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Leopold Franz Schmid, Stuttgart, Germany, assignor to
Firma Dr. Iug. h.c.F. Porsche KG., Stuttgart-Zuifen
hausen, Germany
Filed Sept. 26, 1960, Ser'. No. 58,453
Claims priority, application Germany Oct. 29, 1959
2 Claims. (Cl. 123—90)
Patented June 12, 1962
shortcomings of the prior art constructions in a simple and
effective manner.
It is another object of the present invention to provide a
valve control system for internal combustion engines
which precludes tapping noises that may occur in the
valve-actuating linkage in a relatively simple and inex
pensive manner.
A still further object of the present invention resides in
the provision of a valve~actuating linkage system which
The present invention relates to a valve-controlled in 10 enables the use of inserts made of a material having good
ternal combustion engine in which the valves are actuated
damping characteristics notwithstanding the relatively
by cams through the interposition of a linkage.
poor rigidity characterstics thereof.
With valve-controlled systems of the type mentioned
A still further object of the present invention resides
hereinabove, tapping noises are normally likely to occur
in the provision of an actuating system for the valves of
which, as a rule, are more readily audible with air-cooled 15 an internal combustion engine which permits ready assem
engines than with water-cooled internal combustion en
bly of the parts including sound-absorbing inserts by
gines. In order to dampen the noises, it has already been
proposed in the prior art to install hydraulic tappets in
the valve-control arrangement. While the rattling and
tapping noises are reduced by such an arrangement, the
manufacture of such types of tappets, however, is di?icult
and relatively expensive.
In contradistinction thereto, it is proposed in accord
ance with the present invention to realize the connection
simple means while preventing undesired displacement
of these inserts during operation of the engine.
These and other objects, features and advantages of the
present invention will become more obvious from the
following description when taken in connection with the
accompanying drawing which shows, in the single FIG
URE thereof, for purposes of illustration only, a cross—
sectional view through an air-cooled internal combustion
of the linkage parts by the interposition of low-noise in 25 engine provided with valves arranged in the cylinder head
By the use of such an arrangement as proposed
herein, oil lines together with valves necessary with hy
draulic tappets and a multitude of seals are obviated there
by. The noise-damping or soundproo?ng according to
the present invention takes place exclusively by an insert
which is accommodated within the bearing of the linkage
parts already present, whereby any harsh metallic noise
is prevented during the movements of the control linkage.
This construction is inexpensive since it consists exclusive
in a suspended manner.
Referring now to the drawing, reference number 1
designates therein the internal combustion engine which
includes a crank case 2.
One or several cylinders 3 are
inserted into the crank case 2 which are closed off by
means of the cylinder head 4. A valve 6 which is an
overhead valve is supported in the cylinder head 4 within
a valve guide 5 which valve 6 closes off the working
space 7 or combustion chamber of the internal combus
ly of one part compared to the large number of struc 35 tion engine against the gas line 8. The valve is under
tural parts of which the hydraulic tappets are composed.
the effect of a spring 9 which abuts at the cylinder head
It is thereby advantageous, in accordance with the present
invention, if the bearing of a push rod supported, for ex
4 within a recess 10 and is supported on the other end
thereof at a spring disk 12 secured to the valve shaft 11,
ample, at a rocker arm and at a tappet takes place by the
thereby seeking at all times to displace the valve 6 in the
interposition of a soundedamping insert. The insert forms 40 closing direction thereof.
a bearing dish having a spherically~shaped curved slid
The actuation of the valve 6 takes place by means of
ing surface or is provided with a bearing dish of such
a cam 13 through a suitable linkage. The cam 13 is sup
shape. In order to prevent that the insert is displaced
ported, in a manner known per se, within the crank case
during the movements of the control linkage from the
2 and is driven in any suitable manner by the internal
intended assembled position thereof, the recesses are pro 45 combustion engine. The linkages consists of a tappet 14
vided with angularly bent rim portions which retain the
which is operatively connected by means of a push rod 15
insert in the desired position thereof. It is also achieved
with the rocker arm 16 transmitting the movement to the
by the use of such an arrangement that with a material,
valve 6.
for example, synthetic material which has advantageous
The rocker arm 16 is rotatably supported on a bearing
damping characteristics accompanied, however, by a rela 50 pin 17 which is secured in a bearing lug 18 provided in
tively low rigidity, a lateral displacement or de?ection of - the cylinder head 4. The end 1? of the rocker arm 16
the insert out of the securing arrangement is prevented.
opposite the valve 6 is provided with a threaded bolt
As a rule, non-metallic materials having a relatively
member 20‘ which terminates in a dish-shaped bearing
good elasticity possess only a slight rigidity. In order to
portion 21. The dish-shaped bearing portion 21 is curved
enable the installation of inserts made of materials having 55 in a spherically-shaped manner and serves for the accom
good damping characteristics, the ‘bearing surfaces of
modation of a bearing dish 22 which is shaped corre
the elastic inserts as well as the linkage parts cooperating
spondingly and is made of non-metallic material, for ex~
therewith are constructed, in accordance with the present
ample, of synthetic material of any suitable commercially
invention, in such a manner that they offer a relatively
available material, such as any suitable plastic material
large working surface. As a result thereof, the speci?c
having the desired characteristics. A mushroom-shaped
surface stress in the insert is reduced so that the life
length thereof is increased. On the other hand, there
exists the possibility to utilize a material with relatively
slight rigidity having, however, advantageous damping
characteristics. It has been found advantageous if the
push rod is provided at both ends thereof with extensions
having mushroom-shaped bearings the radius of curvature
of which essentially corresponds to the diameter of the
push rod.
bearing extension 23 forming part of the push rod 15
is supported thereby within the bearing dish 22.
