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July 31, 1962
Filed Aug. 17, 1961
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William .S‘. McLh/nney
BY @n.» 40%".
July 31, 1962
Filed Aug. 17, 1961
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William .5? McL hilmey
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United States Patent 0 ” 1C6
3,047,241 >
Patented July 31, 1962
necting the lower ends of upstanding legs 20 and 22. A
thrust plate 24 of ‘rectangular shape and substantially the
same size as the bight portion 18, but slightly shorter is
pivotally mounted thereon by a rivet 256. Normally the
thrust plate lies between the upstanding legs 20 and 22,
William S. McLhinney, 222 E. College St,
Canonsburg, Pa.
Filed Aug. 17, 1961, Ser. No. 132,107
9 Claims. (Cl. 239-—273)
This invention relates to liquid dispersing devices, and
but it may be rotated to a position whereby it is 90° to
the longitudinal axis of the sprayer so as to increase the
~ stability and supporting capacities of the base.
Spraying tube 14 comprises a heavy duty metallic pipe
10 having an arcuate portion 28 covering an arc of approxi
pattern for ?ghting or preventing the spread of ?res.
mately 90° and a generally horizontally extending end
Brie?y, the invention comprises a curved pipe having
portion 30. The leg 20 has a vertically extending Ua row of bores on one side thereof and adjustably mounted
shaped slot 32 formed in its upper edge and extending
on a base. The curved pipe is releasably connected to
downwardly therefrom. The horizontal portion 30v of
a source of water pressure and may be adjusably locked
particularly to a device for dispersing liquid in a spray
to the base in any desired position ‘so as to direct the spray
therefrom in the proper direction. A device is provided
on the spray pipe for adjustably locking it in any desired
position, however, this device may be selectively immo
bilized land the spray pipe may be oscillated by manual
g the spraying tube extends through the slot 32 and is rotat
ably journalled therein. The extreme left end of the
horizontal portion 30 has a radially extending annular ring
39 ?xed thereon. A standard ?re hose coupling 36 of
generally cylindrical shape telescopically receives the left
20 end of the ring 39 and its annular ?ange 34.
The cou
pling 36 has ‘an inwardly radially extending annular ?ange
Accordingly, it is a primary object of this invention to
provide a>novel spraying device for ?ghting ?res, for pre
38 which extends into an annular groove 41 on the outer
venting the spread of ?res, or to create a water curtain to
surface of ring 39 and rotatably journals the coupling 73.6
on the ring 39 thus preventing separation of the coupling
protect ?remen or property during the ?ghting of a ?re.
It is another object of the invention to provide a spray
ing device including a curved pipe having spraying pas
- from the tube 28. A sleeve 40 is welded to the outer .sur
face of the ring 39 and has rotatably mounted therein a
sages in one side thereof that are arranged and directed
wire handle member 42.
1 The conventional coupling 36 has internal threads 44
so as to provide an improved spray pattern for ?ghting
for receiving a ?rehose ?tting 43 and a sealing gasket 46.
The locking mechanism 16 includes a box-like housing
48 comprising upper and lower walls 50 and 52, side Walls
54 and 56, and a ‘back wall 58. The front of the housing.
It is another object of the invention to provide a spray
ing device which may be quickly assembled or disassem
bled for repair and maintenance thereof.
is generally open as shown at 60. A stud 62 extends ver
It is another object of the invention to provide a
tically between the central portions of the top and bot
spraying device having a partially collapsible base for
35 tom ‘walls 50 and 52 and is secured ‘thereto.
facilitating transportation and storage thereof.
A still further object vof the invention is to provide a
A short support 64 land a long support 66 are welded to
spraying ‘device particularly adapted for ?ghting ?res
the bottom edge of the portion 30 and extend downwardly
which may be selectively adjusted in any ?xed position,
therefrom in spaced parallel relationship.
A bearing
sleeve 63 is welded between the lower end of the short
40 support 64 and the center of the long support 66. The
the water therefrom in the desired places.
stud 62 is coextensive with'the long support 66 and is
A still further object of the invention is to provide a
secured thereto by screw members 70. The long and short
spraying device which is simple in design, is economical
supports may be welded to the tube 14 as shown at 72.
to manufacture, and is durable and reliable in use.
