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July 3, 1962
Filed March 26, 1959
United states Patent 50 cc
Fatented July 3, 1962
‘which antenna leads 14 and tuner leads 15 may be con
nected. When it is desired to remove the back panel,
the tuner leads 15 ?rst must be removed from the con
nectors 13 and allowed to pass through an opening 16
Paul J. Tebay, Alpena, S. Dak.
Filed Mar. 26, 1959, Ser. No. 802,207
1 Claim. (ill. 174-52)
in the back panel when such panel is removed.
The construction described thus far is found in many
This invention relates to communications apparatus
conventional receivers.
such as radio and television receivers, and more par-'
In order to obviate the necessity of disconnecting the
ticularly to‘ connectors or conductors by means of which
tuner leads upon the removal of the back of the receiver,v
leads to antenna are attached.
10 the present invention provides a connector clip 18 having
In recent years, it has become the practice of television
a substantially U-shaped body in which the free ends are
manufacturers to employ an antenna clip mounted on
the removable back panel of television sets in such a
manner that the antenna must be disconnected when the
in closer proximity than the bight portion. The body of
the clip is preferably of ?exible one-piece construction
and includes relatively ?at, elongated front and rear por-'
back panel-is removed for servicing. Under these con
tions 19 and 20‘ connected by a bight‘ portion 21. 'A pair
ditions, the owner or service man, who desires to test the
50f ‘conductors 22 and‘23 are imbedded in or mounted on
operation of the set and make necessary adjustments with
the back panel removed, must connect an auxiliary an
the body of the clip and extend in spaced relation from
a position adjacent to’ the free end of the front portion
around the bight to a position adjacent to the free end
of the'rear portion. The conductors may consist of a
printed circuit or of suitable wire adapted to conduct
the incoming signal to the set and are appropriately
tenna or make a temporary connection between the an
tenna and tuner leads. This has delayed the servicing and
repair of such apparatus and in some instances has proven
unsatisfactory because the set could not be tested under
actual conditions due in partto faulty or loose con
spaced for minimum line loss.
nections. '
At each end of the conductors, terminals ‘are mounted
Furthermore, in some instances, the antenna, or a 25 on the connector clip for the reception of the antenna
portion thereof, has been mounted on or built into the
leads on one end and the tuner leads on the opposite end.
set, and it is sometimes desirable to supplement such
Those illustrated on the outer side or front of the con
antenna or to substitute another which is more suitable
nector are terminal posts and nuts 25 and on the inner
to the conditions of use. In such circumstances it is fre
quently necessary to go to considerable trouble and ex
pense to remove the antenna leads from the built-in an
tenna and to connect it to an external antenna.
side or back of the connector are terminal clips 26, al
30 though various types of terminals may be used.
In a preferred embodiment, the connector clip 18 is
formed from non-conducting material such ‘as a plastic
Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention
and the conductors are molded into the connector during
to provide a relatively simple and inexpensive clip-type
its manufacture. Various plastics may be used, such as a
connector having terminals to which the receiver’s tuner 35 vinyl resin which can be formed into a relatively hard,
leads and antenna leads may be quickly and easily con
springlike, member. If desired, other materials such as
nected, and which may be easily slipped oil of the back
metal may be used, it being necessary, however, to insure
of the set without disconnecting the leads when the back
adequate insulation of the conductors from each other
is removed, thereby permitting use of the antenna dur
40 and of the connector clip to avoid disruption of signal
ing servicing.
voltages through contact with other conducting parts with
A further object of the invention is to provide a clip
type connector for a television receiver having external
terminals to which various'antenna leads may be quickly
which it might come in contact.
a’ In the use of the connector it is contemplated that the
terminal clips 26 be connected to the two leads from the
and easily connected and disconnected.
tuner which is adapted to receive the signals from the
These and other objects of the invention will become 45 antenna. Preferably, a little slack is provided in the tuner
apparent from‘ the following description, taken in con
leads in order that the back of the set may b‘emoved
junction with the accompanying drawing wherein:
FIG. 1 is a rear elevation of a television set illustrating
one method of mounting the connector of the present
slightly away from the set to facilitate removal and at
tachment of the connector clip to the back. vThe external
50 antenna leads are connected to the posts 25 of the con
nector. When the back of the set is removed, the con
nector clip 18 may be easily slipped off of the back
FIG. 2, an enlarged fragmentary detail of a portion
of FIG. 1;
without disconnecting the leads, and this will permit the
reception of signals under ‘actual operating conditions
FIG. 3, a perspective view of a connector constructed
in accordance with the present invention;
FIG. 4, a plan view of the connector of FIG. 3; and
even though the back is removed.
In servicing a receiver of the nature described, the
FIG. 5, a section on the line 5—5 of FIG. 4.
service man may disconnect the tuner and antenna leads
from the 'back panel and attach them to the connector
Brie?y stated, the invention is embodied in 1a ?exible,
spring-like elongated clip‘ member having closely spaced
clip of the present invention. This will simplify his
testing of ‘the set while having access to its interior.
connected opposed portions which may be spread apart
to engage a sheet member such as the back panel of a
Similarly, if the timer or antenna leads or terminals
of the set or on the back of the set are damaged, sub
television receiver,‘ the frictional force and springlike
action holding the member in position. The member
includes a pair of spaced conductors which ‘are insulated
stitute connections may be easily and simply provided
from each other and which extend in parallel relationship
from approximately one end of the member to the other.
Suitable terminal clips or mounting posts are provided at
the end of each conductor, to'which tuner and antenna
by means of the connector clip described.
In cases in which antenna is built into the set, either
leads may be connected.
ternal antenna, the present connector is well adapted to
meet such need by simply clipping it onto the back of the
set and attaching the tuner leads to the clips 26, thus
providing easily accessible terminal posts 25 to which ex
on the cabinet or on the back, and the user desires to
have a simple means for connection to a substitute ex
With particular reference to the drawings, a receiving
set 10 is illustrated having a housing consisting of a cabi
net 11 and a back panel 12. Mounted on the back panel
are a pair of conventional slip-type connectors 13 to
ternal antenna may be connected.
Accordingly, it will be understood that the present in
vention includes a simple springlike ‘connector clip which
may be easily mounted on the back panel of the receiver
or attached to any relatively thin member, and has termi
nals for internal and external connection to the tuner
iand antenna leads of the receiver.
Not only is the invention useful in the repair and
may be applied and removed while the electrical con
nection is maintained, said last-mentioned means includ
ing a generally U-shaped spring clip of relatively thin
sheet material and of a size to receive and frictionally
and resiliently grip opposite sides of said removable panel,
whereby upon the removal of said panel the clip and
panel may be separated without interfering with the con
nection to the interior of said cabinet, a pair of con- _
servicing of receivers, that it may be made a part of the
ductors carried by the connector clip and extending there
set by the manufacturer in order to facilitate servicing
and repair and. the connection of various types of antenna 10 ‘along from the interior to the exterior portion, the con
ductors being insulated from each other, and a plurality
by both the user ‘and the service man.
of terminal attaching means carried by the clip, one being
It will ‘be obvious to those skilled in the art that vari
ous changes maybe made in the embodiment of the
invention described, without departing from its spirit and
scope, and therefore the invention is not limited by that 15
which is illustrated in the drawings and described in the
speci?cation but only as appears in the accompanying
What is claimed is:
In ‘combination a cabinet for containing apparatus with 20
an electrical connection between the interior and the
exterior, and a removable panel for providing access to
the interior of the cabinet, means whereby said panel
connected to each end of each conductor.
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