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.Time l2, 1932
Filed Feb. 20, 1959
United States Patent Office
Thomas P. Elfstrom, Vesta Township, Redwood County,
Minn. (Rte. 1, Vesta, Minn.)
Filed Feb. 20, 1959, Ser. No. 794,733
2 Claims. (Cl. 272-531)
Patented `lune 12, 1962
l ñrst side 3Gv as shown at 27 and is pivotally connected
at its lower end to the front portion of a first base sur
face contact or rocker member 2t) at 32. A second
rocker member 21 is spaced laterally from, and on the
same horizontal plane with, member 20. Similarly, con
necting member, rear post, or leg member 25 is pivotally
connected to the rear portion of rocker 20 and the rear
This invention relates to amuse-ment and exercising ap
portion of si-de 30; rear post 26 is pivotally connected
paratus and is particularly concerned with motion im
to the rear portion of rocker 21 and -the rear portion of
panting apparatus e.g. a bobby horse device designed to 10 side 31; and forward post 28 is pivotally connected to
provide a series of motions in a conñned area.
the forward portion o-f sidef31 and the forward portion
Many hobby horse devices have been designed and
of rocker 21. The rocker members can have non-slip
manufactured for the amusement of children. These
erg. rubber, treads on their undersurface. The posts
devices generally include a motionable seat supported by
move in yunison when body platform 10` reciprocates on
a `frame and, sometimes, a foo-trest. Motion is usually
a generally horizontal plane to provide a flexing or vari
'imparted to the seat as a result of the rider shifting his
able parallelogram motion with the lower side a hori
Weigh-t or, when available, exerting force against a foot
zontal plane passing through points 32 and 33.
Resilient means eg. coil return spring 35 is ñxedly
An object of
a hobby horse
rocking action,
the two which
well. Another
the present invention is the provision of
connected lat one end to the middle portion of the bot
apparatus adapted to permit cont-rolled 20 tom side of platform 1t) at 36 with hook eyes (not
bouncing action, and a combination of
shown) an-d at the other end to the middle portion of
simulates bucking action exceptionally
cross bar 37 at 38. The cross bar extends between the
rear posts.
object of the present invention is :the
provision of an apparatus of Áthis type containing a mech
Stirrup lever 40 is ñxedly attached to, projects forward
anism which is actuated by the legs of, and is continu 25 ly and upwardly from, and is preferably mounted per
ously in easy, direct control of, its rider to enable con
venient, controlled handling by a child operator. An
other object of the present invention is the provision of
«an apparatus of this type adapted to expeditiously resume
a rest position from an action phase upon the cessation
of actuation of the mechanism.
An additional object of the present invention is the
provision of a hobby horse of the type mentioned in the
pendieularly to, rear post 25.
It projects under the
platform to lodge against the underside of the riding plat
form at a rest position to limit rearward flexing of the
previous paragraph adapte-d to provide «the operator with
mechanism i.e. rearward extent of the variable parallelo
gram action. Stirrup lever 41 is similarly mounted on
rear post 26. Stirrup plates 48 and 49 are conveniently
mounted on levers 40 and 41, respectively.
In the operation of the apparatus, the ‘rider sits on
seat member 12, normally facing head 16 with hands
a secure, mounted position free of `sliding o-r dislodging
holding handle 18, and with feet resting on stirrup plates
tendencies when actuating, or during the operation of,
43 and 49. With the application of pressure downward
ly e.g. legs of the rider, on »the stirrup plates, forward
the mechanism. Another object of the present invention
is the provision of apparatus of this Itype containing a
rocker support feature permitting considerable operator
actuation means or stirrup levers 40 and 41 exert a
moment on legs 25 `and 26, respectively, about their
mo-tion without substantial movement laterally over the 40 respective points of attachment, 50 and 51, to platform
lill. This shifts the platform forward with respect to
supporting `surface eJg. room floor. Another object of
the present invention is the provision of apparatus of this
rockers 2d and 21, and stretches and places spring 35,
type which is safe and practical for indoor use in rela
in tension. ¿With a release of pressure on the plates, the
plates are returned to their starting posi-tion by action of
tively conñned spaces without particular movement later
ally over the supporting surface even when the rider pro 45 tensioned spring 35 which moves or urges platform 10
toward its starting position. Thus the riding platform
duces consider-able motion. Another object of the pres
can be reciprocated in a general »horizontal plane as a
ent invention is the provision of apparatus of Ithis type
`adapted to provide vigorous, healthful exercise for the
result of the combined actions of the downward pressure
on the stirrup levers and the resilient member to provide
operator `and adaptable for use on a larger scale as an
adult exercising device.
