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July 10, 1962
Filed April 15, 1960
Theodore H. Krueger
99%, 31cm 5 QMU-V.
' 3,43,l48
Patented July to, 1%2 '
Theodore H. Krueger, Stratford, Conn.
(% Better Packages, Inc., Shelton, Conn.)
Filed Apr. 15, 1960, Ser. No. 22,497
and accordingly loose ?ts are necessary and access of
dust to the interior of the apparatus through the push
button openings, and particularly the presence of dust at
This invention relates to tape dispensers, and particu
the switch contacts, may take place. The present inven
larly to machines for dispensing gummed tape in meas
tion provides a construction for avoiding this result with
ured lengths in which delivery of the tape ‘is controlled 10 out interfering with the easy operation of the push buttons.
by push buttons. Tape dispensers of the character de
Flexible caps of an elastomer such as natural or synthetic.
scribed are largely used in shipping rooms which, owing
rubber or plastic are provided, these caps having thin ?exi
to the handling of large numbers of packages, are fre
ble tops 30 preferably formed integrally with base rings
quently dusty places. In particular, in machines for
32 of heavier .construction which ?t tightly upon the cylin
handling gummed package-sealing tape, particles of gum 15 drical surfaces 34 of the push button housings and which
may become attached in the form of dust some of which
have bottom surfaces 36 which bear tightly against the
may ?nd its Way into the push button mechanism and
portions of the key drum around the push buttons. These
disturb the proper operation of the ‘apparatus. This is
caps e?ectually seal the push button openings against the
particularly true where push buttons are associated with
entrance of dust into the interior of the key drum, While
electric switches which may be interfered with by the 20 at the same time, owing to their thin ?exible tops, do not
entrance of dust therein.
interfere with the operation of the push buttons by light
It is an object of the invention to provide a protective
?nger touch. It will be observed that the base rings 32
means for the push buttons which, while not interfering
are provided with laterally extending ?ange portions which
with their freedom of action, will prevent the entry of
may be grasped between the thumb and ?nger to enable
dust into the casing in such a way as to disturb the ac 25 the stretching of the base rings over the cylindrical sur
curate functioning of the apparatus. Another object of
faces 34 of the push button housings. The removable
the invention is to provide a ready means for indicating
caps including the base rings and the extending ?ange
or designating certain push buttons which are to be used
portions are of ?exible plastic so that with the aid of the
frequently for speci?c lengths of tape, such means being
?anges, they may be very readily applied or removed.
of such nature that it may be readily changed to meet
The application of removable caps over the push but
the needs of tape lengths required for special runs of
tons also provides for a ready means of designating par
boxes or packages.
ticular push buttons which are to be used for feeding speci~
In the accompanying drawing, which shows a pre
?ed lengths of tape for particular packaging operations.
ferred embodiment of the invention,
This is accomplished by making certain of the push button
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a tape dispenser hav 35 caps of distinctive color or marking. As these caps are
1 Claim.
is the fact that they may be made to operate very easily
and quickly with the lightest ?nger touch. In order to
accomplish this result it is desirable to avoid a push button
construction in which there is any frictional resistance,
(Cl. 74—17.8)
ing the invention applied thereto;
removable, the distinctively colored or marked .eaps may
FIG. 2 is an enlarged plan view of one of the push
be placed on the proper push buttons for a particular job ‘
button caps used in practising the invention;
and may be changed when necessary when packages of
FIG. 3 is a vertical sectional view through the cap
another size are to be handled. For example, in the ar
shown in FIGURE 2, applied to a push button mounted 40 rangement shown in FIG. 1, the push buttons correspond
on the casing of the dispenser.
ing to 21 and 30 inch lengths are designated by specially
For purposes of illustration the invention is shown as
colored caps. If a diiferent length, such as 36 inches, is
incorporated in a push button dispenser of the construc
going to be required for a series of packages instead of ‘a
tion disclosed in application for patent, Serial Number
30 inch length, obviously the colored cap could be changed
801,867 ?led March 25, 1959, now Patent No. 2,994,464. 45 from the 30 position to the 36 position.
The dispenser shown comprises a main casing 10 con
I have described a preferred embodiment of my inven
taining tape-dispensing rolls and tape cut-01f means and
tion, but it is understood that this disclosure is for the
driven by ‘an electric motor, the tape being delivered
purpose of illustration, and that various omissions or
through a moistening couple 12. The rolls and other in
changes in shape, proportion and arrangement of parts,
ternal mechanism of the dispenser are not shown as the
details of this construction are not a part of the present
invention. Mounted on the main casing 10 is a control
housing or key drum 14 on which are mounted a plurality
as Well as the substitution of equivalent elements for those
herein shown and described may be made Without de
parting from the spirit and scope of the invention as set
forth in the appended claim.
of push button controls 16,\each of which when actuated
I claim:
will cause the feeding of a predetermined length of tape. 55
In a dispenser for package-sealing tape having a series
In the construction shown in the aforesaid ‘application,
of push buttons for controlling lengths of tape to be de
and illustrated schematically in FIG. 3, each push button
livered, said push buttons being mounted in a housing,
said push buttons having bodies in which the push button
elements are loosely movable, said bodies having cylindri
push button 20 is loosely retained. The push button 20 60 cal portions projecting outside of the housing, and caps
actuates a pin 22 which acts upon the resettable switch
consisting entirely of ?exible elastic material having bodies
24- so as to close the same. Each switch is so arranged
?tting tightly but removable around the cylindrical bodies
that it will control the delivery of a speci?c length of
of the push buttons and engaging the face of the housing,
said cap bodies having laterally projecting elastic ?ange
An important feature of these push button dispensers
portions providing ?nger grips, said ?anged cap bodies
construction comprises a body or housing 18 which is
secured in an opening inthe drum 14 and in which the
having suf?eient elastic'strength to retain themselves in
position upon the Cylindrical bodies of the’ push buttons
euaaaement of the cap bodies COHSLltlltHlg the sole means
References Cited in the ?le Of’ this patent
without external retaining means the elastic and frictional
Albert ________ __, ____ __ June 30, 1951
Morse _______________ __ June 11, 1957
for retaining the caps on the push button bodies, said caps 8
having thin, ?exible portions formed integrally with said
cap bodies and extending over and in contact with the
Product Engineering (Design Edition), VOL 30, Nun
movable elements of the push buttons so as to exclude dust
ber 46,‘ Nov. 9, 1949, published by McGraw-Hill (copy
but at the same time permit the application of light pres~
sure to operate the push buttons.
available Patent Of?ce Scienti?c Library), pages 12 and
13 of the magazine.
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