The housing 48 may be further secured to the support 66
These together with other objects and advantages which
by means of a removable plate 74 secured by a fastener
will become subsequently apparent reside in the details
76 to the bottom wall 52 as shown in FIGURE 6.
of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter
An operating plunger 78 of circular cross section ex
described and claimed, reference being had to the accom
tends through aligned bores in the supports 64 ‘and 66
panying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein like nu
and is rotatable and slidably mounted therein. The plung
merals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the spraying device ‘ er 78 has an enlarged part 80 substantially shorter than
the bearing sleeve 68 and reciprocable therein. However,
in use with the spray pipe locked in position;
a coil spring 82 normally urges the enlarged portion to
FIGURE 2 is a perspective view similar to FIGURE 1
the left end of the sleeve 68 so that the locking projec
but showing the spraying pipe unlocked from its frame
tion 84 will extend beyond the support 64. A handle
and being manually oscillated;
member 86 extends normal to the plunger 78 and is se
FIGURE 3 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view
cured to its rightend by either or a combination of threads
through the center of the spraying device;
and a cotter pin 88. As shown in FIGURE 7, the ver-.
FIGURE 4 is a right end view of the device shown in
tically extending side edges of the members 66 and 62
or alternatively may be manually oscillated so as to direct
_ FIGURE 5 is a left end view of the device;
FIGURE 6 is a vertical cross sectional view taken
are curved forwardly so as to form cam surfaces 90 and
92. A cam member 94 extends generally parallel to the
substantially on the plane of line 7--7 of FIGURE 6; and
handle 86 and has a central bore which telescopically
receives the plunger 78. The cam member 94 is locked
to the plunger by means of a cotter key 96.
v The front leg 20 has a plurality of generally horizon
FIGURE 8 is a vertical cross sectional View similar to
tally extending bores 98 formed therein and arranged
FIGURE 6, but showing the locking mechanism in the
along an arc concentric with the axis at the portion 30.
through a portion of the left end of the spraying device
and the locking mechanism therefor in looking position;
FIGURE 7 is a horizontal cross sectional view taken
As the tube 1.4 is rotated, the locking end 84 of the plung
er 78 successfully passes the locking bores 98.
Referring to the drawings, it can be seen that the spray
in_g device 10 comprises a generally U-shaped base 12, a 70 As shown in FIGURE 3, the right end of the tube 14
is sealed by an elliptical vertically extending plate 100.
spraying tube 14, and a locking mechanism 16.
A horizontally extending bearing shaft 102 is ?xed to the ‘
The U-shaped base 12 comprises a bight portion 18 con
unlocked position.
horizontally extending portion; said ?rst ?ange on the
base having a U-shaped slot formed in its upper end, said
slot rotatably receiving the horizontal end portion of the
spray tube, a vertically extending plate closing the other
end of the spray tube, a horizontally extending bearing
center of the plate 100, extends through a U-shaped slot
103 in the upper edge of the leg 22, and is rotatably
journalled in the bottom of the slot. As shown more
clearly in FIGURE 4, a rectangular locking plate 104 is
pivotally mounted at an upper portion of the leg 22 on
its outer surface by means of a rivet 106. The plate
shaft ?xed to the center of the plate, a U-shaped slot
in the second base ?ange rotatably receiving the hori
zontal bearing shaft, and a plurality of bore holes ar
ranged in a line in the upper surface of the spray tube.
104 may betlocked in a horizontal position over the shaft
102 by a screw 108. When the screw 108 is removed, the
plate 104 may be pivoted to the A position illustrated in
2. The combination of claim 1 including a locking
FIGURE 4 in dotted lines so as to permit the shaft 104 10
plate pivotally secured to the upper portion of the second
and the pipe 14 to be removed from the base 12.
base ?ange and releasably securing the bearing shaft to
A handle 110 similar to the hand-1e 42 is pivotally se
the second base ?ange.
cured‘to the plate 104 by means of a sleeve 112 welded
3. The combination of claim 2 including a ?rst handle
to the plate.
means secured to the locking plate and a second handle
FIGURE 2 illustrates the device being operated man
means secured to the rotatably received horizontal end
ually for sprinkling the side of a building to put out a
portion of the spray tube for effecting rotational move
?re or to prevent the side of the building from becoming
overheated by a ?re in an adjacent building. When used
ment of said tube.
