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June 5, 1962
Filed July 29, 1960
:9- '
5 //
United States Patent 0 " 'ice
Robert J. Hickin, Seville, Ohio, assignor to Packaging
Corporation of America, Rittman, Ohio, a corporation
of Delaware
Filed July 29, 1960, Ser. No. 46,158
5 Claims. (Cl. 229-435)
Patented June 5, 1962
The opposite edges of the end wall members 4 are
provided with flaps 6 foldable on hinge scores 7, and
these ?aps carry at their free edges the hooks or catch
members 8 adapted, upon erection of the carton, to be
engaged with the side wall members 2 by insertion
through and engagement with the slit means 9--10‘ of
these wall members.
In accordance with the invention the hooks or catch
members 8 are provided with transverse bosses 11 which
This invention relates to cartons made from blanks
of foldable sheet material such as paperboard, and it has 10 intersect their perimeters at two spaced locations and ex
tend substantially vertically of them when in erected con
reference particularly to cartons of the corner-lock type
dition and serve, due to the fact that they offstand from
in which the mating edges of adjacent carton walls at
the plane of the blank, to provide offsets which increase
the carton corners are joined in erected position by co
the eifective thickness of the flaps particularly in the zones
operating catches or hook members carried by one of
such walls and slit means in the other wall, all as is well 15 of their edges 8’ which engage the portions :10‘ of the
slits 9—10. These bosses may be produced simply and
known in the carton art.
cheaply during the blank-forming process by the opera
Ordinarily the catches or hook members are carried
tion of a conventional creasing rule or scoring tool as
at the free edges of flaps hinged to one of the walls of
hereinbefore stated.
the corner-forming pairs, and these flaps are disposed
The carton or tray of the invention may be erected
exteriorly of the other walls of the pairs with their catches 20
in the manner and with mechanisms conventionally used
inserted inwardly through the slit means of such other
in the setting-up of corner-lock cartons, whereby, when
walls, but in some cases the flaps may be disposed in
the side walls 2 have been erected, the end walls are
teriorly with their catches passing outwardly through the
slit means and hence disposed exteriorly of the other
erected with their flaps 6 embracing the side walls and
the hook or catch means 8 inserted through the slit means
9—-10 to effect locking engagement of the parts.
Although, as shown particularly in FIGS. 1 and 3, the
bosses 11 offstand inwardly from the inner faces of the
hook or catch means 8, they may, particularly if the
ness or caliper, tear strength and the like, that the corner
lock provided by the hook or catch and slit connection 30 flaps16 are disposed inwardly of the side wall members
2 as hereinbefore suggested, oifstand outwardly from the
fails when the carton, particularly if loaded, is not care
outer faces of the hook or catch means v8, if desired.
fully handled, by disengagement of the hook or catch
In addition to their function in enhancing the lock
from the slit means.
In paperboard cartons, to the production of which this
invention is primarily directed, the characteristics of the
material are ‘such, due to lack of adequate rigidity, thick
ing engagement of the hook or catch and slit means of
One object of the invention is to so improve the corner
35 the corner lock, the bosses 11 extending inwardly of the
lock means that its failure will be guarded against.
side walls will so space moist or greasy products packed
Another object is to attain this desired improvement
in the carton from the edges of the books or catches and
in a simple manner and without adding to the cost of the
the edges of the slit means in the side walls as to prevent
unsightly wicking of moisture or grease into these parts.
A further object is to attain this desired object by means
Various changes and modi?cations are considered to
integral with the carton blank and produced in the blank 40
be within the principle of the invention and the scope of
during the blank-forming process.
the following claims.
