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May 15, 1962
Filed March 9, 1960
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H. Berliner
.inite States atent
Patented May 15, 1962
19 includes a ?at base portion 21 secured by any suit
able means to the inner face of cull-engaging member 9
Henry A. Berliner, 2841 Tilden St. NW.,
Washington, D.C.
and terminating at either end in inwardly projecting
legs 23. Legs 23~are resilient and include outwardly
Filed Mar. 9, 1960, Ser. No. 13,917
turned portions 25 so that they may be readily clipped
over a plurality of loops of the sinuous wire 11 when
the member 9 is pivoted 90° from its normal position,
This invention relates generally to cuff links, and more
as indicated in full lines in FIGS. 3 and 4. The normal
particularly to the type of cuff link comprising two cult
position is shown in dot-and-dash lines in FIG. 4.
engaging members secured together by an elastic link.
Thus, in operation, the cuff link may be readily in
Previous attempts have been made to devise a link of
serted in the aligned slots 3 before the wearer’s hand
this nature, but difficulties have been encountered in de
has passed through the cuff. The member 9 being placed
veloping one which is simple and economical enough in
in the pivoted position described hereinabove, generally
construction and not susceptible to breakage or mechani
aligned with spring 11, to facilitate insertion. After
cal failure.
passing through the slots 3, the member 9 can be readily
It is, therefore, a primary object of the invention to
returned to its normal position as illustrated in FIGS.
3 Claims. (Cl. 24-97) ‘
provide a cuff link which is formed as a single unit and
which comprises two elastically interconnected cu?-en
gaging members.
1 and 2 for normal usage.
While the present description has been limited to one
embodiment of the invention, it will be readily seen that
Another object of the invention is to provide a cuff 20 numerous changes and modi?cations in construction and
link comprising 'two interconnected cuff-engaging mem
design can be made without departing from the spirit of
bers, one or both of which is mounted for pivotal move
the invention or the scope of the annexed claims.
ment into a position perpendicular to its normal posi
I claim:
tion and locked in this position to facilitate entry in the
1. A cuff link comprising; two cuff engaging members;
appropriate openings of a shirt cu?.
a sinuous, extensible, elastic wire link lying in a single
Another object is to provide a cuff link comprising
elastically interconnected cud-engaging members wherein
the interconnection permits a considerable expansion of
the normal distance between the cuff-engaging members
plane interconnecting said cuff-engaging members, at
least one of said members being mounted for pivotal
movement on an axis co-planar ‘with said wire link from
a position wherein said members are disposed in parallel
so that the link may be installed in a shirt cu? prior 30 relationship to a position wherein said one member is dis
to insertion of the wearer’s hand therethrough.
posed in substantially perpendicular relationship with re
Another object is to provide a cuff link of the type
spect to vthe other of said members, said link including
described having sufficiently resilient characteristics so
a plurality of undulations lying entirely in the space dis
that the cuff-engaging members are readily drawn apart,
posed between said members when said members are dis
thus minimizing the stresses of stretching at the cuff slots. 35 posed in parallel relationship and being smaller in verti
Still another object is to provide a cud link of the type
cal dimension than either of said members; and a clip
described which is simple in construction, economical to
member having resilient legs secured to said one mem
manufacture, attractive in design, and readily repaired
ber and adapted to engage the extremities of said undu
if broken.
lations at opposite sides of said extensible link when said
Other objects and advantages will be readily apparent
one member is disposed in substantially perpendicular re
from the following description when read in conjunction
with the accompanying drawings, in which:
FIG. 1 is a side elevation illustrating a cu?" link con
lationship to the other of said members.
2. A cu? link for use in fastening a shirt cuff having
its end portions in overlying relation with aligned slots
45 therethrough, said cu? link comprising: a sinuous spring
invention installed on a shirt cu?;
composed of a plurality of substantially uniform undu
FIG. 2 is a front elevation taken on the line 2-2 of
lations lying in a single plane adapted to pass through
FIG. 1;
said aligned slots, cuff-engaging members secured to the
structed in accordance with the principles of the present
- FIG. 3 is an enlarged top plan view of the cuff link
shown in FIGS. 1 and 2;
opposite ends of said sinuous spring and adapted to over
lie said cuff end portions on the exterior faces thereof
FIG. 4 is a rear view taken on the line 4-4 of FIG. 50 in the vicinity of said slots, said spring being of such
3; and
dimensions as to lie entirely in the space disposed between
FIG. 5 is a fragmentary perspective view of one por
said members whereby said spring may be passed through
tion of the cuff link construction.
said aligned slots without being distorted, at least one
Referring now in more detail to the drawings, the cuff 55 of said cuff-engaging members being hingedly secured to
link, generally indicated by the numeral 1, is adapted
the respective end of said sinuous spring for pivotal move
for installation in the aligned slots’ 3 of a conventional
shirt cuff, such as that illustrated in dotted lines at 5
ment on an axis co-planar with said undulations between
in FIG. 1. The link comprises two opposed cuff-engag
ing members 7 and 9 adapted to engage the opposite 60
outer surfaces of the cu? in the area of slots 3. A thin
sinuous spring 11 is secured rigidly to-the inner face of
one cuff-engaging member 7 as by soldering 13, or the
like. At the other end of spring 11 the cuff-engaging
a position perpendicular to said spring and a position
generally aligned therewith; and clip means mounted on
the rear wall of said hingedly secured cud-engaging mem
ber adapted to engage the extremities of said undulations
at opposite sides thereof, whereby said hingedly secured
member may be retained in generally aligned relationship
with said spring.
member 9 is pivotally mounted in any suitable manner. 65
3. A cuff link comprising: two cuff-engaging mem—
For example, the spring end may pass through two or
bers; a sinuous, extensible spring wire link lying in a
more loops 15 formed on the rear surface of cuff-engag
single plane, the opposite ends of said link interconnect
ing member 9. An enlarged portion 17 may be formed
ing said cuff-engaging members and being of such dimen
at the end of spring 11 to maintain it in position.
sions as to lie entirely in the space disposed between
The hinge-forming loops 15 are mounted centrally on 70 said members when said members are disposed in paral
the inner face of cuff-engaging member 9 and at one
lel relationship, said link including a plurality of undu
side thereof a clip member 19 is mounted. Clip member
lations and being smaller in-vertical dimension than either
5' 3,934,188
References Gited in thev?le of this patent
of said members, at least one of said members being
mounted for pivotal movement between a position perpen
dicular to said plane of said spring wire link to a posi
tion substantially aligned with respect to said link on an
axis co-planar with ,said sinuous link; and clip. means at
tachedto the rear wall of said one memberv for securing
saidone member .to said undulations in substantially
' perpendicular relationship. with respect to the other of said
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