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June 5, 1962
Filed Dec. 22, 1960
J7 4/32/1419
United States, Patent O??ce
Henri J. Aruar, 435 58th, Guttenberg, NJ.
Filed Dec. 22, 1960, Ser. No. 77,731
2 Claims. (Cl. 131—213)
This invention relates to a novel and improved smok~
ing pipe wherein the smoke is cooled and condensed by
being drawn through tortuous passage means.
The primary object of the invention is the provision of
an e?icient and practical smoking pipe of the kind indi
Patented June 5, 1962
smoke cooling and condensing chamber 38, surrounding
the shank 32. The shank 32 has an axial bore 34, extend
ing therethrough, which, at its inner end, opens to an
axial bore 36 extending through the bit 22.
The bore 34 of the shank 32 opens to the inner end of
a straight passage A which extends longitudinally out
wardly in the stem, at a slight upward and laterally out
ward angle, as indicated in phantom lines in FIGURE 4,
and opens, at its outer end, into an annular upwardly
10 opening groove 40, which is formed in the ?at upper end
42 of the lower bowl section 14, and concentrically sur
rounds the hemispherical recess 2-9, The groove 40 is
rendered discontinuous by a radial partition 44 which ex
nent of the pipe, a second smoke cooling and condensing
tends thereacross at a location on the longitudinal center
chamber in the bowl component, and smoke cooling and 15 line of the stem 12. The passage A opens into the groove
condensing passages formed in the stem and in the bowl,
40 at one side of the partition 44 as shown.
which are of unusually long combined length and of novel
The stem 12 has formed therein a straight passage B
form and arrangement, whereby greater cooling of smoke
which follows the path shown in FIG. 4, in the stem and
is obtained before the smoke can reach the mouth of the
opens, at its outer end, into the groove 4%, at the other
cated, wherein the passage means includes a ?rst smoke
cooling and condensing chamber in thevstem-bit compo
side of the partition 44. At its inner end, the pass-age B
Another object of the invention is the provision of a
opens through the bottom of the socket 16 at a location
smoking pipe of the character indicated above wherein
spaced above and in line with the shank 32. A straight
the bowl component has a removable tobacco holding
passage C is formed in the stem 12, below the passage A,
which is centered in the stem and inclines outwardly and
bowl, and the stem has at its inner end, said second smoke
cooling and condensing chamber which is out of direct 25 upwardly, relative to the centerline of the stern, and opens,
communication with the bore of the bit and in communi
at its outer end, through the inner side of the recess 20, at
a. point near to the bottom of the recess 20. The passage
cation with said passage means, this chamber being closed
by the bit, and the bit being removably connected to the
C opens, at its inner end, through the bottom of the socket
inner end of the stem by a shank smaller in diameter than
16, at a point spaced below and in line with the shank 32
the chamber and having a bore which provides the sole 30 and the inner end of the passage B.
smoker, through the bit.
communication between the bit bore and a passage of
said passage means.
The sidewall of the recess 20 of the lower bowl section
14 is threaded, at its upper end, as indicated at 46, to re
Other important objects and advantageous features of
ceive a reduced diameter boss 48 on the lower end of an
the invention will be apparent from the following descrip
tion and the accompanying drawings, wherein, for pur
poses of illustration only, a speci?c form of the invention
52 is of substantially the same diameter, and bears upon
upper tobacco-receiving bowl section 50, whose lower end
the upper end 42 of the lower bowl section 14, so as to
is set forth in detail.
close the groove 44, and close the upper end of the recess
29, so as to de?ne a smoke cooling and condensing cham
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a smoking pipe of
ber 54. The chamber 54 is not in direct communication
with the groove 44.
the present invention;
FIGURE 2 is an exploded perspective view of FIG
The upper bowl section 5% has an upwardly opening
URE 1;
tobacco receiving socket 56 which has a ?at bottom sur
face 58 which is parallel with the flat undersurface 6d of
FIGURE 3 is an enlarged vertical longitudinal section
taken on the line 3-3 of FIGURE 1;
45 the boss 4%. Restricted communication between the
chamber 54 and the interior of the bowl pocket 56 is pro
FIGURE 4 is a horizontal section taken on the line
4—4 of FIGURE 3;
vided by restricted opening means which, in the case of
the form of the invention shown in FIGURES 1 through
FIGURE 5 is a vertical transverse section taken on the
5, takes the form of preferably three equally circumferen
line 5—5 of FIGURE 3; and,
In the drawings:
FIGURE 6 is a fragmentary exploded perspective view
of another smoking pipe of the present invention.
