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United grates Patent 0 " 1C6
Patented June 19, 1962
cylindrical ?ange 30, which ?ts snugly but readily slid
ably within the cylinder 10. The bottom plunger 28 is
Arthur E. Sharples, 17 Tonnele Ave., Jersey City, NJ.
Fiied Aug. 26, 1960, Ser. No. 52,253
provided with an upstanding rod 32 at its center, which
is of a height greater than the height of the cylinder 10
so that it projects therefrom at ‘all times and in all posi
tions of the plunger 26 within the cylinder 10. The plunger
4 Claims. (Cl. 68-214)
26 and rod 32 are likewise preferably formed of molded
The present invention relates to a laundering device
and, more particularly, to a -ha.nd~manipulated launder
synthetic plastic material.
The device of the present invention further comprises
ing device especially adapted for laundering small quan
tities of wash in a basin, or the like, and is an extension 10 a cover 34 for the top of the cylinder 10, which is prefer
ably of circular shape and of a size to overlie the cylin
of and improvement over my invention described and
der Wall and rest upon the crest of its gripping ?ange 12.
The cover 34 is formed with a central opening 36, through
which the plunger rod 32 passes, and is provided with
The present invention has two primary objects. One
object is to provide a laundering device of the character 15 means for retaining it in centered position over the cylin
der opening, such as the three or more dependent center
described which may be used to pound articles of laundry
ing pins 38 extending from its bottom surface. Prefer
disposed in a washbasin, ‘on the exterior of the device,
ably, the inner corners of the ends of the centering pins
as well as to Wash smaller articles, such as hosiery, hand
38 may be rabbeted, as at 40, to accommodate the upper
kerchiefs, and minor articles of lingerie, disposed in the
20 edge of the plunger ?ange 30. If desired, the cover 34
interior of the device.
may be provided with cutout recesses 42 in its edge.
A second object of the invention is to provide a laun
The plunger rod 32 is preferably provided with an
dering device of the character described which is not only
enlarged, preferably disc—shaped head 44 at its upper end,
effective to force the laundering ?uid through the article
and may have mounted thereover, intermediate the top
laundered by the pounding action thereof, but also to
create a suction, to return laundering ?uid through the 25 surface of the cover 34 and the head 44, an expansion
coil spring 46, which normally tends to maintain the
article laundered, upon the return movement of the
- plunger 26 in close-as-possible position adjacent to the
cover 34 permitted by the centering pins 38. Preferably
The present invention also ‘has for its object to pro
both the upper surface of the cover 34 and the inner sur
vide a laundering device of the character described which
is of relatively simple construction, easy and convenient 30 face of the plunger head 40 are provided with annular
ribs 48 and 50, respectively, de?ning cylindrical recesses
to manipulate, and highly effective for its purposes.
within which the ends of the spring 46 are disposed.
It is a further object of the present invention to provide
This completes the description of the laundering device
a laundering device of the character described which is
claimed in my copending application, Serial No. 786,486,
?led January 13, 1959 (now forfeited).
of the present invention. In operation, the plunger 26 is
relatively compact and of pleasing and attractive appear
35 inserted into the cylinder 10 and the device is ‘then grasped
The foregoing and other objects and advantages of
the laundering ‘device of the present invention will be
by the ?ange 12, by the ?ngers of both hands, with the
ing position;
cylinder each time the laundry is pounded by the device
thumbs of the hands resting upon the head 44 of the
plunger rod 32 to depress the plunger 26, to the max
come more readily apparent to those skilled in the art
imum, into the interior of the cylinder 10. When in this
from the embodiment thereof shown in the accompanying
drawings and from the description following. It is to be 40 position, the device is pounded upon the wash in a basin.
At the end of the pounding stroke, the thumbs are re
understood, however, that such embodiment is shown
leased from the plunger head 44 and the plunger 26
by way of illustration only, to make the principles and
is automatically returned by the spring 46, to its outer
practice of the invention more readily comprehensible,
most position in the cylinder 10, creating a suction With
and without any intent of limiting the invention to the
45 in the cylinder 10, which tends to draw the laundering
speci?c details therein shown.
