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May 15, 1962
Filed Nov. 1, 1960
United States Patent
Í f.
Patented May 15, 1962
the other of which is of plain carbon or low alloy steel.
4 Claims. (Cl. 110-99)
I have also discovered that the layer of corrosion re
sisting ferrous alloy need not extend as far toward the
hot end as the layer of plain carbon or low alloy steel
since the failure of the plain carbon or 10W alloy steel
will not occur until the brick has been in service for an
A further purpose is to provide a U-shaped support
with the plain carbon or low alloy steel on the inside of
basic refractory brick will contain at least 15% of mag
Russell Pearce Heuer, Villanova, Pa., assigner to Gener
Refractories Company, a corporation of Pennsylvania
Filed Nov. 1, 1960, Ser. No. 66,509
extended period of time, by which ‘time the brick will
have eroded and lost weight, and also the layer of corro
The present invention relates to basic refractory bricks
sion resisting ferrous alloy if in contact With the basic
and particularly to improved basic refractory bricks hav
ing metallic support structure molded on the bricks.
10 refractory will have suñìcient oxidized and reacted with
the basic refractory to hold itself ñrmly in place even
A purpose of the invention is to provide a composite
though the plain carbon or low alloy steel portion of the
basic refractory support structure, part of which is of
' clip has been converted wholly into oxide.
plain carbon or low alloy steel and part of which is of
Considering now the drawings in detail, I there illus
corrosion resisting ferrous alloy, the corrosion resisting
ferrous alloy being adapted to maintain the support when 15 trate a basic refractory brick having a basic refractory
body 20 which will suitably be of chrome-magnesia or
the plain carbon or low alloy steel portion erodes to the
of magnesia-chrome or of magnesia with or without ad
point where it no longer functions.
ditions of alumina or chrornic oxide.
In any case the
the U and extending farther away along the refractory 20 nesia by weight.
The brick has been shown as rectangular, although it
toward the hot end and with corrosion resisting ferrous
may be of Wedge or key character or it may be a 'special
shape as desired.
The brick body as shown has a hot end 21, a cold
after the plain carbon or low 4alloy steel is no longer ca 25 end 22, wide lateral faces 23 and narrow lateral faces 24.
Near the cold end the brick at the 'time it is molded has
pable of functioning.
a hanger recess or support socket 25 of well known char
A further purpose is to use layers of plain carbon or
alloy on the outside of the U and located primarily nearer
to the cold end, the corrosion resisting ferrous alloy
being adapted to maintain the integrity of the support
acter, rwhich is suitably provided with a mouth 26 of out~
low alloy steel and also of corrosion resisting ferrous al
wardly tapering form, and an interior hanger or hook en
loy for the support, the corrosion resisting ferrous alloy
being desirably united to the plain carbon or low alloy 30 gaging recess portion 27 which is covered by the top or
transverse portion 28 of a metallic clip 3i). The metallic
steel as by welding, and being capable of maintaining
clip according to the present invention is of U form, hav
the integrity of the structure after the plain carbon or
ing side arms 31 which define the side of the hanger or
low alloy steel has burned away.
hook engaging recess.
Further purposes appear in the speciñcation and in
The side portions 31 at their ends remote from the cold
the claims.
end of the brick have lanced outward projections 32
In the drawings I have chosen to illustrate one only
of the numerous embodiments in which the invention
which extend out into and are embedded in the refractory
by inserting the metal parts in the mold during molding
of the refractory.
points of convenience in illustration, satisfactory opera
tion and clear demonstration of the principles involved. 40
In accordance with the invention the U-shaped clip
comprises an inner layer or portion 33 which is of plain
FIGURE 1 is a top plan view of a basic refractory
may appear, selecting the forms shown from the stand~
carbon steel or low alloy steel, which may for the pur
brick of the invention.
poses ofthe present invention be defined as steel having
FIGURE 2 is a front elevation of the brick of FIG
an alloy content of less than 5%. 'I'he U-shaped clip
URE l.
FIGURE 3 is a side elevation in enlarged scale of the 45 has an outer layer 34 which is composed of corrosion re
sisting ferrous alloy Which will preferably be of the type
metallic clip of the brick of FIGURE l.
containing about 18% of chromium and 8% of nickel,
FIGURE 4 is a front elevation of the metallic clip of
but may also be of the straight chromium type contain
ing in the preferred embodiment 14 to 16% of chro
FIGURE 5 is a fragmentary vertical section taken
50 mium, balance iron. Typical corrosion resisting fer
along the line 5-5 of FIGURE 2.
rous alloys may for example be any of the 300 series or
Describing in illustratiton but not in limitation and re
ferring to the drawings:
In the prior art basic_z> refractory bricks have frequently
been provided with hanger openings and ferrous metal
clips molded on the brick which engage at the sides of
the hanger opening and forni the effective cross element
by which the hanger or hook supports the brick. In nor
mal practice these clips have been of plain carbon steel
any of the 400 series corrosion or heat resisting steels as
for example listed in Metals Handbook, 1954 Supple
ment, page 34.
