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May 29, 1962
2 Sheets-Sheet. 1
Filed Nov. 25, 1960
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May 29, 1962
Filed Nov. 25, 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
United States Patent 0
Patented May 29, 1962
cut. The lower end of this tube may be soldered or
otherwise secured at 16 to ‘a foot part ‘12 of the standard.
Lester J. Ulrich, Bu?alo, N.Y., assignor to Eastman
Machine Company, Buffalo, N.Y.
Filed Nov. 25, 1960, Ser. No. 71,490
4 Claims. ((11. 118-—38)
The standard 8 is preferably provided at its rear edge
with a recess 24)1 into which the front portion of the tube
15 ?ts and the tube is securely held in this recess in any
suitable manner, for example, by providing the upper
portion of the tube seams 21 of solder ‘or the like which
?rmly connects the upper portion of that part of the tube
This invention relates to motor driven cloth cutting
which extends along the rear of the standard. The
machines provided with reciprocatory knives.
10 portion of the tube between the welds or soldered seams
When cloth or other woven materials is cut, the cut
21 and the connection 16 at the base of the standard is
edges of the material tend to ravel and stitching or bind
provided at opposite sides thereof with a large number
ing of the same is generally necessary before the material
of small openings 24 through which the sizing solution
is sewn into a garment or other article to prevent ravelling.
is directed to the edges of the material which has been
It is also possible to prevent ravelling by treating the 15 cut. By seating the tube within the recess in the stand
seam with a suitable sizing material of a composition
ard none of the material whihch has been cut will be
which does not wash out or become removed during dry
come lodged in the space between the tube and the
cleaning. However, it is somewhat time-consuming to
apply the sizing material by hand to the goods to pre
A sizing solution may be supplied to the distributing
vent ravelling at the cut edges.
20 tube 15 in any suitable manner, and in the construction
It is consequently an object of this invention to pro
shown by way of example, the upper end of the tube 15
vide a cutting machine with means for applying a sizing
may be bent to form an integral extension 25 which con
liquid to the edges of a plurality of sheets of a lay of
nects wtih a suitable reservoir or tank 27 for the solu
cloth ‘at one time immediately after cutting the same.
tion. This tank may be mounted on the cutting machine
It is also an object of this invention to mount on the 25 in any suitable or desired manner, and in the construc
cutting machine a container for the sizing liquid and
tion shown the tank is shown as supported by means of
also a discharge device from which the sizing solution
a bracket 26 secured to the motor frame and to the tank.
is discharged immediately after the knife has passed
The tube 25 is provided with a valve 28 which may be
through the material.
opened at will by the operator to admit sizing solution to
In the accompanying drawings:
30 the dispensing portion 15 of the tube. This valve may be
FIG. 1 is a front elevation of a cutting machine hav
of any suitable or desired form which can be easily actu
ing applied thereto a sizing liquid-dispensing means em
ated by the operator. The valve 28 is connected by tub
bodying this invention.
ing 30 with the lower portion of the tank or reservoir 27.
FIG. 2 is a side elevation thereof.
In the use of my improvements, when the operator
FIG. 3 is a transverse, sectional plan view thereof on 35 starts a cut, he opens the valve 28 to admit sizing solu
an enlarged scale on line 3——3, FIG. 2.
tion to the distributing pipe 15, whereupon he proceeds
FIG. 4 is a side elevation of the standard detached
with the cutting in the usual manner. After completing
from the machine to which my improvements are ap
a cut, he can close the valve 28. It will be noted that
if it is desired to make cuts without applying a sizing
My improvements may be applied to any desired type 40 material to the cut edges, it is merely necessary for the
of cloth cutting machine having a vertically reciprocating
operator to keep the valve 28 closed, since none of the
knife. The machine shown in the drawings by way of
sizing equipment interferes with the ordinary use of the
example includes a base 7 formed to rest on and be
moved about on a table which supports the lay of ma
By means of my improvements as deescribed, no sep
terial to ‘be cut. This base, in the use of the machine, 45 arate operation for preventing ravelling of the material
is moved underneath the material.
is necessary since the spraying of the edges of the cotton
An upright standard 8 is rigidly secured to the base and
fabric is effected simultaneously with the cutting of the
extends upwardly therefrom and supports the frame 9 of
an electric motor 10 which reciprocates the knife 11 in a
It will be understood that various changes in the de
vertical guide ‘slot at the front of the standard 8. The 50 tails, materials and arrangements of parts which have
standard may be secured to the base 7 in any suitable
been herein described and illustrated in order to explain
manner. For example, the standard may be provided
the nature of the invention may be made by those skilled
at its lower end with an enlarged foot portion 12 which
in ‘the art Within the principle and scope of the invention
is rigidly secured to the base 7 by a screw threaded con
nection, as shown in FIG. 4. The cutting machine is 55 as expressed in the appended claims.
I claim:
provided with the usual handles 13 and 14 by means of
1. A cloth cutting machine having a base, a standard
which it is guided during its movement to effect cutting.
secured to the base and extending upwardly therefrom
In order to apply the sizing solution correctly to the
and having front and rear edges, a knife mounted on the
edges of the material of the lay immediately after it has
been cut, I provide at the rear end of the standard 8 a 60 front edge thereof for reciprocation only, that improve
ment which includes a sizing liquid-distributing device
tube or pipe 15 rigidly secured to the rear of the stand
ard. The tube, of course, is of materially smaller di
for said machine and having a tube mounted on the rear
edge of said standard and provided with apertures in
opposite sides of said tube through which sizing liquid
standard through the material after the same has been 65 is directed toward opposite sides of the: path through
ameter than the thickness or transverse dimension of
the standard so as not to interfere with a passage of the
which the knife has passed, and means for supplying sizing liquid to said ‘tube.
said tube, and a valve for controlling the flow of liquid
‘£0 Said tube
2. A cloth cutting machine according to claim 1 in
which the rear edge of the standard is provided With a
recess in which the front portion of the tube is seated. 5
References Cited In th? ?le of thls Patent
3. A cloth cutting machine according to claim 1 and
1271 885
including securing means above and below said apertures
Clark ____'_:'_'_____'___:__'_'__May 15: 1934
Great Britain __________ __ Jan. 7, 1926
for fastening said tube to said standard.
4. A cloth cutting machine according to claim 1 and
including a tank for sizing liquid and connected with 10
July 9 1918
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