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July 17, 1962
Filed Dec. 12, 1958. >-
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
July 17, 1962
Filed Dec. 12, 1958
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
, 11v ENTOILS"
/ I am,
United States Patent G
Arthur Ritscher and Bernhard Schubert, Hamburg-Eer-X5ne
dorr, Germany, assignors to Hauni-Werire Korber 8:
Co., K.G., Hamburg-Bergedorf, Germany
Filed Dec. 12, 1958, Ser. No. 779,962
Claims priority, application Germany Feb. 27, 1958
10 Claims. (Cl. 51-247)
Patented July 17, 1962
manner of a feed wheel, said angle corresponding to the
angle executed by the backwards and forward swinging
movement of a single-armed holder.
Also the ‘grinding wheel holder can be rotatably
mounted ‘on the inner wall of a housing with the rotary
axis of the holder arranged below that of the cutter
drum shaft.
Also in this case one or more grinding
wheels can be provided.
The essential feature of the invention is the provision
The present invention relates to improvements in cut 10 of a grinding wheel holder movable in a rotary path
ting machines for ?brous materials, such as tobacco or
whereby a simple construction and an extremely smooth
the like, and it particularly relates to the provision of
and accurate grinding of the cutters is made possible.
an automatic grinding device for maintaining sharpness
Two constructional examples of the invention are
of the cutter blades of such machines.
shown diagrammatically on the accompanying drawings
1For grinding ?at blade cutters secured to the periphery 15
of a rotary cutter drum of a tobacco cutting machine,
grinding ‘devices have been proposed in which a grinding
yFIG. 1 is ‘an elevation of one vform of grinding device
as seen in the direction of the arrow A in FIG. 2,
wheel is reciprocated in ‘a linear path and thereby the
FIG. 2 is a view of this grinding device in the direc
cutters of the cutter drum, which rotates at a high pe
tion of the arrow B in FIG. 1,
ripheral speed, are maintained in a sharp and e?‘ective 20
FIG. 3 is a view of another form of grinding device
cutting condition. ‘One or more such grinding devices
in section on the line C--D in FIG. 4, and
may be distributed over the length of the cutter drum.
“FIG. 4 is a side view of this grinding device in sec
The rectilinear reciprocation requires the provision .of
tion on the line A'— ' of FIG. 3.
a relatively complicated mechanism and a series of guides
In FIGS. 1 and 2 a one-armed holdert7 is secured
must be provided for the linearly movable parts; one ob 25 to a horizontal shaft 8 supported in a bearing 6 carried
ject of the present invention is to provide a compara
by the machine frame 1. The frame 1 has mounted
tively simple construction which avoids the necessity for
therein a shaft 3 carrying a cutter drum 2. The other
incorporating the relatively complicated and expensive
parts of 'the machine have not been shown as they are
support and guide means which have heretofore been
well known and do not form part of this invention. In
30 FIG. 1 a single cutter blade 5 only of the drum .2 is
The present invention is based on the provision of a
shown and the cutting pitch circle 4 of the cutter is
pivotal or rotatable holder carrying a rotating grinding
indicated in dotted lines. In this construction of the
wheel at an eccentric point and moving in a plane tangen~
invention the shaft 8 carrying the holder 7 is rotatably
tial to the pitch circle of the cutter blades, i.e., to the
and axially ‘adjustab-ly mounted in the bearing v6. At
surface swept by the edges of such blades, and wherein 35 the end of the holder 7 remote from the shaft 8 is
the diameter of the grinding wheel is at least equal to
mounted a cup-shaped grinding wheel 9 on a driven
the chord height of the are described by the grinding
shaft 10. The holder 7 receives its rotary movement
wheel in the region of the tangent with the surface swept
from a motor 11 (see FIG. 2) by means of a worm 12 '
by the cutter blades.
secured to the motor shaft 11 and a worm wheel 13 se
For adjustment or setting of the ‘grinding wheel the 40 cured to the holder 7. Another motor 14 mounted on
holder is displaceable relatively to the pivoted axis there‘
the holder 7 drives the grinding wheel 9 by means of
of or is displaceable with it relatively to the machine
a V-belt drive 15.
frame and transversely to the cutter drum shaft. The
The motor 11 is reversible and is reversed at the two ’
drive for the holder is effected conveniently by means of
desired end poistions 7' and 7" by any suitable electric
a worm wheel secured to the holder and engaged by a 45 switching devices not shown so that the holder 7 rocks
Worm driven by a separate motor. A preferred form of
backwards and ‘forwards in pendular manner between the
the invention consists in the fact that the holder with
two end positions 7' and 7". The manner of mounting '
the grinding wheel executes a pendular pivotal motion
extending over the length of the cutter drum.
