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July 3, 1962
Filed March 4, 1960
F/g. 6
Jmvsr J R550.
fwzye {{[?/dwm
United States Fatent @h?ce
Fatented July 3, 1962
respectively a split spring ring used to attach further
lengths of strap to the adjusted body strap.
Janet J. Reed, R0. Box 5432, Pasadena, Calif.
Filed Mar. 4, 1960, Ser. No. 12,769
1 Claim. (Cl. 128-134)
This invention relates to restraining belt means intended
to keep persons requiring supervision from getting up
FIGURE 5 is a view similar to FIGURE 3 but show
ing ‘a disc and attaching member of pliable material.
FIGURE 6 shows the restraining means of my inven—
tion in use, the head portion only of an occupied bed
being shown.
FIGURE 7 is a plan view substantially half size show
from or falling off hospital beds or lounge chairs and the
ing a simple tool aiding in opening the split spring ring
like since they may otherwise wander away or fall and 10 and for retaining the rings and sections of the restrain
cause injury to themselves if free from restraint and obser
ing means together when not in use.
FIGURE 8 is a perspective view of elements of the
The invention is primarily designed for use in the care
restraining means arranged to serve as a leash.
of senile aged persons, or mentally incompetent and feeble
Referring now to FIGURES 1 and 2, lengths of body
subjects, but the means of my invention may be adapted 15 belt strap 1% are provided, the strap being perforated
to other uses as will later appear.
along its median line with a series of preferably round
The care of senile old people necessitates continual
holes 11 large enough for the passage of the looped
watchfulness since the subject while generally tractable
shank 12 of a rigid disc 13.
often has ?ts of restlessness, and has little or no judgment,
The belt strap 10 may be of any suitable material such
thus when left unattended in a chair near a window he
as a vinyl plastic since this material is strong, durable,
may suddenly get out of the chair and try to open or shut
and easily cleaned.
the window incurring the danger of falling through it or,
Discs 13 of the form shown in ‘FIGURE 1 may be
when left sitting up in bed, may get up and try to walk
made of metal with a center hole 14. The discs 13 are
down a flight of steps with a very good chance of falling
provided with shanks 12 made of relatively heavy wire
down them.
25 having the ends 15 bent outward and bearing against the
Such subjects in properly equipped nursing homes are
back of the discs 13.
therefore usually restrained in their beds or lounge chairs
A split spring ring 16 with concealed ends, FIGURES
by belts, but such restraint is irksome to the patient and
3 and 4, is engaged with the loop of shank 12 and serves
he expends much eifort in trying to release the belt.
both to retain the belt strap 10 at the size of opening
Many different forms of such belts are in use but all
desired and also for the connection of 13 lengths 17, 18
of them to the best of my knowledge require that the at
(see FIGURE 6) of strap apertured similarly to the body
tendant take special care in wrapping buckles and other
belt strap and by which the body belt on the subject may
securing parts with adhesive tape or other binding to keep
be secured to the frame of a bed or heavy easy chair
the patient from undoing them. Such additional pre
and the like. The side straps 17, .18 are tensioned in
cautions involve the expenditure of time and extra ex
r looped length also by additional discs 13a and split rings
pense and are generally inconvenient and undesirable.
19‘ {and 20 similar to ring 16. If desired a washer, indi
It is an object of my invention to provide novel re
cated in dotted lines in FIGURE 3, may be positioned
straining means of the kind described which is simple to
between loop 12 and strap 10, to reduce wear between
use and which requires no additional manipulation to
the body strap 10 and looped shank 12.
render it safe against release by the subject.
A second ring 21 is used to attach the securing strap
A further object of my invention is to provide such
to the side of the belt strap 10 opposite ring 16, though
restraining means which are free of cumbersome buckles
this ring need not be split if a single length of belt strap
or other parts pressing against the body of the subject
is used passed through the ring. If it is preferred to
and which will leave him free to sit up or change his
use two shorter lengths of belt strap than required for
posture while retaining him securely in the bed or on 45 circling the body, the ends being overlapped, the second
the lounge chair.
ring may be a split spring or ring, a disc with looped
Another object of my invention is to provide restrain
shank utilized in a manner identical to that described with
ing means for the purpose escribed, which may be part
reference to ring 16.
ly released by the attendant releasing a single element,
The reason that split spring rings are utilized is that
of the restraining means, to enable the subject to be
the type of subject for which the restraining means of
turned over in bed for a sponge bath or other service.
my invention is‘ particularly intended has little manual
Another object of my invention is to provide restrain
skill or strength so that while the rings may be readily
ing means of the kind described which are ef?cient for
manipulated by an attendant the subject would be un
their purpose and simple and inexpensive to produce and
able to do so since no amount of twisting, pulling or
picking will release the ring from the loop 12 of the
Still further features and objects of my invention will
hereinafter appear from the following description and
accompanying illustrative drawings of preferred embodi
Since the rings 16a and 21, see FIG. 6, are pulled away
from the body of the subject there is little likelihood of
ments thereof.
60 the metal disc pressing into the subject’s skin as the secur
In the accompanying drawings:
ing straps 17, 18 cannot loosen, but there is a possibility
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view, substantially full
that these straps may not initially be adequately tensioned
size, of a disc with looped metal attaching shank secured
and the subject may in turning on his side lie on a ring
therein forming the length adjusting member of the se
and disc 13 with its shank 12.
curing means of my invention.
