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July 24, 1962
Filed Sept. 19, 1960
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July 24, 1962
Filed Sept. 19, 1960
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
July 24, 1962
Filed Sept. 19, 1960
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
United States Patent 0 "cc
Robert J. Booker and Howard G. Mullett, Milwaukee,
Wis., assignors to Bradley Washfountain Co., Milwau
kee, Wis., a corporation of Wisconsin
Filed Sept. 19, 1960, Ser. No. 57,037
2 Claims. (Cl. 4-145)
Patented July 24, 1962
away, of a multi-person column shower incorporating a
plurality of modular manifolds,
FIG. 2 is a fragmentary view of the column shower
of FIG. 1, with parts broken away and in section,
FIG. 3 is a view in cross section, with parts broken
away, taken along the plane 3-3 shown in FIG. 2,
FIG. 4 is a view in cross section, with parts broken
away, taken along the plane 4——4 shown in FIG. 2,
This invention relates to water mixing apparatus for
FIG. 5 is a front view in elevation with parts broken
multi-person showers and the like, and it more partic 10 away and'in section, taken along the plane 5—5 shown
ularly pertains to the use in such an apparatus of indi
in FIG. 6, of an individual manifold unit formed ac
vidual manifold units that include a mixing chamber hav
cording to the invention herein,
ing an outlet port for connection to a shower head and a
pair of spaced supply chambers alongside the mixing
FIG. 6 is a view in cross section of the unit of FIG. 5,
taken along the plane 6—6 shown in 'FIG. 5, and
chamber, each of said supply chambers being in com 15
FIG. 7 is a top view of the unit of FIG. 5.
munication with the mixing chamber through a valve
Referring now to FIGS. 1 and 2 of the drawings, there
opening and having a pair of spaced supply ports adapt
is shown therein a multi-person column shower having
ed for connection with a water supply, the individual
a base 1, a hollow column portion 2 and an overhanging
manifold units being adapted for connection to one an
capital 3, all of which are preferably formed of stainless
other to form a mixing apparatus for a plurality of 20 steel or a similarly suitable material. The base 1 is
adapted to be fastened to the floor and may be provided
Water mixing devices for multiple shower assemblies
with drain openings 4. The capital 3 is provided with
have heretofore included one or more manifolds which
function as a common supply for a plurality of individual
er heads 6 of any suitable design project. Soap trays
spaced radially elongated openings 5 through which show
showers making up the assemblies. For example, some
mixing devices have included hot and cold manifolds cast
7 may be mounted on the outside of the column portion
together as a unit and adapted to receive control valves
to close an access opening to the interior of the column
2 at a convenient height, and a removable cover 8 serves
for each individual shower and to ?t within the central
2. Valve operating handles 9 project outwardly through
column of the shower unit. Other mixing devices have
the wall of the column 2 and are used to control and
consisted of spaced, toroidal manifolds with valve means 30 regulate the temperature of the shower spray in a manner
connected therebetween, each toroid functioning as a hot
to be hereinafter described. A hot water supply 10
or cold supply for a group of showers.
and a cold water supply 11 extend upwardly within the
None of the previously devised assemblies has been suf
column 2 and serve to supply hot and cold water to
?ciently versatile for use in all shower applications, how
a manifold assembly made up of a set of four individual
ever, and all have necessitated the stocking by shower
manifold units 12.
manufacturers of a variety of manifolds, some of which
Each of the interconnected units 12 is provided with a
are seldom used, in order to provide for both wall and col
threaded outlet port 13 at its upper end to which is con~
umn showers involving varying numbers of shower units.
nected ‘a shower supply circuit 14. A secure connection
For example, such manifolds have generally been formed
between each conduit 14 and its associated outlet port
by casting and can only be supplied with a predetermined 40 13 is obtained by means of a nipple 15 threadedly en
number of shower supply openings. Thus, it has hereto
gaged with the conduit 14 and the outlet port 13 and
fore been necessary for shower manufacturers to stand
locked in place by a nut 16. The conduits 14 extend
ready to supply different manifolds for showers designed
upwardly within the column 2 and are bent back upon
to serve three, four, or some other number of persons.
