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May 15, 1962
Filed Sept. 11, 1959
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
May 15, 1962
Filed Sept. 11, 1959
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CeC/Y Arf/wr Rass/er
M mg
May 15, 1962
Filed Sept. 11, 1959
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
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ce¢// Ar f/u/r Kass/6P
A 77‘0E/VE Y5
United States Patent 0 " "ice
Patented May 15, 19562
Cecil Arthur Rassier, Erith, Kent, England, assignor to
struction and as shown consists of wooden slats ‘spanning
between a pair of side members 5. The side members 5
are each provided with an elongated slot 20 which has
at its rear end an upturned portion 21. Riding in this slot
D. Sahel 8: Company Limited, Erith, Kent, England, a
British company
is a short horizontal portion 22 of a back rest and strut
Filed Sept. 11, 1959, Ser. No. 839,450
Claims priority, application Great Britain Sept. 16, 1958
member 9. The member 9 is of inverted U-shape and ‘the
lower end of each leg of the inverted U is pivoted at 23
3 Claims. , (Cl. 297-170)
in the corresponding upright portion 18 and the upper
closed end of the member 9 is bent rearwardly as shown
The present invention relates to a combined folding 10 in FIG. 1 to form a back rest. As shown in FIGURE 1
table and chair assembly. An object of the present inven
the seat is in the open position and the portions 22 of
tion is to provide a folding table and chair assembly which
the member 9 lie in the upturned end portion 21 of. the
when folded lies substantially ?at and in ‘which the chair
respective slots 20. The front end of the seat .8 is piv
and table remain connectedtogether both in the open posi
oted by means of a bracket 10 to the horizontal portion
tion and in the folded position.
15 19. Conveniently a slot 24 (FIG. 2) is formed in the
According to the present invention a folding table and
bracket 10 and co-operates with .a screw 25 engaged in
chair assembly comprises two pairs of legs connected
together at their upper ends .on each side of the table and
to the table top, the connection being such as to permit
pivotal movement between the two pairs of legs and be
tween the table top and the legs, and at least one chair
seat pivotally connected to one of the pairs of legs so
that it can be supported in the horizontal position and can
be moved from the horizontal position to lie substan
tially ?at along or between the said one pair of legs.
The connection between the pairs of legs and the table
top is conveniently provided with locking means so that
the pairs of legs can be locked in the closed or in the
open position and at the same time the table top is locked
in relation to the legs.
The chair seat is conveniently pivoted to or between a
pair of legs at its front edge and is supported in its hori
zontal or open position by a strut which is pivoted also
to or between the pair of legs at its lower end and is
the horizontal portion 19 to limit the pivoting movement
of the seat, the length of the slot being made such as to
permit the seat to move from a position where it is folded
?at with the legs 1 (FIG. 3) to a position where it is
open in the seat position as shown in FIGURE 1.
When the chair desk assembly is to be folded the seat
8 is lifted at its rear end so as to allow the portions 22
of the member 9 to enter into the horizontal section of
the respective slots 20. The seat is then allowed to pivot
down to a position lying ?at with the legs 1. This allows
the member 9 also to be folded forwardly to lie within the
legs. The wing nuts 14 are slackened and the two pairs
of legs closed together and the table top folded to lie
in line with the legs as shown in FIGURE 3.
If it is desired for a seat to be provided on each side
of the table then the legs 1 and 2 are made of equal
length so that the legs 2 project beyond ‘the edge of the
table in a manner similar to the legs 1 so allowing a
provided with means whereby it can be locked or en 35 seat to be positioned between the legs 2 in the same man
gaged with the rear end of the seat when the latter is in
ner as between the legs 1 as above described.
the horizontal position.
