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May 15, 1962
Filed Sept. 17, 1959
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May 15, 1962
Filed Sept. 17. 1959
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United States Patent O Tice
Patented May 15, 1962
Ray F. Gillum, Box 227A, Washington Blvd.,
Baltimore 27, Md.
Filed Sept. 17, 1959, Ser. No. 840,632
2 Claims. (Cl. 126-2712)
lines 24 to the units 23. The lines 24 may include a flex
ible section 26 so as to prevent binding as the units 23
are adjusted up or down as for example when the support
member 17 is raised or lowered.
The tanks 22 may be supported on the frame 16 by
means of Abraces 27.
Supported on the movable support member 17 is an
This invention relates to a paint dryer, and more
particularly to a device for use in drying painted areas
or lines such as the lines which are applied to streets,
highways or the like.
air blower 28 which is adapted to be operated by a motor
29, and an elongated conduit 30 is connected to the blower
28. A plurality of air discharge nozzles 31 depend from
the conduit '60, and the nozzles 31 rare provided with
spiral bafñes 32, FIGURE 5. The nozzles 31 are ar
The object of the invention is to provide a paint dryer
ranged contiguous to the heating units 23 and coact with
which is adapted to be towedor pulled behind a machine
the heating units 23 s'o as to insure that the painted areas
or vehicle such as a machine which paints lines on pave
ments, streets or other areas, and wherein the apparatus 15 will -be dried in the most eñicient and eifective manner.
-From the foregoing, it is apparent that there has been
of the present invention will provide a means for quickly
provided a paint dryer which is especially suitable for use
and efficiently drying the painted lines or areas so that
in drying painted surfaces or areas such as the white or
traiiic will be able to travel over the painted lines with
yellow lines which are painted on roads, highways or the
out any delay.
like. In use, with the parts arranged as shown in the
Another object of the invention is to provide »a mobile
drawings, it will be seen that the paint dryer 1G of the
paint dryer which includes infra-red heating units as well
present invention is adapted to be towed or pulled along
as means for directing blasts of air onto the painted areas
behind a paint marking machine 15 and the hitch 14
so that the combination of the infrared heating units and
provides a convenient means of attaching the paint dryer
the air blasts or discharge means will dry painted surfaces
25 10 to paint marking machines '15, while the wheels 12
in a highly advantageous manner.
permit the desired paint dryer 1i] to be readily moved
A further object of the invention is to provide a paint
along a highway or other area. The machine 1G is self
dryer which is extremely simple and inexpensive to manu
contained and suitable accessories may be provided for
Vconveniently supporting one or more persons >within the
Other objects and advantages will be apparent in th
body member or housing 11, and the door 20 can be
course of the following description.
opened as for example when access `to the interior is to
In the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this
he gained from the housing member 11 so that for ex
application, and wherein -like reference numerals are used
ample valves such as the valves 2‘5 turn in order to con
to designate like parts throughout the same:
trol the flow of fuel from the tanks `22 to the heating units
FIGURE 1 is a side elevational view of the paint dryer
Ca? Ul 23. 'I‘he fuel in the tanks 22 may y‘be propane or the like,
of the present invention.
and this fuel ñows through the lines 24 until it reaches the
FIGURE 2 is a sectional view taken on line 2_2 of
gas tired unit or infra-red heating units 23.
These units 23 are of conventional construction and
FIGURE 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3--3 of
have their bottom portions in proximity to the ground or
FIGURE 4 is a perspective view illustrating one of the 40 highway which is to be dried so that the heat from the
infra-red heating units.
units 23 will help dry the paint which has been applied.
FIGURE 5 is a fragmentary sectional view with parts
broken away and in section showing one of the air dis
At the Sametime the blower 23 will be actuated by means
of the motor 29 so that air under pressure will be forced
through the conduit `30, »and this air vwill then be directed
charge nozzles.
Referring in detail to the drawings, the numeral 10 in 45 downwardly through the nozzles 31 so that this air will
connect with the heatiugrunits 23 to help dry the various
dicates the paint dryer of the present invention which in
painted surfaces.
cludes a hollow body member 11 that is mounted on
The framework 16 is stationary or rigidly mounted in
ground engaging Wheels 12 and the Wheels 12 are con
the housing 11, whereas the support members 17 are
nected to axles 13. The numeral 114 indicates a forwardly
disposed hitch or draw bar which is adapted to be used 50 mounted for vertical adjustment by means' of the screw
for connecting the paint dryer 19 to a towing vehicle 15
which >may be a conventional machine for making or ap
plying painted lines to streets or other areas.
Positioned in the hollow body member 11 is a horizon
members 18. This adjustment of the support members
17 provides a convenient means of raising and lowering
the nozzles 31 as well as the heating units 23 so that these
members can be positioned at the desired height with re
tally disposed stationary frame 16. The numeral 17 in 55 spect to the ground in order to control the effect created
by the heating units Aand airv blasts nozzles. The spiral
dicates a horizontally disposed movable support member
baii‘ies 32 in the nozzles 31, as shown in FIGURE 5, im
17 which is adjustable up or down. Screw members 18
part «a whirling effect to the air so as to permit the air to
are provided for raising or lowering the support member
cover a greater area in order to bring about faster dry
17, and the screw members 18 are adapted to be manually
rotated by means of hand cranks 19. The hollow body 60 ing. The lines 24 may be made of a iiexible hose like
material or else a portion of the line as indicated by the
member 11 is provided with doors 26 as well as windows
numeral 26 may ‘be made ilexible lfor resilience so that
there will be no binding or jamming as the frame 17 ad
Supported in the hollow body member 11 is a pair of
justs upwardly or downwardly.
