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May 15, 1962
Filed April 22, 1959
4/74 v A/mv/v?
Wile/<0, 7%, $5 Wm
Patented May l5, l9$2
Jay Hanna, Rockport, Maine, assignor to The Lionel Cor
poration, New York, N.Y., a corporation of New York
Filed Apr. 22, 1959, Ser. No. 808,231
6 Claims. (Cl. 46-226)
This invention relates in general to toys and in par
contact with the third or power rail 29 of the track struc
ture 15 at all times when the ?atcar is positioned thereon.
The terminals 20 in each of the recesses 16 and 22 are
suitably connected to the wheels on one side of the trucks
14 and 16 to provide a conventional ground return path '
for completing the electrical circuit.
In accordance with the invention, the roller 28is pro
vided with alternate electrical conducting and insulating
ticular to a new and useful toy vehicle including means
areas 30 and 32. As the roller is held in contact with
on the vehicle for simulating atomic waste material con 10 the track it revolves to alternately conduct current from
tainers and radiation rays being emitted therefrom.
the track structure to each of the terminals 18 as the
The present invention in particular is directed to a
?atcar is moved along the track.
model railway train, and includes a model railway ?at
Positioned in each of the recesses 16 and 22 are sub
car construction with a power pick-up which is effective
stantially rectangular simulated atomic waste material
to intermittently deliver power from a track structure to 15 containers ‘generally designated 34'. Each of the con—
positioning terminals located on top of the ?atcar. The
tainers 34 includes a removable bottom insulated plate
?atcar includes a box-like radioactive disposal container
36 having terminal members '38 and 40 extending across
having translucent windows in a side thereof and which
the bottom outside face adjacent each end thereof and
is positioned over the electrical terminals on the top of
having portions which overlie terminals 18 and 20 re;
the ?atcar. The container is provided with a light which 20 spectively ‘when the containers are positioned in the re
is connected to terminals located at the base of the con
ce'ss. The terminal members 38 and 40 include upstand
tainer, the container terminals being positioned to over
ing portions 42 which extend through the plate 36 to the
lie the terminals on the ?atcar. Power is intermittently
interior of the container, one of which is connected to
supplied to the light within the atomic waste disposal
one terminal of a lamp 43 and the other of which is con
' container as the train is moved along the track so that 25 nected to the other terminal.
the light ?ashes on and off and its rays are visible through
For convenience in mounting the lamp 43, a plastic
the transparent openings in the container. The light rays
which are emitted through the translucent window give
the illusion of rays being emitted from the radioactive
lock 44 is connected to the plate 36 as by adhesive.
The lamp 43 is held in an upright position and connected
electrically by a looped conductive wire 45 secured to
30 block 44. Loop 45 is in turn Wired to the portion 42 of
substances within the container.
Accordingly, it is an object of this invention to provide
the member 38. A conventional lower center lamp ter
a toy having a container thereon with a small window
minal is in contact with a resilient leaf spring 47'which
is electrically connected by a suitable wire to the por
a light within the container as the vehicle is moved.
tion 42 of the member 40.
A further object of the invention is to provide a model 35 When the ?atcar It} is moved along the track struc
railway ?atcar including a simulated atomic waste dis
ture, the roller 28 rotates to alternately present the in
posal container positioned thereon and including means
sulation portion 32 and the conductive portion 30 in con
for periodically ?ashing a light in the interior of the con
tact with the power rail of the track structure. This is
tainer as the vehicle is moved along a track structure.
etfective to ?ash the light 43 since the terminals 20 lo
A further object of the invention is to provide a toy 40 cated within the recesses 16 and 22 are grounded. The
including means for simulating ray emission from the in
containers 34 are each provided with cutout portions
terior of a container placed thereon which is simple in
46 having translucent windows so that when the light
design, rugged in construction and economical to manu
43 ?ashes, the illusion is that rays of energy are ?ashing
opening and including means for intermittently ?ashing
within the containers 34.
The containers are advan
The various features of novelty which characterize the 45 tageously labeled “radioactive” and the overall'e?ect is
invention ‘are pointed out with particularity in the claims
to simulate the radioactivity of the waste material which
annexed to and forming a part of this speci?cation. For
is carried within the containers 34 on the ?atcar 19.‘
a better understanding of the invention, its operating ad
While a speci?c embodiment of the invention has been
vantages and speci?c objects attained by its use, refer
shown and described in detail to illustrate the applica
ence should be had to the accompanying drawings and 50 tion of the invention principles, it will be understood that
descriptive matter in which there is illustrated and de
the invention may be embodied otherwise without depart
ing from such principles.
scribed a preferred embodiment of the invention.