50 flexing or variable parallelogram action defined by pivot
ing forward and rear posts, the riding platform and a
The operation of the apparatus of the present inven
straight line passing through the connection points on a
tion will be more clearly »understood by reference to the
rocker member. Generally, the range of motion of the
drawings in which the apparatus is illustrated. When
stirrup levers is limited `by the rest position, at which
employed in the drawings, like numerals denote similar
55 the stirrups rest on the underside of the body platform,
and by the tension of the coil spring which exerts` an in
creasing p'ull as it is extended. Spring tension, by vary
FIGURE 2 represents a top view, partly in section and
ing the position of attachment on the underside of the
with `the rocker rails projected outwardly; and
platform or on the cross bar, can be varied to produce
FIGURE `3 represents a fragmentary perspective View
of the apparatus of the present invention.
60 desired changes in the action or «gait of the horse.
The motions provided for the rider by the hobby horse
Referring to the drawings, an illustrative embodiment
apparatus o-f the present invention include rocking mo
is shown of the hobby horse of the present invention
tion, as in a conventional rocking horse; a bouncing
which is preferably made of wood but metallic or plastic
motion, obtained by alternately applying yand 4releasing
materials are also suitable. Body or riding platform 10
contains ñrst side 3i) and laterally spaced second side 31. 65 pressure on the stirrup plates; or a combination of the
two producing a bucking motion.
Body platform .10 can support a seating member 12 pref
Although the present invention is described in con
erably including rear saddle member 14 and forward
nection with a hobby horse, it will be obvious to those
member 16, conveniently a replica of a horse’s head,
versed in the art that devices embodying rthe present in
through which a handle 18 extends.
vention can have the >appearance of other animals.
AForward post 23 is pivotally connected, conveniently
It is claimed:
with bolt means, at its upper end to the front portion of
l. A hobby horse comprising two spaced rocker mem
FIGURE l represents a side view;
bers each containing a forward and a rear portion; a
ward actuation means `and said resilient means oper
riding platform containing forward and rear portions;
motion imparting means connecting the riding platform
and the rocker members in a riding lrelationship and
adapted to horizontally reciprocate the riding platform
in relation to said rocker members; said motion impart
ing means including two spaced forward posts, one pivot
-ally secured to each of the forward portions of the rocker
members and the forward portion of the riding platform;
atively related to reciprocate the riding platform and
provide variable parallelolgram action between the for
ward and rear posts, riding platform and rocker mem
2. The hobby horse of claim 1 wherein the resilient
means is a coil spring and is attached to a cross bar ex
tending between the rear posts; and the forward actua
tion lever means includes stirrup plates on its forward
two spaced rear posts, one pivotally secured to each of l0 portion which projects under the riding platform to lodge
the rear portions of the rocker members and the rear
against the underside of the riding plat-form at a rest
portion of the riding platform; forward actuation lever
means ñXedly mounted to and extending forwardly and
position to limit the rearward extent of the variable
parallelogram action.
upwardly `from the rear posts and ladapted to move the
platform forward in relation to the rocker members by
exerting a moment about the point of securement of the
rear posts to the riding platform; and resilient means at
tached to the riding platform and the rear posts, adapted
to be placed in tension when the platform moves forward
and when under sufficient tension to urge the platform 20
backwardly in relation to the rocker members, said for
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