fuel tanks -22 which may hold a suitable quantity of fuel
As shown in FIGURE. 4, each of the heating units 23
such as propane, and the numeral 23 indicates infra-red 65
consists of a plurality of individual heating sections 33.
heating units which are adapted to heat the area which
The parts may be made of any suitable material and in
has been Apainted by the machine 15. The tanks 22 sup
different shapes or sizes.
ply fuel for actuating the infra-red heating units 23. The
The dryer heaters can be used 1n conjunction with .
numeral 24 indicates pipe lines which serve to connect
the tanks 22 to the heating units 23 so that the fuel can 70 the air blower so that the air which issues downwardly
from the nozzles 31 may be heated and suitable control
ñow through these lines 24, `and valves 25 are provided
means can be provided for regulating -or controlling the
for controlling the ñow of fuel from the tanks to the
temperature of the air. The unit of the present invention
is adapted to be drawn or pulled behind a paint truck
directly in line over the safety lines close enough to the
newly painted lines to cause them to Ibe properly dried
VJhat is claimed is:
so -that traffic can be permitted to pass immediately `there.
over without smearing the lines.
1. A paint dryer for use in vdrying painted areas or
lines such as the lines which-are applied toV streets, high
ways or the like, comprising a mobile wheeled body
member, a horizontally disposed stationary' frame mount
ed in said body member, a horizontally disposed mov
One of the most ditlicult tasks involved in painting
able support Ymember positioned in said body member
white safety lines that divides the lanes of highways is
below said frame, said support member being mounted
the method of protecting the lines until they are dry.
for movement towards' and away Vfrom said frame, screw
Ordinarily a followup crew is necessary in order to place 10 members for raising and lowering said support mem
markers by hand until the paint is dry enough for trafic
ber, hand cranks for rotating said screw members, fuel
and then it is necessary for the'crew to return to pick up
tanks supported in said body member by'V said frame, a
the markers. With the present invention these problems
plurality of spaced apart infra-red heating Yunits for re
are overcome by having the paint dryer 10 travel along`
ceiving fuel. from the tanks, said heating units depending
' behind the paint truck with an infra-red heating arrange
from and> being operatively connected to said support
ment as well as blowers for forcing hot and/or cold _air
member, pipe lines ,for supplying fuel from the tanks
to hasten the drying of the painted lines so that the
to the infra-redih'eatingrunits, a motor driven air blower
highway can be used at once without staking out the
markers. ln fact the lines will be dry and ready to use
soon after they yare applied. The heating elements 23 are
adapted to be of the infra-red type which are actuated
by propane gas and the number or spacing of these units
supported by the vsupport member, an elongated conduit
connected to said blower,'aV plurality of spacedapart
air nozzles depending from said conduit and said nozzles
being arranged adjacent said heating units,¢said heat
ing units being in axial lalinernent withv each other and
the air nozzles being located between and in axial aline
ment with the heating units and spiral bañies in said
can be Varied as desired. The blowers can be arranged
so> that hot 0r cold air can be applied and the members
may move at a convenient speed such Ias l0 miles per
hour so that the dryer can have time -to dry the lines
Y2. A paint dryer for `use in drying painted areas or
when it is applied as above. In certain instances the
lines such as the lines which yare applied to streets, high
dryer may be combined with a painting machine as one
- ways or the like, comprising a mobile wheeled body
unit or apparatus. Furthermore, the principles of the
member, a horizontally disposed stationary frame mount
present invention may be embodied in -a hand propelled 30 ed in said body member, la horizontally disposed mev
or engine propelled type -of machine or vehicle.
present invention will be a big savings in labor and traiïic Y
will ybe able to keep moving since -trañic can run overv
the lines immediately without smearing. With the com
able supportrmember positioned in said body member
below Vsaid frame, said support >member being mounted
-for movement towards and away from said frame, screw
members for raising and lowering said support member,
bination of the heat and air provided by the present in 35 hand cranks for rotating said screw members, fuel tanks
vention, the heavy portions of the paint will be driven
ysupported in said body member lby said frame, a plu
into the pavement or highway while the lighter particles
rality of spaced apart intra-red heating units for receiv
of the paint will remain near the surface of the high
ing fuel from the tanks, said heating units depending
ways so that these lighter particles can be blown away
from and being operatively connected to said support
by the air and the plurality ofthe heating and air nozzles 40 member, pipe lines for supplying fuel from the tanks
insures that all of the various surfaces will be effectively
to the infra-red heating units, a motor driven vair blower
treated or dried. Each of rthe heating units 23 may in
supported by the support member, an elongated conduit
clude a plurality of »burners’sections 33 as previously
connected Vto Vsaid blower, »a plurality of spaced apart air
stated,rand the heating units 23 may operate off any s_uit
nozzles depending from Said conduit and said nozzles
able fuel such as propane gas, natural gas, or the like.
These units can be operated at a low cost and will heat
only the areas which are to be dried.
The dryer of `the present invention can be used for
drying painted safety lines on highways, parking lots, air
strips or the like. In certain instances the infra-red
units may be operated electrically. Due to the provision
of the instant heat and air combination unit, evaporation
will be speeded up and th'e normal drying time will be
Minor changes in shape, size and rearrangement of
etails coming within the iield of invention claimed may
be resorted to in actual practice if desired,
being arranged adjacent said heating units, said heating
units being in axial alinement with each other and the
yair nozzles being located between and in axial alinement
with the heating units, and spiral baflies in said nozzles,
said pipe lines including flexible sections.
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