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July 31, 1962
Filed Nov. 16, 1959
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
July 31, 1962
Filed Nov. 16, 1959
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
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United States Patent Office
Patented July 31, 1962
device. An air blower motor 2 is mounted within the
housing and is provided with .a shaft 11 to which there
is keyed a blower wheel 3. The primary air drawn in
Siegfried Ko?nk, Esslingen am Neckar, Germany, assign
or to J. Eberspacher, Esslingen am Neckar, Germany,
by the blower is introduced axially into the combustion
a German ‘?rm
chamber through ‘a blast conduction ring 4 as indicated
by the arrow 12. The blower wheel 3‘ is provided with
an elongated cylindrical hub 3a which extends toward
the combustion chamber 10 de?ned in the housing 1. A
Filed Nov. 16, 1959, Ser. No. 853,389
Claims priority, application Germany Mar. 4, 1959
8 Claims. (Cl. 126—-110)
The present invention relates, generally, to liquid fuel
heating systems and, in particular, to a fuel atomizer
fuel inlet means, here shown as a fuel injection nozzle
10 5, is mounted at the upper part of the combustion cham
ber 10 and in the upper part of the ‘housing ‘1. More
speci?cally, the nozzle 5 is disposed in a zone adjacent
the front end of the hub 3a, the fuel nozzle being dis
posed within an antechamber 1b formed integral with
In one type of conventional liquid fuel heating system,
a combustion air blower is mounted in coaxial relation
with the fuel combustion chamber and fuel atomizer
means, fuel supply nozzle and a spark plug being dis
posed in the same radial plane relative to the axis of 15 or as a separate portion connected to one endof an inner
tubular member or secondary combustion chamber mem
?ow of the combustion air.
ber 1d located Within the housing 1. As here shown,
In such types of heating systems, the fuel injection
antechamber 1b extends substantially perpendicular
nozzle and the hot plug are combined in a single ante
to the axis of the wheel hub 3a and a hot or spark plug
chamber located at the ‘outer shell of the combustion
chamber. The fuel, for example fuel oil, is introduced 20 6 is mounted in the housing 1 directly opposite to the
antechamber lb or the fuel .injector nozzle disposed
in such a manner that it drops onto the adjacent hot plug
for atomization or conversion into gaseous state and igni
Fuel is supplied to the nozzle 5 through a fuel inlet
tion thereof. Other types of fuel atomizer arrangements
line 13 as shown by arrow 14 and issues from the nozzle
known in the art convey the liquid fuel through the hol
low shaft of the combustion air blower to an atomizer 25 5 in the form of an atomized jet 15 portions of which
completely vaporize and mix with the combustion air and
cup from which it is sprayed radially outwardly.
portions of which impinge on the forward part of the
It is a primary object of the present invention to pro
hub 3a.
vide means achieving the result that the fuel particles
The portions of the fuel jet which impinge on the hub
which are atomized by centrifugal atomization means
are immediately ignited in a uniform manner.
30 3a are further separated or divided when the liquid fuel
particles strike the hub, the particles being partly evapo
rated and partly de?ected toward the spark plugs 6 and
It is another object of the present invention to pro
vide means conducive to a heating system wherein the
fuel supply nozzle is so constructed and disposed in an
antechamber at the wall of the combustion chamber that
atomized further by the rotating hub. As a result, a
substantially dense cloud or veil of fuel is formed in the
the supplied fuel impinges in the form of a continuous 35 spray zone of the rotary hub 3a. This dense fuel cloud
of atomized fuel particles results in the promotion of a
rapid and complete ignition {of the fuel, which is free of
It is a further object of the present invention to con
residue, when the heating apparatus 10 is operative. The
struct the hub of the combustion air blower wheel as
fuel ignition proceeds radially along the secondary com
means for achieving centrifugal atomization of the in
jected fuel and to provide an igniting device in the radial 40 bustion chamber 1d.
The forward end of hub 3a may be provided in a con
plane of the spray zone thereof.
ventional manner with blades or similar means ‘to pro
It is a further object of the present invention to pro
mote fuel atomization. In the present embodiment, the
vide means assuring the disposition of the fuel supply
hub 25:: is provided with two disks or ?anges 3b and 30
nozzle, which is recessed in the combustion chamber
wall, so that it does not get too hot so the liquid fuel 45 which are mounted on the periphery thereof. The disks
prevent the combustion air which issues from the nozzle
will not prematurely be converted into gaseous condition.
