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Aug- 7, 1962
Filed April 22, 1959
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Allg- 7, 1962
Filed April 22, 1959
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
Aug- 7, 1962
Filed April 22, 1959
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
, United States Patent C ” ice
Patented Ang. 7, 1962
same time improving its appearance and its structural
and functional qualities.
Ervin H. Thierfelder, Wheaton, Ill., and Earl N. Fleming,
Michigan City, Intl., assignors to The Englander Com
pany, Inc., Chicago, Ill., a corporation ci Delaware
Filed Apr. 22, i959, Ser. No. Etlädfi@ '
2 Claims. (Cl. 5--l3)
The present invention relates to sofas which can be
converted to form -a bed and more particularly to sofas
incorporating a foldable mattress frame assembly mov
able between a folded and retracted position within the
sofa where the mattress frame assembly is covered with
cushions for seating and ‘an extended sleeping position
projecting forwardly from the sofa.
When _folded into a retracted position for seating the
A further object is to provide an improved convertible
sofa of the character recited in the above objects having
an improved construction which substantially simplifies
and speeds up the matter of mounting a foldable mattress
frame in the vsofa while at the Sametime making working
parts on the sofa more readily accessible for servicing.
An additional object is to provide an improved con
vertible sofa, as recited, having a movable deck board
mounted and operated automatically in an improved man
ner which obviates handling the deck board and the con
sequent soiling of the upholstery covering the deck board.
Gther objects and advantages will become apparent from
the following description of the exemplary form of the
invention, shown in the drawings, in which:
. »
mattress frame assembly of a 'convertible sofa of this
FIG. l is a perspective View of the improved sofa illus
character lies below the level of the overlying cushions
which should be at a normal seating height. This places
folded mattress frame and bedding included in the sofa;
trating in phantom the extended sleeping position of the
the folded mattress assembly in a rather-low level posi 29
tion within the sofa. Upon being converted from its folded
seating position to its unfolded sleeping position, a fold
ing mattress frame assembly incorporated into a con
vertiblesofa of this character is extended forwardly
through 4a Iforward portion of the sofa lying below the
level of the sofa cushions. This forward portion Aof the
sofa which must be opened up to allow extension of the
mattress frame is normally covered ‘when the mattress
frame is in seating position 'by »means `of a movable deck
FlG. 2 is a fragmentary sectional view on an en
larged scale taken with reference to the line 2-2 in
FIG. l; '
FIG. 3 is a fragmentary perspective View showing an
intermediate stage in the conversion of the sofa to form
v tress frame support and deck operating linkage taken
with reference to the line 4_4- of FIG. 3;
PEG. 5 is a fragmentary perspective view of the link
board extending across the front of the sofa below the 30 age structure shown in FIG. 4;
cushions. ‘ The construction, mounting, and mode of op
FIG. 4 is a fragmentary perspective View of the mat
FIG. 6; is a fragmentary perspective View illustrating
eration of such deck boards in convertible sofas of the
prior art have been marked by a number of shortcom
ings and undesirable features which have heretofore re
the manner of mounting the mattress frame support and
mained uncorrected.
line 7_7 of FÍG, 3; and
deck operating linkage;
FIG. 7 is a fragmentary sectional View taken along the
One object of this invention is to provide an improved
convertible sofa of the above character in which a mov
FlG. 8 is a framentary sectional View taken with ref
erence to the line 3--3 in’FlG. 5.
able `deck board used to conceal the front of a mattress ‘
Referring to the drawings in greater detail, the im
proved convertible sofa l@ forming the exemplary em
bodiment of the invention, FIG. l comprises a longitudi
frame when folded into seating position within the sofa
is Ámounted and operated automatically in an improved
manner which obviates many significant shortcomings of
the prior art.
nal back rest l2 at the rear of the sofa which extends
upwardly between two arm rests I4 and I6 on opposite
A further object is to provide in a sofa, which is con
ends of the sofa. A generally rectangular support or
vertible into a bed by extending `a foldable mattress frame
peripheral frame i8 is mounted at a low level within the
from a retracted seating position to a forward sleeping 45 sofa and connected to the arm rests 14, 16 and to the
position through a space atthe front of the sofa nor
back rest l2. The stationary support frame i8 itself is
mally covered by a deck board, an improved construc
of a conventional construction and is only partially shown
tion which provides for an improved mounting vand op
in FIGS. 2, 4 and 6.
