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July 24, 1962
J. A. sTuAR?', JR
Filed Aug. 31, 1959
James A. SZ‘QQ/"Zii:
Mun/7, Licz’dy, Daniels 5 Marc/Q
United States Patent C?ice
‘ 1
Patentedduly 24, 1962
FIG. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary detail of the ball
?oat valve and valve seat;
James A. Stuart, Jn, Danbury, Conn.
(Rte. 2, Brook?eld, Quinn.)
Filed Aug. 31, 1959, Ser. No. 837,234
1 Claim. (Cl. 4-56)
FIG. 3 is a front view partly in section showing the
?ush tank of the present invention as a unit installed with
in the shell of an existing tank; and
,‘FIG. 4 is a partly broken section of a modi?ed form
structions and in particular to a new and useful axial
of the ?ushing valve of the ‘present invention.
Referring to the drawings in particular, the invention
as embodied therein includes a ?ush tank generally desig
movement type ?ushing valve.
nated Ill including a bottom wall 12 having a flush drain
The invention involves a valve and associated mecha
nism for dumping a tank full of water for use in sani
tary systems, such as lavatories. Axial movement ?ush
ing valves have ‘been known prior to the present inven
opening 14. Water under pressure is directed into the
tank lti through a conduit 16 which flows into the tank
to completely ?ll the tank when a ?ush valve mechanism,
This invention relates in general ‘to ?ush tank con
tion but all require complicated centering mechanisms
and are not reliable in their operation.
Such valve con
structions also include a multiple number of springs and
associated device which are provided ‘to insure return of
the valve and the operating mechanism to the closed seat
generally designated .18, is in the closed position.
In accordance with the invention, the ?ush valve mech
anism l8 cooperates with a cylindrical valve seat ?tting
generally designated Ztl, which is externally threaded and
adapted to be fastened to the tank by a nut 22.
The valve seat ?tting 24} is provided with an internal
20 bevelled valve seat 24 which cooperates with a ball ?oat
In accordance with the present invention, there is pro- ' valve 26 to close the ?ush discharge. The valve seat 24
vided a ?ushing valve mechanism which includes an elon
is spaced inwardly from the interior walls of the ?tting
gated cylindrical ?tting which is secured to the top of the
Ztl and downwardly from the bottom wall 12 of the tank
?ushing tank and extends downwardly therein to pro
10 in order to provide a recessed area for the seating of
vide a centering guide for a hand operated vertically re 25 the ball ?oat valve 26.
ciprocable valve control rod. The arrangement includes
The ball ?oat valve 26 is provided with an upstand
ing hollow cylindrical portion 28 having vertically elon
a valve seat ?tting which is secured vto the tank ?ush drain
and which provides an internal beveled valve seat for a
gated slots 3% and, 32 extending inwardly to the central
bore on each side thereof. A long control rod 34 is
ball ?oat valve which is connected to the end of the con
slidably ?tted within the cylindrical portion 28 and is pro
trol rod. When the ball ?oat valve is seated, the upper.
vided with a through bolt 36 which extends outwardly
handled end of the control rod extends slightly above
the top of the tank. The cylindrical ?tting is provided
into each of the slots 3t} and 32.
The upper end of the control‘rod 34 is guided for
with internal washers to permit reciprocating of the con
vertical reciprocable movement within a cylindrical guide
trol rod withwater leakage through the interior of the
cylindrical members. The arrangement is such that 35 ?tting, generally designated 38, which is threaded into
a cover 40. The upper end of the guide ?tting 38 is
when the control rod raised, the ball valve is lifted above
held above the cover by a nut 42 and the control rod
its seat and the liquid in the tank is discharged through
34 extends upwardly through the center of the ?tting
the ?ush drain. The ball valve is designed to ?oat down
and is capped by a knobbed handle 44.
Wardly on the top of the liquid and seat under the down
The guide ?tting 38 is provided with two vertically
ward urging of the weight of the control rod and the
spaced internal ledge areas 46 and 48 which hold durable
force of incoming fresh water.
washer seal members 5%) and 52 which hold the control
Accordingly it is an object of this invention to pro
rod against lateral movement and seal the working parts
vide an axial movement ?ush valve.
A further object of this invention is to provide a ?ush 45 against water leakage.
The tank 10 is ?ushed by grabbing the handle 44 and
tank having a ?ush drain ?tting connected to- the bottom
raising it. Since the through-bolt 36 rides in the slots
thereof including an internal valve seat which is opened
3% and 32,, the rod may move upwardly an initial dis‘
and closed by a ball ?oat valve connected to the lower
tance without lifting the ball ?oat valve 26. The valve
end of a control rod operated from above the tank and
guided for vertical reciprocal movement.
50 26 may then be lifted clear oil its seat and above the
opening 14. Water in the tank will immediately flow
Another object of the present invention is to provide a
through the opening and empty the tank while a fresh sup~
compact ?ushing unit which in addition to being useable
ply will flow inwardly through the inlet conduit 16.
as a complete ?ush tank, may also be inserted, within
Suitable vent means (not shown) may be provided to
the shell of presently’existing flush tanks to enhance the
operation of the tank by substituting the same for the 55 permit rapid ?lling of the tank through conduit 16 after
existing mechanism.
the valve mechanism is moved to a closed position.
