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July 17, 1962
Fileql Jan. 20, 1959
By. 4
(he; I Cfe/svwvrozv
United States Patent 0
Patented July 17, 1962
Carl T. Crampton, Sioux Falls, S. Dale, assignor to
Du-Al Manufacturing Company, a corporation
Filed Jan. 20, 1959, Ser. No. 787,852
1 Claim. (Cl. 175-201)
FIGURE 2 is an enlarged'fragmentary side elevation
of the auger attachment shown in FIGURE 1;
FIGURE 3 is an enlarged cross-sectional view taken
substantially on ‘the line III—III looking in the direction v
of the arrows, as is seen in FIGURE 2; and
FIGURE 4 is a diagrammatic view of the system for
operating the hydraulicmotor carried on the anger at
The present invention relates generally to a power
driven auger or post hole digger. More speci?cally, the
As shown on the drawings:
present invention relates to a self-contained hydraulically 10
The reference numeral 10 indicates generally a self
driven auger attachment adapted to be suspended from a
propelled loader including a tractor 10a having a boom
‘boom structure which may be mounted on a tractor or
structure 11 mounted thereon. The boom structure 11'
the like.
includes a hydraulically powered mechanism 12 for rais
In previous post hole digger attachments, many of the
ing and lowering the boom structure.
attachments have had gear drive and the like, usually 15 The boom structure 11 includes a pair of boom arms
driven from a power shaft. The gear digger attachments
or legs 13, 13 which are connected at one end to‘ the
have required the use of comparatively expensive gearing,
tractor and which ‘are raised and lowered by the hydraulic
as well as more complicated connections having a greater
mechanism 12. The boom 11 also includes a fork struc
likelihood of breaking down during operation. The pres
ture 14 which is comprised of a pair of base legs 15 and
a pair of diverging legs 16 which legs 16 diverge away
from the base legs 15. The base legs 15 may be con
ent'self-contained hydraulically driven auger attachment
is distinctly advantageous since it may be manufactured
with less cost and since it may be maintained or serviced
at a minimum of expense.
nected together in any suitable manner such as by means
of a weld indicated :at 17 in FIGURE 2. The diverging
According to the general ‘features of the present in
legs 16 are connected in pivotal assembly with the legs
vention, the auger attachment comprises a frame struc 25 13, 13 at pivot points 18, 18. A hydraulic mechanism 19
ture including a U-shaped channel having at its ends ad~
is provided for actuating the fork 14 relative to the legs
justable brackets connected to suspension means for at
13, 13.
tachment to the forward end of a boom in place of a
Supported from the outer end of the boom is a remov
scoop attachment, or a bucket attachment, or other similar
able auger attachment 2t} which embodies principles of
30 the present invention. The auger attachment may be
Still another feature of the present invention is con
interchanged with other iattachments such as a scoop at
cerned with the provision of novel means between the at
tachment and the like, all of which are adapted to be sus~
tachment and the boom which means not only secures the
pended from the boom.
attachment in assembly with the boom but ‘also operates
The auger attachment 2%)‘ includes a frame structure 21. .
35 The frame structure 21 is provided with hearing means
to resist transverse twisting of the auger.
According to still other features of the present inven
22 from which an anger or a post hole digger 23 is sus
tion, the instant auger attachment is provided with a low
pended. A ?uid or hydraulic operated system 24 is pro
speed high torque hydraulic motor which is mounted di
vided for rotating the auger and coupling means 25 is
rectly on the frame structure and has a drive shaft cou
provided for connecting the anger with the hydraulic sys->
pled in coaxial alignment with the digging element, or
tem 24. Suspension structure 26 is connected to the frame
structure which includes hanger means 27 for connecting
An important object of the present invention relates to
the auger attachment 20 with the boom 11 on the
a new and improved auger attachment for suspension from
loader 10.
a boom on a tractor or the like, which auger attachment
The rframe structure 21 includes a U-shaped channel
may be manufactured and operated at a reduced cost with
21’ which is de?ned by channel legs 21a and 21b coni
less likelihood of mechanical failure.
Still another object of the present invention relates to
a self-contained hydraulically driven auger attachment
which may be substituted in place of other attachments
and suspended from a boom of a loader and which auger
attachment may be assembled and removed from the boom
with a minimum of effort.
Yet another object of the present invention relates to
a new and improved auger or post digger attachment
which no longer requires expensive gear drives and the
like for rotating the digging element carried by the at
nected together by base leg 21c and‘which together de
?ne a platform from which the auger 23 is suspended.
The channel legs 21a ‘and 21b are joined at their outer
end lower end by means of a U-shaped channel 21d.