eration of the deck board which eiïectively eliminates any
The sofa lil includes as a part of its construction a
break or gap in the upholstery covering the deck board 50 foldable mattress frame Ztl, FIGS. l to 3, which, as such,
and the underlying structure of the sofa. A related ob
has a conventional construction and design. As will
ject is to provide an improved convertible sofa as re
presently appear, the foldable mattress frame 2li is sup
cited in the previous object in which an improved mount
ported on the stationary peripheral frame 1S for move
ing and mode of operation of the movable deck board
effectively eliminates any apparent gap or space between 55 ment between a folded, retracted position, FIG. 2, within
the sofa and an unfolded sleeping position projecting for
opposite ends of the deck board and adjacent arm rests
wardly of the sofa as shown in phantom in FIG. 1. Bed
of the sofa.
ding 22 supported on the mattress frame Ztl is folded up
Another object of the invention is to provide a con
with the mattress frame when the latter is folded and
vertible sofa of the character recited in which improved
means provided inthe construction of the sofa, for nor 60 moved to its retracted position for seating, FIG. 2.
When folded into its retracted position for seating, FIG.
mally covering ’longitudinal space at the front of the
2, the mattress frame Ztl‘ and bedding 22 serve as a sup
sofa and automatically opening the space to permit ex
port for removable seat cushions 26, FIGS. l and 2.
tension of bedding structure from the sofa, substantially
When extended to its forward position for sleeping,
reduces the cost of manufacturing the sofa while at the
the mattress frame 2li is supported in its forward end
of FIG. 3 are carried by the links 38 in an arc extending
by foldable legs 2d.
Since the cushions 26 have substantial thickness‘and
upwardly from the retracted position of the links. The
are located at a normal seating height, it is necessary
that the folded mattress frame 2@ lie at a low level Within
the sofa. From this low level folded position, the mat
tress frame is extended forwardly through the front por
tion of the sofa to its sleeping position, illustrated in
phantom in FIG. l, in which a considerable portion of
the mattress frame and its support structure lies below
the normal level of the cushions 26.
The space on the
front side of ‘the sofa, FIGS. 2, 3 and 6, through which
the mattress frame 2li is extended from its retracted po
sition, is normally covered, when the mattress yframe is
in its folded retracted position, by a longitudinal deck
board 30 extending between the two arm rests I6. The
deck board 30‘has suñicient width -to span a major por
effect of this has been to carry a deck board 30 attached
to the links 4d upwardly through the space between the
side arms 14, I6. To assure adequate space for passage
of the deck board between the arms 14, and 16, it has
been necessary to shorten the deck board 30 to the extent
that substantial gaps were normally present between oppo
site ends of the deck board 30 and the side arms when
the deck board is in its normal position, which further
detracted from the appearance of the sofa.
This widely used expedient of mounting a deck board
has created manufacturing ineñiciency with its added cost
by requiring an upholstery operation in the manufacture
of the mattress frame `unit of the sofa. Manufacturing
efficiency is maximized by producing the mattress frame
2t) as a separate unit which is installed in the upholstered
tion of the height of the sofa below the level of the
cushions 26. A longitudinal kick board 32 is «fixed to the
stationary portion of the sofa, including the back 12, arm
rests le, I6, and kick board 32. The necessity for at
peripheral frame 18 to extend between the arm rests 14,
I6 in immediate underlying relation to the deck board 30.
To extend the mattress frame 2t? to its extended sleep
ing position it is necessary to move the deck board 30
taching and upholsteringr the deck board 30 in the manu
facture of the mattress frame 20 adds to manufacturing
from its normal position to an out-of-the-way position.