When the handle 44 is released, the ?oat valve rides
the top of the water and is gradually lowered as the
?ushing valve mechanism which is simple in design,
Water recedes precisely into alignment with the valve seat
rugged in construction and economical to manufacture.
24. The lost motion connection between the control rod
The various features of novelty which characterize the 60 34 and the ball ?oat valve 26 permits slight swinging
invention are pointed out with particularity in the claim
movement of the valve until it ?nds its proper seat under
annexed to and forming a part of this speci?cation. For
the urging of the outflowing water. The valve is very
Yet another object of the invention is to provide a
a better understanding of the invention, its operating
light and floats on its seat until the control rod moves
advantages and speci?c objects attained by its use, refer
further downwardly audits bottom end 54 contacts the
ence should be had to the accompanying drawings and
bottom 56 of the interior bore of the portion 28 to force
descriptive matter in which there is illustrated and de—
the valve to fully seat.
scribed a preferred embodiment of the invention.
Referring to FIG. 3, the ?ush tank 1%, which is of
In the drawings:
the same construction as hereinbefore described, is in
FIGURE 1 is a transverse section through a ?ush tank 70 serted within the casing 50 of an existing well-known
having a ?ushing valve constructed in accordance with
?ush tank. The ?ushing unit of the present invention is
the invention; 1
adaptable to be substituted for present-day mechanisms
within an existing ?ush. tank and for this purpose the han
dle 58 of the ?ushing unit is provided with an opening 53
adapted to accommodate a rod 54 attached to a well
known valve handle 55 of the type existent in use on
present-day ?ush tank units. The integral ?ushing unit
10 is connected by any suitable means to the inlet 56 and
outlet 57 found on present-day units. It will therefore
be seen that, according to the present invention, the ?ush
maintenance care. Both the construction and the in
stallation of the parts are inexpensive.
While a speci?c embodiment of the invention has been
shown and described in detail to illustrate the applica
tion of the invention principle, it will be understood that
the invention may be embodied otherwise ‘without depart
ing from such principles.
I claim:
A ?ushing device comprising a tank having a top
present-day mechanisms to provide for the simple and 10 wall, a bottom wall having a drain opening, means to di
rect liquid under pressure into said tank, a valve seat
e?icient ?ushing operations to make the advantages avail
sleeve member having an internal valve seat detachably
able for old as well as new structures.
connected to said tank at said drain opening, a hollow
In FIG. 4 a modi?ed form of the flush valve mecha
ing’unit is so constructed as to be readily substituted for
nism of the present invention is shown, in which the han
dle 44 carries a rod 60.
sealing and guiding member connected to and depending
The rod is located within a 15 from said top wall, a control rod vertically reciprocable
sleeve 61. Intermediate the rod and sleeve throughout
most of its length is sealing material 62. In this con
struction the lost motion connection between the rod 61)
and the ?oat valve 63 is also provided. In the operation
of the ?ushing valve mechanism in this modi?ed form, 20
it will be noted that the base of the sleeve 61 will act as
a stop preventing further upward movement of the ?oat
valve 63 when the top of the hollow cylindrical portion
slidable in said sealing and guiding member, said sealing
and guiding member extending downwardly from said top
a substantial distance and formed with a plurality of
spaced-apart centering guides to prevent lateral swinging
of said control rod, said sealing and guiding member be
ing substantially cylindrical and including an upper por
tion which extends through and is detachably connected
to said top, andha downwardly depending portion having
at least two vertically spaced portions in bearing and seal
this modified form permits the handle 44 and rod 60 25 ing contact with said control rod, and a ball ?oat valve
connected to the lower end of said control rod and en
to return the ?oat valve to closed position without the
gageable with said valve seat to close said drain and
necessity for positive assisting means.
being movable off said seat to open said valve and drain
Thus the invention‘provides a ?ush tank construction
said tank upon upward movement of said control rod.
including a ?ushing valve mechanism made of three
easily installed sub-assemblies; namely, a valve seat sleeve 30
' References Cited in the ?le of this patent
member which is threaded onto the bottom drain open
ing of the tank, a control rod and ?oat valve assembly
which extends upwardly inside the tank, and includes a
Beekman et a1 _________ __ Mar. 31, 1891
handle located above the tank, and a control rod guiding
Delany ______________ _.. Nov. 16, 1926
and sealing cylinder which is connected to the top of the 3 UK 2,502,262
Labiche _____________ __ Mar. 28, 1950
64 engages the same.
In addition, the construction of
tank and includes'a portion extending downwardly into
the tank for a substantial distance to form a ‘guide for
the control rod as it is reciprocated either downwardly
to move the ?oat valve into contact with the valve seat
to close off the ?ushing drain or upwardly to lift the 40
?oat- valve off the valve seat and effect complete drain
age of the liquid from the tank. These sub-assemblies
may be easily and quickly installed and require minimum
Great Britain ________________ .._ 1905
Meyer: German application 1,017,096, printed Oct. 3,
1957 (K1 85h 12/03).
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