Referring in detail to the drawings, wherein like and
related numerals designate like and related parts through
out the several views, and ?rst to FIGURES 1 through 5,
tially spaced holes 62, through the boss 43.
In the case of the form of the invention shown in
FIGURE 6, and generally designated 16%, the restricted
opening means takes the form of a centered axial, cylin
drical pin 64 which rises from the bottom of the recess
the smoking pipe therein shown and generally designated 55 20“, and a single centered hole 62& through the boss 48*‘.
The hole 48“ is larger in diameter than the pin 64 so that
19, comprises a longitudinally elongated straight cylindri
an annular restricted opening is de?ned around the pin.
cal stem 12 having, on its outer end, and preferably inte
In use and operation, with the upper bowl section
gral therewith, a ?xed lower bowl section 14, and being
socket 56 containing burning tobacco (not shown), a
formed, at its inner end, with a concentric socket 16. The
bottom of the socket 16 is formed with a threaded axial 60 suction applied to the mouthpieces and its bore 36, draws
smoke from the bowl socket 56 through the restricted
blind bore 18. The lower bowl section 14 is formed with
openings 62 or 62& into the bowl chamber 54, whence
an upwardly opening hemispherical recess 20, of substan
the smoke is drawn through the stem passage C into
tial relative diameter.
the stem chamber 38, into the passage B to and around
The smoking pipe lit further comprises a bit 22 having
a reduced cross section mouthpiece 24 and a squared outer 65 the groove 40, and to the bit bore 36, through the pas
sage A. This long and tortuous path of the smoke from
end 26, of the same diameter as the inner end 28 of the
the bowl socket 56 to the bit bore 36, assures maximum
stem 12. The bit 22 has an axial threaded blind bore 39
cooling of the smoke before it reaches the mouth of the
into which is threaded the inner end of a tubular cylin
smoker. Further, the dwell of the smoke in the cham
drical shank 32, the outer end of the shank 32 being
threaded into the blind bore 18, with the outer end 26 70 bers 54 and 38 assures maximum condensing out and
of the bit engaged with the inner end 23 of the stem 12
collection of noxious wet material entrained in the smoke.
and closing the socket to, so as to de?ne an annular
The chambers 54 and 38 and the groove 40 are readily
tending across the interior of the bowl and spaced from
the upper and lower ends of the bowl and de?ning a
tobacco receiving socket above the wall and a chamber
below the wall, restricted opening means in said wall pro~
viding limited communication between the socket and the
recess, a circular passage in the bowl spacedly surrounding
accessible for cleansing, and the passages A, B, and C
can be readily cleaned with ordinary pipe cleaners, when
the upper bowl section 50 and the bit 22 are disconnected.
Although there have been shown and described herein
preferred forms of the invention, it is to be understood
that the invention is not necessarily con?ned thereto, and
that any change or changes in the structure of and in
the relative arrangements of components thereof are con
templated as being within the scope of the invention as
de?ned by the claims appended hereto.
said recess substantially on a level with said wall, a
partition extending across said circular passage and divid
ing the same into two isolated portions, said stem having
10 a bit secured on its other end and having a longitudinal
What is claimed is:
1. A smoking pipe comprising a stem, a bowl compris
bore extending therethrough, said stem being formed with
an internal chamber at one end of the bit, a longitudinal
tubular shank extending across said stem chamber and
secured to the bit and the stem, said shank having a longi
tudinal bore opening at one end to the bore of the bit,
a ?rst longitudinal passage in said stem opening at one
bowl section comprising an upwardly opening socket hav
end to the other end of the shank bore and at its other
ing a bottom wall closing the upper end of said recess,
end to one of said passage portions, a second longitudinal
said bottom wall having restricted opening means extend
passage in the stem opening at one end to said chamber
ing therethrough and providing restricted communication
between said recess and said socket, there being circular 20 and at its other end to the other passage portion, and a
third longitudinal bore in the stem opening at one end
groove means in the upper end of the lower bowl section
to the bowl chamber and at its other end to the stem
extending around the recess and closed by the upper bowl
section, a partition in said groove dividing the groove into
two portions, said stem having a bit on its other end
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
provided with a longitudinal bore extending therethrough,
and longitudinal passage means in said stem connected at
ing a lower bowl section ?xed on one end of the stem and
having an upwardly opening recess therein and an upper
bowl section secured on the lower bowl section, said upper
one end to the lower bowl section recess and at its other
end to the bit bore, said passage means being severally
connected at one end to circular groove portions at op
posite sides of the partition and at their other ends to 30
the bit bore, the bit bore being otherwise unconnected to
the recess.
2. A smoking pipe comprising a stem, an upwardly
opening bowl ?xed on one end of the stem, a wall ex
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