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July 31, 1962
Filed March 6, 1961
Clem a
United States Patent O?ice
Patented July 31, 1962
l The caps 10 are formed of an encompassing band 10a
Clema Carver, 5311 SE. Bush, Portland, Greg.
Filed Mar. 6, 1961, Ser. No. 93,782
4 tClaims. (Qt. 297-157)
which encircles the inclined legs at a point a distance
slightly above the apex thereof. Standing upwardly from
said band and welded or otherwise secured thereto is
saddle member ltlb.
The saddle member encircles the ends of the leg mem
bers adjacent the apex and thus provide two constricting
My invention relates to collapsible furniture and par
members about the leg members to maintain them rigidly
ticularly to a combined picnic table with associated seats
at proper angularity and in relationship with each other.
' that'may be assembled quickly without requiring bolts or
other types of fastening devices.
10 The saddle member extends vertically and receives the
crossbeam member 9 which is arranged edgewise therein.
It is a primary object of my invention to construct
The saddle ?ts fairly snugly about the sides of the beam
furniture of this character from straight lengths of boards,
member and causes the parts to be held in tight engage
with minimum need for mill work and with few quick
attachable ‘and detachable fastenings.
A further object of my invention is to construct furni 15
ture of this character so that a sturdy structure may be
provided that when disassembled the parts thereof may
be stacked ?atwise into a compact package.
Furniture of this character may be utilized as outside
Approximately midway of the length of each of said
supporting legs is the brace 11 having multiple hook
shaped engaging pins 11a that partially extend about
and encircle transverse dowels or pins 12 spanning re
lated recesses 13 in the edges of the supporting legs 7.
furniture that is taken in and periodically stored. Other 20 These recesses face each other in related pairs of legs
wide use for such type of furniture is for picnics where
the parts thereof may be stored in a compact package
and carried to the picnic place in the body or storage
and the brace conforms to the desired angularity for the
pairs of supporting legs.
The hook-shaped engaging
pieces are forced downwardly about the dowels or pins
and the ends of the brace abut the opposed faces of the
compartment of an automobile. It is desirable that none
of the fastening devices become detached and it is also 25 legs 7. This provides a sturdy A-frame clamping the
desirable that no tools be needed to set up the table and
associated seats and dismember them.
These objects and features of my invention are at
tained in the combined table with attached seats in which
only three pieces thereof require mill work and all of the
pieces, including the ones requiring mill work may be
made of standard dimension lumber. For example, a
structure of this character may be constructed of lengths
earn member 9 at the apex thereof.
When a pair of said sawhorse supports '1 are set up,
as shown in the ?gures, and spaced apart a proper dis
tance, the stretcher 4 for each sawhorse support is
threaded endwise above the brace 11 in each of the
A-frames and the upper edges of said braces have a notch
formed therein corresponding in width to the thickness
of the stretcher. The stretcher thus is held centrally
with respect to the length of the brace and is prevented
of 2 x 3 studding, 1 x 4 ?nished boards and l X 10‘ boards
which are readily procurable in any lumber yard. The 35 from moving longitudinally of the brace because of the
tight inter?t between the sides of the stretcher and the
advantage of this is that it is necessary to supply only
sides of the notch ltlb in the brace 11.
those members and ?ttings that require mill work or
Said stretchers are substantially longer than the Width
forming and all of the remainder may be purchased from
of the sawhorse supports so that seat boards 3 may be
a retail lumber yard to construct ‘a table of thischaracter.
Further and other details of my invention are herein 40 laid equi-distantly upon the projecting portions of the
after described with reference to the accompanying draw
ings, in which:
FIG. 1 is an elevation of furniture embodying my
stretchers that extend laterally beyond the sawhorse
T0 provide additional support for the seats, I secure a
supporting leg 5 to each end of the stretcher. The upper
FIG. 2 is an elevation thereof with parts shown broken 45 end 5a of each leg is square and thus bears ?atwise upon
the underside of the stretcher 4' with which it is associ
away to disclose details of construction;
ated. To hold said parts in place, I provide a C-shaped
FIG. 3 is an enlarged perspective view of a fastening
bail 14 which is slung over the end of the stretcher with
cap for joining the apices of the leg supports;
which the particular leg is associated so that it partially
KG. 4 is a fragmentary perspective view of a brace
encompasses the stretcher 4 lying above the leg 5. The
element; and
FIG. 5 is a fragmentary portion of a leg support to
which the brace may be joined detachably.
