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July 31, 1962
Filed Sept. 30, 1959
5 Sheets-Sheet 1
July 31, 1962
Filed Sept. 50, 1959
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
July 31, 1962
Filed Sept. 30, 1959
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
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ilnited grates haircut
3,�,l�Patented July 31, 1962
the frame members 3a overlying the base frame 1 at the
end thereof opposite the frame members forming the tub
shower stall in spaced apart parallel relation and in spaced
apart parallel relation to the base frame 1.
Emmett J. Callahan, 117 Paci?c Bldg, Salem, Greg.
Filed Sept. 30, 1959, Ser. No. 843,518
10 Claims. (Cl. 189-?1)
A ?oor panel 6 of the tub-shower is secured across the
frame members 2 and 2a and at one end of the base frame
The present invention relates to prefabricated bathroom,
1 and has ?xed to the outer ends thereof upwardly extend
ing vertical panels 6a. A water-tight door 7 is hinged in ,
each end panel 6a to form a private combination tub and
kitchen and utility room units for installations in build
ings in a single compact form.
10 shower stall. A wall 8 is arranged in spaced parallel rela
The primary object of the invention is to provide pre
tion to an inner panel 8a to form the opposite side of the
fabricated combination bathroom, kitchen and utility
tub and shower stall and is supported by the frame mem
room units which can be installed in a building during the
bers 1 and 2, and a top panel 3b completes the assembly.
building thereof to provide two complete bathrooms, or
An access door 9 is secured between the uprights 3 and 3:;
one complete bathroom and kitchen unit, including a sink 15 adjacent the tub-shower stall on one side to permit access
and dishwater, or one complete bathroom and utility room
to the internal portions of the unit. A metal linen cabi
unit composed of a laundry tray and washing machine, or
net It) is formed above the access door 9 to contain a
washing machine and dryer combination.
convenient supply of bathroom linens. A medicine cabi
Another object of the invention is to provide a unit of
net 11, having a conventional mirror front, is supported
the class ?described above having ceiling heaters, ventilat 20 in the unit adjacent the ?linen cabinet 10.
ing fans, lighting and accessory portions formed of stock
manufactured items.
An important speci?c object of the invention is to pro
vide a prefabricated unit of the class described above hav
A pair of generally triangular end panels 12 extend out
wardly from the end frame members 311 opposite the tub
shower stall in spaced parallel relation and are connected
by an inwardly and downwardly sloping removable panel
ing a tub<shower combination positioned remote from the ,
bathroom window and arranged to serve adjacent bath
rooms, or adjacent rooms, by having the opposite ends
thereof closed by solid doors to give privacy to either
room when in use.
13 to form a housing described below. An adjustable,
removable baseboard 14- is arranged to cooperate with
ceramic tile, linoleum, or vinyl floor coverings when
installing the unit.
A paper holder 15 and vash tray 15a are mounted on
A further important speci?c object of this invention is 30 one of the triangular end panels 12 for conventional use.
the provision of an improved combination tub shower
stall having doors opening from both ends thereof.
A still further object of the invention is to provide a
prefabricated unit of the class described above in which
the upright soil pipe alone extends below the ?nished
?oor line and is secured in raised position during shipping
of the unit, being lowered into ?nal position after the unit
is mounted in place in the building.
Other objects and advantages will become apparent in
the following speci?cation when considered in light of the
attached drawings, in which:
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the invention;
FIGURE 2 is a perspective View of the framework and
internal parts of the invention, partially broken away for
convenience of illustration;
A towel bar 16 is secured to the wall 8:: in a horizontal
position to support towels for use in the bathroom. The
combination shower and tub is provided with a soap dish
17 convenient to the controls.
The unit has an electric junction box 19 positioned
within the upper frame 4 and all electric portions of
the unit are wired therefrom. The junction box 19 can
be connected to the electric power supply of the ?building
when installing the unit.
An electric fan and duct 21 is mounted within the wall
unit 'for ventilating the tub-shower and the plumbing ?x
tures within the unit. Electric lights 22 are provided for
the lavatory, tub-shower, and toilet. An electric ceiling
light and heater combination 23 is mounted in the frame 4
to provide heat and light for the units and a similar unit
FIGURE 3 is a top plan view of the unit formed as a 45 23a is mounted in the tub shower stall. Electric conven
combined bathroom and either utility room or kitchen;
ience outlets 24 are provided in the unit to permit electric
FIGURE 4 is a top plan view of the unit formed as a
appliances to be connected to the source of electric power.
