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July s1, 1962
Filed Aug. 25, 1960
Fill/waa /W/¿Lfe
United States Patent Giifrce
Patented July 3l, 1962
to the boxes shown in >any of the patents to Gross,
1,758,510; 1,758,511; 1,758,512; 1,941,084, and others.
Two opposite side walls 38 of the box tray 30 have in
Samuel Miller, 7 0 Washington St., Brooklyn, NX.
Filed Aug. 25, 1950, Ser. No. 51,816
1 Claim. (Ci. 2do-45.14)
wardly extending tabs 4i) overlying vadjacent portions of
the box tray bottom 42. Both these tabs 40 are cut away
at their central portions as at 44, the Cut-away 44 being
of a width and depth to receive the ends of the platform
side walls 17, with the ends 46 of the box tray bottom
extending under the tabs 49.
The cut-aways 44 thus embrace the platform side walls
17 with the insert bottom ends 46 under the tabs 4t?, and
thus serve to hold the box-insert l@ substantially fixed in
the box tray 31), with the box-insert 10 dividing the box
tray 30 into two compartments, and the projections 24
provided by the die-cut slits 20 extend over such two
compartments, and thus over any articles of merchandise,
such as greeting lcards for example, iilling the compart
This invention relates to a combination box and box
insert, both formed of sheet material, wherein the box
insert is cooperatively held by the box in proper position
providing two separated compartments for receiving arti
cles of merchandise, such as greeting cards, stationary,
paper and the like.
A further object of this invention is to provide a box
insert, made of a sheet material blank, which has an ele
vated platform acting both as a compartment divider and
as a suitable surface for indicia or printed matter, and
also has projections extending oppositely from the center
of the platform over the compartments provided thereby
The surface of the platform 22 may be provided with
chandise in the compartments, which merchandise may be 20 suitable indicia, such as slogans or reading matter appro
pria-te to the merchandise in the two spaced compartments.
visible through a transparent window in a box cover
Although this invention has been described in consider
able detail, such description is intended as being illustra
With the foregoing and other objects in view, this in
tive rather than limiting, since the invention may be var
vention comprises the combination, construction and ar
rangement of parts hereinafter set forth, claimed and dis 25 iously embodied, and the scope of the invention is to be
in the box to act as hold-downs for the articles of mer
closed in the accompanying drawings, wherein:
FIG. l is a perspective view of the combination box
and box-insert of this invention.
FIG. 2 is a sectional View on line 2_2 of FIG. 1.
FIG. 3 is a sectional View on line 3_3 of FIG. l.
FIG. 4 is a plan view of the box-insert sheet material
There is shown at 10 the box-insert of this invention
in position within the box 12 lin combination with which
determined as claimed.
Having thus set forth and disclosed the nature of this
invention, what is claimed is:
In combination, a box of suitably folded sheet material
having a box bottom, two opposite vertical sides, and
two opposite vertical ends, said two opposite vertical sides
` each having tabs extending downwardly and then in
ward'ly partly toward each other over said box bottom,
and a box-insert of sheet material providing a supplemen
35 tary box bottom extending transversely of said box bottom,
it is used.
substantially as far as said Vertical sides but stopping
The box-insert 19 comprises a rectangulai- sheet mate
short a substantial distance from said vertical ends of
rial blank 14 of cardboard or the like. This blank 14
has two parallel fold lines 16 providing vertically up
said box, said box-insert having its mid portion elevated
to form a platform having two parallel spaced apart verti
lel spaced apart but discontinuous fold lines 18'. The fold 40 cal marginal supports formed by bent-up connecting por
lines 18 each extend to oppositely diverging die-cut slits
tions of the box-insert bottom, said inwardly extending'
20 providing oppositely extending projections -24 in the
tabs being cut away only in the area of said platform to
embrace the ends of said platform with the end pontions
same plane with and part of the elevated platform 22,
to thus extend beyond the vertically extending portions 17 .
of the box-insert bottom extending under said tabs to
The portions 26 of the blank 14 between the folds 16 and 45 lock said box-insert in iixed position in said box between
the blank edge 28, provide box-insert bottom portions.
said Vvertical sides »and spacedsubstantially from both said
The box 12 is also made of sheet material and includes
ends of said box.
standing spaced apart portions 17 terminating in two paral
an open box tray 30 and a box cover 32.
In general,
except as hereinafter pointed out, the box tray 30 and
the box cover 32 are both made of sheet material such 50
as cardboard, but the cover 32 has a transparent window
34, of suitable material, to extend over a central opening
36 in the cover 32, so that the box-insert 10, and any
References Cited in the ñle of this patent
King ________________ __ Aug. 16, 1932
Neumann ____________ _.. Feb. 14, 1933
Sweden ______________ __ Feb. 20, 1941
articles of merchandise packed therein, may be Visible
therethrough. Both the cover 32 and the tray 30 are made 55
of suitably folded and cut material, somewhat similar
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