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July 24, 1962
Filed Oct. 6, 1960
WILL 64/14 F ?f 51406501435
med States Patent 0"
Patented July 24, 1962
tend only a part of the length of the table or from end to
end of the table if desired.
William P. De Saussure, Englewood, N.J., assignor to
De Saussure Equipment Company, Inc., Maywood,
The leg assembly includes a toggle comprising a
structed to withstand frequent opening and closing, im
pact and heavy loads, the legs of such tables are fre
quently damaged by dragging the tables across the ?oor
without lifting them. Very strong bending stresses are
of the link .17 bears against and is supported throughout
almost its entire length by the laterally directed ?ange 22
on the angle iron 19. The link 17 and the vertical ?ange
19 of the angle iron are in face to face relation through
link 17 formed of a flat strip of steel or the like which
is connected by means of a rivet 18 to about the middle
N.J., a corporation of New Jersey
of an angle iron 19. One end of the link 17 is connected
Filed Oct. 6, 1960, Ser. No. 60,847
6 Claims. (Cl. 311-98)
‘by means of a rivet 20 or the like to the leg 12 for
pivoting movement relative thereto, and one end of the
This invention relates to improvement-s in folding
angle iron 19 is also connected by means of a rivet 21
tables of the type used in churches, auditoriums and the 10 or the like to the vertical ?ange 15' of the angle iron 16.
like for banquets, dinners, etc., and it relates particularly
As best shown in FIGURE 5, link 17 is disposed on the
to improvements in the supports which hold the legs of
same side of the angle iron 12 as the laterally extending
such folding tables in erected position and enable the legs
?ange 22 thereon so that when the leg 12 is erected or
of the tables to be folded for storage.
unfolded, as shown in FIGURES 1, 2 and 4, one end of
While folding tables provided heretofore are con 15 the angle iron [19 overlaps the leg 12, and one edge
exerted on the legs and the supports or braces therefor 20 out most of the length of the link. In this way, the angle
when the tables are dragged.
iron 19 serves as a brace and also reinforces and stiffens
In accordance with the present invention, I have pro
the link 17 thereby forming a very strong support for
vided a new and improved form of folding table leg and
the leg.
a brace therefor which are capable of withstanding the
In order to further preclude inadvertent folding of the
stresses exerted thereon during the use of the tables, 25 ‘ leg, the rivet 18 may be offset slightly upwardly, as viewed
moving thereof and folding and unfolding of the legs.
in FIGURES 2 and 4, from the line passing through the
Moreover, the leg unit is designed particularly to enable
it to be folded easily into a position ?at against the under
side of the table to facilitate storage of the table.
The brace for the leg is constructed and arranged so
the elements thereof reinforce each other and are so
related that any force tending to cause the leg to collapse
is strongly resisted by the brace. The greater the force
centers or taxes of the rivets 20 and 21.
In this way,
when the toggle is straightened as shown in FIGURES 2
and 4, the rivet 18 is slightly beyond dead center of the
toggle and bending stresses tending to fold the leg 12
urge the link 17 more tightly against the ?ange 22.
A further feature of novelty of the leg assembly is the
provision of a laterally bent tooth 23 on the end of the
applied to the leg, the greater the resistance afforded by
angle iron 19 which snaps over the upper edge of the
the brace to folding of the leg.
35 link 17 as best shown in FIGURE 5 and thereby locks
The elements of the folding leg unit are simple and
the toggle and the leg '12 against inadvertent folding.
sturdy, enabling it to be constructed inexpensively and
However, the locking tooth 23 can be disengaged readily
with a minimum of complicated manufacturing equip
by pulling outwardly and downwardly on the ?ange 22
of the angle iron as shown in FIGURE 3, thereby collaps
‘For a better understanding of the invention, reference
ing the folding unit 11 and allowing the leg 12 to be
may be had to the accompanying drawing in which:
stowed against the underside of the table top 10.
