized for any purpose to which it is adaptable. 45
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