Further, the shower supply openings in prior manifolds
have necessarily been closely spaced in order to reduce the
size of the casting. A ‘relatively small casting of toroidal
form may be suitable for column showers, but it becomes
rather unwieldy and unsuitable for use in wall shower
assemblies where the individual shower units are more
widely separated and are arranged in an arcuate pattern.
themselves near their upper extremities to be connected
in any suitable manner to the shower heads 6 which pro
ject downwardly and outwardly of the capital 3. A cover
17 is removably secured to the top of the capital 3 by
assembly screws 18 whereby the cover 17 may be re
moved for cleaning, adjustment or repair of the internal
elements of the shower.
Referring now to FIGS. 2 and 5 through 7, it can be
Accordingly, it is a primary object of this invention
seen that each of the modular manifold units 12 com
to provide an individual manifold unit, a plurality of
prises elongated casing 19, preferably cast of brass or
which may be readily interconnected to provide a mixing
any other suitable material, which serves to enclose and
assembly useful in multiple showers constructed with any 55 de?ne an elongated mixing chamber 20 having the ex
number of variably spaced shower units.
ternally communicating outlet port 13.
It is another object of this invention to provide such
The casing 19 also serves to define and enclose a pair
a manifold which may be easily cast and inexpensively
of ‘spaced supply chambers 21 lying alongside the mixing
constructed and assembled.
chamber 20 and separated therefrom by walls 22. Water
It is a further object of this invention to provide a
in the supply chambers 21 may enter into the mixing
modular unit for multiple showers that will reduce the
chamber 20 through threaded valve openings 23 in the
inventory of major parts necessary for the manufacture
walls 22. Each supply chamber 21 is further provided
of multi-person showers.
with a pair of spaced, laterally extending supply ports 24.
Further objects and advantages of the invention will
Valve seats 25, of standard construction, are threadedly en
become apparent from the description to follow. In the 65 gaged in the valve openings 23 and valves 26 of any suit
description, reference is made to the accompanying draw
able construction are threadedly engaged in valve mount
ings which form a part hereof and in which there is shown
ing openings 27 in the casing 19 and opposite the valve
by way of illustration and not of limitation a speci?c
openings 23. The valves 26 include projecting stems 28
embodiment of this invention.
terminating in closure discs 29 which are engagcable with
In the drawings:
the seats 25 whereby the ?ow of water through the valve
FIG. 1 is a front view in elevation, with parts broken
openings 23 may be controlled. The valves 26 are manu
ally operable by means of the handles 9 projecting out
of a variety of forms and designed to serve any number of
wardly from the column 2.
Referring now to FIGS. 2 through 4, it can be seen
that the four manifold units 12 provided herein are verti
cally disposed and arranged in a square within the column
portion 2. A Y-?tting 30 is connected in a suitable man~
Although a preferred embodiment of the invention has
been shown and described herein, it is desired that it be
understood that this invention is not to be limited to the
speci?c form and arrangement of parts Shown except in
sofar as such limitations are contained in the ‘following
adjacent units 12 and the cold Water supply pipe 11 is
threadedly connected to the base of the ?tting 30 and
‘We claim:
1. In a mixing chamber assembly for a multi-person
is locked in place by a nut 31. Copper elbows 32, bent 10
at right angles, serve to connect the opposite lower sup
shower, the combination comprising: a plurality of in
dividual elongated, vertically disposed manifold units ar
ply ports 24 of the units 12 connected to the ?tting 30 to
ranged to form a polygon, each of said units having a mix
one of the lower supply ports 24 of the succeeding ad
ing chamber running ‘legthwis'e of the unit with a shower
jacent units 12. The remaining supply ports 24, diagonal
nor to one of the ‘lower supply ports 24 of each of two
ly opposite the ?tting 30, are preferably closed by means 15 supply conduit extending from the top thereof and a pair
of vertically spaced supply chambers along the side of
of plugs 33. Thus, the supply pipe 11 serves to supply
cold water to the lower supply chambers 21 of each of the
the unit that faces the center of the polygon, each of said
units 12.
