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May 22, 1962
Filed Nov. 25, 1959
United States Patent 0" ice
Michael Masi, 285 Parker St., Newark, NJ.
Filed Nov. 23, 1959, Ser. No. 854,937
1 Claim. (Cl. 229-76)
The present invention relates to a mailing device in.
Patented May 22, 1962
from’ the 'post of?ce or point of ?rst issue back to the
person desiring the ?rst day of issue envelope. I
With the foregoing and other objects in view, the in
vention consists of the novel construction, combination
and arrangement of parts _as hereinafter more speci?cally
described and illustrated in the accompanying drawings,
wherein is shown an embodiment of the invention, but it
is to be understood that changes, variations and modi?ca
tions can be resorted to which fall within the scope of
?rst day envelopes and for other ?rst day envelopes which
are used by stamp collectors and general philatelic activi 10 the claim hereunto appended.
In the drawings wherein like reference characters de
note corresponding parts throughout the several views:
In connection with ?rst day envelopes, the person de
FIG. 1 is a separated side perspective view showing the
siring such envelopes normally sends these envelopes to
?ller card with the extension strip removed from the en
the place or post of?ce of ?rst issue with a ?ller, and
writes lightly in pencil or with other readily removable 15 velope.
FIG. 2 is a side perspective view similar to FIG. 1
means the address to which the envelope is to be re
showing the insertion card and the mailing strip assembled
The post o?ice at which the ?rst day issue takes place
FIG. 3 is a side perspective view from the opposite
will then apply the stamps and the cancellation and mail
side of FIG. 2 showing where the address may be ap
the ?rst day envelope back to the party who has for
warded the same together with the necessary payment
for the stamps.
FIG. 4 is a transverse sectional view upon the line of
4—4 of FIG. 3, upon an enlarged scale as compared to
FIG. 3.
connection with dealers who want to present a clean en
Referring to FIGS. 1 to 4, there is shown a ?rst day
velope, results in extra labor and often results in mar 25
mailing envelope A, an insert card B ‘and an extension
ring the envelope or the cancellation, thereon.
strip C having a gummed fold over sealing tab D.
Where the pencil address is obscured by the stamps
Normally, the envelope A will be specially printed to
or by handling, the letters are often mis-addressed or
indicate that it is commemorative or to display some in
often will not be returned to the person who has sup
cident or picture of persons or places and dates which
plied the envelope and payment for postage.
However, the removing of the address particularly in
are to be emphasized in the stamps in the ?rst day of
Furthermore, where the pencil marking becomes cov
ered by the stamps, this will also result in mis-address
The ?ller card B will normally be placed in the en
ing or possibly loss of the envelope on return mailing,
velope with the flap in to give the envelope su?icient
and in any case, the pencil address may always be read
by holding the envelope up to the light and reading the 35 body for mailing purposes.
The particular feature of the present invention resides
portion of the address which is covered by the stamps
in the integral strip C which has the fold lines 10, 11 and
which is undesirable and reduces the value of the en
12 and the gummed face 13.
velope for collectors’ purposes.
When the card B is inserted as indicated in FIGS.
In addition, rubbing out of the pencil address will often
result in weakening or marring of the cancellation and 40 2 and 3, the extension strip or ribbon C will be exterior
to the envelope, and it then may be folded over the en
also soil the ?rst day of issue envelope resulting in re
velope with the section 14 being designed to carry the
duced saleability.
return address 15.
It is among the objects of the present invention to
This return address may be inked or otherwise stamped
provide a novel mailing device for ?rst day envelopes
which will permit ready attachment and usage in com 45 upon the section 14 of the strip C.
The envelope will normally have the commemorative
bination with the ?rst day envelope and which will as
sure that the envelope will not be marred, defaced or
marked with a pencil or other address.
Another object is to provide a novel ?rst day of is
sue envelope mailing device which will eliminate the need
of applying a return address to the face of the envelope
and also eliminates the need of removing pencil mark~
material printed in the area 16 which would be cov
ered by the section 14 of the strip C, and the com
memorative stamps 17 would be placed at the other end
of the envelope A by the post of?ce which is mailing out
the envelopes of the ?rst day of issue.
Upon receipt, the gummed ?ap is readily removed or
ripped from the strip C at which it has been scaled, and
the envelope A is then ready for sale without the neces
more detailed description set forth below, it being un 55 sity of cleaning or removing the pencil address there
derstood, however, that this more detailed description is
It will be noted with reference to FIG. 3, that a great
given by way of illustration and explanation only and
area of the envelope face 18 is available for stamps, and
not by way of limitation, since various changes therein
no portion of the face 18 of the envelope has to be
may be made by those skilled in the art without depart
used for the address.
ing from the scope and spirit of the present invention.
The ?ller card and strip C may be discarded, and the
In accomplishing the above objects, it has been found
extra strip C together with the ?ller card B will give
ings from the envelope.
Still further objects and advantages will appear in the
most suitable according to one embodiment of the pres
an extra ?rmness to the envelope and more readily en
ent invention to provide an insert card carrying a nar
able its transmission through the mail.
row elongated strip which may be folded around the front
This arrangement enables elimination of the pencil
of the envelope and sealed to itself and which may carry
writing or pencil addressing on the face of the envelope,
the address Without marring, defacement or writing on
protects the commemorative printing of the envelope 16
the envelope itself.
and also provides a great area for attachment of the
In the preferred form, the extension which extends
stamps as indicated at 17 in FIG. 3, which if desired, may
70 cover the entire right half face or right two-thirds face
18 of the envelope A.
ried by the ?ller card and is used to enclose the envelope,
The extension strip C may be die cut out' of the same
will carry the address and enable mailing of the envelope
around and seals the envelope or the ribbon which is car
board as the insert card 13 and/ or it may be formed as a
corner thereof, said ‘device to enable return mailing of
separate piece stapled or glued to the corner of the card
the ?rst day of issue envelope with the ?rst day of issue
B to which it is attached.
stamps and cancellation applied thereto, said device con
sisting of a rectangular insert having substantially the
width and height of the interior of the envelope and be
It is thus apparent that the present applicant has pro
vided a, simple mailing envelope device which will permit
ready return of the ?rst day of issue envelopes, at the
ing of heavier ‘and, stiifer stock than the envelope and
same time eliminating any possibility of marring of either
cancellation markings or soiling of the front of the en
placed within the envelope to give body thereto and a
narrow integral extension strip positioned at the end of
the insert remote from the space to carry postage and
As many changes could be made in the above mailing 10 extending transversely away from the upper edge of the
arrangement for ‘?rst day envelopes, and many widely
insert and to be folded around the envelope to carry the
return address, said extension strip constituting an in
di?erent embodiments of this invention could be made
without departing’ from the scope of the claim, it is in
tegral extension of sti?E paper with fold lines to fold
tended that all matter contained in the above description
around the envelope and having a gummed end tab to be
shall be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting
attached to the strip and form a complete enclosure for
the envelope.
Having now particularly described and ascertained the
nature of the invention, and in what manner the same is
to be performed, what is claimed is:
A ?rst day of issue mailing envelope device, said en
velope being rectangular in shape and closed at the sides
and bottom and having a gummed back flap and a space
on the front to carry postage located at the upper right
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