A lavatory 25 is mounted on one of the steel plates
pair of bathrooms.
5 and has the lower portion thereof enclosed by the end
panels 12 and the removable panel 13. A stool 26 is
positioned between the lavatory 25 and- the tub-shower
Referring now to the drawings in detail wherein like
reference characters indicate like parts throughout the sev
eral ?gures, the combination prefabricated bathroom, kit
underlying the linen cabinet 10 and is mounted in a mm
ner described below. With the unit consructed as il
the invention is illustrated in FIGURES 1 through 4 and
lustrated in FIGURE 3, a sink or laundry tray 27 is sup
includes a generally rectangular horizontal base frame 1
ported on one of the steel support plates 5, and a dish
having additional horizontal frame members 2 secured
washer or washing machine 28 is positioned between the
theerto at one end and are connected by transverse hori
sink or laundry tray and the combined tub-shower. A
zontal frame members 212. Additional vertical frame
combined hot water heater and storage tank 29 is posi
chen and utility room unit constructed in accordance with
members 2b extend upwardly from the ends of horizontal
members 2, and in combination with upright frame mem
bers 3 secured to the base 1 in a generally rectangular
form at one end thereof, delineate a combined tub-shower
A canopy frame 4 is supported on the upper ends of
tioned within the unit overlying the base frame 1. A
toilet ?ush tank 31} is positioned within the unit overly
ing the base frame 1 adjacent the combined hot water
heater and storage tank 29. An upstanding soil pipe 31
is mounted within the unit extending between the base
frame 1 and the top frame 4, as can be seen in FIGURE
the frame members 2:?: and 3 in generally parallel rela
2. The lower end 32 of the soil pipe 31 is provided
tion to the base frame 1 and extending laterally there
for connection to the sewer pipe of the building in which
beyond 4a. A longitudinal upper member 4b connected
the unit is installed and the upper end 20 is connected
to the lateral extensions 1%a by transverse members 40
to a dry vent pipe which extends to and outlets above the
completes the upper frame. Additional uprights 3a ex
roof of the building. The dry vent eliminates air bubbles
tend from base frame 1 to canopy 4% at suitably spaced 70 at the ?xtures. A tub-shower vent 33 extends outward
ly and downwardly from the soil pipe 31 connecting at
points. A pair of steel support plates 5 are secured to
its lower end to the combined tub-shower waste line and
door closing opposite ends of said combined tub-shower
tray 36, also extending to the soil pipe 31. A waste line
34 extends from the soil pipe 31 to the lavatory and sink
trap 36, also extending to thesoil pipe 31. A waste line
support plate 37 is vertically adjustably secured to the
base frame 1 and is rigidly connected to the soil pipe 31
stall on opposite sides of said framework, means in said .
framework vertically adjustable thereon for supporting a
stool adjacent to said framework, a soil pipe mounted in
said framework and supported .by said vertically adjust
able means whereby said soil pipe may be supported com
pletely within said framework during shipment of? said
so as to support the soil pipe 31 from the base frame 1.
By vertically adjusting the plate 37, the soil pipe 31 can
unit and lowered into contact with a sewer pipe when in
be adjusted so as to be wholly within the unit during the
shipping of the unit and then lowered into engagement
with the sewer pipe of the building in which the unit is
stalling said unit.
2. A device as claimed in claim 1 wherein a steel sup
port plate is rigidly secured to said framework and a
lavatory is supported on said steel support plate adjacent
A cold water pipe system for the various elements of
said stool.
. 3. A device as claimed in claim 1 wherein a hot water
the unit is positioned therein and has a cold water con
nection 38 extending from a cold water supply of the 15 pipe system and a cold water pipe system are mounted
in said framework and connected to said tub-shower stall,
building to cold water supply branches 39. A hot water
said stool and said lavatory.
pipe system 40 also extends to the various elements of
4. A device as claimed in claim 3 wherein a combined .
the unit and from the hot water supply tank 29 which is
hot water heater and storage tank is mounted. in?said
fed from the cold water supply connection 38.
framework and connected to said cold water system and
A tub-shower, hot and cold water mixing chamber 41,
to said hot water system.
- supply line 41a, diverter, shower head 41b and tub ?ller
5. A device as claimed in claim 1 wherein a lavatory?
41 is positioned within the tub-shower stall for control
is mounted on one side of said framework and a sink is
by the user. 'A ventilating opening 41c is provided cen
mounted on the other side of and supported by said '
trally in the top of panel 8a. A standard stock tub-shower
drain and pop-up stop ?tting 42 is built into the tub
shower and .is connected to and empties into the tub
shower waste line and trap 36 for draining the tub-shower
waste line.
