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July 24, 1962
Filed Aug. 4, 1959
5 Sheets-Sheet l
¿5 J5 v/7
July 24, 1962
Filed Aug. 4, 1959
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
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July 24, 1962
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The invention is generally characterized by the pro
grip means whereby the actuating means may be manually
moved from the exterior of said housing 12. The straight
edge of member 45 is provided with a substantially per
pendicular tab member 49 integral therewith and adjacent
vision of an adjustable register device which includes a
uni-tary box-like framework or housing having a plurality
of angled louvers integral therewith. Said housing h-as at
least one pair of shutter or bafiie members journalled for
limited rotation therein and located to be able to close
v51 spaced from said tab 49 and adjacent the opposite
off one end of said housing. Actuating means are pro
vided including «a linkage between said shutter members
and actuating means whereby said shutter can be opened
corner of said member 4-5. The member 45 is adapted
to ñt over the rib 38, said rib being accommodated within
the area between the tabs 49 and 51. The tab 49 is rigidly
or closed »simultaneously from exterior of said device.
Said linkage has stop means for limiting pivotal move
one corner of member 45 and an additional tab member
10 secured to the shutter member 36 as by welding on one
side of rib 38 while tab 51 has a portion thereof bearing
against the shutter member 36 on the opposite side of the
rib 38.
The tabs 41 of each of the shutters 18 are provided with
openings 57 and are linked by means 60 comprising a ñat
rectangular plate 52. Said plate `52 has a narrow flange
member 54 integral therewith and substantially perpen
dicular thereto. Said plate 52 is also provided with open
ings 55 therein and the edges of said `openings are pro
ment of said shutter members so that the actuating means
will always be accessible from exterior of the device.
lReferring now to FIG. l, the register embodying the
invention is designated generally by the reference charac
ter 10 and is shown in operative position set into a wall
duct which may be part of any typical air circulatory sys
tem capable of either heating or cooling an `area such as
a room. The principal elements of the register 10 com
prises generally a cover plate 12, a housing 14, actuating 20 vided with short integral cylindrical extensions 56 facing
in the same direction as the flange 54 and each adapted to
pass through openings 55 in the tab members 41 of the
shutters 18. The cylindrical extensions 56 are adapted
means 16 and shutter means 18.
The cover plate 12 comprises a relatively ñat rectan
gular stamping preferably of sheet metal having a rectan
gular window 13 therein. Suitable openings 15 are pro
to be journalled in said openings 55 and then the edges
vided in plate 12 :for accommodating fasteners 17 for 25 of lsaid extensions are bent so as to overlap the inner
securing said cover plate to a wall 20. The marginal
edges of the openings 55 thereby forming an arcuate bear
edges 21 of the plate 12 may be beveled and the openings
ing surface whereby both tabs may be simultaneously
l5 may be countersunk so as to preserve the relatively flat
appearance of the register 10 as viewed from the room in
which it is installed.
The housing 14 preferably is of integral construction
and may be formed yas by stamping, from `a single sheet
of metal -as subsequently will be described. Said housing
14 is of substantially rectangular box-like conñguration
pivoted upon actuation of the means 16. The ilange mem
ber 54 serves as a stop member to limit the movement of
the shutters 1'8 preventing same from being opened past
the point at which the planes of both shutters are parallel
and where said planes are perpendicular to the vertical
plane of the register 10. At this point, one edge of the
tabs bears against the flange 54 thereby preventing move
and has a front wall provided by a pair of laterally spaced ” ment past this point of maximum opening of the shutters.
apart coplanar members 22 and 23, a top wall 24, a bot
During Athe movement of the shutters 18, the linkage 60
tom wall 25 substantially parallel to said top wall and a
moves in a direction whereby the said ilange 54 remains
pair of substantially parallel side walls 26 and 27. A
always parallel lto the vertical plane of the register 10.
series of louvre members 28 are disposed in equal spaced
The surface planes of said shutters 18 remain parallel to
relation between said members 22 and 23 and integral 40 each other, proceed from substantially coplanar positions
therewith. Said louvre members `are arranged in parallel
when said shutters are closed, to spaced but parallel
planes between said members 22 and 23 and extend sub
planes when the shutters are fully opened.
stantially the entire length of said members 22 and 23.