The corrosion resisting ferrous alloy outer layer is
united to the plain carbon or low alloy steel inner layer
by welding, suitably spot welds 35, on the sides.
It will be noted that the corrosion resisting ferrous
alloy outer layer is relatively shorter or does not extend
which is subject to oxidation as the brick begins to erode
60 as far toward the hot end, because at the time lit pri
and the hot end approaches closer to the clip.
Basic refractory roofs which would otherwise give good
service have failed because the clip was destroyed by
marily functions when the plain carbon or low alloy steel
inner layer 31 has been destroyed, the weight of the brick
will be greatly reduced and the corrosion resisting fer
rous alloy outer layer at the’temperature of service in
This problem is particularly acute where the basic re
fractory brick is employed below the slag line in a metal 65 the metallurgical or other industrial furnace'will have
oxidized and reacted with the basic refractory along the
lurgical furnace such as an open hearth steel making
outside of the side arms of the corrosion resisting layer
furnace, or where it is employed at a portion of the fur
34 to form compounds such as magnesium ferrite, so as
nace structure which constitutes an angle such as a
to integrate the corrosion resisting ferrous alloy to the
I have discovered that it is possible to improve the per 70 basic refractory body.
In operation, after the refractory structure is installed
formance of the clip greatly by making it of two layers,
and the hanger or hook is inserted into the recess of the
one of which is of corrosion resisting ferrous alloy and
nose on a suspended open hearth downtake.
brick beneath or toward the hot end with respect to the
Having thus described my invention whaty I claim as
bridging portion 28 of the clip, the hot end will progres
new and desire to secure by Letters ’Patent is:
sively erode or spall away, until the brick has shortened
1, In a basic refractory brick,> a body of basic refrac
tory, and a ferrous metal support embedded in the body,
' to an extent that the plain carbon steel portion of the
comprising a duplex strip having two layers, one of which
clip reaches a temperature and is exposed at thatV tein
layers is of steel having an’alloy content of less than 5%
perature for a4 su?cient Vtime so that it will begin toY
by Weight and another of which layers is of corrosion re->
oxidize and react with therefractory and eventually be
completely destroyed. Before ythe plain carbon or low ¿ sisting ferrous alloy.
2. A basic refractory brick of claim 1, in which the
alloy steel portion of the clip can be destroyed, the cor
support is U-shaped, having an opening within the U.
rosion resisting ferrous alloy portion which is in contact
3 A basic refractory brick of claim 1, in which the
with the refractory on the side Walls of the U becomes
support is U-shaped, the layer of'steel having` an alloy
heated and notwithstanding V(its corrosion resistance be- t
cornes oxidized suíliciently to react with the refractory
content of less than 5% being embedded in the basic re
fractory and the layer which is Vof corrosion resisting fer
' and firmly integrate itself to the refractory.
By the time the plain carbon or low alloy steel portion
rous alloy being around the outside of theU.
4. A-basic refractory brick of claim 1, in which the
support is of U shape, the layer of steel having an alloy
of the clip has been destroyed to the extent that it can
not function, the corrosion resisting ferrous alloy portion
is thoroughly» anchored and able to function and hold
t the hanger or hook.
»Itis notrnecessary, however, that the corrosion resist
ing ferrous alloy portion be as long in the direction to
ward the hot end because by this time the weight of the
brick has greatly reduced.
In view ofrmy invention and disclosure, variations
and modifications to meet individualjwhirn or particular
need will doubtless become evident to others skilled in
content of less than y5% being on the interior of the U
and having projectionswhich extend into and are molded
in the basic refractory body, and the' layer of corrosion
resisting ferrous alloy being relatively shorter and ex
tending around the outside of the U with arms Vwhich are
molded in the refractory, there Vbeing an' opening on the
inside of the U.
References Citedv inthe file of this patent
the art, to obtain all or part of the benefits of my inven
tion Without copying the structure shown, and I, there
fore, claim all such> insofar as they fall within the reason
able spirit andscope of my claims.
Longenecker.____'_ _____ __ Mar. 8, 1949
Heuer __________ _f__.____ Oct. 24, .1950
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