?uid through the opening 18, 22 and 24, into the interior
In the drawings:
of the cylinder 10, through the laundered articles, to
FIG. ‘1 is a vertical, sectional, partly elevational view
thereby provide an additional rinsing of such articles by
through a laundering device of the present invention,
the suction drawn laundering ?uid. This operation is
shown in normal or initial position;
FIG. '2 is a similar view of the device, shown in pound 50 repeated; to press the plunger 26 downwardly into the
and to release it at the end of each pounding movement,
to create suction upon the automatic return of the plunger
to normal position.
Referring now, in greater detail, to the embodiment
In laundering relatively small articles, such as hose or
of the invention illustrated in the accompanying drawings, 55
handkerchiefs or the like, the article may be placed di
the same is shown to comprise ‘a cylindrical body 10,
FIG. 3 is a section taken on line 3—3 of FIG. 1; and
FIG. 4 is a bottom plan View of the device.
which may preferably be molded of a synthetic plastic
material, which is open at the top Where it is provided
with an outwardly and downwardly curving gripping
?ange 12. The cylinder 10 is provided with a bottom
wall 14, which may be molded integrally therewith and is
provided with a center, preferably inwardly offset spider
16, that provides openings ‘18 into the interior of the
cylinder 10. The cylinder bottom 14 may also be pro
vided with an annular row of spaced outwardly project 65
ing studs 20, surrounding the spider 16, which may form
a pounding element, between and through which may
rectly into the cylinder 10, and the plunger 26 then in
serted above the article. The device with the laundry
on the inside of it is then lowered into a laundering ?uid
in a basin while the plunger is depressed, as described
above, into the cylinder and against the article disposed
therein, to press ?uid outwardly therefrom and is then
released to create suction through openings 18, 22 and
24, to bring ?uid back into the interior of the cylinder
and through the article disposed on its bottom, to thereby
attain a laundering or rinsing action upon each stroke
of the cylinder in each direction.
This completes the description of the laundering de
be formed additional openings 22 and 24, respectively.
Reciprocable Within the cylinder 10 is a plunger, gen
vice of the present invention. It will be readily apparent
erally designated 26, which may preferably be cup 70 that such device may be utilized for laundering articles
shaped, consisting of a bottom 28 and an upstanding
disposed within and as well as without it; that in both
instances the efficiency of the device is enhanced by the
2. The laundering device of claim 1, wherein relatively
low studs are formed on said peripheral portion of said
bottom wall of said cylinder, said openings in said pe
ripheral portion being formed between and through said
suction action created by the resiliently controlled plunger.
It will also be apparent that the laundering device of
the invention is of relatively simple construction, easy
to assemble, and simple and convenient to use.
It will also be apparent that numerous modi?cations
and variations in the laundering device of the present
invention may be made by anyone skilled in the art, in
accordance with the principles of the invention herein
inder is formed with an outwardly and downwardly
3. The laundering device of claim 1, wherein said cyl
curved ?ange at its open end, said ?ange forming grip
ping means for said cylinder.
4. The laundering device of claim 1, wherein said
above set forth, without the exercise of any inventive in
cover plate is provided with pins on its inner face adapted
genuity. I desire, therefore, to be protected for any and
to extend into said cylinder for centering said cover plate
all such modi?cations and variations that may be made
on said cylinder and to engage the upper edge of said
within the spirit of the present invention and scope of
plunger ?ange to limit the movement of said plunger
the claims hereto appended.
What I claim is:
15 away from said bottom wall of said cylinder.
'1. A laundering device comprising a cylinder open at
References Cited in the file of this patent
the top and having a bottom wall, said bottom wall
having a central portion offset inwardly relative to the
peripheral portion thereof and a plurality of openings
formed in said central portion and said peripheral por
tion, a plunger removably held within said cylinder and
slidable therein against and away from said bottom wall,
said plunger comprising a cup shaped body, including a
bottom wall and an upstanding cylindrical ?ange, a rod
of greater height than said cylinder extending upwardly
from said bottom wall of said plunger, a cover plate for
Messenger ___________ __ Apr. 14, 1874
Sco?eld _____________ __ June 22, 1875
plate normally maintaining said plunger in close prox
imity to said cover plate.
' '
the opening of said cylinder slidably supported on said
rod, and resilient means engaging said rod and said cover
Knight ______________ __ Apr. 2,
Lummis _____________ __ Sept. 9,
Gardner ____________ __ Sept. 22,
Sejarto ______________ __ June 10,
Scharringhausen ______ __ Oct. 10,
Sweden ______________ __ Oct. 28, 1930
Germany ____________ __ Dec. 28, 1932
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