The channel 21d is welded in assembly with the legs 21a
and 21b in order to rigidity the channel 21’. Disposed
between the base channel leg 21c and the channel 21d
is the bearing means 22 which may be of any suitable
and in the present instance comprises a tubular shaft
or sleeve in which a reduced end 23a of the auger 23 is
Supported upon the channel 21' is a housing bracket
which is in welded assembly with the channel base
A further object of the present invention relates to a
new and improved auger or post digger attachment which 60 leg 21c. Suitably attached on top of the housing bracket
21c is a ?uid driven low speed high torque hydraulic
attachment is adapted to resist transverse twisting rela
motor 24a which motor may be of any suitable construc
tive to the boom on a loader when suspended from the
tion. The motor 24a has a drive shaft 24b which is ex
tended through the housing bracket Zle and is coupled
Other objects and features of the present invention will
with the reduced end 23a of the auger 23 by the coupling
more fully become apparent in view of the following de 65 means 25. The coupling means 25 may comprise a ?exi
tailed description taken in conjunction with the accom
ble coupling of a suitable construction or the like.
panying drawings illustrated therein a single embodiment,
As is shown in FIGURE 4, fluid lines 240 connect the
and in which:
FIGURE 1 is a side view of a loader having a self
motor 24a with a manually operated valve 24d, which
valve may be disposed adjacent the driver’s seat in order
contained hydraulically driven anger suspended from its
to facilitate operation of the auger attachment 20. The
boom structure;
controls for the other hydraulic mechanisms 12 and 1?
detached from the boom ll‘merely by the assembly or
removal of the fasteners 27c. To complete the assembly
may also be disposed at the driver's seat on the tractor
or disassembly of the auger attachment relative to the
The manually operated valve 24d is connected to a
boom, the ?uid lines 240 need only be engaged or disen
' conventional ?uid pump 24a which pump isrin trurn con
nected to a reservoir 24]‘. The pump 24c may be driven
by any suitable means and the reservoir 24f is connected
gaged from the hydraulic motor 24a.
by its ?uid line 24c to the hydraulic motor 24a. The
struction may be economically manufactured and requires
The instant auger attachment due to- its simple. con
only a minimum of service as compared to former angers
advantageous aspect of the present‘invention resides in the
fact that the motor shaft 24!) directly overlies the auger
23 in coaxial alignment so that they maybe readily
‘ since no longer'are complicated gear drives required to
coupled together.
7 will be effected without departing from the scope of the
' hydraulic system 24 may be of any suitable type.
operate the digging or drilling element.
It will be understood that modi?cations and variations
novel concepts of the present invention.
The suspension structure 26 includes a series of ver- >
tical and horizontal U-shaped suspension channels 26a,
26b and 260. The vertical channels 26a and 261) are se
I claim as my invention:
cured in assembly with the horizontal channel 260 by suit
able fasteners 26d. In this respect it will be noted that
the bottom legs of the channels 26a, 26b and 260 are
A direct drive type of power driven‘ auger attach
ment for suspension from a conventional type hydraulic
boom structure on a farm tractor, the ‘auger attachment
including a frame structure comprising a U-shaped chan
nel having a base channel leg and a pair of spaced vertical
channel legs joined therewith, a ?uid driven motor sup
assembled in such a manner that the other free legs of
the channels extend in opposite directions with respect to
one another. The suspension structure is generally U
shaped and its legs 26a and 2612 are connected at oppo
ported on said frame stuucture above the auger and having
'a ?uid‘ motor drive shaft projecting therefrom, a bearing
carried below the drive shaft on the .U-shaped channel be
site ends of the channel 21 on the base leg 21c.
A bracket 26e is welded in assembly with the channel
tween the spaced vertical channel legs in coaxial align~
base leg 210. The fasteners 26f, which may be of any
suitable type, extend through the bracket structures 26e,
26c and through the vertical suspension channels 26a
ment with the drive shaft, an anger suspended from the
and 26b to secure the suspension means or suspension
tween the spaced vertical channel legs, coupling means
structure 26 in assembly with the frame structure 21.
The hanger means 27 for attaching the auger attach
ment 26 to the boom 11 includes a main hanger bracket
27'. The main hanger bracket 27’ is comprised of a
carried on the drive shaft joining the drive shaft and the
auger in coaxial alignment to provide a direct drive from
the drive shaft to the auger, ‘and a U-shaped suspension
U-shaped channel ‘and journaled in said bearing and with
a vertical ‘axis of the auger being disposed vertically be
frame including spaced vertical‘ legs having free ends
pivotally joined with opposite ends of said base channel
U-shaped portion 27a which is adapted to clamp the fork
' base legs 15, 15 against the suspension channel 260. The
bracket 27’ also includes feet, 27b, 27b which extend on
‘opposite sides of the U-shaped suspension bracket por
tion 27a and are secured in ‘assembly with the legs of‘
‘the suspension channel 26c by means of a series of fas
teners 270. The fasteners 27c may be of any suitable type
‘and as-illustrated each comprise a nut and a bolt.
The 40
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fasteners 270 are cooperable with the U-shaped portion
27a and the legs 15 prevent twisting of the auger 21} with
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The auger attachment 2t) may be readily assembled and
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