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June 19, 1962
Filed Aug. 5, 1959
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United States Patent 6 " 1C6
Oswald Hoffmann, Lintorf, Bezirk Dusseldorf, Germany
Filed Aug. 5, 1959, Ser. No. 831,836
Claims priority, application Germany Aug. 7, 1958
2 Claims. (Cl. 220-97)
Patented June 19, 1962
from projection outwardly of the lid they are located in
recesses in the lid.
The beads 3 need not be of rectangular pattern but may
de?ne any other geometrical shape such as for example,
an ellipse.
If desired one side wall may have a projecting bead of
rectangular, elliptical or other pattern and the opposed
side vwall may have a groove or recess of corresponding
The present invention relates to boxes adapted for ex
shape such that when a series of boxes are stacked, the
ample to contain ammunition and which are intended
to ‘be stacked. It is an object of the invention to provide 10 bead and groove of the side walls of juxtaposed boxes
will make nesting engagement.
the boxes with means whereby when stacked they will not
In an alternative embodiment the opposed side walls
are formed with a series of pip like projections, or one
According to the present invention a box, for example
side wall may have a series of pip like projections and the
for containing ammunition, has at least two opposed side
walls provided with projections or recesses so arranged 15 other a series of dimple or like shaped recesses such that
when the boxes are stacked, the pips on the wall of one
that where the boxes are stacked, the projections or re
box will nest in recesses on the adjacent wall of a juxta
cesses on the adjacent walls of juxtaposed boxes will
make mutual nesting engagement.
In one embodiment the walls are formed with beads
for example arranged in curved or rectangular patterns,
which stand out in relief and which are appropriately di
mensioned and positioned to enable the beads of juxta
posed boxes to make nesting engagement. If desired
howeyer the walls may have a series of pip-like projec
tions‘in place of the beads.
One embodiment of the invention will now be described
by way of example by reference to the accompanying
rawing, in which
posed box.
I claim:
1. An ammunition box of rectangular shape compris
ing a projecting head in each of its two opposing side
Walls of the box, the bead on one side being differently
arranged to that on the other side so that when the boxes
are stacked adjacent to each other the beads on the ad
jacent walls of the juxtaposed boxes will make mutually
nesting engagements and each projecting bead being in
the form of a rectangle, a removable lid extending across
a wall other than one having the projecting bead, a hook
hinged to each end wall, and a ?xing strap secured to each
FIG. 1 is a side view of an ammunition box according
30 hook and extending across the lid, the side beads being
to one embodiment of the invention,
of such dimensions that when the boxes are stacked side
FIG. 2 is an end elevation, and
by side they will be spaced su?iciently by said beads to
FIG. 3 is a plan view.
As shown in the accompanying drawing, an ammuni
tion box consists of the body 1 and a lid 2. Each longer
enable the lids to be removed from the front of the stack.
2.. An ammunition box according to claim 1, in which
side wall of the body 1 is provided with an outwardly 35 the lid is formed with a recess for each ?xing strap and in
projecting bead 3 arranged in the pattern of a rectangle.
which the strap is located to prevent the straps from pro
'Ilhe bead 3 on one side wall de?nes a rectangular pattern
jecting outwardly from the outer surface of the lid.
of different dimensions to that on the opposed side wall
such that when the boxes are stacked, the rectangles on
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
adjacent walls of juxtaposed boxes will make nested en
gagement and so prevent the boxes in the stack slipping.
Sloan _______________ __ Nov. 30, 1886
The extent the heads 3 project is such that, when the
boxes are stacked one upon the other on their sides, the
lids 2 can be opened from the front. As shown the lid
has ?xing straps 4 extending across the outer face of the 45
lid, and connected to ?xing books 5 hinged on the end
Johnson ______________ __ Jan. 4,
Roop _______________ __ Nov. 23,
Moore _______________ __ Sept. 4,
Eugan _______________ __ Nov. 5,
wall of the box. In order to prevent the ?xing straps
Metzler et a1. -g ____ _._,___. May 13, 1958
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