Other objects and advantages of the invention will be
What I claim is:
apparent from the following description.
l. A corner-lock carton, having a base panel mem
Broadly considered, the invention comprises the pro
vision upon the hook or catch members of the corner 45 ber and a pair of wall members at a corner of said base
locks of bosses which extend to their edges that engage
- the complemental edges of the slits, thus, in e?eot, serv
panel member and olfstanding angularly from said base
panel member, a ?ap hinged to the corner-forming edge
ing to increase the effective thickness of these edges
of one of said wall members and cooperating with the
other wall member to form said corner, said other wall
in the zones of their cooperative engagement with the
edges of the slits; and the said bosses may be, and prefer 50 member being provided with slit means spaced from the
corner-forming edge thereof, said ?ap being provided
ably are, formed by a simple embossing operation such
as may be performed with an ordinary creasing rule or
score~forming tool, all as will be explained more in de
tail hereinafter and ?nally claimed.
with a catch member insertable through said slit means
when said wall members are erected to corner-forming
relation, said catch member having a perimetral portion
In the accompanying drawing illustrating the invention,
55 thereof abuttingly engaging an edge of said slit means
in the several ?gures of which like parts are similarly
to effect interlocking of said wall members at said corner,
said catch member being provided with a transverse boss
offstanding from the plane of the catch member and in
FIG. 1 is a plan view of the inner face of a carton
tersecting the perimeter thereof at two spaced locations
FIG. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary section taken on 60 to provide an offset in the zone of its abutting engage
ment with said edge of the slit means,
the line 2--2 of FIG. 1, and
2. A carton as de?ned in claim 1, in which said boss
FIG. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary perspective view
extends across said catch member in a direction sub
showing one end of the blank of FIG. 1 in erected con
stantially normal to said base panel member.
3. A carton as de?ned in claim 1, in which said ?ap
'Ilhe carton blank shown in FIG. 1 is more or less 65
is disposed against the outer surface of said other wall
conventional, broadly considered, as related to corner
member with said catch member disposed against the in
tlock cartons or trays, and comprises a base, or bottom,
panel member 1, side wall members 2 de?ned from the
ner surface thereof, the boss of said catch member off
standing therefrom inwardly of the carton wall.
base panel member 1 by folding scores 3, and end wall
4. In ‘a corner-lock carton, having a base panel mem
members 4 de?ned ‘from the base panel member by fold 70
ber, pairs of wall members otfstanding substantially
ing scores 5.
blank embodying the invention,
normal to said panel member and having their meeting
members including slit means in one of said wall mem
end edges forming corners for the carton with the said
bers spaced from a corner-forming edge thereof and
end edges of the walls of said pairs joined by corner
‘locking means comprising catch means carried by ?aps
hinged to the corner-forming edges of one wall of a pair
and complemental slit means in the other wall of the pair
‘and spaced from the corner-forming edge thereof with
catch means carried by a ?ap hinged to the corner-form
ing edge of the other wall member, said catch means
an edge of the catch means abuttingly engaging a com
in corner-forming relation, said catch means being pro
having a perimetral edge and serving for insertion through
said slit means and for abutting locking engagement with
an edge thereof when said wall members are erected
plemental edge of the slit means, the improvement which
vided with a transverse boss otfstanding from the plane
comprises boss means on said catch means extending 10 of the catch means and intersecting its perimetral edge
‘transversely thereof and offstanding from the plane of
at two spaced locations, said boss thus serving to provide
the catch means and intersecting its perimeter at two
an offset in the zone of abutting engagement of said
spaced locations to provide an offset in the Zone of its
catch means with the said edge of the slit means.
abutting engagement with said edge of the slit means.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
5. A blank for a corner-lock carton, comprising a 15
sheet of foldable material provided with cuts and folding
scores de?ning a base panel member, side and end wall
members foldably attached to said base panel member
Oliver ______________ __ Dec. 13, 1927
at its borders and erectable substantially normal thereto
Maier ,__,_ ____________ __ Mar. 10, 1931
with their end edges in juxtaposition at the corners of 20 2,677,493
Wanda _______ _,..-__.__v__ May 4, 1954
the base panel member, and corner-lock means for said
Carpino _____________ __ Aug. 25, 1959
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