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Patented May 15, 1962
fat soap. It has been found that the following ratio of
the ingredients is preferable:
Part by weight
Rose P. Drake and Leota F. Whitiey, both of
P.O. Box' 3653, Tulsa, Okla.
Quaternary ammonium halide _______________ __
N0 Drawing. Filed June, 12, 1958, Ser. No. 741,466
3 Claims. (Cl. 167-85)
Polyoxyethylene ether __________ .._ _____ __,_____
Amine fat soap (such as oiled soap in cosmetics) ..
Water ____________________________________ __ 95.0
The composition is a somewhat oily liquid, and has yield
This invention relates to improvements in beauty aids,
ed many surprising results not obvious prior to the com
and more particularly, but not by way of limitation, to a 10 bining of the ingredients. It is known that quaternary
ammonium halides are bene?cial in the treatment of hair,
but the combination of the ammonium halides with the
Many of the chemicals used in ?ngernail base composi
amine fat soap and polyoxyethylene ether produces a com
liquid composition for strengthening and enhancing the
beauty of ?ngernails.
tions, nail polish removers, and the like, in the modern
position having additional and unexpected qualities highly
day treatment of ?ngernails cause the ?ngernails to be
come dry and brittle. The dry ?ngernails have a tend
ency to split and break off easily, thereby detracting from
the appearance thereof. In addition, it is difficult to mani
cure the split and broken nails with any degree of pleasing
desirable in the treatment of ?ngernails.
Referring to the nail base composition more speci?cally,
the ingredients found to provide the most favorable mix
ture and yield the best results are as follows:
results, and the manicuring process frequently becomes 20
quite painful.
Parts by weight
Stearyltrimethylammonium chloride ___________ __
The present invention contemplates a novel nail base
composition adapted to be applied directly to the ?nger
Nonylphenol +10 moles ethyleneoxide _________ __
Trihydroxyethylamine stearate _______________ __
Water ____________________________________ __ 95.0
nails. The nail base of the invention is bene?cial to the
physical structure of the ?ngernail in that it counteracts 25
Equivalent mixtures wherein the nonylphenol poly
the ill effects of the chemicals present in the polish re
oxyethylene ether was omitted did not appear to provide
movers,‘ and the like. The nail base substantially elimi
the desired results. However, the above combination of
nates brittleness and dryness of the ?ngernail from any
chemicals produced a highly desirable result for use with
cause whatsoever, thereby greatly lessening the breaking
?ngernails. The mixture greatly improves the physical
and splitting thereof. In addition, the novel composition 30 health of the ?ngernails'and substantially eliminates the
has certain inherent anesthetic qualities that reduce the
splitting thereof.
pain of the split nails during the time period of the condi
In addition, the mixture tends to retain ?ngernail polish
tioning thereof by the use of the nail base. Furthermore,
the novel nail base may be applied to the nails immedi
on the nails for a prolonged life therefor. It is thought
that the combination of polyoxyethylene ether and amine
ately prior to the application of a suitable ?ngernail polish, 35 soap provides the dramatic effect of retaining the ?nger
nail polish on the nails. It will be apparent that the under
coating of the ?ngernails with the nail base composition
has been found that the‘ ?ngernail polish applied directly
prior to the application of ?ngernail polish will be bene»
over the improved nail base composition tends to adhere
?cial to the nails. The coating of the base composition
to the nails for a longer period of time. Thus, not only is 40 protects the ?ngernails from any harmful effects or dry
the health and condition of the ?ngernails improved, but
ing of the nails due to any of the chemicals present in the
the beauty thereof is also greatly enhanced.
if is an important object of this invention to provide a '
‘From the foregoing, it will be apparent that the present
novel chemical composition for utilization on ?ngernails.
invention provides a novel combination of ingredients
it is another object of this invention to provide a novel 45 which yield surprising and unexpected results for the treat
if desired. The nail base serves to protect the nails from
harmful effects of the nail polish, and at the same time it
?ngernail base composition for conditioning the ?nger
ment of ?ngernails. The base composition overcomes dry— 1
nails in a manner to improve the physical condition
Another object of this invention is to provide an im
proved ?ngernail base composition for precluding the dry
ness thereof.
Still another object of this invention is to provide a novel
?ngernail base composition for conditioning the ?ngernails
ness and brittleness of ?ngernails to substantially preclude
any splitting thereof._ The general physical condition of
the ?ngernails is greatly improved upon use of the base
composition. In addition, the slightly anesthetic qualities
of the composition ease any pain which may result from
the previous splitting of the nails. Furthermore, ?ngernail
polish applied directly over a coating of the base com
position tends to adhere to the nails for a longer period of
55 time, thereby enhancing the results of a manicure treat
A further object of this invention is to provide a novel
ment. The novel base composition is simple and effi
nail base composition for increasing the adherent qualities
cient in utilization and is economical in manufacture.
of the nail polish applied to the nails over the base com~
Changes may be made in the combination and arrange
ment of elements as heretofore set forth in the speci?ca
A still further object of this invention is to provide an 60 tion, it being understood that any modification in the pre
improved nail base composition for ?ngernails wherein
cise embodiment of the invention may be made within the
an ‘anesthetic quality is provided for reducing the painful
scope of the following claims without departing from the
condition of the previously split and broken nails.
spirit of the invention.
It is still another object of this invention to provide
We claim:
a ?ngernail base composition which is simple and ef?cient 65
l. A nail base composition comprising stearyltrimethyl
in utilization and economical in manufacture.
ammonium chloride 3.0 parts by weight, nonylphenol plus
Other objects and advantages of the invention will be
10 moles ethyleneoxide 1.5 parts by weight, trihydroxy
in a manner to greatly reduce any splitting or breaking
evident from the following detailed description.
ethylamine stearate, 0.5 part by weight, and Water 95.0
The composition of the novel nail base generally com
parts by weight.
prises an aqueous preparation containing a quaternary am 70
2. The method of treating ?ngernails which comprises
monium halide, a polyoxyethylene ether, and an amine
applying thereto an aqueous solution comprising stearyl
trimethylammonium chloride, nonylphenol plus 10 moles.
Steindor? _____________ __ Sept. 3, 1940
ethyleneoxide, and trihydroxyethylamine stearate.
Lambert _____________ __ Dec. 11, 1951
Jackson ______________ __ May 4, 1954
3. The method of treating ?ngernails which comprises
applying thereto a nail base comprising stearyltrimethyl-
ammonium chloride 3.0 parts by Weight, nonylphenol plus
10 moles ethyleneoxide 1.5 pans by weight, trihydroxy
ethylamine stearate 0.5 part by weight, and Water 95.0
parts by weight.
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