Previously it has been the practice to mount the deck
In accordance with the invention the deck board 30 in
the improved sofa 10 is pivotally mounted and operated
automatically as an incident to extension of the mattress
frame 20 to swing between a normal position overlying
the kick board 32 and a forward out-of-the-way posi
tion by pivotable movement about a horizontal axis im
mediately adjacent the lower forward edge of the deck
As shown in FIG. 3, a forward section 3d- of the mat
tress frame Ztl is folded back upon an intermediate mat 30 board. Thus, the deck board 30 is supported at its lower
edge by hinges 46, FIGS. 2, 5 and 6, on the upper edge
-tress frame section 36. These two sections when folded
of the kickboard 32 for swinging movement about a hinge
together as shown in FIG. 3 are supported on the sta
axis 4S, FIG. 2, immediately adjacent the lower forward
tionary frame IS by a pair of conventional activating
edge of the deck board.
links .38 pivotedon opposite ends of the frame I8 near
Automatic operation of the deck board 3i)` as an in- l
the kick board 32. Only one of the two links 38, which 35
cid'ent to extension and retraction of the mattress frame
are formed as mirror images of each other, is shown in
2@ is effected by a deck board linkage duplicated at
the drawings, FIGS. l to 6. The lower ends of the links
opposite ends of the deck board and comprising a bracket
38 are connected together by a transverse bar 40. The
upper end of each link 38 is connected to a plate 42 40 lever 50 rigidly fixed to the back side of the deck board by
a mounting bracket 52 and projecting rearwardly and
on the mattress frame 20, FIGS. 3 to 6.
downwardly from the medial portion of the deck board
The two mattress frame sections 34, 36 folded together
with reference to its normal position shown in FIG. 2.
as shown in FIG. 3, are carried from the extended posi
The projecting end of each bracket lever 50‘ is con
tion of FIG. 3 to the fully retracted position of FIG. 2
n_ected to the adjacent activating link 38 by a connecting
by rearward swinging movement of the links 38 from
board 3()A1 on the mattress frame 2d for shifting move
ment with the mattress frame between its two extreme
their forward positions illustrated in FIGS. 3 to 5 to
rearward positions illustrated in FIG. 2.
It will be observed with reference to FIG. 2 that re
traction of the mattress frame 2d brings a pair of inter
mediate links 44 between the mattress frame sections 36
link 54 connected between the lever 50 and a pivot 56
on the adjacent activating link 38 between its support on
the frame I8 and its connection to the mattress frame.
The dimensions of the lever Si) and link 54 together with
the locations of the pivotal connection 56 between the
into closely spaced, substantially parallel relation to the 50 links 54 and 38 is such that swinging movement of the
activating links 38 from normal rearward position to the
deck board 30. The two links 44 are located at opposite
extended position illustrated in FIGS. 3 and 5 pivots the
ends of the sofa, only one link appearing in the drawings.
deck board forwardly to the out-of-the-way position
It has been the prior practice to mount the deck board
shown in FIGS. l to 3 and 5. Similarly, retraction of
30 on the two mattress frame links 44 for movement
between a normal position and an out of the way po 55 the mattress frame 2t) automatically swings the deck
board 30 back to its normal position.
sition as the sofa is converted for sleeping. While this
The hinged connection between the deck board 30 and
expedient effectively movedthe deck board 34) to an out
the kick board 32 maintains a fixed predetermined posi
of the way position, it was nevertheless subject to short
tional relationship between these boards when the deck
cornings which are a particular concern in this invention.
60 board is in its normal position. Moreover, the deck board
Thus, movement of the links 44 to the extended posi
30 and the kick board as hinged together can be covered
tion illustrated in FIG. 3 would completely displace the
by the same piece of `upholstery 58 extending vertically
deck board 30 from the vicinity of the kick board 32
across the lfull width of both boards as shown in FIGS. 2
with the consequent necessity for using separate covering
and 6. Preferably, a horizontal bead 60 is formed in the
of upholstery on these parts. Moreover, the operating 65 vertically continuous covering strip of upholstery 58 along
characteristics of the folding mattress frame 20 and its
the line of the hinge axis 48. The result is to completely
avoid any discontinuity or gap whatsoever between the
stantial misalignment would exist between the kick board
upholstery covering the deck board 3€) and the kick board
32 and the deck board 30 when the latter was in its nor
32, thus assuring a neat appearance of this critical por
mal position. The result would be a discontinuity or gap 70 tion of the sofa.
support linkage are such that as a practical matter a sub
at the front of the sofa between the deck board 'and the
kick board with a consequent detraction from the appear
ance of the sofa.