Spring washers 57 are placed between the journals 32
Thus, the Ifront wall ofthe housing is formed by the pair
of the actuating shutter 36 and the bearing openings 31 of
of flat walls 22 and ‘23 and the louvres 28 which are inte 45 the side walls thereby assuring a ñrm `axial engagement
gral with said walls. All of the louvres are arranged at
to enable any desired disposition of shutters frictionally
substantially the same angle relative to the plane of said
to be maintained. Actuation of `the plate 45 will cause
walls 23 and 24.
the actuating shutter 36 to pivot on its journals 32 and
The Walls 24, 25, 26 and 27 of the housing 14 are
cause the simultaneous pivoting of the second or follower
integral with said front wall and arranged substantially 50 shutter 34 by means of the linkage means 60. Thus the
perpendicular thereto. Each of the side Walls 26 and 27
shutters 34 and 36 are opened and/or closed in tandem.
has a bearing opening 31 for journalling of the shutters
The shutters 18 are arranged so that their surface planes
18 v-between said side walls. The shutters 18 are provided
are parallel when closed, and that the edge of the actuat
by a pair of relatively flat sheet metal members 34 and
ing shutter 36 nearest the elongate rib 38 slightly overlaps
36 which are substantially identical. Each of said mem 55 the lower edge of the follower shutter 34, and the lower
bers Ihas an arcuate, longitudinally extending strengthen
edge of the actuator shutter slightly overlaps the edge of
ing -rib ‘38 which protrudes beyond each of the opposite
the bottom wall 25 of the enclosure.
lateral edges of the member to` provide a pair of journals
Attention is now called to the FIG. 11 wherein is the
3_2' adapted to be seated in the oppositely aligned bearing
blank member 70 of the one piece housing 14 shown at a
openings v31'. Each of said members 34 and 36 can be 60 stage in the manufacture thereof. A series of parallel
pivoted into a coplanar relationship one relative to the
evenly spaced U-shaped cuts 71 are made across the
oth‘er‘for the purpose of closing oiî the rear end of the
width of said blank `from one end continuously over the
housing 12. Each of the shutter members has an integral
length thereof to the other end, the last cut being rec
tab 41 bent substantially perpendicular thereto and ad
jacent a corner thereof. Each shutter member also may
have a second strengthening rib `42 extending substantially Y
perpendicular thereto and adjacent a corner thereof.
tangular shaped with the legs of `the U being parallel to
each other forming opening 72. The blank 70 is then
placed in a press and the louvre members 28 are formed
by bending back the cut portions at the particular angle
desired. The only connection remaining «between said
Secured to shutter member 36 which will be referred
to as the actuating shutter, is the actuating means 16, said
louvres and the `frame is the uncut portions 73. At the
means being located within the housing and accessible 70 same time, said flanges 24 and 25 are bent back whereby
through window 13. Said means 16 comprises a sheet
they are extending rearwardly and perpendicular to said
metal member 45 formed with an arcuate flange 47 along
portion as walls 24 and 25. Side flanges 26 and 27 like
an arcuate edge thereof ‘and substantially perpendicular
wise bend so that this surface plane is perpendicular to
thereto. The arcuate ñange 47 has a corrugated surface
that of portions 22 and 23; however, the flange 26 may
48 along at least a' portion of'its length to provide friction 75 be rearwardly bent at an angle not quite 90° whereby the
side edge 74 thereof is spaced a slight distance from the
side edge of the top and bottom walls 24 and '25, permitting
-bers being provided with openings therein and there is
linkage means engageable therewith whereby actuating
easier insertion of .the extensions 32 _of the shutters into
of one shutter will simultaneously actuate the second shut
bearing openings 31 of said walls. The spring Washers yS7
prevent the extensions from being axially displaced lfrom
tangular plate member, said member being provided with
ter in like manner, said linkage means comprising a rec
their journaled positions.
openings at each end thereof, and each opening having a
In FIG. 9 the register device is shown as installed in a
typical system including an air duct 80 which is set into
`cylindrical ñange along its edge, said flange extending
perpendicular to the flat surface of said plate member and
a wall and separated by layers of wall board and plaster
adapted to be journalled for pivotal rotation in the open
20. The duct has an opening 81 defined by walls S2. 10 ings formed in said tabs with their edges overlapping the
The register 10 is secured in place in the wall 20 covering
inner surface of said tabs at said openings and stop
the opening. The air travels up the duct and is inter
means associated with said plate member to prevent said
cepted by the shutters 34 and 36 shown fully open and
shutters from being moved further than their maximum
extending in the air path as indicated by the arrows.
