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May 8, 1962
F. 0. FOX
Filed June 8, 1960
t _
United States _ Patent O?ice
Patented May 8, 1962
which is articulately folded at the corner using a well
Francis 0. Fox, deceased, late of Oklahoma City, Okla,
by George Douglas Fox, administrator, 4951 S. Madi
son, Tulsa, Okla.
Filed June 8, 1960, Ser. No. 34,838
2 Claims. (Cl. 211-45)
known hinge means 20. The hinge 20 permits the two
base molding portions 18 to be folded back to back
and stored without taking up a great deal of space
or being cumbersome to move about.
Attached to the
inside of molding 18 is extension molding 22 typically a
quarter round type as best seen in FIGURE 2.
shown, this extension molding is positioned on the in
side of base molding 18 in such a manner that there is
This invention refers to apparatus for displaying ?oor 10 su?icient clearance from the ?nished ?oor when base
coverings. More particularly it relates to a portable ap
molding 18 is properly aligned therewith and respect to
paratus useful in show rooms and the like for displaying
member 16, such that the carpet or ?ooring sample may
rug, carpet, tile or linoleum samples.
be easily positioned thereunder and hence provide the
Floor coverings as presently available come in a variety
simulated wall-to-wall construction. In one type of unit
of colors, textures, material, weaves and style. In many 15 construction molding 22 is formed as an integral part
instances a prospective customer has di?iculty in visualiz
of base molding 18. Additionally, a variety of shapes
ing the proper interior color combination for his particu
and con?gurations for the base molding 18‘ and/ or mold
lar room arrangement while he is in the showroom.
ing 22 may be used to achieve the desired results. Like
Display devices heretofore used in the carpet industry
wise alignment strip 16 may be preformed to a unit
have primarily consisted of a multiplicity of samples
construction with the molding, or in some instances be
bolted or held at one end with the samples ?ipped like
unnecessary altogether.
the pages of a chart. Such a display in many instances
As best described in 'FIGURE 2, a multiplicity of
merely confuses the customer and prevents him from
openings 26 are provided in the ?nish or base flooring
obtaining a simulated picture of what such carpeting will
substantially adjacent to and in alignment with member
look like in the proposed surroundings.
16 along the inside thereof. These openings are adapted
Accordingly, it becomes a primary object of this in
to receive pin members 28, a multiplicity of which are
vention to provide an apparatus for displaying floor
af?xed to base molding 18 in ‘order to rigidly align said
covering samples at a remote location or showroom which
molding and retain it during use. Such construction
permits the ready removal and replacement of molding
simulates the conditions of the proposed room ?oor to be
having a different color or ?nish in accordance with the
It is another object of this invention to provide an
customer’s prospective color conditions.
apparatus which permits a variety of room color combina
An additional embodiment to this invention includes the
tions which can be readily set up for use in accordance
use of vertical extension rack 30 upon which drapery
materials are attached or draped. This provides an even
with this invention.
A still further object of this invention is to provide 35 further display effect to the customer. The versatility
an apparatus which is portable, easily used, economical
of the apparatus is even further enhanced by a simulated
Wall effect in which wall paper or painted surfaces are
and can be stored out of the way when not in use.
A particular object of this invention is to provide an
provided to extend vertically from the base of the ap
apparatus which displays carpet samples in a simulated
paratus. This provides additional sales aid to interior
wall-to-wall construction in order that a prospective buyer 40 decorators, wall and window covering outlets in addition
may gain the full idea of what such carpeting will be
to floor covering outlets. 'In many instances all three
items are sold by the same proprietor.
like for the proposed room and color arrangement.
A further object of this invention is to provide an
Handle 32 as shown in FIGURE 1 is af?xed to base
apparatus for displaying ?oor covering with respect to
10 to provide a means of carrying the apparatus of this
the vertical room molding, wall and drapery colors.
These and other objects will become more apparent on
Although the apparatus of this invention has been de
further reading of the description and claims when taken
scribed in relation to a particular apparatus and struc~
in conjunction with the following illustrations of which:
.ture, it will be apparent, however, that various alternate
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the apparatus of
embodiments and modi?cations can be made without
this invention.
50 departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.
FIGURE 2 is a partial sectional view taken along the
Accordingly, this invention should be considered not to
line 2-2 of FIGURE 1.
be limited to the embodiment herein described, but should
FIGURE 3 is a top partial elevational view describing
be limited only by the scope of the appended claims.
the hinged molding as used with this invention.
What is claimed:
1. Apparatus for displaying ?oor covering samples
Referring now to the drawings in greater detail, the 55
comprising a rectangular parallelpiped base member in
numeral 10 represents a parallelepiped base frame, usually
of rectangular shape, upon which a ?nished ?ooring,
cluding a relatively large top surface area, base molding
removably positioned along two perpendicular edges to
such as the wood tongue and groove type as shown is
attached to the upper part forming the top surface area.
form a corner with said top area, said molding pivotally
Although it is not shown it is to be understood that other 60 connected at said corner, extension molding attached to
types of ?nished ?ooring such as wooden block, vinyl or
rubber tile, linoleum, or the like, may be used. In some
instances the ?nished flooring is not necessary, that is,
the inside of said base molding and extending substan
tially parallel above said top area to permit insertion
when base frame 10 is a one piece material such as
member outside said base molding and extending sub
of said ?oor sample thereunder, a rack attached to said
In the embodiment described, 65 stantially above said base molding for attaching drapery
material and the like.
2. Apparatus for displaying carpet samples compris
to the frame for manuverability of the display apparatus
ing a rectangular relatively horizontal base frame, rollers
as desired. The frame may be permanently ?xed, how
plywood and the like.
rollers or castors 14 of a well known type are adapted
on the underside corners of said frame, a ?nished ?oor
Alignment strips 16 are securely attached to the
?nished ?oor 12 along two perpendicular edges thereof
and provide a support for removable base molding ‘18
member extending along two perpendicular edges of and
attached to the upper side of said frame, an alignment
attached to said ?oor, alignment openings in said ?oor
parallel and adjacent the inside edge of said member, a
removable base molding positioned adjacent said mem
References Qited in the ?le of this patent
ber and hinged to form a corner, said molding having
pins inserted in said openings and extension molding
attached to said base molding along the inside portion 5
and extending above said floor to permit insertion of said
carpet sample thereunder.
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Best _________________ __ Nov. 12, 1929
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