< Moreover, the mattress frame links 44 in moving from
Moreover, the simple forward swinging movement of
the deck board 3e from its normal to its out-of-the-way
position eliminates the previous upward movement of the
deck board between the arm rests 14 and 16.
the retracted position in FIG. 2 to the extended position 75 quently, the deck board 30 can be dimensioned longi
tudinally to avoid any perceptible gap between opposite
ends of the deck böar‘d‘and'the'adjacent armrest with a
resulting improvement'inappearanceat this point.
Further, the‘ir'n'proved ’mounting and operation of the
deck board 30"p‘rovides` for’ completion of upholstering
the sofa l10 independently‘of the manufacture of the mat
tress vframe 20,"which‘is"'manufacturedseparately from
the stationary portion o'f 'the ‘s'o'fa and installed in the
sofa in an improved' and' more Convenient manner as
provided by >this"i'nve‘ntic'ni.`
deck board. The pivotal support provided _for the activat
ing links 38 also'facilitate‘ equally efficient removal _of
the mattress -frame'assembly for servicing if necessary. .
` It may be further noted that the mattress frame' 20 is
swung from its retracted position to its extended position
and back again by convenient handles 92 _on the end sec
tion -34 of the' mattress frame; The `automatic operation
of the deck board"30 eliminates any need for handling
the deck board with the consequent soiling of"it's"’up
10 holstery which could otherwise’ occur. Moreover, the fact
l rIt will be notedh'iithreference to FiGS. 2 and 3 that
that the deck board 30 swings down and does not move
the end sectiórî'3'4 of vthe mattress frame 20 when folded
back on the intermediate section 32 is convered by a deck
out with the mattress frame links 34 eliminates any possi
bility of the user‘ grasping the'deck board to’extend the
canvas 62 which supports the cushion 26. The forward
mattress frame `as would often occur in the operation of
edge of the deck canvas, with reference toy PIG. 2, is 15 prior convertible sofas of this character, with attendant
supported independently of the deck board 30l by a longi
soiling of the deck board cover.
tudinal bar 64 mounted on the mattress frame 20‘ at the
While speciñc advantages 4are realized from the illus
upper ends of the links 44. A strip of upholstery 66 is
trated form of the invention, it will be appreciated that
sewn to the forward longitudinal side edge of the canvas
the invention is not necessarily limited to the exact struc
62 which extends around the support bar 64. Attach 20 ture shown but includes variants and alternatives falling
ment of the canvas 62 is a simple step in the manufacture
within the spirit and scope of the invention ras defined in
of mattress frame 20.
The bracket links 50 are fixed to the deck board 30 in
the appended claims.
springs attached. The springs 80 and 82 together hold
jecting forwardly of said sofa frame in closely overlying
The invention is claimed as follows:
the manufacture of the stationary chassis of the couch.
1. In a sofa convertible to a bed, the combination of
The deck actuating links 54 are pivoted to the links 38 25 arm rests, a stationary support frame disposed within
in the manufacture of the mattress frame and its support
said arm -rests and including end »frame elements, a fold
able mattress frame, linkage means supporting said mat
Exceptionally efficient mounting of the mattress frame tress frame on said support frame for movement be
support linkage on the stationary yframe 18 is facilitated
tween a retracted position for seating and an extended
-by fixing two pivot trunnions 68 to the respective activat 30 sleeping position projected forwardly of said support
frame, said linkage including a pair of swingable acti
ing levers 38 a short distance from the lower ends of the
vating links supporting said mattress frame and located
levers to project horizontally outward toward opposite
at opposite ends of said support frame, a pair of inwardly
ends of the couch as shown in FIGS. 2, 5, 6 `and 8. The
offset brackets ñxed to opposite ends of said end frame
projecting end of each trunnion 68 terminates in an en
35 elements near the forward portion thereof, each of said
larged head or shoulder 69, FIG. 8.