A collapsible tablewith accompanying seats embody
ing my invention comprise a pair of sawhorse supports 1,
terminal end 14501 of each bail is rotatably mounted in a
bore 517 in the supporting leg. The upper terminal por
tion 14b of the C-shaped bail extends across the edge
of the stretcher 4 and down the other side slightly. ‘It
four 1" x 10" planks 2‘ for the table top and two 1" x 10" 55 also provides a bumper for the seat to prevent it from
slipping off the stretcher.
planks for the seats 3. Two stretchers 4- serve the dual
1 preferably proportion the saddle member 10b so that
it is slightly shallower than the width of the beam mem
her 9, as is illustrated in the drawings. Thus, no por
tion of the table or top boards or planks rest upon the
apex of the horses which might produce some irregularity
in the upper surface. I provide latches 15 at the ends
of the beam member to engage the outermost edges of
beam members 9.
the planks de?ning said top so that said planks are pre
Each sawhorse support is constructed by arranging the 65 vented from slipping sidewise from off their support
supporting legs to converge toward the top and diverge
upon the beam member 9.
at the bottom, to produce an A-shaped structure. Two
The combined picnic table, and seats at the sides there
pair of said A-shaped structures are joined by a cross
of as thus constructed, is tightly joined together and
beam member ‘9. Each A-frame assembly is joined to
constitutes a strong and sturdy structure.
an end of a crossbeam and to each other by a cap ltl 70
When the table and seats are to be disassembled the
that is ?tted over the converging upper ends of the sup
boards or planks 2 and 3 may be removed and stacked
one upon the‘ other because all are the same length,
porting legs. The caps pull these legs together tightly.
function of stiffening the sawhorse supports and sup
ports for the ends of the seats. Under each end of the
seat is a supporting leg 5 joined to the ends of the stretch
ers 4 by bail-like securing devices 6. Each of the saw
horse supports comprises a pair of inclined leg mem
bers ‘7, cross braces ll therefor ‘and horizontally disposed
width and thickness. The caps 10 and the braces 11
may then be removed and‘ the C-shaped bails l4 removed
from engagement with the ends of the stretchers. This
tively, the excess length extending equal distances be
permits ‘all of said parts to be laid ?atwise on top of i
yond the related sawhorse supports to constitute rests for
said boards to produce a compact rectangular package.
If the C-shaped clamps are to be removed from the legs
this may be done readily by removing the lower termi
nal portion laterally from the companion bore 512 in its
supporting leg. Usually it is not desirable to remove
said bails from the legs because said legs may be laid 10
the elongated seat members, seat supporting legs detach
ably joined to the extremities of the stretchers, and quick
detachable fastening devices for securing certain of said
members together to produce a rigid structure.
2. The structure de?ned in claim 1 in which the fas
tening devices for securing the upper ends of inclined
more or less flatwise particularly if they are stacked
related pairs of leg members together and tying them to
bers, said stretchers being substantially longer than the
sawhorse supports with which they are related, respec
alternately with the bails at opposite ends. This produces
an end of a related beam member include a cap having
a stack of uniform height but one which is compact.
The stacked bundled parts may be tied in a bundle
an encircling band for said legs spaced from the upper
or they may be inserted in a rectangular box or con
tainer until they are set up for further use.
lated pairs of legs and having a central depending por
ends thereof, and a saddle encircling the tops of the re
tion conforming to the cross section of a related beam
Another advantage of constructing a picnic table and
for engaging and supporting said beam member.
3. The structure de?ned in claim 1 in which the fas
tening devices for joining the braces with related leg
members comprise downwardly inclined lock members
extending longitudinally from the ends of the braces and
catches recessed in the leg members, and having self
wedging joint means at both ends thereof.
‘associated seats from members that are devoid of mill
work (as all of the members are, except the supporting
legs 5, braces ill. and leg members 7), that may be pur
chased from any retail‘ ‘lumber yard. The excepted
mmebers have only simple milling operations performed
thereon and may be replaced with the exercise of skills
ordinarily possessed by do-it-yourself users and with tools
such ‘as a brace and bit, saW and chisel.
4. The structure de?ned in claim 1 in which the fas
I claim:
1. A combination table and seat having the members
detachably joined for quick attachment and detachment,
comprising a plane trestle board top member, a pair of
sawhorse supports comprising inclined related pairs of
leg members, laterally extending beam members extend
ing between the upper ends of related pairs of leg mem
bers by self-wedging joint means, securing said beam
members to said leg members, detachable brace mem
bers joining related pairs of leg members at points 3 01
thereon intermediate the ends of said leg members, plane
stretchers extending laterally between related pairs. of
leg members bearing uponand notched into the braces
between said related pairs, plane elongated seat mem
tening devices for joining the seat-supporting legs to the
ends of the stretchers comprise a C-shaped bail having
a terminal end journaled in the upper end of each seat
support and another terminal end partially encircling an
end of a stretcher supported by said seat supporting leg.
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