In the drawings, the only FEGURE is an exploded per
What is claimed is:
spective view of a toy constructed in accordance with the
1. A toy adapted for relative motion over a support
55 ing surface comprising a body member having a sub—
Referring to the drawing in particular, the invention as
stantially ?at top, a model railway shipping container
removably positioned on said flat top having a window
opening in a wall thereof, an energy ray simulator in
wheel trucks 12 and 14, respectively, adapted for posi
cluding a light source positioned inside said container
tioning on a track structure generally designated 15 for 60 and means to periodically supply electrical energy to said
movement of the ?atcar thereover.
light source and to automatically ?ash said light whereby
In accordance with the invention, the ?atcar is pro
to give the appearance of energy rays ?ashing within said
embodied therein includes a model railway ?atcar gen
erally designated 10 having a forward and a rear set of
vided with a recessed area 16 de?ned thereon in which
there is located a pair of spaced terminal members 18
2. A toy according to claim 1, wherein said body
and 20 adjacent each of the sides of the ?atcar 10. A 65 member is provided with two spaced electrical terminals
similar set of terminals is located
a recessed area
22 at the opposite end of the ?atcar and includes a dupli
cate set of terminals 18 and 20 (not shown). The ter
minals 18 in each of the recesses 16 and 22 are con
nected by a wire connection 24 to a yoke arm 26 having
an electric pick-up roller 28 at one end thereof. The arm
26 is biased downwardly to position the roller 28 into
on said ?at topand electrically connected to said means‘ i
to periodically supply electrical energy to said light
source, and, said shipping ‘container includes light ter
minals extending to the bottom thereof and positioned
over the terminals located on said ?at top.
3. A, toy railroad car ‘comprising a wheeled frame
adapted to be positioned on a track structure for move
ment therealong, said frame including roller electrical”
from the first set of members and exposed on said ?at
energy pick-up, means biased downwardly to contact
the power rail of the track structure, a container posi
car in a location removed therefrom, one of said third
set of terminals being connected to said roller pick-up
' tioned on said body member including a window opening
means and the other connected to ground, and a second
in a wall thereof, an energy ray simulator including a
container having a pair of exposed terminals on the bot
tom thereof, each of'which is positioned ‘to overlie a
light bulb positioned in said container and connected to
said roller pick-up means and to ground, alternately dis
respective ‘one of said third set of terminal members,
a light bulb located-within said second container and
electrically connected to said second container exposed
portions normally contacting the power rail- when the 10 terminals, said second container having a window open
< posed insulation and conductive portions on said roller
pick-up means,‘ said alternate insulation and conductive
train. is moved along the track structure, whereby said
ing through which said light ?ashes whereby to simulate
light in said container is ?ashed to simulate energy rays
generation of radiation energy.
within the container. -
_ 6. In a, model railroad car construction including a
?atcar having wheels adapted to be propelled over outer
rails of a track structure and including roller pick-up
means biased into contact with a third intermediate
power rail, the improvement comprising a ?rst pair of
sets of wheels attached to said body member and, adapted
to be’ positioned, on the outside rails of the toy-track f longitudinally'elongated- electrical contact members ex
posed onthe top of said ?atcar, one terminal of which
structure for: movement of the vehicle therealong, a
downwardly biased roller pick-up adapted to be biased 20 is connected to said roller pick-up means and the other
terminal of which is grounded through the wheels to
into contact with the intermediate power rail of the
, 4. A toy railroad car for positioning ona toy track
structure having outside rails and an intermediate power
rail, said car comprising a body member, tront and rear
. track structure and to receive electrical power therefrom,
said track structure, a, container having a second set of
a ?rstjpair of laterally spaced contact terminals exposed
on said-body member, a container vpositioned on said
laterally elongated electrical terminals located on said
?atcar with one of each of the second set of terminals
@body member andincluding a second pair of contact
“terminals located at the bottom thereof and overlying
.arranged to contact a respective one of each of the ?rst
set of exposed electrical terminals on said ?atcar, a
associated ‘ones of said ?rst contact terminals in elec
trical connection therewith, alight in said container hav
‘lamp connected to said second-set of terminals and lo
cated within said container, said roller pick-up means in
ing a respective terminal connected to a respective one
cluding insulation portions arranged to contact the power
of each of said second pair of terminals, one of said ?rst 30 rail and interrupt the energy supplied to said roller pick
up means whereby said light is ?ashed, said container
pair of terminals being grounded, the other one of said
having a window opening to make said light visible and
?rst pair of terminals being electrically connected to said
to simulate radiation rays.’
roller pick-up, said roller pick-up including alternate
peripheral areas of insulation and conductive material
whereby electrical energy is intermittently supplied to 35.
References (Iited in the ?le of this patent
said lamp as the car is moved along the track structure,
said container including translucent window means
whereby the ?ashing of said light simulatesythe produc
tion of energy within said container.
5. A toy car according to claim 4, wherein said car 40
Becker ______________ __ June 19, 1928
Bonanno __________ __ Dec. 31, 1946
Levering ____ __-_ _____ __ Mar. 6, 1951
body is a ?atcar construction and includes a third set of
spaced electrical terminal members longitudinlaly spaced
' 2,610,442
Bonanno ___________ __ Nov. 13, 1951
Bonanno a _________ __ Sept.
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