brackets defining an upwardly open slot therein having a
Two transverse `angle irons 70 at opposite ends of the
rearwardly turned closed lower end, a pair of support
support frame 1S provide support for a pair of L-shaped
trunnions fixed to said respective activating links and
brackets 72 each of which has a vertical plate portion
projecting laterally for movement down through the up
74, FIG. 8, deiining a vertical slot 76 open at its upper
per ends of said respective bracket slots to pivot against
end and merging at its lower end with a rearward ex
the rearwardly turned closed lower ends thereof, said
tension 78, fFIG. 6, of the slot. The two brackets 72
activating links being swingable about said trunnions be
and slots 76 are positioned to receive the trunnions 68.
tween rearward and forward positions as an incident to
At this point it will be noted that two counterbalancing
movement of said mattress frame between said retracted
tension springs 80, v82 extend forwardly from the rear
of the sofa to connect with lugs 84, 86 añixed to the ad 45 and extended positions thereof, and a pair of rearwardly
extending tension springs anchored to each of said acti
jacent activating link 38 below and above the pivot
vating links respectively on opposite sides of the axis of
trunion 68, as shown in FIG. 5, that is, on opposite sides
said trunnion thereon to urge the trunnion rearwardly in
of the axis of the trnnnion. The springs 80, 82 as such
the Ibracket slot therefor in all positions of the activating
are conventional in this art and serve respectively to
counterbalance the mattress frame when it is located in its 50 links and to urge the activating link toward a medial
position from either said rearward or forward positions
retracted position and its extended position respectively.
The springs 80, 82 are duplicated at opposite ends of
2. A sofa convertible to »form a bed and comprising,
the sofa.
combination, a low level kick board extending longi
Convenient mounting of the mattress frame 20 and its
supporting linkage in the forward portion of the sup 55 tudinally across the `front of the sofa, a stationary sofa
frame including peripheral frame elements with at least
port frame 1S is effected simply by moving the links 38
one mounted on said kick board to support the frame in
to slide the trunnions 68 down into the bracket slots 76.
correspondingly low level position, a longitudinal deck
This `can be :facilitated by leaving one of each pair-of
board pivotally connected along one edge to the upper
springs 80, 82 disconnected and swinging the activating
edge of said kick board to swing between a normal posi
links to relax the other spring. An intermediate stage O tion
projecting vertically above the kick board and a
of this assembly is illustrated in FIG. 6. After engage
normal position, a foldable mattress frame mounted on
ment'of the trunnions 68 with the slots 76, the links 38
said stationary frame for movement between a folded
can be swung to an opposite position and the remaining
position for seating and an extended bed position pro
the trunnions 68 in the rearward extensions 78 of the slots
76 to effectively maintain the pivotable supports for the
relation to said kick board, linkage means supporting said
mattress frame on said support frame for movement be
tween la retracted position for seating and an extended
links 38.
The deck board operating links 54 are connected with
the bracket links 50l by the very simple act of securing
linkage means including a pair of swingable activating
a pivot pin 88 through the coacting links 50 and 54 by
links connected to the mattress ‘frame and located at
means of a speed nut 90, FIG. 7.
position projecting forwardly of said support frame, said
opposite `ends of said support frame, a pair of trunnions,
one carried by each of said activating links‘albove the
including the deck board 30 completely manufactured
inner end of each said link, bracket means carried by
`said support frame and in which said trunnions are
and upholstered, the mattress frame with the deck canvas
62 attached is quickly mounted and connected to the 75 mounted with the inner end of said activating links con
Thus, with the stationary or chassis portion of the sofa
nected to «rearwardly extending spring means, additional
>rearwardly' extending spring means fixed to said activating
links on the opposite side of said trunnions, and a deck
board actuating linkage connected to one of said acti
vating links and pivoted to said Ideck board to move the
latter between its normal position and a forwardly. ex
tending position as an incident to movement` of the mat
tress frame between the -fold'ed and extended positions
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Patent No. 3,047,886
August 7, 1962
Ervin H. Thierfelder et al.
It is hereby certified that error appears in the above numbered pat
ent requiring correction and that the said Letters Patent should read as
corrected below.
Column 5, line 13, for "convered" read --~ @cove-red ~-‘column 6, line 60, for "a" read -- an out-of-the-way position
pivoted forwardly from said --.
Signed and Sealed this 25th day of December 1962„
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