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July 17, 1962
Filed Dec. 8. _1955
5V.- _
‘United States Patent
.‘l éCe
FIG. 3 is a plan view of a stocking package ‘according '
Patented July 17, 1962.
to the invention, illustrating the embodiment wherein a
single stocking is carried by the insert form; and '
FIG. 4 is a plan view, on a larger scale of the stocking
Bernard M. Verlin, Penn Wynne, Pa., assignor to Poplar
Textiles, Inc., a corporation of Pennsylvania ‘
package shown in FIG. 3, in folded position.‘
Filed Dec. 8, 1955, Ser. No. 551,817
3 Claims. (Cl. 2ti6-—79)
Referring now to the drawing, it vwill be seen that the
stocking package shown generally as 10 (FIGS. 3 and,
This invention relates to a stocking package, ‘and has
4) comprises an elongated, ?at, substantially stiff insert
for its principal object the provision of a package which
will not only display the stocking to the best advantage,
but will provide means whereby a prospective purchaser
board and stocking being substantially coextensive longi
may determine to his satisfaction the “hand” ‘and texture
ing is presented in a ?attened condition, preferably slightly
or board member 11 enveloped by a stocking 12, the
tudinally, and their widths being so related that the stock
of the stocking without disturbing the package in the least,
thus preserving Sal-ability of the package inde?nitely even
The board or insert strip 11, which may be fabricated
when displayed on open counters accessible to customers. 15 from any conventional sheet material, such‘ as chipboard,
In marketing stockings, particularly men’s socks and
other short-length stockings, it has long been the practice '
for the manufacturer to secure together the two stockings
forming a pair by means of adhesive paper riders, or the
has substantially parallel longitudinal edges 13, 14, a
rounded end portion 16' adapted to ?ll out the toe of an
enveloping stocking, and a necked portion 17 ‘at the oppo
site end around which the open end of the stocking is
like, and thereafter to ship them, several pairs to a box, 20 adapted to cling, whereby the stocking is prevented from
to a retailer who displays them on counters and tables
creeping along the board.
Since a stocking package having Ia length substantially
for examination by the customers. While stockings thus
displayed lend themselves ideally to a determination of
equal to the entire length of the stocking would usually
their “hand” and texture by the customer, they are not
be inconvenient and awkward in many respects, especially
easily visualized as they will appear when properly 25 for stockings of the larger sizes, I provide a transverse
stretched, as when worn. Moreover, a great deal of time
substantially medial score 18 on the board 11 providing
and effort is required by the retailer to reassemble pairs
a line on which the board may be folded to bring the
that have become separated and in untangling and re
foot and ankle portions into substantial juxtaposition,
folding the stockings which ‘have become disarranged dur
whereby the package is rendered more compact and con
30 venient to handle.
ing handling, in order to maintain an attractive display.
Attempts to eliminate the ‘added labor and confusion
In keeping with one of the prime objectives of the in
incidental to the merchandising of stockings in the fore
vention, an aperture such as 19 is provided in the insert,
going manner have led to the packaging of individual
strip 11 at any position which is adapted to be covered
pairs of stockings in shallow boxes having a cellophane
by a stocking when the latter envelops the insert to form
window in one panel through which the stockings may 35 a package. With this arrangement, when the package is
be examined. However, although such a package suc
formed, an area is de?ned within the perimeter of the
ceeds in preventing the stockings from becoming separated
(aperture 19 wherein only the stocking fabric is present,
and confused with others, it is no more effective to display
the stockings in the stretched condition than the earlier
and therefore an appraisal of the “hand” or texture of
the stocking may be made within such area unaffected
merchandising methods, and has the additional disad
vantage of preventing the customer from feeling the tex
ture of the stocking without opening the package.
More recently, stockings have been packaged by stretch
ing them over thin cardboard strips shaped somewhat like
by the properties of the insert strip. Preferably, the
aperture 19 is completely surrounded by the body of the
insert, as shown'in the drawing, so that the straight longi
tudinal edges 13 and 14 are preserved for maintaining the
desirable neat outline of a stocking stretched over the
an extended ankle and foot, and thereafter folding such
board. However, the advantage of the aperture in en
strips and their associated stockings to form a compact
abling a customer to feel the texture of the stocking
package. These packages are in Wide use \at present since
without interference from the insert, may also be real
they exhibit the stocking in the desired stretched lcondi—
ized when the aperture opens along an edge of the insert,
tion and may be maintained in an ‘attractive display with
although in such case the portion of the stocking bridging
little effort. The disadvantage of such a package, how 50 the open side of the aperture will of course be unsup
ever, is .that the cardboard insert prevents a customer from
ported so that with frequent handling that portion of the
determining the true “hand” of the stocking since the
stocking may become rumpled or disarr-anged, detracting
hardness, stiffness ‘and other characteristics of the card
somewhat from the appearance of the package. As used
board insert effectively mask the characteristics of the
herein, therefore, the term “aperture” is intended to in
stocking material when the examination by handling is
clude an aperture opening on one edge of the insert, as
well as one completely surrounded by the insert material.