FIGURE 1 is a side elevational view of a typical table
From the foregoing disclosure of a typical example of
having a folding leg structure embodying the present in
the invention, it will be apparent that the folding leg unit
FIGURE 2 is a side elevational view of a portion of
the table and a portion of one of the legs thereof shown
somewhat enlarged and with the leg in its unfolded
FIGURE 3 is a side elevational view of the leg in a
partially folded position;
is made up of a few simple, sturdy parts which coact in a
novel way to form an exceedingly strong brace for a table
‘It will be understood that the size of the elements and
the materials from which the table top, legs and braces
are made can be varied as may be required and depend
50 ing upon the size and use of the table. Accordingly, the
FIGURE 4 is a view in section of the leg and a portion
form of the invention disclosed as a speci?c example
of the table looking from a direction opposite to FIG.
should be considered as illustrative.
2; and
I claim:
FIGURE 5 is a perspective view of a detail of the
r1. A brace for a folding table leg comprising a col
55 lapsible and extensible toggle including an angle mem
brace of the leg.
FIGURE 1 illustrates a table of the type to which
ber and a link pivotally connected to each other, said
the present invention relates. It includes a top 10 which
angle member having angularly-related ?anges extending
may be formed of plywood covered with a protective layer
lengthwise thereof for substantially the full length of said
of plastic or other material and suitably reinforced to
angle member, said link being in substantially face-to
enable it to withstand the loads and the service conditions 60 face relation to one of said ?anges and having one end
under which such tables are used. At each corner of
pivotally connected to said one ?ange about midway of
its length, said link having opposite longitudinal edges,
the table is a folding leg unit 11 embodying the present
one of said longitudinal edges opposing the other ?ange
invention. All of the folding leg units are essentially
of said angle member and being engageable with it along
identical and only one of them will be described herein
' the major portion of the length of said link when said
toggle is extended, and means on said angle member
As illustrated, each leg unit 11 includes a leg 12 which
and said link for releasably retaining said toggle ex
may be formed of tubular steel or the like and has a
plate 13 welded to its upper ‘end and connected by means
2. The brace set forth in claim 1 in which the means
of a rivet 14 or the like to a vertically disposed ?ange 15 70
releasably retaining said toggle extended comprises
of an angle iron 16 which is bolted, screwed or otherwise
a laterally-extending tooth on said one ?ange of said
secured to the table top '10. The angle iron 16 may ex
angle member and engageable with the longitudinal edge
3. The brace set forth in claim 1 in Which the angle
member and said vlink have pivotal connections at op
posite ends and the axis of the pivotal connection between
said link and angle member is offset from a line ex
tending through the axes of the pivotal connections at the
angle member at the lower edge of said one ?ange, and an
elongated link having one end pivotally connected about
the mid-portion of said one ?ange of said ‘angle mem
ber, said link being movable to a position in which
one edge thereof extends lengthwise of and engages said
ends of said angle member and link to urge said link more
tightly into engagement with said other ?ange when said
toggle is extended and is stressed toward collapsed
4. A brace for a folding table leg comprising a col
lapsible and extensible toggle including a link and an angle
member pivotally connected to each other, said angle
member having substantially right angularly-related
?anges extending lengthwise thereof for substantially the
full length of said angle member, one of said ?anges be
ing disposed in a substantially perpendicular plane and
the other ?ange being ‘disposed below said one ?ange,
of said ?anges about midway of the length of said angle 20
member and overlying said other ?ange for engagement
therewith along the major portion of the length of said
link when said toggle is extended, and cooperating re
leasable means on said link and angle member for hold
5. A brace for a folding table leg unit comprising an
angle iron having a downwardly-extending ?ange, an
angle member having longitudinally extending, substan
tially [right angularly-related ?anges extending for sub
stantially the full length thereof, means pivotally con
other ?ange of said angle member throughout the major
portion of the length of said link.
6. The brace set forth inrclaim 5 comprising a laterally
extending tooth at one end of said one ?ange of said angle
member, said tooth being spaced from said other ?ange
15 on said angle member and being engage-able with the op
posite edge of said link from the edge engaging said other
said link having one end pivotally attached to said one
ing said toggle extended.
nesting one end of said angle member to said ~down
Wardly-extending ?ange with one of said ?anges of said
angle member in a plane substantially parallel with said
downwardly-extending ?ange and the other ?ange of said
of said link opposite from said one longitudinal edge.
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