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July 24, 1962
Filed NOV. 28, 1958
F ICE/4.
Unite States Patent
Robert W. Boehlow, Pagedale, Mm, assignor to ACE
Industries, Incorporated, New York, N.Y., a corpora
tion of New Jersey
Filed Nov. 28, 1958, Ser. No. 776,911
2 Claims. ((11. 74—469)
Patented July 24, 1962
In the accompanying drawings, in which several pos
sible embodiments of the invention are illustrated,
FIG. 1 is a View in elevation of one side of a carburetor,
with parts broken away, utilizing the invention;
FIG. 2 is a fragment of the carburetor of FIG. 1 with
parts broken away and shown in section;
‘ FIG. 3 is an enlarged fragment of FIG.‘ 2;
PEG. 4 is a view of FIG. 3 as viewed from the right;
This invention relates to mechanical linkages, and more
FIG. 5 is a perspective illustrating the assembling of
particularly to mechanical linkages such as are used in 10 certain parts; and
carburetors for internal combustion engines.
FIG. 6 is an enlarged section taken on line 8-—~8 of
It will be understood that a carburetor may be provided
FIG. 1.
with an accelerating pump for pumping fuel from the
Corresponding reference characters indicate correpond
usual fuel bowl of the carburetor to a mixture conduit of
ing parts throughout the several views of the drawings.
the carburetor upon acceleration. Such a pump usually 15
Referring to FIG. 1 of the drawings, there is indicated
comprises a pump plunger reciprocable in a pump cylin
a multi-stage carburetor 3 of the type referred to as a
der actuated by a linkage from the usual throttle lever
four-barrel carburetor. At 7 is indicated the air horn of
of the carburetor. This linkage usually comprises a
the carburetor on which is conventionally mounted an
rocker pivoted on the air horn section of the carburetor,
air ?lter. The carburetor 3 has a primary mixture con
with a link connecting the throttle lever and one end of 20 duit 11 and a secondary mixture conduit 13 (see FIG. 1).
the rocker and another link connecting the other end of
At 15 is indicated the choke valve in air horn '7 on choke
the rocker to the end of the pump plunger. Heretofore,
valve shaft :17. In the primary mixture conduit 11 is a
it has been the practice to make the link connecting the
fuel nozzle 19 and in the secondary mixture conduit 13
rocker and pump plunger with end portions bent to extend ’
is a fuel nozzle 21. These fuel ‘nozzles are adapted to be
laterally in the same direction from the link, these end 25 supplied in the usual manner from the fuel bowl of the
portions being received in a hole in the rocker and a lat
carburetor, which appears in FIG. 2 at 23. As will be
eral hole in the link, at least one of these end portions
understood, a substantially constant level of fuel is main
having an annular groove machined therein for receiving
tained in the fuel bowl by means of a ?oat-controlled
a hairpin spring clip to hold the link in place. This type
needle valve, the ?oat appearing at 25 in FIG. 2.
of link, apart from undesirably requiring a machining 30
In the lower end of the primary mixture conduit 1-1
operation to provide the groove, has also had the dis
advantage that occasionally the spring clip would become
loose and fall off, thereby allowing the link to become
is the primary throttle valve 27 on primary throttle valve
shaft 29. In the lower end of the secondary mixture
conduit is the secondary throttle valve 31 on secondary
disengaged from the plunger and the rocker and fall out,
throttle shaft 33. At 35 is indicated a choke mechanism
35 connected by a link 37 to an arm 39 on the choke valve
resulting in discontinuation of operation of the pump.
Accordingly, it is an object of this invention to provide
shaft 17 at one side of the carburetor. At this side of
in a linkage such as above described, a novel type link for
the carburetor, the primary throttle shaft 29 carries the
connecting the rocker and the pump plunger which is so
inner and outer throttle shaft arms 41 and 43 and throttle
formed as to be inherently held against disengagement
shaft dog 45 held on by a screw 47. The secondary
from either the rocker or the plunger without requiring 40 throttle shaft 33 carries the secondary throttle lever or
any auxiliary fastener such as a clip, which is economical
to manufacture, not requiring any machining operation
arm 49 held on by a screw 51. The inner throttle shaft
arm 41 is connected to the secondary throttle lever or
arm 49 by a link 53. At the other side of the carburetor,
such as the groove-forming operation required in manu
facturing the prior type of link, and which is easy to
the primary throttle shaft 29 carries a manually operated
45 primary throttle lever (not shown).
assemble with the rocker and plunger.
