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July 31, 1962
Filed Feb. 27, 1961
United States Patent Ciliice '
Patented July 31, 1962
3, the diameter and length of which are greater than
the diameter and length of the brush. The brush is
provided with a central rod 5, which extends out through
a channel or tube 6, and said central rod 5 may be pro
vided with a ring or the like 7, connecting the rod 5
Per Bonnevie-Svendsen, Eiksveíen 61,
Roa, Oslo, Norway
Filed Feb. 27, 1961, Ser. No. 91,871
Claims priority, application Norway Mar. 1, 1960
1 Claim. (Cl. 15-162)
with a chain or a ñexible guide rod.
Through a transition member 2 the housing 3 carries
a tubing 1, the diameter of which is less than that of
the smoke tube, so that said tubing 1 may be inserted
The present invention relates to a device for the sweep 10 in the smoke tube with a rather close ñtting therein.
ing of smoke tubes, boilers and the like.
Since said tubing 1 must be different for smoke tubes
For the sweeping of smoke tubes, boilers and the like
of different diameters, the tubing with its transient mem
a screw-formed brush is preferably used, the bristles
ber 2 is pressed over the housing 3, as shown at 8, and
of which consist of steel lamellae, and for good cleaning
thus is exchangeable.
of the smoke tube the diameter of the brush is greater 15
The housing 3` may further be provided with a tube
than that of the smoke tube. Due to this fact the steel
9 for connection to a vacuum-tube, which by way of
lamellae are pressed backwards, i.e. in a direction op
example extends to a vacuum cleaner.
posite to that of the direction of movement when the
When the brush 4 is driven towards the smoke tube,
brush is introduced into the smoke tube, and when the
the lamellae of the brush are by means of the member
brush is withdrawn the steel lamellae are bent in the 20 2 bent backwards, whereby the brush is more easily
opposite direction and push the soot in front of the lamel
pressed into the tubing 1 and thus into the smoke tube.
lae as the brush is withdrawn from the smoke tube.
When the brush is again withdrawn from the smoke
When the brush is released, i.e. when it comes out from
tube the lamellae are directed in the opposite direc
the smoke tube, the steel lamellae suddenly straighten
tion, and at the moment when the brush leaves the
out, whereby the soot carried along with the brush is 25 smoke tube or tubing 1 and enters the housing 3 the
whirled outwards into the room, which is of course very
lamellae straighten out and throw the soot backwards
and the soot is drawn out through the tube 9. During
A further drawback in the sweeping of smoke tubes
this part of the operation the entire length of the chain
and the like is that the rod or chain used for pushing
passes the housing 3 and is continuously cleaned of soot
the brush into the smoke tube and withdrawing the brush 30 by the vacuum acting through the tube 9.
therefrom is highly choked with soot. This especially
In this manner an arrangement has been provided in
constitutes a drawback if a guiding rod is used of the
which the chain is always kept free from soot, and soot
type which consists of a chain that can be bent or curved
removed from the smoke tube is continuously passed
in one direction only aud which is coiled upon a drum
into the vacuum cleaner, so that no soot enters the space
or the like, said drum being driven by engine force. Said 35 outside «the apparatus and the operator gets a clean work.
chain may become so choked with soot that the machine
I claim:
equipment becomes clogged, and the chain must be
A device for sweeping smoke tubes, boilers, and the
cleaned `in order that its operation may continue.
like, comprising a brush composed of steel lamella bris- '
The object of the present invention therefore is to
tles and having a helical screw configuration, the ydi
eliminate these drawbacks in the sweeping of smoke 40 ameter of said brush exceeding the diameter of the
tubes, boilers and the like.
smoke tube being swept, a cylindrical housing open at
According to the invention this is achieved by placing
one end and having a diameter greaterY than the diameter
the brush,` which is preferably of the above-mentioned
of said brush, a removable funnel-shaped member '
type, inside a housing, the diameter of which is greater
mounted tightly over the open end of said housing, said
than the diameter of the brush and thus also greater 45 funnel member terminating in a cylindrical section with
than the diameter of the smoke tube, said housing by
a diameter providing a tight tit with the »inside of said
means of a transition member carrying a connecting tube
smoke tube when inserted therein, a flexible guide rod
member adapted to be inserted in the smoke tube. At
coupled to one end of said brush, a tube member for at
its other end the housing is provided with an opening
50 least partially supporting said guide rod mounted atthe
or another smaller tube, through which the guiding rod
center of the closed end of said housing, and an exhaust
or chain of the brush is introduced.
communicating with the interior of said housing
In this manner the brush is completely enclosed with
and adapted to be connected to a vacuum source for
in a housing, which collects the soot drawn out from
removing soot or the like from said brush and said hous
the smoke tube, said housing preferably being provided
with a tubing for connection with a vacuum tube, which
by way of example may be connected with a vacuum
55 111g.
References Cited in the tile of this patent
cleaner so that said housing is continuously freed from
soot and maintained under vacuum, and the chain passing
through the housing is subjected to the action of the 60
vacuum source.
In order that the invention may be easily understood
it is below explained with reference to the drawing,
which shows a section through an embodiment of the
The screw-formed brush 4 is situated within a housing
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