6. A device as claimed in claim 4 wherein a dish .wash-,
er is mounted on said framework on the side thereof adj
jacent said sink.
A combination grip bar, towel bar and drip dry clothes
bar 43 is positioned within the tub-shower stall against 30
the panel 8. The doors 7 are provided with suitable
inside and outside locks 44 to prevent invasion of privacy
through the tub-shower stall.
7. A device as claimed in claim 5 wherein a washing
machine is mounted on said framework on the side there- I '
of adjacent said sink.
8. The invention as set forth in claim 1 wherein said
central hollow framework is of steel and said tub-shower
stall is one-piece preformed.
A unit constructed in accordance with the present in
9. In a combination bathroom unit, an elongated cen
vention provides a prefabricated, all steel structural wall 35
tral hollow framework, a pre-formed generally elongated
forming the nucleus for supporting and housing all of the
combination tub shower having vertically extending side
necessary bathroom ?xtures, the roughed-in plumbing and
and end walls positioned transversely of said ?framework
the hot and cold water supply systems. Furthermore, the
at one end thereof, plumbing supply and discharge pipes
unit contains light, heat, ventilation and other necessary
accessories. The unit can be formed as an all bath, a 40 in said hollow framework, bathroom accessories attached
to opposite sides of said central hollow framework and
kitchen-bath, or a utility room-bath combination and is
connected to said pipes, portions of each of said end
complete for the purposes set forth.
walls of the combination tub shower de?ning access open
The one-piece preformed steel or plastic? tub-shower
ings therein extending from adjacent the upper extremity
with the center hot ?and cold Water supply and waste line
disposal and the opposite end'entrance doors permits a 45 of said end walls and terminating a substantial distance
above the lower extremity thereof, the portions ofrsaid
dual purpose use. This tub-shower is placed on an in
end walls below the access openings therein de?ning end
side wall, eliminating the under window bathtub conven
walls for the tub, and doors along said access openings.
tional in bathrooms,'but still using the minimum amount
10. A bathroomunit comprising a generally T-shaped
of floor area. This tub-shower is space saving when con
?structure, the stern portion of- said structure comprising
sidering'the over-all space of the building. The roughed
a hollow framework containing plumbing pipes and adapt
in plumbing, hot and cold water supply system except for
ed to support bathroom ?xtures on a 'side thereof, the
the sewer line connection, do not extend below the fin
transverse portion of said structure comprising a tub
ished ?oor and the sewer line connection is maintained out
of contact with the ?nished floor during the shipment of
the unit.
shower combination having vertically extending side and
55 end walls, portions of said end walls de?ning. access open- '
ings to said tub shower extending from adjacent theupper
The pre-formed one-piece tub-shower and the skin walls
extremity of said end walls and terminating a substantial
of the utilitarian structural wall may be made of formed
steel or copper or plastic in a choice of colored- porcelain,
colored aluminum or plastic or a combination of all in
a choice of colors. The rough-in plumbing units could
be of soil pipe, stainless steel, or copper to meet thecodes
and requirements of the area where the unit is marketed,
and, likewise, as to the hot and cold water supply units
as concerns regulations requirements.
distance above the lower extremity thereof, the portions
of said end walls below said access openings de?ning end
walls for the tub, and doors closing said access openings.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
' Having thus described the preferred embodiment of the
invention, it should be understood that numerous struc
tural modi?cations and adaptations may be resorted to
without departing from the scope of the appended claims.
What is claimed:
Zavada ______________ __ Oct. 10, 1944
Chapman et d. ___.__'____ Dec. 2-5, 1945
Lankton _____________ __ Apr. 22, 1947
Bailey ______________ __ Dec. 27, 1949
l_. A prefabricated combination bathroom unit com
D. 139,090
prisin'g'a central hollow framework, a base frame sup
porting said central hollow framework, a canopy frame
work secured to the upper end of said ?rst named frame
work, a combined tub-shower stall supported in said
framework at one end of said base frame, a waterproof 75
Richardson __________ __ May 23, 1950 ,
Rollie et al. __________ __ June 19, 1951
Boone ______________ __ Aug. 9,1955
Bowser _____________ __ Mar. 29, 1960
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Germany _______ __'__-__ Aug. 22, 1935
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