According to the invention as it applies to connection
The carburetor is formed with an accelerating pump
of the pump rocker arm and the pump plunger, the
cylinder 61 (see 'FIG. 2) in which is reciprocable a
rocker arm and plunger are each formed with a hole
pump plunger or rod 63 carrying the packing 65 at its
lower end. The plunger or rod 63 is slidable in an open
The link connecting these elements is formed with end 50 ing 67 in the air horn section and has a lateral hole 69
portions extending laterally in‘ opposite directions, one
at its upper end. The air horn section is formed with
of said end portions being received in the hole in the
an upwardly extending boss 71 (see FIGS. 2 and 5)
rocker and the other end portion being received in the
adjacent the opening 67 which constitutes a support for
hole in the plunger, the link being laterally engageable
a pump rocker 73‘. The rocker is constituted by a sheet
with the rocker to prevent disengagement of its said other 55 metal lever having a central web portion 75 and arms
end portion from the plunger, and laterally engageable
77 and 79 formed as ?anges on the web portion, arm
with the plunger to prevent disengagement ‘of its said one
77 extending forward toward the plunger 63 and arm 79
extending rearward away from the plunger. Rocker arms
The invention is also applicable to carburetor linkages
77 and 79 are spaced a distance somewhat greater than
other than the accelerating pump linkage. It is useful, 60 the thickness of the boss 71. Arm 77 and plunger 63
end portion from the rocker. '
for example, in a multistage carburetor such as the so
called fourebarrel carburetor which has a primary'throttle
shaft and a secondary throttle shaft for connecting an arm
on the primary throttle shaft to an ‘arm on the secondary
are movable substantially in a common vertical plane
(see FIG. 4). The boss has a tapped lateral hole 81
for receiving a headed pivot screw 83 ‘for pivotally
mounting rocker 73‘ on the boss. In the completed as—
throttle shaft. The invention may also have applications 65 sembly, this screw extends through a hole 85 at the
in devices other than carburetors for connecting two rela
forward end of rocker arm 79 ‘and through the hole 81
tively movable elements of a linkage. Other objects and
in the boss, and has a reduced end portion 86 extending
features will be in part apparent ‘and in part pointed out
through a hole 87 at the rearward end of rocker arm
77. The ‘forward end of arm 79 is located on one side
The invention accordingly comprises the constructions 70 of the boss, the rearward end of arm 77 on the other
hereinafter described, the scope of the invention being
side of the boss, and web portion 75 straddles the top
indicated in the following claims.
of the boss. A link 89 connects the lever 55 to the rear
ward end of rearward arm 79, this link having a laterally
extending end‘ portion 91 received in a hole 93 in arm 79.
A link 95 of this invention connects the forward rocker
arm 77 to the pump plunger 63, the arrangement being
such that when the lever 55 is swung in throttle-opening Or
link 53 may be made like link 95, having end portion
103 received in a hole 109 in arm 49 and end portion
105 received in a hole ‘111 in arm 41.
In view of the above, it will be seen that the several
objects of the invention are achieved and other advan
tageous results attained.
As various changes could be made in the above con
structions without departing from the scope of the inven
‘In accordance with this invention, link 95 is consti
tion, it is intended that all matter contained in the above
tuted by a rod of circular cross section bent to S-shape.
Accordingly,‘ it- has a central portion 97, arms 99 and 10 description‘ or shown in‘ the accompanying drawings shall
direction, the pump plunger 63 is driven down through
a discharge stroke.
101 extending radially in opposite directions from the
ends of central'portion 97, and end portions 103 and
105: extending laterally in opposite directions from the
ends of arms 99 and 101 parallel to central portion 97.
Arms 99 and 101 may be angled relative to one another
as appears in FIGS. 2 and 3. End portion 103 is received
in a hole 107 at the forward end of rocker arm 77. End
be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.
I claim:
1. A mechanical linkage comprising a support, a pair
of spaced elements mounted on said support for move
ment in a common plane, means preventing lateral dis
placement of said movable elements, said movable ele
ments having laterally spaced opposed faces, each of said
elements being formed‘ with a transverse bore penetrating
said opposed faces with the bore of one element parallel
in hole 69 in the plunger 63 (already in place in open 20 to the bore of the other element, and a link connector
between said elements, said link connector having op
ing ‘67 as illustrated in FIG. 5), inserting end portion
positely extending parallel end portions extending into
103 in hole 107' in arm 77 of rocker 73 before the rocker
the bores formed in said movable elements, lateral por
is assembled with boss 71, then applying the rocker to
tions extending from said end portions for abutting said
straddle the boss with holes 85 and 87 in the rocker
registering with the hole 81 in the boss, then threading 25 opposed’ faces to prevent displacement of said end por
tions, and a connection between the ends of said lateral
the screw 83 in the hole 81 in theboss.
portions, said connection being positioned generally in
The screw 83 holds the rocker 73 on the boss while
portion 105 is received in the hole 69 in plunger 63.
The assembly is made as‘by inserting end portion 105
allowing it freely to pivot. The S-shaped link 95 is pre
vented from becoming disengaged from the plunger 63
termediate said oppositely extending parallel end portions.
2. The structure of claim 1 characterized in that one
and the arm '77 of the rocker by reason of the fact that 30 of said lateral portions for abutting an opposed face is
angularly disposed with respect to the other lateral
lateral movement of the link toward the left as viewed
in FIG. 4 is prevented by engagement of arm 99 of the
link with the rocker arm 77’ and lateral movement of the
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
link toward the right as viewed in FIG. 4 is prevented by
engagement of arm 101 of the link with the plunger 63.
Engagement of link arm 99 with the rocker arm 77 pre
Penn ________________ __ Oct. 13, 1931
vents end portion 105v of the link from disengaging from
hole 69 in the plunger. Engagement of link arm 101
with the plunger prevents end portion 103 of the link
Dobson ______________ __ June 27, 1939
Carlson _____________ __ Mar. 18, 1941
from disengaging from hole 107 in rocker arm 77. No
fastener other than the screw 83 is required, and no
Moseley ______________ __ Feb. 1, 1944
Bogue _______________ __ Dec. 19, 1944
Olson _______________ __ Apr. 21, 1953
machining of link 95 is required.
Eberhardt ____________ __ Feb. 9, 1954
The S-shaped type of link is also useful for con
meeting the arm 41 on the primary throttle shaft 29 and 45
the arm 49' on the secondary throttle shaft 33. Thus
Carlson et al. __________ __ July 9, 1957
Carlin _______________ .._ June 17, 1958
Brown et a1 ____________ __. June 9‘, 1959
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