If desired the seat 8 can be made to span between the
The invention will now be described with reference to
legs so as to provide room for two sitters or if desired
the accompanying drawings in which:
two separate seats may be pivotally mounted to the legs
FIGURE 1 is a side elevation of a child’s combined 40 either on one side or on both sides of the table.
nursery chair and desk according to the invention, the
The table top which as shown in the drawings consists
chair and desk being shown in the open position;
of a metal pressing which can be used on both sides may
'FIGURE 2 is an end elevation viewed from the left
be of any other suitable construction and may be ?nished
hand side of FIGURE 1, and
with any desired ?nish on one or both faces. For ex
\FIGURE 3 is a side elevation of the chair and desk 45 ample, when the assembly is to be used as a children’s
nursery chair desk one side of the table top may be
in the folded position.
blackened ‘for use as a blackboard.
As shown in the drawings, the combined chair and desk
Whilst in the embodiment shown the seat is supported
comprises a table top 3, front legs 2, rear legs 1 and a
by upturned portions of the U-shaped metal tubular
seat 8 assembled in the manner hereinafter described.
The chair and ‘desk is intended for the use of only one
child and ‘for this reason the legs 1 which may be of tubu
lar steel are longer than the legs 2 which are likewise
member forming the legs 1 the seat or seats may be
supported in any other suitable manner within the scope
made in tubular steel. At the upper end the two pairs of
position lying ?at along the legs to a horizontal position
legs are connected to the table top 3 by means of a
to act as a sitting surface.
of the invention so as to permit them to pivot from a
Similarly if desired no back
threaded bolt 13 secured to and extending outwardly from 55 rest need be provided in which case the member 9 will
terminate at the height of the slots 29 in the side mem
each side of the table top 3. This bolt 13 carries on its
bers 5 and conveniently can be in the form of an in
inner end a serrated clamping member 16 which coacts
verted U member the base of the U spanning between
with a similar clamping member 6 secured to the top
the slots in the respective side members 5.
end of each leg 1, the member ‘6 being apertured to re
The folding chair and desk assembly can be used
ceive the bolt 13 so that the legs 1 can be applied to 60
conveniently as a folding picnic table and provide a seat
their respective bolt 13. The upper ends of the legs 2
are also apertured to receive the bolt 13 and a wing nut
14 engages on each bolt 13 to lock the two clamping
ingsurface for one, two, four or more people as desired.
What I claim is:
members '6 and 16 together and to lock the legs 2 against
l. A foldable combination table and chair assembly
the outside of the clamping member ‘6. A suitable stop 65 comprising a first U-shaped member, a second generally
17 is provided on the outer face of the clamping member
U-shaped member, upstanding leg portions to said ?rst
6 against which the leg 2 abuts in the open position.
and second members, means pivotally connecting to
gether the said upstanding leg portions at their upper
The legs 1 are formed by a U-shaped tubular member
and the centre portion of the base of the U is turned in
ends, a table top extending between the said leg por
to provide a pair of upwardly directed portions 18 and a 70 tions, means pivotally supporting the table top on the
connected upper ends of the leg portions, a seat extend
horizontal portion 19. Pivoted to the horizontal por
tion 19 is a seat 8 which may be of any suitable con
ing between the leg portions of said second member,
releasable meanscarried by said second member for sup
porting the seat in a position extending horizontally from
said second member, and the base of the said second
U-shaped member being. turned in to provide a pair of
upwardly directed portions spaced from the leg portions
and a horizontal portion upon which the» front end of
theuseat is pivoted}
2. A foldable combination table and chair assembly
as claimed‘ in claim 1 in which the seat supporting means,
comprises a slot‘ extending lengthwise of each side of 10
‘the seat, a strut member at each side of the seat and
slidin'gly engaging in the respective slot and means pivot
ing7 the strut member to a respective one of said upwardly
directed portions.
3. A foldable combination table and chair assembly 15
the said strut members and the closed end of which ex
tends upwardly from the seat when in the horizontal po
sition to provide a back rest.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
as claimed in claim 2 in which there is provided an in
vert‘ed U' shaped‘ member the legs- of which constitute
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