16 de?ned by hub 3a, and the blast conduction ring 4
from entraining the fuel upon impingement thereof on the
hub 3a.
chamber, is dependent upon the particular operating tem
The fuel-air mixture which is ignited in the precombus
peratures Within the combustion chamber. In this con 50
tion chamber 1a‘ is introduced into the secondary com
nection, it is another object to provide a fuel supply de
\bustion chamber 1d as indicated by the arrows 17. The
vice at the combustion chamber to assure that the fuel
The length of the antechamber ‘and, therefore, the dis
tance of the fuel supply nozzle from the combustion
ignited fuel-air mixture passes through the ?ame ring 7
jet issuing therefrom is directed vertically downwardly.
The above and other objects of the invention will be
come further apparent from the following detailed de
and enters the outer ring zone 1]‘ over the bridge piece 1e.
scription, reference being made to the accompanying
drawing, showing a preferred embodiment of the inven
In the drawing which illustrates the best mode present
ly contemplated for carrying out the invention:
FIG. 1 is a more or less schematic and diagrammatic
representation of ‘a heating apparatus pursuant to the
present invention; and
FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken on line 2—2 of
In the secondary combustion chamber, there takes place
the heat transfer into the primary air conveyed from
blower 2w over the heat exchange surfaces of the com
bustion chamber 1c and the walls of the annular heat ex
changer drum 1f.
Various changes and modi?cations may be made with
out departing from the spirit and scope of the present in
vention, and it is intended that such obvious changes and
modi?cations be embraced by the annexed claims.
Having thus described the invention, what is claimed
65 as new and desired to be secured by Letters Patent is:
FIG. 1.
l. A combustion ‘device comprising an elongated tu
FIGURE 3 is a sectional view of the blower wheel
bular member having an opening at one end, ba?ie means
therein de?ning within said tubular member a secondary
Referring now to the drawing in detail, there is shown
combustion chamber and a pre-combustion chamber, a r0
a heating apparatus 10 pursuant to the present invention.
Said apparatus comprises a housing 1 in which there is 0 tary drum disposed coaxially in said pre-combustion
de?ned a pro-combustion chamber 1a for the heating
chamber, a fan in said tubular member, means to rotate
6. A combustion device according to claim 1, wherein
said drum and said fan to cause air to circulate in through
one opening, around said drum, through said pre-combus
said tubular member is closed at one end, and means for
directing combustion gases around said secondary com
tion chamber to said secondary combustion chamber,
means de?ning an ante-chamber leading radially inward
ly into said pre-combustion chamber, nozzle means dis
posed in said ante-chamber arranged to produce a spray
of fuel particles with portions thereof directed to impinge
lbustion chamber ‘and laterally outwardly.
7. A combustion device according to claim 1, includ
ing an annular member surrounding said drum and de?n
ing a nozzle for the ?ow of air therebetween and leading
into said pre-combustion chamber.
on said rotating drum whereby these portions are whirled
8. A combustion device according to claim 1, wherein
by said drum into said combustion air stream to vaporize
said particles, and means ‘to ignite said air and fuel mix 10 said fan and said drum are disposed in said tubular mem
ber adjacent the open end thereof, said means to rotate
ture in said pre-combustion chamber.
said drum and said fan including a motor having a shaft
2. A combustion device according to claim 1, wherein
connected to said fan and said drum and arranged to close
said igniter means is disposed substantially on the'oppo
the center of the opening of said tubular member.
site side of said atomizer member ‘from said ante-chamber.
3. A combustion device according to claim 1, wherein 15
said drum has projections de?ned thereon.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
4. A combustion device according to claim 3, wherein
said atomizer member projections include spaced ?anges
Rogers ______________ __ June 20, 1905
vsecured to the periphery of said drum.
Legg ________________ __ May 11, 1919
5. A combustion device according to claim 1, includ
Day __________________ __ Nov. 2, 1920
ing an outer tubular housing surrounding said tubular
McCollum ___________ __ Feb. 26, 1946
member and having an opening at each end, said means
Baier et a1 _____________ __ Aug. 7, 1956
de?ning Ian ante-chamber projecting from said tubular
Jurisich ______________ __ Jan. 15, 1957
member in said outer housing, and blower means to di
rect air through said outer housing.
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