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May 8, 1962
Filed June 20, 1960
Unitd grates arnt
Patented May 8, 1962
Albert D. Traitor, 6727 SW. 19th §t.,
West Hollywood, Fla.
Filed June 20, 19st), §er. No. 37,435
3 Claims. (till. 339-14)
This invention relates to an adaptor device for con
l6, usually formed of plastics and the plate 16 is pro
vided with the usual opening 17 that receive the receptacle
6. The plate 16 is connected in ?xed relation to the box
by a conventional screw 18, threaded into an opening
19 formed in the body of the receptacle intermediate its
height. The plate 15 above and below the opening 17
is apertured at 21‘) to receive the prongs 14 whereby the
prongs project outwardly beyond the face of the plate
verting a conventional two-prong electrical wall receptacle
to receive a third connection for a conventional plug
into a three-wire or ground connection wherey to utilize 10 in device, indicated as a Whole by the numeral 21. In
the conventional two-prong receptacle in a conventional
the assembled position of FIGURE 1, there has been
wall box and to provide a third ground connection for use
provided a well known outlet box, a receptacle 6 and a
with an electrical plug device of a three-wire type and
cover plate 16, each being operative in a well known
with one wire constituting the ground wire.
manner. It becomes necessary at times to employ a
In most instances, electrical appliances, such as power 15 three-wire connector and in many instances, it has been
tools or the like are usually provided with a third wire
necessary to install receptacles of‘the type having slots
that constitutes the ground wire for the device but usually,
appliances or the like normally plug it into a two-prong
receptacle and has resulted in major disasters with respect
to shock to the user.
for three prongs, one of which constitutes a ground con
nection. To avoid the cost of installation for a three
pronged receptacle, the device of this invention consti
The invention contemplates a conventional wall box
for receiving one or more two-pronged receptacles of
tutes an adaptor that may be applied to any well known
single or double receptacle to furnish a third ground con
conventional form and with the receptacles being con
The plug device 21 is usually formed of hard rubber
nected to the box in the usual and well known manner.
or other insulating material and receives a three-wire con
The novelty of this invention resides in disposing a prong 25 ductor 22 into one side, with two wires being connected
to flat prongs 23, while a. third ground wire is connected
carrying plate that overlies the connecting ears of the re
to a metallic socket sleeve 24. The prongs 23 are
ceptacle to be attached to the wall box by the usual at~
adapted to engage the slots 7 of the receptacle, while
taching screw and with the cover plate of the receptacle
the socket 224 simultaneously engages the prong 14, ef
being apertured to overlie the prong so that the prong
‘and the two conventional slots formed in the receptacle 30 fectively providing a three wire connection to a modi
?ed two-prong receptacle, establishing a very de?nite
may constitute a complete electrical circuit and a ground
Novel features of construction and operation of the
and desirable ground connection for the third wire since,
receptacle and a pronged plug for engagement therewith,
shifting. The plate 16 is then disposed in overlying
relation, with the tongues 14 projecting outwardly be
the prong l4 and its plate 11 are normally grounded at
assembly when connected to the tongues 9 of the box 5.
device will be more clearly apparent during the course
of the following description, reference being had to the 35 At assembly, the cover plate 16 is apertured at 20 and
the plate of course as before stated is otherwise of con
accompanying drawings wherein has been illustrated a
ventional construction. The plates 11 are then disposed
preferred form of the device and wherein like characters
in overlying relation to the connector tongues 10 with
of reference are employed to denote like parts through
its ?ange l3 overlying the tongues and the screw 8 in
out the several ?gures.
