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July 3, 1962
Filed May 5, 1961
2 sheets-sheet 1
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July 3, 1962
Filed May 5, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
United States Patent Oñtice
Patented July 3, 1962
member 11 is a third apertured ear 24 to which is secured
Brace L. Clayton, 1501 Bellevue St., Greensboro, N.C.
Fiied May 5, 1961, Ser. No. 107,979
3 Claims. (Cl. 4S-85)
Vertically alined openings are positioned on the verti
cal `medial line of ‘the body plate member 11 to receive
a short upper bolt member 26 and a slightly longer lower
bolt member 27 which extend into upper and lower elon
one end of a chain member 25.
This invention relates to improvements in book and
gated slots 2S and Z9 that `are provided in `a channel
magazine holders that are adapted to retain a book or
shaped support member 30.
magazine in any inclined position that is lconvenient for
a reader whether they `are reading or copying -from the
book or magazine being so retained by the book and
intermediate plate member 31 has a right angularly dis
magazine holder.
An object of this invention, therefore, is to provide
posed longitudinally extending integral flange 33 that is
an improved book and magazine holder that is susceptible
of being adjusted so that the book and magazine holder
may retain books and magazines of varying sizes, as well
as susceptible of being adjusted so that the angular in
clination of the book or magazine may be adjusted to
conform with the angle of vision of the reader.
Another object of this invention is to provide a book
and magazine holder that will retain the book or maga
zine in open position so that the reader’s hands may be
lfree at all times to either copy from the book and maga
zine or perform other feats while reading or studying
from the book or magazine.
A further object of this invention is to provide a book
and magazine holder that may be used by a reader
when in a sitting position or when lying down.
A still further object of this invention is to provide a
The support member 30,
at its upper end, is secured to an intermediate plate mem
ber 31 of an upper support or page holder 32 and the
in contact with, when at rest, the longitudinally extending
medial line of a substantially inverted U-shaped top plate
member 34 of the upper page holder 32. Member 34
includes a web extending across the top of the intermedi
ate plate member 31. The support member 30 is secured
to the intermediate plate member 31 by rivets 35 and the
iiange 33 of the intermediate plate member 31 has sliding
contact with the top plate member 34.
The web of the top plate member 34 has a vertically de
pending longitudinally extending integral rear flange 36
and a vertically depending longitudinally extending in
tegral front flange 37 that is wider transversely thereof
than the rear flange 36.
The front flange 37, the intermediate plate member 31
and the rear flange 36 are provided with transversely
alined, longitudinally spaced openings in which are po
sitioned transversely extending pin members 38 and 39.
book and magazine holder that is simple in construction, 30 Each of the pin members 3S and 39 is provided at its
eñicient in operation and inexpensive to manufacture.
opposite ends -with enlarged heads 40 tand 41 to prevent
With the above and other objects land advantages in
disengagement of the pins 38 and 39 `from the front flange
view, the invention consists of the minor details of con
struction, arrangement and combination of parts more
fully hereinafter described, claimed «and illustrated in the
accompanying drawings, in which:
37, the intermediate plate member 31 and the rear ñange
36. Positioned on each of the pins 38 and 39 intermediate
of the front flange 37 and the intermediate plate member
1 is a limiting or stop member 42 and positioned on
each of the pins 38 and 39 intermediate of the rear llange
zine holder embodying the invention;
36 and the intermediate plate member 31 is a spring 43.
FIG. 2 is a vertical sectional view on the medial line
The intermediate plate member 31 is thus stationary to
2-2 of FlG. 4;
40 permit forward and rearward movement of the front and
FIG. 3 is a rear elevational view of FIG. 1;
rear flanges 36 and 37 against the tension of springs 43,
FIG. 4 is a horizontal sectional View; and
the stop members 42 limiting or stopping the movement of
FIG. 5 is a rear elevational view of the upper support
the front flange with respect to the intermediate plate
or page retaining member of the book and magazine
member. This arrangement permits the top page holder
FIG. 1 is a front elevational view of a book and maga
holder embodying the invention.
Referring more in detail to the drawings, wherein like
parts are designated by like reference numerals, the ref
erence numeral 16 is used to 'generally designate `a book
and magazine holder embodying the invention.
45 32 to adjust itself automatically by tilting .in a plane
normal to the intermediate plate member v31.
when the reader has reached the middle of the book as
shown in FIG. 4, the front flange 37 will be parallel to
the intermediate plate. However, at the beginning of the
The book and magazine holder 10 comprises `an up 50 book it will be tilted toward the earlier pages to accom
modate the unbalanced arrangement of pages. Toward
right body plate member or base 11 which has a straight
bottom edge 12, straight side edge portions 13 and 14 l the end of the book the holder will be tilted in the oppo
site direction, of course. This adjustment occurs auto
and upwardly and converging inclined top edge portions
15 and 16 that terminate in an apex portion 17. Extend 55 matically to some slight effect as each page is turned.
With the support member 30 positioned on bolts 26
ing at right langles to and forwardly of the body plate
and 27 by reason of the elongated slots 28 and 29, a
member 11 and integral therewith is a lower book sup
resilient washer 44 is positioned on the lower bolt mem
port member or flange 18. The lower support member
ber 27 and then an elongated stop adjusting plate member
18 has rounded corner portions 19 and 2t), as clearly
45 is positioned on the bolt members 26 and 27 by reason
shown in FIG. 4, and extending longitudinally of and 60 of spaced openings that are provided therein. along the
longitudinal medial line, adjacent the opposite ends there
adhesively secured to the rear surface of the lower sup
port member 1S and bottom edge 12 is a narrow elon
of. A Wing nut 46 is then threaded on each of the bolts
gated scutf member 21 that prevents the bottom edge
26 and 27 so that when the wing nuts 46 are loosened
portion 12 of the book and magazine holder 1t) from
the support member 30 may be vertically adjusted in
relation to the plate member 1.1, lbut when the wing nuts
marring or scratching any surface upon which it is placed.