4. The combination of claim 3 including a thrust plate
as illustrated in FIGURE 2, the handle 86 of the locking
rotatably mounted on the ?at bight of the base at the
device is pulled manually to the rear so as to compress
spring 82 and withdraw the locking portion 34 from one
of the locking bores 98. When the plunger is withdrawn
fromv the locking bores 98, the handle 86 is rotated 90°
in either direction to the position illustrated in FIGURE
8 whereby the forwarded projecting ends 95 of the cam 25
member 94 are vertically aligned with each other and
with the flat vertically extend-ing central portion 91 of
the stud 62. In this position, the ends 95 effectively pre
center thereof, said thrust plate ‘being of a length slightly
less than the ‘bight of the base thus allowing said thrust
plate to be positioned with its longitudinal axis located
at any position between one wherein the plate axis is.
perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of ‘the base and a
second wherein the plate axis is parallel to the base axis.
5. The combination of claim 4 including a releasable
lockingr mechanism for selectively locking the spray tube
to the base in any one of a plurality of positions, said
vent the locking end 84 of plunger 78 from entering any
of the bores 98 and thereby the tube 14 is free to oscil
late on the base 12. To oscillate the tube 14, it is only
locking mechanism comprising a spring actuated plunger
necessary for the operator to hold the handle 42 in one
hand and the handle 110 in the other hand as shown in
the ?rst base ?ange, said ?rst base ?ange having a plu
rality of spaced holes for receiving the plunger and locat
ing the spray tube in various positions.
mounted on the lower surface of the spray tube adjacent
FIGURE 2. The handle 110 is used for stabilizing the
sprinkler, while the operator rotates the tube by oscillating
6. The combination of claim 5 wherein the locking
mechanism includes a holding means for holding the
plunger in a disengaged position so as to allow free rota
tion of the spray tube.
7. The combination of claim 6 wherein the bore holes
the handle 42.
If it is desired to use the sprinkler 10 to create a ?re
curtain or direct a spray in a constant direction, the ban
dle 86 is rotated through a horizontal position as indi
cated in FIGURES 6 and 7 whereby the cam member 94 40 in the center of the spray tube are coaxial about radial
lines extending therethrough and de?ning the curvature
is also rotated to a horizontal position and its ends 94
extend over the cam surfaces 90 as to permit the spring
of said tube and the bore holes ‘at the end of said tube
82 to urge the plunger forwardly and engage a selected
diverge outwardly with respect to other of said radial
bore 98 for holding the tube 14 at any desired angle.
lines extending therethrough.
The thrust plate 24 is rotated to a position perpendicular
8. The combination of claim 1 including a releasable
to the bight portion 18 of the base for increasing the sta
locking mechanism for selectively locking the spray tube
bility thereof. The thrust plate 24 thus effectively counter
to. the base in any one of a plurality of positions, said
acts the thrust created by the jet of water 114 issuing
locking mechanism comprising a spring actuated plunger
from the spraying tube 14.
mounted on the lower surface of the spray tube adjacent
It is to be noted that the arcuate portion 28 of the
the ?rst base ?ange, said ?rst base ?ange having a plu
spraying tube has a plurality of bores 116 arranged in a
rality of spaced holes for receiving the plunger and 1ocat~
line at its upper surface. The central bores 116 extend
ing the spray tube in various positions.
generally radially, the outer bores at the ends of the tube
9. The combination of claim 8 wherein the locking
14 diverge outwardly from radial lines extending through
mechanism includes a holding means for holding the
the bores. This causes the bores to create a wider spray
plunger in a disengaged position so as to allow free rota
pattern than would be created if all the bores were radial.
tion of the spray tube.
The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
principles. of the invention. Further, since numerous
modi?cations and changes will readily occur to those
skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention 60
Cadwell _____________ __ Oct. 30, 1894
to the exact construction and operation shown and de
1. A device for ?ghting ?res comprising a self-support
ing U-shaped base having a ?at bight for resting upon
a supporting surface, ?rst and second upstanding ?anges;
Keene ______________ __ Aug. 10,
Opitz _______________ __ June 14,
Opitz et al ____________ __ Mar. 26,
Hopkins _____________ __ Jan. 7,
Eichhotf ____________ __ July 29,
Nikola _____________ __ Feb. 23,
Wilson et al. _________ __ July 18,
and an arcuate spray tube terminating at one end- in a
Shepard _____________ __ Aug. 2, 1955
scribed, and accordingly all suitable modi?cations and
equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of
the invention as claimed.
What is claimed as new is as follows:
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