40 serted through the tongues 10 and the tongues 9 to se
‘In the drawings:
curely mount the receptacle 6 into the box 5 against
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view illustrating a modi?ed
.FIGURE 2 is a perspective view of the device with the
usual cover plate removed,
yond the ‘face of the plate. The device will now func
FIGURE 3 is a perspective view of a pronged adaptor
tion as a two-prong receptacle or as in the case of a
embodied in the invention, and
‘FIGURE 4 is a side elevation, parts being broken
three wire conductor 22, the special plug 21 is connected
thereto and functions to engage the receptacle and the
prong 14 to constitute the grounding connection. Thus,
by the simple expedient of providing the additional con
nector prong 14, the conventional two-prong receptacle
is converted effectively to a three-prong receptacle.
away for purpose of illustration.
Referring speci?cally to the drawings, there has been
provided the usual metallic wall box 5, having a for
ward open side for receiving a conventional double
receptacle ‘6. The receptacle 6 is provided with the usual
prong receiving slots '7 and the receptacle is connected
in ?xed relation to the box 5 by screws 8, threadedly
engaged with inwardly directed tongues E9 that are struck
from the box 5 and that are conventional with respect
Novelty may reside in the plug device 21 and it is con
templated that a separate application for patent may be
?led on the plug 21 basically. The ‘device is simple in
construction, strong, durable, cheap to manufacture and
greatly simpli?es the conversion of the well known two
prong receptacle to a three wire connector.
to the ordinary wall receptacle. The receptacle 6 carries
It is to be understood that the invention is not limited
the usual attaching metallic tongues in that project above
to the precise construction shown, but that changes are
and below the receptacle 6' that is normally formed of
80 contemplated as radially fall within the spirit of the
Bakelite materials.
invention as shall be determined by the scope of the sub
Adapted to be ?xedly connected in overlying relation
joined claims.
to the tongues 10, are upper and lower bracket plates
Having described my invention, what I claim as new
11. The bracket plates ill are apertured at 12 to receive
and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
the same ‘fastening screw 8 and whereby the plate 11 is
1. An adaptor device for use with a two pronged elec
simultaneously attached to the assembly by the conven 65
trical receptacle whereby to form a ground connection
tional fastening screws. To prevent rocking motion with
for a three wire appliance plug of the type that has a
respect to the tongues ill, the plate 11 has been flanged
pair of ?at prongs and a socket and with one wire of
at 13 to overlie the upper and lower marginal edges of
the plug connected to the socket, the combination with
the tongues 10. Riveted or otherwise connected to the
plates 11 are cylindrical prongs 14-, having rounded outer 70 a wall box having attaching tongues struck from its
opposite ends to constitute the mounting means for the
ends 15. The receptacle 6 and the open side of the box
two prong receptacle and with the receptacle also hav
5 is adapted to be covered by a conventional cover plate
ing attaching tongues that overlie the tongues of the box,
the several tongues being apertured to receive a fastening
screw, the adaptor comprising a ?at metallic plate that
overlies the second named tongues and With the plate
being apertured to receive the fastening screw whereby to
bind the plate against the second named tongues, the plate
and the tongues being perpendicular with respect to the
box, a cylindrical prong ?xed to the plate and that ex
tends forwardly from the plate at a right angle, a cover
plate for the receptacle that is apertured to engage over 10
the ‘last named prongs and with the prongs projecting
forwardly of the plate, the last named prongs adapted to
receive the socket of the plug when the prongs of the plug
are engaged with the receptacle and whereby the ground
wire of the plug is grounded to the box.
2. The structure according to claim 1 wherein the
prong of the adaptor is‘rounded at its free end and With
the plate of the adaptor at its upper end being provided
with a right angle ?ange that is co-extensiye With the
tongue of the box and the tongue of the receptacle.
3. The structure according to claim 1 wherein the
appliance cord is of the type that embodies three cone
ductors, one of the conductors constituting a ground con
nection, the cord being connected to a plug having a ?at
forward ‘face and a pair of forwardly projecting ?at prongs
for electricalvengagement into the receptacle, the plug
also being provided with a cylindrical socket that simul
taneously receives the prong of the adaptor when the
plug is engaged with the receptacle whereby to constitute
the ground connection.
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