46 are tightened, the support member 30 will be retained
Punohed from and extending rearwardly of the plate
in fixed adjusted relation to the plate member 11.
member 11 are -a pair of horizont-ally aligned apertured
ears 22 and 23.
The ears 22 and 23 are positioned on
A support or rear rest assembly 47 is provided for re
opposite sides of the vertical medial line of the plate 70 taining the book and magazine holder 10 in vertical or
inclined relation to a horizontal surface, as shown in
member 11 and are equally spaced therefrom. Also
FIG. 2. The support assembly `47 includes a pair of side
punched from and extending rearwardly of the plate
bars 48 and 49 that have the upper ends thereof bent at
parts may be resorted to provided they fall within the
right angles thereto, as at 50 and 51, whereby the assem
bly 47 may be pivotally connected to the apertured ears
22 and 23 that extend rearwardly of the body plate mem
ber 11. A rubber foot member 52 being mounted on the
opposite end of each of the side bars 48 and 49, and the
foot members 52 in conjunction with the scuff member
21 will prevent the book and magazine holder 10 from
sliding on any surface on which the book and magazine
holder 10 is placed. Extending between and secured at
spirit of the invention and the scope of the appended
Having thus described the invention what is claimed
as new and desired to be secured by Letters Patent is:
1. In a holder for books or the like, including an up
right base, a bottom flange extending forwardly of said
base and adapted to receive a book or the like thereon,
an intermediate plate, means slidably connecting said
its opposite ends to the side bars 47 and 48 is a cross 10 intermediate plate to said base for vertical adjusting move
ment relative thereto, and adjustable support means for
bar 53, which is provided at its medial portion with an
varying the angle of inclination of said base and inter
eye 54` A hook member 55 is pivotally connected to the
mediate plate; the improvement comprising an inverted
eye 54, and the hook member 55 may be selectively in
serted into the links of the chainZS to retain the support
assembly 47 in adjusted relation to the plate member 11.
The lower support member 18 is provided with a pair
of openings 56 and 57 that are equally spaced from the
U-shaped page holder comprising a web formed with
front and rear depending ñanges, said web extending across
said intermediate plate above the same, said front and
rear ñanges straddling said intermediate plate forwardly
and rearwardly thereof, a pair of lateraly spaced pins con
necting said front and rear lflanges together, said inter
» medial portion of the lower support member 18 and eye
pins 58 and 59 are adapted to be removably inserted into
the openings 56 and 57. A rubber band 60 is connected 20 mediate plate being formed with a pair of laterally spaced
holes slidably receiving said pins therein to connect said
to and extends between the eye-pins 53 and 59 so that the
rubber band 60 may engage and conform to the outline
of the pages 61 of an open book 62, as shown in FLIG. 4.
When the book and magazine holder 10 is to be used
it is positioned on a suitable sur-face, as shown in FIG. 2,
'and the support assembly 47 is moved in relation to the
page holder to said intermediate plate for forward and
rearward movement relative thereto, and expansive spring
means interposed between said intermediate plate and
said rear flange to load said page holder to a rearmost
2. A holder for books or the like according to claim 1,
there being a lower page holder comprising rigid page
positioned in the proper inclined relation to ‘a surface,
engaging means on said'bottom flange in forwardly spaced
as shown in FIG. 2, at which time the hook 55 is inserted
relation to said base, ya resilient band, said `rigid means
in the nearest link of the chain 25 to retain the body
body plate member 11 until the body plate member 11 is
having means mounting said band in upwardly spaced
plate member 11 in the desired position.
The bottom edges of the open book 62 are then placed
on the lower support member 18 and the upper support
member 32 is moved upward-ly or downwardly as the situation requires so that the top edges of the open book 62 are 35
positioned intermediate of the front ñange 37 and inter
mediate plate member 31.
The wing nuts 46 are then
_ tightened to retain the upper support member 32 in the
relation to said bottom ñ'ange, and said rigid means com
prising two laterally spaced elements, said elements being
spaced apart `a distance less than the width of an open
book seated on said bottom -flange whereby to provide
laterally spaced and rigid page engaging means withsaid
band providing resilient page engaging means between said
rigid page engaging means.
3. A holder »for books or the like according to claim l,
the book 62. The eye-pins 58 and 59 are then inserted 40 there -being stop means interposed between said -front
ñange and said intermediate plate to limit rearward move
into the openings 56 »and S7 so that the rubber band 60
ment of said page holder and tol maintain said front
extends over the lower central portions of the pages 61
ñange in at least a minimum spaced relation to said inter
of the open book 62, as shown in FIG. 4.
i‘lxed adjusted position that is determined by the size of
Tihe book 62 will, therefore, be positioned and retained
at the inclination best suited to the reader 4and the pages
61-of the book 62 may be turned as needed.
mediate plate.
References Cited in the tile of this ‘patent
There has thus been described a book and magazine
holder that is versatile in use and may be made of metal,
plastic or any other suitable material and it is believed 50
that from the Iforegoing description the manner of as
sembling the book and magazine holder, 'as well as the
use thereof, will be apparent to those skilled in the art.
It is also to be understood that changes in the minor
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details of construction, arrangement and combination of
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