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June 5, 1962
Filed Jan. 27, 1960
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c'mymczs W Uscnow,
June 5, 1962
Filed Jan. 2'7, 1960
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fates ‘ art
Clarence W. Uschold, 135 Stuyvesant Ave.,
Newark 6, NJ.
Filed Jan. 27, 1960, Ser. No. 4,926
5 Claims. (Cl. 158-—-1.5)
Patented June 5, 1962
these slots.
The plate 27 has an opening 27a and an
inwardly (toward the ?re box) extending circumferential
?ange 311 surrounding the opening 27a and extending
through the opening ‘33 in the plate 15a. The atomized
‘fuel is delivered through the cone 20 of the oil burner
unit 21 in the conventional manner by the fuel injection
nozzle shown in broken lines at 2011 in FIG. 2.
The housing 14 which includes all of the elements just
This invention relates to oil burners and, more particu
larly, to a combustion air intake assembly adapted to
described "as well as means described below for moving
be secured in operative association with an opening in 10 the plate 27 vertically and retaining it in the selected verti~
cal position, is adapted to be secured against the front
the wall of a ?re box of a fuel oil burner heating plant.
wall 30 of the ?re box in the position shown in FIG. 2,
The e?icient and economical operation of fuel oil
wherein the openings through the cones 2d and 24 and
burners is substantially dependent upon the proper supply
through the plate 15a and the ?re box opening 32 are
of combustion air to the ?re box. An object of this in
vention therefore, is to provide an adjustable air intake 15 all in alignment, and with the ?ange 311 whose diameter
is larger than that of the smaller end of the cone 24 and
housing for fuel oil burner heating plants that is simple
smaller than that of the opening 32, projecting into the
in construction, el?cient in operation, and which is adapted
?re box.
to uniformly and evenly control the supply of air thereto.
An adjustment bolt 35 is rotatably supported within a
Another object of this invention is to provide an ad
justable air intake housing that is adapted to develop 20 bracket 36 carried by the top of the skirt 17 and extends
maximum heat Within the ?re boxes of domestic, com
into threaded engagement with a bracket 38 carried by
mercial, and industrial heating plants using liquid, gas,
the adjustment plate 27. Thus, rotation of the adjustment
bolt is operative to regulate the vertical position of the
adjustment plate with respect to the inner extremity of
or pulverized fuels.
All of the foregoing and still further objects and ad
vantages of this invention will become apparent from a 25 the air de?ector cone 24 that is partially received within
the circumferential ?ange 31. Therefore, air entering
study of the following speci?cation, taken in connection
the housing through the opening 18 at the bottom end
with the, accompanying drawing, wherein:
thereof is drawn through the space de?ned by the air
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of an adjustable air
de?ector cone 24 and the circumferential ?ange 31, the
intake housing made in accordance with the present in
quantity of air passing therebetween being directly re
vention, in operative association with a fuel oil ?red
lated to the extent of vacuum created by the high velocity
heating plant;
primary air that passes from the fan of the burner 21
FIGURE 2 is a side elevational view of the device
through the primary air cone 20. By raising the ‘adjust
shown in FIGURE 1, with parts broken away and partly
ment plate 27, a larger quantity of air is caused to pass
in section, showing the construction of the air intake
35 into the ?re box from the upper part of the space be
tween the de?ector cone and the ?ange 31. Conversely,
FIGURE 3 is 1a cross sectional view taken along line
lowering the adjustment plate permits a greater quantity
3-3 of FIGURE 2; and
of air to pass between the lower end of the de?ector cone
FIGURE 4 is a cross sectional view taken along line
and the ?ange 31. ' In this way, a proper amount of air
4-4 of FIGURE 2.
Referring now to FIGURE 1 of the drawing, an air 40 may be distributed into the combustion chamber at the
point of atomization of the fuel where the ?ame begins.
intake housing 14 made in accordance with the present
The handle 45 secured to the damper 40‘ is operative to
invention is shown in operative association with the ?re
adjust the position of the damper to enlarge or restrict
box 10‘ of a fuel oil ?red heating plant. The ?re box
the size of the opening 18 that communicates with the in
is enclosed by ?re brick 12 and is directly beneath the
boiler 13 that is substantially coextensive therewith, as 45 terior of the ?re box. Thus, the damper 40 may be moved
from a completely open position shown in full lines in
more clearly shown in FIGURE 2.
FIG. 2 to a completely closed position shown in broken
The air intake housing 14 includes an inner attaching
lines at 40a, as may be required. Such dampers con
plate 15a having an opening 33 therethrough of the
trolling intake of secondary air are conventional.
same diameter as'the opening 32 through the front wall
It is well known that the quantity of air available in
30 of the ?re box ill). The housing 14 further includes an
outer plate 16 having an inwardly extending peripheral
the ?re box, which is delivered with the atomized fuel
skirt 17 around the top and the two sides of the housing,
the inner edge of the skirt being provided with an ex
ternal ?ange 15 secured to the plate 15a beyond the
through the cone 20, amounts to only about twenty per
border'of the opening 33. At the bottom of the housing
14 the skirt 17 has a damper opening 18 in which a
damper 40 is pivoted on horizontal hinges 43 and is
adapted to be manipulated by a handle 45. The speci?c
structure of the damper and its handle are not relevant
to the invention as such dampers are conventional. The
outer plate 16 has a central opening 19 aligned with the
opening 33, through which the cone 20 of an oil burner
cent of the quantity required for combustion, for which
55 reasons an additional or secondary air supply is conven
tionally supplied through a damper opening such as indi
cated at 18 which, in the instant case, is positioned at the
bottom of the housing '14 below the burner. Such addi
tional air which is sucked into the ?re box is for the most
part available for fuel combustion only at the lower por
tion of the conical path (represented diagrammatically
by the arrows in FIG. 2), in the close neighborhood of
the smaller end of the cone 20 In order to be effective
in combustion the added air must be available very close
unit 21, secured by a mounting plate 23 to the outside of
the plate 16, extends. A truncated air de?ector cone 24 65
to the smaller end of the cone; if fuel escapes a distance
of greater length and larger radial dimensions than the
beyond this end into the ?re box it Will be mixed very
cone 20 is secured to the plate 16 concentric with the
poorly with air and will burn ine?iciently with conse
cone 20 by means of a ?ange 25 extending radially from
quent low heat and high carbonization of the ?re box, the
the base of the cone 24. A verically movable adjust
ment plate 27' is slidably mounted against the plate 150 70 ?ue ‘and the nozzle. Since, therefore, little of the second
ary air from the damper opening meets fuel emerging
and is provided with a pair of laterally spaced vertical
from the cone 24) in the upper portions of the said path
slots 28. Studs 29 secured to the plate ‘15a register in
shown by the arrows, the fuel in that portion is ine?i
ciently burned.