The foregoing disadvantages of the prior art are avoided
Where the insert strip or board 11 and its enveloping
by the present invention, in accordance with which a
stocking '12 are intended to be folded upon themselves,
stocking package is provided wherein the stocking, or a
as in the preferred embodiment illustrated in the drawing,
pair thereof, envelopes a board insert in ?attened ‘condi 60 the aperture 19 is preferably located entirely on one side
tion, and preferably slightly tensioned, the insert having
of the medial score 18 and a second aperture 19', prefer
an aperture therein, within the outline of which the
ably of the same dimensions as the ‘aperture 19, is located
“hand” and texture of the stocking may be felt by a
in the insert strip on the other side of the score and sub
customer without interference from the insert.
stantially symmetrically thereto so that when the insert
In the drawing, wherein a stocking package in accord 65 strip is folded on the score 18 the perimeters of the aper
ance with the present invention is illustrated by way of
tures 19 and 19’ will be superposed on one another,
providing an area within which only the fabric of the
made in the usual way.
FIG. 1 is a plan view of ‘a board or insert for use in
the stocking package;
vFIG. 2 is a plan view of the insert shown in FIG. 1, in
folded position;
stocking is present, as previously described.
It will be understood that, if ‘desired, the apertures 19
and 19' in the embodiment just described may be merged
together to form a single aperture. However, when the
condition, said insert and stocking being substantially co
aperture extends in both directions from the score line
18, as it would lithe-apertures 19, 19’ were to ‘be merged,
extensive longitudinally and folded on a transverse, sub~
a discontinuity is naturally produced along the edge
stantially medial line of said insert to bring the foot and
formed at the score when the insert is folded, which may
‘ankle portions of said stocking into substantial juxtapo
sition, said insert being provided with substantially large
'weaken that edge somewhat.
‘In practicing the invention, substantially the entire
spaced apertures on opposite sides of said medial line
substantially symmetrical thereto and in substantial reg
istration, whereby the “hand” of the fabric may be felt
length of the board ‘11 is inserted into a stocking/12 so
thatthe stocking is completely ?attened, and preferably‘
through said registering apertures.
slightly’ tensioned, over the board. The'heel 20 ofplthe
3. Ina stretch-sock package, a'thin, stiff sock-support
stocking is then folded inwardly over the board 11, as 10
ing insert of sheet material having a leg portion of sub
shown by the broken lines in ‘FIG. 3, and the board and
stocking are folded on the score 118 vas shown in FIG. 4.
, stantially uniform width, a top of reduced width, a ‘foot
Preferably only a‘ single stocking is placed over each
7 portion with its opposite edges substantially aligned with
those of the leg portion, and a rounded toe, the insert
15 being fold-able along a substantially medial transverse
line to juxtapose the'fo-ot and leg‘ portions with the toe
and the top adjacent one another and being apertured
on opposite sides of the fold line to provide an opening
board and two such assemblies are secured together, as
by a conventional paper loop encircling the pair and/or
an adhesive “rider” fastening the superposed ends of the
toe and heel portions "of the assemblies. It will be ap
parent that, if desired, two stockings may ‘be ?tted over
the same board insert, and the package completed by
extending entirely through the juxtaposed portions of the
folding the heels inwardly and thereafter folding the boa-rd
insert in its folded position, whereby portions of a sock
on its medial score,’ as described above.
supported on the insert are out of contact therewith across
1. A stocking package comprising a?at, substantially
stiff, elongated insert of sheet material, and a stocking
the opening for ready manual determination of the
“hand” of the sock. fabric with the insert in the folded
enveloping and carried by said insert in a ?attened con
dition, said insert and stocking being substantially co
extensive longitudinally and folded on a transverse, sub
stantially medial line of said insert to bring the foot and
ankle portions of said stocking into substantial juxtaposi
'tion, said insert being provided with spacedapertures on 30
opposite sides of said medial line substantially symmetri
cal thereto, whereby said apertures alignwith one another
when said insert is folded.
2. A stocking package comprising a ?at, substantially
stiff, elongated insert of sheet material, and a stocking
closely enveloping and carried by said insert in a ?attened’
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