open position, said stop means comprising an integral
A certain portion of the air is diverted through the paths
right angle narrow ñange member extending from the
created by the shutters 34 and 36 with their surfaces par
elongate edge of said plate parallel to said front Wall of
allel and spaced `from each other by the linkage means 60
said housing andV facing inward from the edge thereof,
with which -said shutters are pivotally associated. The
said linkage plate member adapted to be moved in a direc
diverted air passes through the register 10 and is directed
tion whereby the edge flange thereof remains with its sur
. in a circulatory pattern fby the louvre «members 28 dis
20 face parallel to the undersurface of said cover plate
posed in the housing 14. Notice that the cover plate i12
is only slightly extended into the area serviced while the
2. A register device for controlling air flow in an air
main body of the register 10 does not extend into the
circulatory system comprising a cover plate member hav
main air path. The amount of air diverted by the shutters
ing a Window therein and adapted for. securement t-o a
34 and 36 is directly proportional to the angle at which 25 wall substantially flush with said wall and over an air duct
the planar surfaces of the said shutters are disposed in
opening, an integral housing íixedly secured to the under
the air path. The ilange 54 of the linkage means prevents
surface of said cover plate member, said housing having a
the air stream from pushing the shutters upwards past the
`series of louvres integral therewith, at least one pair of
point of maximum interception. Should said stop means
`shutters disposed within said housing and journalled for
not be present, the shutters would be forced closed and 30 limited rotation therein, actuating means also disposed
the actuating member 45 would be disposed on the oppo
within said housing whereby said shutters may be opened
site side of the assembly away from possible manipula
'or closed from the exterior of said register device, each
tion and thus the register 10 would be rendered inopera
of said shutters comprising a flat rectangular relatively
thin member having an arcuate rib formed therein along
It is believed that this invention, its mode of construc 35 the length thereof parallel to one edge and spaced a short
tion and assembly and many of its advantages should be
distance from said edge, extended portions integral with
understood from the foregoing description and drawings
said rib and at ‘both ends thereof, said extended portions
without further amplification, and it should be manifest
being journalled in openings provided in said end walls
that although a preferred embodimentof the invention
of the housing, a tab member integral with said shutter
has been described in detail `for illustrative purposes, the 40 and disposed perpendicular to the surface thereof extend
specific details are nevertheless capable of Wide variation
ing rearwardly relative said cover plate, said tab member
within the purview of the invention as defined in the ap
located at a corner side edge of said shutter adjacent the
pended claims.
corner thereof, and said shutters disposed whereby said
What is claimed and desired to be secured by Letters
tab members extend in the same plane, said tab members
Patent of the United States are as follows:
being provided with openings therein and linkage means
1. A register device for controlling air flow in an air
are provided between said shutter members, said linkage
circulatory system comprising a cover plate having a
means comprising'a rectangular plate member, said mem
window therein and adapted for securement to a wall
ber being provided with openings at each end thereof, and
substantially ñush with said wall and over a duct opening
of ysaid air circulatory system, a unitary housing ñxedly
secu-red to the rear surface of said cover plate member
covering the opening therein, said housing‘adapted to be
formed from a blank and having a series of louvres in
each latter opening having a cylindrical flange along its
edge, said flange extending perpendicular to the surface
of said plate member, said cylindrical flange being jour
nalled for pivotal rotation in the openings formed in said
tabs with their edges ‘overlapping the inner surface of
tegral therewith, at least »one pair of shutters disposed
said tabs at said openings, and stop means associated with
within said housing and adapted to be opened and closed, 55 said plate member engageable with -said tabs to prevent
actuating means also disposed within said housing where
said shutters from being moved further than their maxi
by said shutters may be opened or closed from the ex
terior of said cover plate, each of said shutters comprising
Va ñat rectangular relatively thin member having an arcu
ate »rib formed therein along the length>- thereof parallel 60
to one edge and spaced a short distance from saidedge,
extended portions integral with said rib and at both ends
mum open position.
References Cited in the ñle of this patent
thereof, said extended portions being journalled in open
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ings provided in said end walls of the housing, a tab mem
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ber integral with said shutter and disposed perpendicular 65
to the surface thereof extending in a direction opposite
from `said rib, said tab member located at an end edgeV
of said shutter adjacent the corner thereof, and said shut
ters arranged in the housing member with each of said
tab members extending in the same plane, said tab mem 70 `172,648
Averill., _______________»__ May 23, 1961
switzerland ___________ __ Jan. 2, 1935
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