The form of disc shown in FIGURE 5 ensures that no
FIGURE 2 is a view similar to FIGURE 1 showing a
metal can be pressed ‘against the subject’s skin except
length of strap, having a series of holes toward each end,
possibly the split spring rings and since these are perfectly
which is ‘looped around the waist of the body of the sub
smooth and relatively large in diameter no discomfort
ject as a belt and maintained in adjusted length by use
can be caused.
of the disc and shank shown in FIGURE 1.
The disc 24 shown in FIGURE 5 may be made from a
FIGURES 3 and 4 show in side elevation and plan
tough but somewhat pliable plastic. The disc 24 and one
piece or two piece body belt straps 25, 25a are slotted
at equidistant intervals as indicated at 26 and 27.
The looped shank used within the metal disc is replaced
by a connector piece 28 of the same or similar material
as belt 25 molded in U shape with holes at eachend
through which the split ring 16a may be threaded. The
additional securing straps and rings may obviously be
purpose of providing a resiliently closed retaining mem
her which cannot be released by the type of subjects for
which the restraining means are intended, it will be
obvious that other forms of such retaining members other
than split spring rings may be utilized and the term “re
siliently closed loop means” is intended to include any
such other forms, provided they are of such construction
that they are too dif?cult to open by the type of patient
arranged as previously described since they do not come
for which the restraining belt is intended.
in contact with the body of the subject.
The elements of the restraining means of my invention
The patient locating means of my invention is shown in 10
may be arranged in other ways than those speci?cally de
use in FIGURE 6 which shows a subject resting corn
fortably asleep with the "body belt strap shown as a single
length 29 passed through a ring 21 on the left of the waist
and with the ends of the belt overlapped on the right side.
A disc 24 of the kind shown in FIGURE 5 and connect
ing piece 218 adjust the ?t of the belt strap and the ring
16a is threaded through the holes in the ends of the con
necting piece 28.
scribed, for instance the body belt portion may be per
manently sewn to a retaining portion adapted to extend
across the bed and be looped at its ends around the bed
frame, the body portion and looped ends being held in
adjusted position by the securing means described.
Preferred embodiments of my invention have been de
scribed and shown in the drawings by way of illustration
but not as limitative of the invention since various changes
Securing straps 17 and 18 are looped through rings
16a and 21 at opposite sides of the subject’s waist, ten 20 and modi?cations may be made in the described embodi
ment by those skilled in the art without departing from
sioned over the edge of the mattress ‘3d, bed frame 31
and secured by discs 13a inserted between the down run
of the straps and their overlapped ends with looped stems
12a projecting through the apertures in the overlapped
ends and retained in place by split spring rings 19‘ and 20.
Since split spring rings may be dif?cult to open, any
convenient implement such as a nail ?le can be used to
push between the turns of the ring, to open them. A
convenient implement 32 is shown in FIGURE 7 and
comprises a strip of metal having thinner edge portions 33
provided toward one end for prying apart ‘an end portion
of a turn of the ring to enable it to be entered in the
loop 12 or holes in the connector piece 28. The handle
end 34 of the implement is provided with a hole 35 in
which the split spring rings can be carried when the re
straining belt is not in use. The implement 32 can be
hung on the bed, in a position out of reach of the sub
ject, ready for use. One of the edge portions 33 may be
sharpened to a cutting edge to enable the implement 312
the scope of the invention as de?ned by the appended
What I claim is:
A patient release-proof positioning device comprising:
waist strap means having perforations therein and
adapted to encircle the patient’s waist;
adjusting members each having a looped stern and an
enlarged base permanently mounted on said stem,
the stem of at least one of said adjusting members
being adapted to be inserted through overlying per
forations to adjust the waist strap means in a close ?t
around the patient’s waist;
retaining split spring metal rings having the ends of
the ring aligned with the ring and concealed ‘by a
perpendicularly offset portion of the ring, said re
taining rings being adapted to be worked into the
loops of the stems of the adjusting members;
and a pair of side straps having perforations therein
to be used to cut through the belt strap 10 to release 40
the subject in case of extreme urgency such as when in
and adapted to be passed around the bed frame and
connected to the waist strap means'at each side of
danger from ?re.
the patient’s waist and secured in position by further
The elements of the restraining means may be utilized
as a leash if necessary when taking the subject for walks
by releasing the retaining straps from the bed frame but
leaving one of them attached to the body belt strap and
of said adjusting members passed through overlying
perforations of said side straps and retained in adjust
ed position by further of said split spring metal rings
worked into the loops of said further adjusting mem
using it as a leash.
bers, the parts of the device being thereby positively
FIGURE 8 shows the body strap 2%, and retaining
and adjusting member 24a, split spring ring 16a and one
joined to form a unitary device, effective when in
operative position to prevent the patient from mov
ing his body toward either side of the bed and from
moving toward the head and foot of the bed, and
from releasing said device.
securing strap 17 with disc 18a, looped stem 12a and ring ,
19 arranged to be used as a leash. The leash arrangement
is quickly set up by releasing the securing straps 17 and
18 in FIGURE 6 from the bed frame and re-attaching
strap 17 to the body belt strap by using disc 13a and split
spring ring 19.
The split spring rings utilized in my invention are an
article of commerce and are formed as a helix of two
superposed turns of spring wire which is jogged between
the turns so that the free ends lie flat against the jogged
portion of the ring, see FIG. 3, and are therefore difficult 60
for the patient to locate and open. While the split spring
rings have been found very satisfactory for the required
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