and the operation of such switching devices will be im
mediately apparent and it has not been thought neces
For controlling this pivotal motion electric contacts 50 sary to show them in detail.
can be provided at the limits of movement of the path of
A trueing diamond 17 adjustably secured to a holder
the holder, and which reverse the driving motor for the
ensures that the cutting pitch circle 4 maintains the
holder at the end stroke points. The control of the piv
desired diameter. The positioning of the grinding wheel
otal motion can naturally also be effected mechanically
or in any other way. By removal or shifting of one of 55 9 can be effected in desired manner by means of a suit
the stops the grinding wheel holder can be readily moved
out of the region of the cutter drum so that the grinding
wheel is easily accessible for servicing or for replace
able drive mechanism which for example displaces the
spindle 8 of the holder 7 in the bearing '6 transversely to
the cutter drum shaft 3 andvthis may be an automatic
and gradually progressive movement to maintain a proper
If some further complication may be accepted it is 60 grinding action and the correct cutting conditions through
naturally also possible to utilise a grinding wheel holder
rotating in a circular path which is provided with sev~
The construction shown in FIGS. 3 and 4 embodies
eral arms arranged at an angle one to the other in the
a rotary rather than a swinging motion; a cutter drum
21 rotates about a shaft'22“ on which a skew gear 23
wards along the cutting edges of the cutter blades with
is fastened driving an intermediate shaft 24 by means of
a pendular action.
3. Device according to claim 1, in which said holder
a further gear wheel.
A spur wheel 25 fastened on the
consists [of a rotary disc which has mounted thereon a
intermediate shaft 24 engages a toothed ring 26:: which.
forms part of a holder 26 for several grinding wheels 31
and spindles 30, one of which only is shown on the draw
plurality of grinding wheels in circumferentially spaced
4. Device according to claim-1.3, in which said rotary
disc is provided with external teeth engaged by :gear means
driven by said cutter drum.
secured to the frame of the tobacco cutter. - A motor
5. In a grinding device for sharpening the blades of
28 fastened to the housing 27 projects through the wall 10
a rotary tobacco cutter, a machine frame, a cutter drum
thereof and drives the grinding spindle 30 by means ‘of
rotatably mounted in said fname, cutter blades mounted
a V-‘belt drive 29, the grinding wheel 31 being secured
on said drum extending the length thereof, a rotary grind
tothe spindle 3d at apoint facing the, cutter drum 21.
ing wheel having its radial face presented to the peripheral
The spindle 30 is displaceably mounted in the holder
26 and in a ?ange 32 secured to it, in order to permit 15 surface of said drum, a carrier for said grinding wheel
movable about a horizontal axis offset from the axis of
adjustment of the grinding wheel 31. For this purpose a
said grinding Wheel, means to support said carrier on
ring 33 provided with an external thread is slid on the
said machine frame for motion in an arcuate path about
grinding wheel spindle 3i} and is clamped between a ring
said horizontal axis during the'grinding operation so that
34 and, a collar 35 on ‘the, grinding spindle. The ring
the grinding wheel moves in a vertical plane tangential
33 is prevented from rotation by a pin 36 and arranged
to the periphery of said 'drum- in contact with said cutter
within a worm Wheel 37 provided with ‘a corresponding
blades throughout the entire length, means including an
internal thread, the worm wheel being, supported in the
electric motor mounted on said machine frame for oper
grinding wheel holder 26 and in the flange 32. The
atively moving said carrier and the grinding wheel there
worm Wheel 37 vis driven by means of a Worm 38 mounted
on through a'grinding cycle, said grinding wheel having
one shaft 39. and rotatably supported in the holder 26.
a diameter chosen so that the surface area swept by the
The worm 38, is rotated by a pivotal'lever 40 which in
ing, the holder 26 being in this case of disc form.
The holder 26 is rotatably supported in a housing 27
cludes a follower roller 41 co-operating with a cam 42,
and the lever 40 is carried by means of a one-way drive
device on the shaft 39 so that in one direction the lever
40 operates the worm 38 and on the return stroke, ef 30
operative radial face thereof wholly embraces the line of
Contact between the rotary path of the cutter blades and
the plane tangential thereon in which the grinding Wheel
is moved so as to grind. a true edge on said cutter blades
fected by the action of the spring 43, the shaft 39 is
not rotated.
-By the resulting rotation of the worm wheel 37 the
ring 33 is displaced towards the left ‘and it moves the
grinding wheel spindle 30 with the grinding wheel 31
towards the rotary cutter blades, 24 fastened to the cutter
drum 21. Thereby the grinding wheel 31 is advanced a
along their entire cutting edge area.