The dish-shaped bearing portion 21 together with the
dish-shaped bearing insert 22 and the mushroom-shaped
bearing portion 23 of the push rod 15 are thereby con
structed in such a manner that as large as possible a
working surface is present between aforementioned parts.
In the described embodiment, the radius of the spherically
shaped bearing dish 22 corresponds essentially to the
Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to 70 diameter of the push rod 15 so that a relatively small
speci?c surface load or stress of the bearing dish 22 is
provide a valve control arrangement for internal com
bustion engines which obviates the disadvantages and
achieved. The mushroom-shaped bearing portion 23 is
thereby made of light metal in order to reduce the inertia
A similar connection is provided between the push rod
15 and the tappet 14. The tappet 14 which slides within
arm; sound-damping insert means interposed in the op
erative connection between said push-rod and said tappet
and in the operative connection between the push-rod
and said rocker-arm, said insert means interposed in said
operative connection between said push-rod and said ta -
a bore 24 in the crank case 2‘ is provided with a cylin
drical body member 25 open on one side thereof which
serves for the accommodation of an insert of synthetic
pet being of a construction different from said insert
means interposed in said operative connection between
said push-rod and said rocker-arm, all of said insert means
material, for example, of a material commerically sold
under the name of Vulkollan though any other suitable
being elastic, the bearing surfaces of all of said insert
commercially available material having the desired char 10 means and of the linkage members cooperating there
acteristics may be substituted therefor.
with being sperically-shaped sliding surfaces so con
structed as to produce relatively large working surfaces,
said bearing surfaces of all of said insert means being
concave, the radius of curvature of said spherically-shaped
The insert 26
has a spherically-shaped bearing surface 27 into which
engages or in which is supported the mushroom-shaped
bearing portion 28 of the push rod 15.
For purposes of retaining the dish-shaped inserts 22
and 26 in the assembled positions thereof, both the dish
shaped portion 21 of the threaded bolt member 2% and
the body member 25 of the tappet 14 are provided with
rim portions 29 and 30, respectively, which are angularly
sliding surfaces being approximately equal to the diam
eter of said push-rod.
2. In a valve-controlled internal combustion engine
having valve means and mechanism to actuate said valve
means comprising cam means and linkage means includ
bent over or toward the damping inserts 22 and 26 and 20 ing a tappet, a rocker-arm and a push-rod for connecting
said cam means will said valve means to actuate the latter
thereby retain the same in the assembled position in a
by the former; said push-rod being in operative and
simple manner. A lateral displacement or squeezing out
sound-deadening engagement at one end thereof with said
of the insert during operation is also precluded thereby.
rocker-arm and at the other end thereof with said tappet,
During the movements of the actuating linkage, the
said one end of said push-rod comprising a mushroom
non-metallic inserts which are made of a material having
good sound-damping characteristics, preclude load noises,
whereby the engine noise is considerably reduced.
shaped bearing extension having a diameter greater than
that of said push-rod, said rocker-arm being provided
with a dish-shaped bearing member having a spherically
While I have shown and described one embodiment in
curved concave surface, a spherically-shaped bearing dish
accordance with the present invention, it is understood
that the same is not limited thereto, but is susceptible of 30 member having a convex surface engaging said concave
surface and further having a concave surface engaging
many changes and modi?cations within the spirit and
said bearing extension of said push-rod, said dish-shaped
scope of the present invention. For example, changes
may be made in the construction thereof, and/ or differ
member comprising retaining means for said bearing dish
member, said other end of said push-rod terminating in a
ently constructed parts of the control actuating system
may be provided to which the arrangement according to 35 further mushroom-shaped bearing extension of the same
diameter as said ?rst-named bearing extension, said tap
the present invention may be readily applied and/ or in
pet being provided with a cylindrical body member hav
which an arrangement according to the present invention
ing a closed bottom portion and an opening opposite said
may be readily installed.
closed bottom portion, a plastic insert member supported
Thus, it is quite obvious that the present invention is
on said bottom portion, said plastic insert member hav
not limited to the details shown and described herein,
ing a spherically-shaped bearing surface of a radius of
but is susceptible of many changes and modi?cations and
curvature substantially equal to the diameter of said push
I, therefore, do not wish to be limited to the details
rod, said bearing surface engaging said further mush~
shown and described herein, but intend to cover all such
changes and modi?cations as are encompassed by the
scope of the appended claims.
room~shaped bearing extension, said cylindrical body
45 member having means for retaining said plastic insert
member in said cylindrical body member.
I claim:
1. In a valve-controlled internal combustion engine
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