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July 31, 1962
Filed April 9. 1958
United States Patent 0 "vice
Patented July 31, teen,
to engage beneath the ?ange 10 of the spout when the
Roy H. Richmond, Wellsburg, W. Van, assignor to Eagle
Manufacturing Company, Wellsburg, W. Va., a corpo
ration of West Virginia
the surface 5 of the closure cap 4 and an outwardly
spaced smaller annular portion 16 which is slightly larger
than the opening de?ned by the ?ange 6 of the closure
Filed Apr. 9, 1958, Ser. No. 727,316
1 Claim. (Cl. 222-570)
cap. Connecting the portions 15 and 16 is an annular
The present invention pertains generally to portable
metal storage containers for gasoline, kerosene, oil and
other volatile ‘liquids. More speci?cally, the invention
is directed to a ?exible rubber pour spout for mounting
in a said container closure cap.
The object of the invention is to provide a closure cap
and a ?exible rubber pour spout for portable storage
containers of the character described.
plug 11 tightly engages within the axial opening 9 of the
spout for retaining the plug in engagement with the
spout. The base (8 of the spout comprises an enlarged
‘annular portion 15 which is larger than theopening in
Portable con
tainers for storage of gasoline, oil, kerosene, etc. are
found about the home, farm and factory for convenient
?lling of tan-ks of various combustion engine driven tools,
outboard motors and ‘heating and lighting appliances.
Such containers, being readily portable, are limited to
between one \and ?ve gallons capacity and have been
recess 17 having an inner diameter smaller than the
opening de?ned by the ?ange 6 of the cap 4. Extend
ing outwardly from the portion 16 is an annular hollow
portion 18 of smaller outside diameter than that of the
portion 16 and having an inside diameter larger than
that of the axial opening 9 in the spout neck portion 7
and is connected therewith. The inner end of the axial
opening 9 of the spout 7 is provided with an annular
recess 19 ‘for reception ‘of a disc-like metal mesh strainer
20. The spout is assembled with the cap by entering
the end portion 18 into the cap opening and forcing the
base portion 16 downward-1y ‘so
to slightly compress
same and permit the ?ange 6 of the cap to enter the
annular recess opening 17, whereupon the base portion
heretofore provided with ?exible metal pour spouts which ‘
16 returns to its normal size and retains the spout within
are not only expensive to manufacture and present a pos
sible danger due to striking the metal spout against a
metal surface causing a spark in the presence of in?am
mable or explosive vapors from the contents of the con
tainers. Such metal spouts are expensive and their re
the cap. The spout base portion 15 being larger than
the opening in the cap seals the cap opening.
The storage container with the assembled closure cap
and spout in place is as shown in ‘FIG. 1 of the drawing.
When the container is to be ?lled with any suitable. liquid
placement due to rusting out, loss or damage is costly. 30 the assembled spout and closure cap ‘4 is suitably rotated
.to disengage from the screw threaded neck 3 of the con
In the present invention, I have provided a novel,
tainer and the liquid inserted through the stilling opening
durable, ?exible rubber pour spout for the standard screw
after which the cap 4 is again screwed into place with
cap of the usual metal ‘container for the purpose de
the spout neck 7 extending as shown in FIG. 1. For
scribed. Such a spout may be readily incorporated into
convenient ‘storage of the container :1 without the neck
or removed from the closure cap and is preferably pro‘
7 projecting as shown in FIG. 1, the spout may be rotated
vided with a strainer to restrict passage of foreign matter
relative to the cap 4 and the end of the spout inserted
during the pouring operation. The open, end of the
beneath the container as shown by dotted lines in FIGS.
spout may be easily pinched to cut off ?ow of the liquid
1 and 2 of the drawings. When it is desired to dispense
prior to righting of the container at the end of the
liquid from the container the end of'vthe spout may be
pouring operation. Preferably a stopper, as shown, is
removed from within the bail and the spout rotated to
provided and may be readily inserted and removed from
project towards the side ofthe container as desired. The
the open or pouring end of the spout.