6. A rotary tobacco, cutter according to claim 5, in
which said arcuate path is determined by a reciprocating
motion imparted to the carrier by said electric motor.
7. A rotary tobacco cutter according to claim 6, in
cluding a reversible electric motor. for reciprocating the
carrier, and contacts positioned at the end points of the
to, a small extent towards the cutter, blades 24 on each
reciprocatory movement of said carrier.
revolution of the grinding Wheel holder 26 thus main-.
taining the optimum. cutting conditions.
8. A rotary tobacco cutter. according to claim 5, in
which said »arcuate path consists of a continuous rotary
‘ In order that the pitch ‘circle S shall be maintained
motion imparted to the carrier by said electric motor and
constant an adjustably mounted diamond 4-5 is provided
wherein the carrier has mounted thereon a plurality of
in a holder 44 and operates upon the grinding Wheels 31.
Further the cutter ‘blades are automatically fed forward
inknown manner during the rotary movement thereof,
successively'to the, grinding position.
the means for doing so being indicated in purely sche
grinding-wheels moving in \a common plane and presented
9. In combination with a rotary tobacco cutter having
a rotary drum arranged to rotate about a horizontalaxis
matic form at 51, 52 in the form of driving worms and . , and a plurality of circumferentially spaced cutter blades
worm vwheels respectively operatively coupled with‘ the
extending parallel to the axisof rotation of said drum, a
rotation of the cutter drum, to impart a very gradual feed
grinding device comprising a rotary carrier to rotate about
a horizontal ‘axis, normal to and offset from the axis of
movement to ‘the cutter blades.
What we claim is:
1. An automatically adjustable grinding device for the
cutter blades of-a tobacco cutter drum rotatably mounted
in a machine frame, comprising a pivot’ holder supported
by said machine frame movable about a horizontal axis
during the grinding operation, means including an elec
tric motor mounted on said machine frame for moving
said holder about said horizontal axis, a rotary shaft on
said holder offset and parallel to the axis of said holder,
a rotary grinding wheel secured to one end of said shaft
at the free end ‘of said holder having a radial grinding
face and mounted on said shaft ‘for movement with its
radial grinding surface in a plane tangential to the rotary
cutting surface of the cutter blades, the diameter of the
grinding Wheel being at least equal to the chord height
of'the are described by the grinding Wheel in the region
of the tangent with the cutting surface, and automatic
step by step means for intermittently and progressively
advancing said grindingrwheel toward said cutter blades
during the grinding operation, the shaft and holderv axis
being larranged'to extend transversely of the cutter drum
said drum, a shaft on said carrier offset from and parallel
with the carrier ‘axis, a, grinding wheel rotatably mounted
on said carrier having ‘a radial grinding surface, motor
means for rotating said shaft and grinding wheel and
means (for rotating said carrier, the radial face of said
grinding-wheel being presented to the drum and movable
in a plane tangent to the periphery of said drum to engage
the cutter blades thereon during theigrinding operation
and rotational movement of,‘ said carrier, said grinding
wheel being of a diameter such that the surface area
over which said radial face moves will embrace the line
of contact between the rotary path of the cutter blades
as they move into and out ofsaid tangential plane, means
for moving said grinding, vwheel intermittently in the
direction of said cutter drum, a; grinding wheel truing
device located in said tangentialvplane and remote from
the line of contact of said‘, plane with said drum and
means for actuating said advancing means when the
grinding wheel approaches said. truing device, the axis
of said shaft and‘ carrier being arranged to extend in a
direction transversely of saiddrum axis.
10. A rotary cutting machine comprising in- a machine
2. Grinding device according to claim 1, in which said
frame a rotary- cut-ter drum provided with cutter blades
electric motor is reversible so as to move said holder and
the rotary grinding wheel thereon backwards and for, 75 thereon, a carrier, means to support said carrier for
pivotal motion about a horizontal axis during the grind
ing operation and in a plane tangential to said cutter
drum, a shaft offset and parallel with said ‘carrier axis, a
grinding wheel on said shaft having a radial grinding
surface mounted on said carrier to engage and grind said
cutters, said grinding ‘wheel having an effective diameter
surpassing the chord height of the curved movement path
of the grinding wheel in grinding contact ‘with said cutter
blades, a grinding wheel trueing means in said machine
frame, and automatic means for intermittently and pro 10
gressively feeding ‘the grinding wheel gradually toward
said cutter drum when said grinding wheel approaches
said trueing means during pivotal movement of said
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