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May 22, 1962
E. scHlNN
Filed Jan. 28, 1959
10 5.
Ern s’c Schmn
»5f ,dwf SLW
_Patented May 22, 1962
Ernst Sebina, Weingartsbof, near Ravensburg, Win-ítem
berg, Germany, assignor to Escher Wyss G.m.b.H.,
Ravensburg, Wurttemherg, Germany, a corporation of
Filed Jan. 28, 1959, Ser. No. 789,600
Claims priority, application Germany Feb. 6, 1958
Claims. (Cl. 162-17)
This invention relates to «an apparatus for continuously
digesting ñbrous vegetable materials, for example wood
chips, which comprises a vertically mounted elongated
vessel, in which the materials form a downwardly moving
column, the said materials being introduced into the top
of the pressure vessel, heated ‘and digested by a supply
of steam and, after the completion of the pulping, de
livered from the bottom of the pressure vessel.
An apparatus of this type is known, in which the heat
and above all uniformly permeated with the steam, which
is supplied through the pipes 6. The material is thus
brought to digesting temperature already on the upper
part of the material column. The steam may be supplied
with a temperature of about 180° C. and a pressure of
Iabout 8 to 10 kg./cm.2 tabs. m-ay be maintained Within
the vessel.
Means are here provided for the uniform distribution
of the steam throughout the entire cross-section of the
column of material. The pressure vessel is constructed
with a double jacket. The lwall 1 of the Vessel forms
the outer jacket, and the jacket 4 is the inner jacket. The
inner jacket 4 comprises a sieve-like portion in the region
of the uppermost part of the material column. The steam
introduced through the pipes 6 is uniformly distributed
in the intermediate space of the double jacket 1, 4 and
-then passes through the holes 41 into the column of mate
rial 11. The holes 41 are distributed over the circum
ing steam is fed to those parts of the materials which 20 ference of the jacket 4.
In order that the column of material 11 may at the
are situated in the lower part of the column of material
same time also receive steam from the inside, the pipe 5
in the pressure vessel.
extending from above the material column 11 in the ver
The invention has for its object to ensure a better
tical direction through the uppermost part of the column
heating, a more intensive digestion and `a lower consump
11 is provided, which is formed with lateral holes 51 for
tion of steam than in the known construction. In ac
distributing the steam Within the column. Instead of a
cordance with the invention, in an arrangemet of the
single pipe 5 two or more pipes may be provided for the
above-described type, the steam is for this purpose fed to
supply of steam to the interior of the -material column 11.
the upper part of the colum of material, means being
The pipe 5 extends in the direction of movement of
thereby provided for distributing the steam within the
the compact column off material 11 where it comes into
contact with the latter, and extends transversely to the
ln this way, a rapid ‘and uniform heating of the intro
direction of movement of the materialy only in the steam
duced impregnated material can be effected. The steam
in the space above the column of material is substantially
at fresh steam pressure Iand thus forces the column of
material toward the delivery end of the vessel, so that no
mechanical means are required for the conveyance of
the material. The column of material is in addition
compressed, its compactness increasing with the increas
space 13, where the material is still loose.
The jacket 4 of the pressure vessel 1, which surrounds
the column of material 11, widens conically in the down
ward direction, in order that the column of material 11
may pass through the vessel 1 with minimum resistance.
In the illustrated constructional example, the pressure
vessel has a double jacket throughout, but it could -alter
ing degree of pulping towards the delivery end. The com
natively be only partially double-jacketed, preferably in
pact lower power part of the column separates the steam 40 its
upper part.
space of the vessel and that part of the column which
What is claimed is:
carries the free steam from the delivery chamber, so that
1. Apparatus for continuously digesting fibrous vege
substantially no steam escapes during the delivery. There
table materials comprising in combination a vertically
is merely formed by the pressure difference between the
mounted elongated pressure vessel; means at the top of
pressure vessel and the delivery duct expansion steam
which can be used for conveying the delivered materials.
A constructional example of the subject of the invention
is illustrated in simplified vform in the drawing, which
shows a vertical section through a pressure vessel and
said vessel for continuously introducing iibrous vegetable
materials impregnated with digesting liquor »into said
pressure vessel; means for continuously discharging di
gested material from the bottom of said pressure vessel;
a container for receiving the materials delivered «there 50 means, responsive to the level of the column of material
in said vessel, controlling the rate of discharge through
The illustrated arrangement comprises a pressure ves
sel 1, a feed hopper 2 and a rotary valve 3 driven by
a motor 31. A jacket 4 formed with holes 41 and a pipe
said discharge means so as to maintain a constant level
of said column of material intermediate the upper and
lower ends of said pressure vessel; and means tor intro
ducing steam into the space in said vessel «above said
5 formed with holes 51, together with feed pipes 6, serve
for the supply of the steam. A delivery deviceV 7 driven
level by distributedly introducing steam through the
ing valve 8, whereby the digested material is continuously
tures; aand conduit means extending into said pressure ves
uppermost part of said column of material.
by a motor 71 and an exhausting valve 8 are provided
2. The combination deiined in claim 1 in which said
at the bottom of the vessel 1. An exhaust duct 9 leads
last-mentioned means comprises a jacket encircling at least
into lan expansion container 10. In the pressure vessel 1,
a portion of the side Walls of said pressure vessel below
a column of material 11 is maintained at :a constant level 60
the level of material therein, said portion of the side
by means of a feeler member 12 controlling the exhaust
walls being provided with «a circumferential series of aper
discharged from the bottom of the vessel 1.
sel and including Áa perforated portion in the region of the
above the column of material 11 is la steam space 13.
part of said column of material.
The material previously impregnated with the chemicals 65
3. The combination deñned in claim v2 in which said
necessary lfor the digestion is introduced in portions with
'conduit means comprises at least one pipe extending from
out surrounding liquor into the pressure vessel 1 through
above the column of material in «a vertical direction
the hopper 2 by way of the rotary valve 3. The material
through the uppermost part of Ithe material column, said
supply is quasi-continuous. The introduced material falls
pipe being provided with lateral holes yfor introducing
through the steam space 13, in which it is preheated, on to 70 steam distributedly through the uppermost part of said
the column of material 11. ln the uppermost part of
the column of material 11, the material is further heated
4. The method of digesting fibrous vegetable materials
in a vertically mounted pressure vessel, Which method
References Cited in the ñle of this patent
consists in continuously feeding said materials, impreg
nated with digesting liquor, into -the upper end of said
vessel; removing the digested material from the lower end
of said vessel; automatically controlling the rate of re
moval inresponse to the level of the column of 4the íibrous
material in said vessel so as to maintain a constant level
of material therein intermediate its upper and lower
ends, thereby forming a space in said vessel above the
level of said column of material and through which said
materials fed to the vessel fall; and introducing steam into
said space in said vessel by distributedly introducing said
steam through the uppermost part of said column.
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