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May 29, 1962
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Filed Nov. 28, 1960
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May 29, 1952 -
Filed Nov. 28, 1960
2 Sheets—$heet 2
Frederic Remington, Elizabeth, and Richard A. Tartaglia,
East Orange, NJL, assignors to Peerless 'l‘nhe Company,
Bloom?eld, Ni, a corporation of New Jersey
Filed Nov. 28, 1960, Ser. No. 72,025
4» Claims. (El. ll8—3(ll)
Patented May 29, 1962
mounted on a carrier pin 2 that projects laterally and
horizontally from ‘an endless chain conveyor F mounted
in any suitable manner, for example on sprockets G, and
‘driven by any suitable source of power connected to the
shaft of one of the sprockets. On each pin 2 is ?xedly
mounted a roller 3‘ that rolls on a track 4; secured to the
top of the tank B, and the pins and containers are moved
progressively in ‘a predetermined horizontal path by the
conveyor. Above the rollers 3 is an endless friction belt
This invention relates in general to apparatus for ap 10 H mounted on pulleys I the shaft K of one or both of
plying coatings such as lacquer to articles, particularly
which may be driven from ‘any suitable source of power,
containers such as aluminum cans and collapsible tubes,
and more particularly the invention contemplates ap
one reach of said belt engaging the rollers 3 as they pass
beneath the spray head so as to rotate the correspond
paratus of this character wherein the articles ‘or con
tainers are removably mounted on carriers such as pins
ing pins ‘and cans and thereby insure a uniform appli
cation of the coating liquid throughout the cylindrical sur
that are continuously moved in equidistantly spaced side
by-side relation 'along a linear path past a spray head
faces of the cans.
by which the coating is sprayed onto the containers.
A primary object of the invention is to provide ap
paratus of this character wherein a spray shield shall be
interposed between the spray head and portions of the
carriers not covered by the articles to prevent accumu
lation of sprayed coating material on said carriers and
As hereinbetore indicated, the spray shield is in the
form of a circular disc, preferably of non-corrosive metal,
and the disc is rigidly mounted between ?anges 5 on a
stub shaft 6 which is journaled in a bearing block 7 which
is in turn rigidly carried by a support arm 8 which is
pivotally mounted by a pivot pin 9 between two bracket
arms lltl that are secured to the upper portion L of the
frame. As shown, the support arm is so connected to the
the spray shield shall be automatically and continuously 25 bearing block '7 and the bracket arms 10 that the shield
returned to a collection receptacle.
disc D is held in ‘an inclined plane ‘at ‘an angle of about
conveyor, and the excess coating material collected on
Another object is to provide such apparatus wherein
45 degrees to the plane of the path of travel of the pins
the spray shield shall comprise a rotatable circular disc
mounted in an inclined plane with a peripheral portion
‘2 and containers 1 as best shown in FIGURE 2. The
spray head E is mounted in about the vertical diametral
thereof overlying the container-supporting pins and the
30 plane of the disc D that is parallel to the container-sup
portion of the conveyor to deflect the spray coating mate
rial away from the pins and the conveyor, and wiping
porting pins 2 so as to apply the coating material in the
form of a spray jet M the diameter of which is greater
means for causing the liquid coating material picked up
than the length of the port-ions of the containers to be
by the disc to flow by gravity to a collection container.
coated so that complete coverage of the containers shall
Other objects of the invention are to provide in spray 35 be insured.
ing apparatus ‘as described, means for guiding the con
As hereinbefore stated, the spray shield D is provided
tainersupporting pins in a horizontal path beneath the
to protect the pins ‘and the conveyor from being coated
spray head and the shield disc, and means for causing
with the excess coating material that is ejected in the
rotation of the container-supporting pins and the con
spray jet M, and as shown in FIGURE 2, the peripheral
tainers thereon as the pins and containers move beneath 40 portion of the spray shield disc D in said vertical diametral
the spray head through the spray of coating material;
plane of the disc overlies the portions of the pins 2 be
to provide a novel and improved means for \adjustably
tween the ends of the cans ‘and the conveyor F, and ‘also
mounting and driving the shield disc in proper relation to
overlies the conveyor so that the disc is interposed be
the container conveyor, and to obtain other objects, ad
tween the pins ‘and any portion of the spray jet M that
vantages and results that Will be brought out by the fol 45 may extend or spread beyond the inner ends of the con
lowing description in conjunction with the accompany
ing drawings in which
FIGURE 1 is ‘a front elevational view of apparatus
embodying the invention for spraying a liquid coating
tainers as shown in FIGURE 2.
For the purpose of continuously cleaning from the disc
the liquid coating material collected thereon, ‘the disc,
during spraying operations, is continuously rotated ‘about
material on cans, with portions of the ‘apparatus broken 50 the axis of the shaft 6 at any suitable speed, depending
‘away and other portions omitted for clearness in illus
upon the nature of the coating material and the amount
FIGURE 2 is a combination side elevation and frag
mentary vertical section thereof approximately on the
plane of the line 2-2 of FIGURE 1; and
FIGURE 3 is a top plan view of the apparatus ap
proximately on the plane of the line 3-3 of FIGURE 2.