plug 11 may then be removed from the end ‘of spout
Referring now to the drawing,
neck 7 and the container suitably tilted to dispense liquid
FIG. 1 shows a side elevation of a metal storage eon
45 out of the spout neck 7 which has been inserted in a
tainer and rubber pour spout of the invention;
suitable ?lling opening of the receptacle receiving the
FIG. 2 shows a plan view of the container and spent
contents of the container. When a suitable quantity of
of FIG. 1;
the liquid has been thus dispensed, the end of the spout
FIG. 3 shows an enlarged cross-sectional view of the
neck 7 may be pinched to cut off the ?ow of ?uid and
spout and closure plug;
the container I returned to an upright position. The
FIG. 4 shows an enlarged cross-sectional view through
plug 11 may then be returned to the open end of spout
the container closure cap and spout.
neck '7 and pressed ?rmly into place with the annular
Referring now to the drawing, where like reference
ring 14- thereof engaging beneath the annular inner ?ange
characters refer to like parts, the container 1 is con
veniently provided with a carrying bail 2 and a ?lling 55 10 of the spout neck securely locking the plug in place
opening de?ned by an upwardly extending neck portion
‘and sealing the opening of the spout neck 7. The spout
3 which is closed by a screw cap 4, all of which are of
screw cap 4 has a top surface 5 having an opening there—
neck 7- may then be rotated in a manner previously de
scribed and then inserted under the bail 2 of the con
tainer, as shown by dotted lines or not as the person
in ‘de?ned by an inwardly extending continuous ?ange 6.
conventional design and available commercially.
The ?exible rubber pour spout as shown in FIGS. 3
and 4, comprises a neck portion 7 and a base portion ‘8.
The neck portion 7 has an axially extending opening 9
therein and opening into the base portion ‘8. Adjacent
From the foregoing it will be readily apparent that a
storage container equipped with the ?exible spout as de
scribed, provides a ready and convenient means for stor
ing in?ammable or volatile ?uid without loss by vaporiza
the outer end portion of the neck 7 the internal open 65 tion and which may be conveniently and safely used in
transferring the in?ammable and volatile contents from
ing 9 is restricted by an inwardly extending ?ange por
the container into any desired receptacle. The spout neck
tion 10, for a purpose hereinafter set forth. Within the
7 being of rubber will not cause dangerous sparking
said restricted end portion of spout neck 7 is mounted
a readily detachable rubber plug or closure member 11
upon contact with any metal surface. The neck 7. being
comprising the annular head portion 12 and tapering 70 ?exible is readily de?ectable without injury to the per
son or object with which it may come into‘contact dur
cylindrical portion 13. Intermediate the ends of the por
ing handling of the container. The pour spout elfec
tion 13 is an annular outwardly extending ring 14 adapted
tively seals the contents of the container against loss
by vaporization and may be readily moved relative to
a ?exible elongated tubular neck portion integral with
said base portion above said cap top surface,
the closure cap 4 in the manner desired without develop
ing leakage. The spout is easily manufactured of natural
a continuous internal passageway extending axially
or synthetic rubber or rubber-like materials.
munication with said dispenser interior,
said passageway within said base portion and beneath
said base recess being enlarged for a portion of its
I have
found that natural or synthetic rubber of approximately
40 to 65 durometer provides adequate ?exibility as well
as durability in the spout and the closure plug.
I claim:
A pour spout and closure cap for the ?lling opening 10
of a portable gasoline storage and dispensing container
through said spout neck and base portion in com
length to receive a sediment screen member.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
a rigid closure cap for detachably mounting upon the
?lling opening of said container and provided with
15 1,223,207
an apertured top surface portion,
a ?exible pour spout base portion of generally cylin
drical shape axially insertable into said cap top
Weil ________________ __ July 11,
Scypinski ____________ __ Apr. 17,
Damkroger __________ __ Apr. 30,
Ahlquist ______________ __ Aug. 7,
surface aperture and provided with an annular re
cess intermediate the ends thereof receiving and
sealing the peripheral edges of said closure cap aper 20 2,804,242
said pour spout exterior base portion beneath said an
nular recess being tapered for initial insertion and
compression within said cap aperture surface for
reception thereof within the said recess,
Wilson _____________ __ Nov. 11,
Rielte _______________ __ Dec. 18,
Borah _______________ __. Aug. 27,
Taylor _______________ __ Oct. 6,
Great Britain _________ __. Nov. 18,
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