supply chambers having a valve opening therein in com
Similarly, the upper supply chambers 21 of each of the
munication with the mixing chamber and a pair of inte
units 12 are interconnected by similar conduit means in
grally formed supply ports extending transversely to op
cluding a ?tting 34, similar to the ?tting 30, connected to
posite sides of the unit, a ?rst conduit means, including
the hot water supply pipe 10, and elbows 35. The sup
a water supply pipe and elbow connections, connected to
ply ports 24 opposite the ?tting 34 are plugged ‘as at 36.
the supply ports of the lower supply chambers of each of
In the case of the ‘lower supply chambers 21, the plugs
said units, whereby water may ?ow therethrough; plug
33 allow for su?’icient space for the pipe 10 to extend to 25 means closing the facing supply ports of two adjacent
the ?tting 34 without necessitating bending of the pipe 10.
lower supply chambers; a second conduit means, includ
ing elbow connections and a water supply pipe that ex
It will be obvious, however, that this opening need not
be provided and that the pipe 10 could be bent to pass
tends upwardly between the plugged supply ports, con
through the opening formed within the square of manifold
nected to the supply ports of the upper supply chamber of
units 12. Alternatively, the supply pipes 10 and 11 could 30 each of said units whereby water may ?ow therethrough;
and a pair of vertically spaced valve means mounted on
extend to the manifold units 12 either from below, as
each of said units on the side opposite the supply cham
shown, or from above the shower unit.
In operation, and with the valves 26 in a closed posi
bers, ‘said valve means having projecting operating stem
tion, hot water is supplied to the upper supply chamber
means engageable with the corresponding valve Openings
21 of each unit 12 by the pipe 10, ?tting 34 and elbows
of said supply chambers to control the flow of water be
35, but is prevented from ?owing into the mixing cham
tween the supply chamber and the main chamber.
ber 20 and through the associated conduit 14 since the
2. A manifold unit for a shower system comprising: an
upper valve opening 23 is blocked by the closure disc 29
elongated, vertically disposed body having a mixing cham
of the closed upper valve 26. Similarly, cold water is
ber running lengthwise of the body; and a pair of vertical
allowed to circulate through the lower supply chamber 21 40 ly spaced supply chambers formed integrally with the
of each unit 12 but is prevented from passing into the mix
body and 'lying alongside the mixing chamber on the rear
ing chamber 20 due to the closed position of the lower
side of the body each of which is connected to the mixing
chamber by a valve opening extending forwardly {from the
valve 26. When the shower is to be used, the user has
merely to open the lower and upper valves 26 of the par
supply chamber to the mixing chamber, said mixing cham
ticular shower unit being used to the extent desired where 45 ber having an outlet port at the upper end thereof and a
by cold and hot water are admitted into the mixing cham
pair of vertically spaced valve mountings each directly
ber 20 and are then forced by water pressure through the
opposite a corresponding valve mounting and adapted to
conduit 14 to the shower head 6.
mount a valve closable upon the associated valve opening,
and each of said supply chambers ‘having a pair of inte
It may readily be seen that the use of the individual,
modular units 12 allows for any number of showers to be 50 grally formed supply ports that extend transversely on op
posite sides of the body.
included in a column shower, such as that shown, it only
being necessary to vary the ‘length and con?guration of
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
the elbows and ?ttings. Similarly, it would be possible by
providing longer elbows of different angles to allow for
Fraser ______________ __ Feb. 10, 1920
the mounting in arcuate fashion of a number of manifold
McGarry et al _________ -_ Apr. 28, 1942
units 12 for a wall shower. Thus, it is only necessary for
Branson _____________ __ Dec. 28, 1954
a shower manufacturer to stock one simple casting which
may be used to provide mixing apparatus for showers
(Moore et al ___________ __ Oct. 18, 1960
Patent No, 3,045,250
July 24, 1962
Robert J. Booker et a1.
It is hereby certified that error appears in the above numbered pat
ent requiring correction and that the said Letters Patent should read as
corrected below.
Column 4, line 47, for "mounting" read —- opening ——.
Signed and sealed this 17th day of September 1963.
Attesting Officer
Commissioner of Patents
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