For the purpose of illustrating the invention, the major
thereof ejected by the spray head. As shown, the disc
has rigidly connected thereto a sprocket 11 which is con
nected by a chain 12 to a sprocket 13 rigidly connected
to the output shaft of a speed reducing gear mechanism
14 the input shaft of which is driven in known manner
by an electric motor 15 which is shown as mounted on
a platform 16 which projects from the frame portion L.
portion of the frame of the machine or apparatus has
Associated with the disc are a wiper 25 that contacts
been omitted, but a base portion of the frame is desig 60 the upper surface of the disc along the marginal portion
nated A vand has mounted thereon a collection receptacle
thereof and is stationarily mounted in any suitable man
or tank B for the excess coating material across the top
ner as by an arm 26 secured on the support arm 8.
of which are mounted a plurality of horizontally and
Another wiper 27 is mounted on a frame piece 0 and
vertically spaced angle bars C which prevent the cans and
normally is in contact with the peripheral edge of the
external objects from falling into the tank and at the 65 disc. The wipers may be of suitable material such as felt
same time allow the coating liquid to flow into the tank
and as the disc rotates, the excess coating material on
with ‘a minimum of possibility of clogging or stoppage.
the upper surface of the disc is deflected from the disc
The containers, shown in the present instance as alumi
by the wiper 25 ‘and drops by gravity into the tank B that
num cans l, ‘are moved in spaced side-by-side relation
is disposed beneath the wiper, and at the same time the
to each other in a horizontal path above the bar C of the 70 coating material that accumulates on the edge of the disc
collection tank B, beneath a spray shield D and a spray
is displaced therefrom by the wiper 27 and also drops
head E. As shown, each can is renrovably telescopically
into the tank B or any suitable collecting device.
It is desirable, if not necessary, to provide means for
adjusting the spray shield D with respect to the conveyor
pins 2 and the cans 1, for example to compensate for
cans of different lengths and to prevent the sprayed coat
ing material from passing beneath the peripheral edge
of the spray shield onto the conveyor pins. For this
purpose, we have shown the upper portion L of the frame
a plurality of article carriers each to have mounted there
on an ‘article to be sprayed with a portion of the carrier
covered by said article and another portion of the carrier
exposed, a sprayer to spray a coating material on said
articles and means for progressively moving said carriers
in a pre-determined path in parallel relation to each other
in succession into and out of the spray from said sprayer,
of a spray shield comprising a disc having a circular‘
as including a vertical plate 17 that is adjustably mounted
marginal portion, means mounting said disc to be rotated
by bolt and slot connections 18 to a main frame bar N
so that the whole assembly of the spray shield disc, the 10 in a plane inclined to a horizontal plane and to the plane
of said path of movement of the carriers with a segment
support arm 8, the upper portion L of the frame and
of said marginal portion interposed between the sprayer
and the exposed portions of the carriers as the carriers
lower edge portion of the spray shield disc toward and
move in said path, thereby to prevent the material of the
away from the pins 2.
For moving the spray shield disc longitudinally of the 15 spray from contacting with said exposed portions of the
carriers and providing for gravitational How of the coat
pins 2 to compensate for cans of different lengths, the
ing material on the upper surface of the disc toward the
support arm 8 is swung about its pivot pin 9 and is held
lowermost segment of the marginal portion of the disc,
in adjustable position between two stop members 23 that
means for rotating said disc, and means for wiping the
are adjustably mounted by bolt and slot connections 24
coating material from the disc and ‘de?ecting it off the
on a stationary frame piece 0. Obviously, by sliding
edge of the disc so that the ?rst-mentioned segment of
the stop members 23 longitudinally of the frame piece
the marginal port-ion of the disc is maintained substan
and securing them in adjusted positions on the frame
the motor can be moved as a unit vertically to move the
piece, the support ‘arm 8 will be held in a desired ad
tially clean.
2. In a spray coating machine as de?ned in claim 1,
justed position to locate the edge of the spray shield disc
at the desired point with respect to the inner ends of the 25 said mounting means including means for bodily moving
the disc to ‘adjust the edge thereof longitudinally of said
cans 1 on the pins 2.
carriers, and means for bodily moving said disc to adjust
Manifestly, the invention may be utilized in connection
the edge thereof toward and away from the path of move
with the spray coating of other articles than containers
such as aluminum cans and the pins may be replaced
ment of the carriers.
3. In a spray coating machine as de?ned in claim 1,
with other carriers suitable to the particular articles to 30
be sprayed; and the shield disc may be disposed with re
wherein said mounting means includes a main frame and
means for bodily movingsaid disc to adjust the edge
spect to the article carriers to protect the portions of
the carriers not covered by the articles themselves from
thereof longitudinally of said carrier and toward and
being coated with the spray material while ‘at the same
away from the path of movement of the carriers, com
35 prising a portion of said frame adjustable toward ‘and
time permitting free coating of the articles.
During the spraying operation, the marginal portion
of the spray shield continuously moves through the spray
from the path of movement of the carriers, a support
arm pivotally mounted on said adjustable portion of the
frame and having said disc journaled therein, ‘and means
on said frame for holding said support arm in its adjusted
from the spray head and conveys the excess coating ma
terial away ‘from the carriers or pins 2 to the wiper 25
which wipes the material from the upper surface of the 40 positions.
disc and de?ects the material from the edge of the disc
4. In a spray coating machine as de?ned in claim 1,
so that the material ?ows by gravitational action to the
wherein said mounting means includes a support arm
collection tank B.
having vva bearing in which said disc is journaled, 1a frame
it will be understood by those skilled in the art that
relatively to which said carriers move in said path, means
the spray head may be of any suitable construction to 45 movably mounting said support arm on said frame for
which air and coating liquid may be supplied through
adjustment of the edge of said disc toward and from the
the tubes 21, and the spray head will be adjustably
path of movement of the carriers and means including
mounted on the frame in any suitable manner, for ex
the last-named means mounting said support arm for
ample by a rod 22 supported in any desired way, for ex
adjustment of the edge of the disc longitudinally of said
ample on the frame of the machine or a separate support
It will be understood by those skilled in the art that
we have illustrated the now preferred embodiment of the
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
invention but that many modi?cations and changes can
be made in the details of construction of the apparatus 55
within the spirit and scope of the invention.
We claim:
1. In a spray coating machine, the combination with
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