With the ba?le plate 27 in the position shown in FIG. 2,
i.e., with the axis of its opening 27a in alignment with
said means comprising a vertically slidable plate having
an opening therelhrough of a diameter smaller than the
incomplete combustion remains unaltered. However, by
diameter of said ?rst-named opening and larger than
diameter of said smaller end of the cone whereby
plate is vertically movable to displace the axis of
plate opening from a given position with respect to
raising the plate 27 so that the space between the lower
half of the edge of the opening 27a and the smaller end
axis of the cone to a higher position with respect to
the axis of the cone, means constraining the plate to
the axis of the cones 20 and 24, the above condition of
of the cone 24 is decreased while proportionately increas
vertical movement, and means limiting the vertical move
ing the space between the upper half of the opening 27a 10 ment of the plate within a range wherein the circumfer
and the upper edge of the said end of the cone 24, it is
ential edge of the smaller end of the cone always remains
obvious that a larger proportion of air sucked through the
damper opening will be directed to the upper portion of
spaced from the circumferential edge of the plate opening.
2. The improvement set forth in claim 1, wherein said
last-named means comprises a ?ange surrounding said
the path of atomized fuel Where it emerges from the cone
20. After an installation is made the plate 27 is raised
to a position which shows, by tests or experience, that a
plate opening and projecting inward with respect to the
?re box beyond the plane of said ?rst-named opening.
3. The improvement set forth in claim 1, said plate
maximum of fuel consumption e?‘iciency has been
achieved, and the plate is then left in that position. The
having means for raising or lowering the same.
addition of the ?ange 31 around the opening 27a tends
4. In a furnace including a ?re box having a vertical
to con?ne the secondary air which has been directed up 20 wall provided with a horizontal opening therethrough, a
ward as just described, momentarily close to the smaller
combined burner unit ‘and adjustable secondary air sup~
end of the cone 24 for increased e?icient utilization there
ply means comprising a housing including a front wall, a
of for combustion. The vertical adjustability of the plate
top‘ wall, side walls and a bottom wall provided with a
27 makes it possible to attain the highest ef?ciency for
damper-controlled opening, the housing being secured to
25 the ?re box with said walls surrounding the ?re box open
any particular furnace set-up.
It is to be noted that the smaller end of the cone 24
ing, the burner unit being mounted in said front wall and
is substantially in the plane of the front wall of the ?re
having a fuel injection nozzle and a truncated air cone
surrounding the nozzle positioned within the housing, a
box, whereas in conventional installations the equivalent
of the motor supporting plate 16 is secured directly against
plate vertically slidably mounted in said housing adjacent
said vertical wall of the ?re box having an opening there
the front wall of the ?re box so that the cone 24 pro
jects a substantial distance into the ?re box. As a conse
through of larger diameter than the diameter of the
quence the instant installation permits of shortening the
distance between the front and back walls of the ?re box
with resulting emonomy in construction costs.
smaller end of the cone and of smaller diameter than said
?rst-named opening and normally positioned approxi~
mately in alignment with the cone and said ?rst-named
It is further to be noted that while the entire unit con
35 opening, means constraining the plate to vertical move
tained, as shown, within the housing 14 is readily attach
ment, means for varying the vertical position of the plate,
able to a conventional ?re box after removal of the origi
and means limiting vertical movement of the plate within
a range wherein the circumferential edge of said smaller
nal burner unit, the invention as presented herein may
end of the cone remains always spaced from the circum
also be embodied in newly manufactured furnaces.
While this invention has been described with particular 40 ferential edge of the plate opening.
reference to the speci?c form shown in the drawing, it is
5. A device according to claim 4, wherein said means
to be understood that such is not to be construed as
for varying the vertical position of said plate comprises
imparting limitations upon the invention, which is best
de?ned by the claims appended hereto.
threaded opening therein, said top wall having an opening
a bracket on the upper portion of the plate having a
Having thus described my invention, I claim as new 45 aligned with said threaded opening, and a screw extend
and desire to secure by Letters Patent:
ing through said top wall opening and registering in said
threaded opening.
1. In a furnace including a ?re box having a horizontal
opening through a wall thereof and a burner unit mount
ed in alignment with said opening wherein the burner
unit includes a fuel injection nozzle and a truncated air 50
cone coaxial with and surrounding the nozzle with the
smaller end of the cone pointing into the ?re box and
the ?re box has a secondary air inlet thereinto surround
ing said cone, the improvement consisting in adjustable
means interposed between said opening and said cone for 55
diverting a portion of the air passing into the ?re box
from said secondary air inlet from the lower portion of
the smaller end of the cone to the upper portion thereof,
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